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How To Build Confidence

In life and the sales profession, confidence plays a crucial role in determining your success or failure. When confidence levels are low, we all tend to be timider and less likely to put ourselves in the proper mindset. However, when confidence levels are high, we become fearless and do the things that need to be done to close those sales or put us in the position to succeed. In this episode, we will give you seven tips that will help you build and maintain your confidence levels.


The Easiest Way to Overcome Difficult Customers

Dealing with difficult customers is a just part of the job when you are a salesperson. If you want any chance of success, you must learn how to deal with these types of customers. Episode #13 of The Simple Sales Podcast will cover this topic, so you have the best chance of overcoming this obstacle, which will put you in the best possible position to close the sale. First, we’ll cover what some of the reason why people tend to be difficult customers are. Next, step to overcoming this...


Overcoming Sales Objections

Sales objections can cripple a salesperson if they don't understand what they are and how to overcome them. I generally don't write things down; instead, I record my thoughts and notes on my phone. Maybe I'm just lazy, but it makes things simpler for me. This episode is my verbal notes that I recorded the other day. I'll go over what objections are and how you can change your mindset to get past them and close more sales.


Essential Tips to Help You Improve Your Social Media Prospecting

In today's world, social media prospecting is the best way to reach the mass without killing yourself in the process. If social media prospecting is something you have steered away from then, you are differently missing out on keeping your sales funnel full of qualified leads. In this episode, we give you seven tips to improve your social media prospecting.


Easy Prospecting Tips to Close Your Sales

Sales is a numbers game, so naturally, the more people you converse with on a daily basis will better your chances of success. Episode #10 provides tips to improve prospecting and increase your odds of success. The goal of any successful salesperson should be to keep their sales funnel as full as possible. Prospecting is how a salesperson keeps the flow of quality leads going through the sales funnel. The tips featured in this episode will significantly improve your prospecting if you...


Sales skills You Need for Success

I was asked by a young salesperson the other day what sales skills were needed to give him the best chance at success. After our talk, I grabbed my phone and made a record of my thoughts on this subject. This podcast is that recording. The five sales skills we discussed were: This episode is all about those five skills and why they are so crucial for success in sales.


Power of Positivity in Sales

Sales is a super competitive and challenging profession, and it honestly isn’t for the week minded. A salesperson faces consist of rejection and overbearing bosses who set hard to achieve sales goals for their salespeople. This job is also super competitive in today's world. However, there is a way to have tremendous success and set yourself apart for the pack. Wondering what it is? The answer is so simple; it might seem too good to be true. Never underestimate the power of positivity in...


Branding Yourself in Today’s Market

What’s the one thing you can start doing today to give you a fighting chance to close more sales? The opinions on this question can vary greatly but focus on branding yourself as an actual sales authority will make you a better salesperson. So, where do you begin and how hard is it to get started? The answer might surprise you. Branding yourself does take time. However, it is easier then you might think, and that’s what episode #7 is all about.


Easy Sales Tips for Salespeople New to the Profession

I often get asked what the best sales tips for salespeople new to the profession are. The question is a bit broad, but I do have some thoughts, and that’s is what episode six of The Simple Sales Podcast is all about. Sales is a complex, but gratifying profession if you approach it the right way and keep your head on straight throughout the entire sales process. So, I’ve thought about it and put the best thirteen tips in this podcast.


How to Start a Conversation with a Prospect

Prospecting might be the most challenging part of the entire sales process. So, knowing how to start a conversation with a prospect is crucial to the success of all salespeople. You only get one shot at it, so you better make it count and giving you some simple tips is precisely what we want to do in this episode. We'll cover everything from tone and actual techniques to put you in the best possible situation to succeed.


You're Going to Fail

That's right; you will fail as a salesperson. However, every one of us will taste failure more often than success in this profession. Should that stop you? Your answer must be no if you want to crush it as a top-notch sales professional. Frankly, It's all about how you view failure and what you do about it. In this episode, we dive into how to look at failure and what you need to do to overcome it whenever it shows up.


Why Sales Pitches Suck

The term sales pitch is the most overused word in the sales profession, and we are doing a disservice to our prospects everytime we use it. Selling isn't about pitching; it's about presenting a solution to the prospect's problem.


Value Selling Training

Value selling training should be a massive part of your sales process. Most people buy based on value rather than price. Value is merely the perception in the prospect's mind about your product and yes you as a salesperson. This perception will determine if they buy or if they walk. Once the customer sees the value in your product or service, it doesn’t matter how much it cost. Price objection goes right out the window once they see the value in whatever you are selling.


Common Sales Mistakes

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been selling for thirty years of you are a complete newbie, we all fall victim to some of the same common sales mistakes when trying to close a potential prospect. These sales mistakes range from not asking for the prospect to make the purchase, trying to close the wrong person and even actually overselling. These are just a few of the common sales mistakes we cover in this episode. If you limit these mistakes, your sales will increase, which boost your...