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033: Passive Income Is NOT Passive

Passive Income is NOT Passive The definition of “passive income” isn’t creating and selling something that requires no work. Passive Income is doing the most difficult work now, upfront to reap the benefits later. Look, no matter what method you choose to make money especially while running and scaling an online business, you’re always going to need three things: A productAn audience And A method(platform) to promote and sell your product to your audience Last week in episode #32 I...


032: What is a digital product?

WHAT IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT? Digital products are something I’ve been creating for quite a few years now. There are so many different types that I thought I’d create a short episode dedicated to describing what IS a digital product. In this episode, I want to bring some definition to the term Digital Product and because it seems like everyone is talking about digital products these days so… I’d like to focus on what we service based providers refer to as digital products ok. Simply put: The...



In today’s episode, we’re talking about one of the core keys to build a successful business online...connecting and relationship building...ONLINE. Having been in the online space now since late 2015 I believe that one of the biggest misconceptions with starting an online business is that you’ll reach success FAST simply because your business is online. Are there exceptions? Of course, there are and what also impacts this misconception is HOW you define as success. Could you start a...



How to make money online without starting an online business. 7 ideas to make money online using what you already know and have. Well, today’s episode is about money, more specifically, I’m going to share with you some ways you can start making money online rather quickly, and this is specifically geared for those of you who have no interest in starting an online business, but just either supplementing the cash you already make or want to make some extra for a special purchase. Today’s...


029: How to Embrace Your Imperfections & Get Out of Your Own Way

How do you define “perfectionist”? Do you see yourself as one? Lots of entrepreneurs get bitten by the perfectionism bug. We do everything we can to grow our businesses, and yet, we trip ourselves up over the tiniest details. We keep ourselves from progressing forward if everything isn’t *just* right . . . And let’s be real: Nothing is EVER just right. So we idle. We put projects on the backburner, and we feel super bummed out when we don’t meet our own ridiculously high expectations. As...


028: How to Get Your Mind Unstuck When Growing Your Online Business

It’s so easy to fall into a negative rut, negative self-talk where we get stuck in overwhelm, worry, or fear and paralyzed to make a decision or change something, anything. If we bring it closer to our business, perhaps you're feeling disappointed with how a recent product or program launch turned out, and it’s starting to feel like it’s just too much..signs of stress and deep overwhelm start to set in and make themselves comfortable in your mind. IN THIS EPISODE I SHARE 4 STRATEGIES TO...


027: How Launching A Podcast Impacted My Business

Today’s episode is a little different. I typically cover very tactical step by step type of episodes, but today we’re getting personal. I launched my Podcast back in August of 2018 and have experienced a lot, learned a lot and had a few wonderful surprises. With all the ups, there were also a few mistakes and realizations that I chose to see as learning opportunities. WHAT I COVER IN TODAY'S EPISODE: Why I started this PodcastWhat impact I thought a Podcast would have on my businessWhat...


026: 10 Places To Share Your Original Content

Let's talk about driving traffic to your core content - Also known as Content Distribution. With all the original content you create, you’re most likely only sharing it once or in only one social media platform, therefore, not giving your audience enough opportunities to see your valuable original content. Which means, you’re focusing on creating your content but aren’t focusing enough on content distribution. With so much content available online these days, you need to make sure you’re...


025: Repurpose Your Original Content

Repurposing Your Original Content Today is all about repurposing your content to make it work for you! You’re gonna want to grab a pen and paper or sit down at your computer to take some notes because I’m about to drop some value bombs! Think about it this way: Each piece of original content can result in three, five, 10, 20 or more pieces of content to either share your message on different platforms or extend the life of your original content. MY 3 R’S: REVISIT, REPHRASE,...


024: Content Creation 101

Content Creation 101 (Plus, How to Use Your Facebook Business Page to Share Content and Increase Your Visibility Online) The one thing you can count on in this online space is that content creation is always changing. Those darn algorithms are always changing--not just on Google, but on Facebook, Youtube, and everywhere else your audience might consider searching for information. AND, on top of that, the competition is always working to improve. This is why the content creation rules that...


023: 5 Reasons Content Marketing Is Important To Your Online Business

5 Reasons Content Marketing Is important To Your Online Business HERE ARE 5 REASONS content marketing can benefit your online business, by DEVELOPING and implementing a strong and consistent content marketing strategy: Attract your Ideal ClientsGrow Your Online Presence, Brand, Credibility and ReputationGenerate quality and qualified leadsBuild strong relationships with your online audienceEnjoy a long-term strategy (and useful life) for your content In this episode, I do a deeper dive...


022: What's The Difference Between Free vs Paid Content Online?

What’s The Difference Between Free and Paid Content? Question: What grows your online business faster than anything else? Answer: Share your knowledge and expertise through the different social media platforms you use to show up in, and especially those your Ideal Client is in. Whether you focus on ONE platform to start with such as Facebook or various platforms such as you blog, Youtube videos, weekly FB Live Show or a Podcast, in each of these platforms you’re showing up as an expert...


021: What IS Content Marketing?

What Does Content Marketing Do For Your Business? I know if you’re in business, you’ve heard of the word marketing, heck, you’ve even used the word in your business, right? And if you’re in business, then you know you absolutely need Marketing so you can promote and sell. But have you ever stopped to think about What IS Marketing? And what does marketing do? What is it suppose to do for your business? Content Marketing when done right, creates demand, demand for your product, for your...


020 [FB Groups] How To Know If It’s Time To Create Your Own Facebook Group?

Welcome to Episode #20 of The Pursuit of Online Entrepreneurship Hey there, welcome back... In episodes 16-19 I covered many reasons and ways to participate in other people’s facebook groups. In this episode, we’re going to focus on when it’s the right time for YOU to create your own facebook group and WHY it can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool for your business. As we’ve discussed, Facebook Groups can be a Fantastic way to reach your clients, get new customers and more...

019 [FB Groups] How To Show Up Like The Expert You Are

How to stand out as an EXPERT and authority in Facebook Groups and get the best results out of them. So maybe you feel like you have a decent idea of how to interact in Facebook Groups at this point…But how the heck do YOU STAND OUT as the expert, and authority you are in the first place? Like everything else I share with you, you HAVE to have a strategy when it comes to showing up and not only ttracting, but connecting with your audience…the right audience in the Facebook groups you’ve...


018: [FBGroup] How To Research FACEBOOK Groups

How To Research FACEBOOK Groups If you’d like to connect to targeted groups of people, and be more visible on Facebook to network with your potential clients and customers, then you’ll love today’s episode... because today, we’re talking about how to find the right groups to join, guidelines to follow to join the RIGHT groups and how to keep your research organized to have an endless supply or resources where your clients are at. There’s a strategy to searching for FB Groups that are...


017: [FB Group] 5 Types Of FB Groups You Should Join and Why

There’s definitely a strategy to joining the right FB Groups, the ones that can truly make an impact on your business. I’ve personally observed that it’s best to join groups where the host shows up often and there’s an active engaged community. But, before we get to deep into why you should join these groups, let’s first go over the different types of FB Groups you should consider joining and why each type could be important in your business. In episode #16, I went over 9 Reasons why you...


016: [FB Group] 9 Reasons you should join FB Groups

In today’s episode I’ll share with you how joining Facebook groups can help you accelerate the growth of your business with many more side effects that catapult your online visibility. Let me confirm something you may have already heard...Facebook groups WILL grow your business If you’re thinking about or have already been leveraging Facebook to grow your business and build your email list, then there’s a good chance you’re already a member of one or more Facebook groups. I’ve personally...



Tell me if this sounds familiar, You’ve read the articles, you’ve attended webinars and workshops, heck you’ve even enrolled in group programs or hired a coach to help you launch your online business. You’re so excited, your mind is full of creative ideas and you’re feeling motivated to take action. You’re so motivated and checking off those tasks on your to do list that you realize, it’s really happening, and it’s around this time, you also start to share what you’re working on with your...


014: You Are Always Selling, Even If You Don’t Want To

A few weeks ago I attended and was a Keynote speaker at a conference in San Francisco. The late afternoon session was a panel discussion and the conversation included talking about your personal this room, that meant, your reputation. That got me thinking about how we show up online and how we’re constantly representing our business and ourselves. I totally agree that our reputation, the way we show up, how we speak, how we look, the message that we share, the value we add,...