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Episode #186 - Mike Michalowicz and the Importance of Putting Profit First

Watch the video of this podcast here. Profit First: A Lesson Learned The recording above is a lengthy one, but I’ll try to do it justice by summarizing the essential bits for you here. Be sure to watch it in full as Mike not only digs into his history as an entrepreneur but also tells the story of what motivated him to begin writing books about profit. I suspect many of you will have experienced similar lessons of your own at some point. Mike’s Story Money matters a great deal in the...


Episode #184 - Meet Our Elevators - Monique Dubbelman

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Brief Background for Monique Dubbelman Monique Dubbelman has played a role in design for a few decades now. Back in the late ‘80s, she trained to be a graphical engineer. That role eventually led to management positions in the print industry, which eventually gave way to the digital world we all know and work in now. After print died down, Monique made a decision to move away, both literally and figuratively, from her work. She moved to the...


Episode #183 - Meet Our Elevators - Shane Syddall

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Brief Introduction to Shane Syddall Shane Syddall unofficially entered the digital marketing space nine years ago when he began designing websites for clients. The number of clients who asked for help outside of web design was increasing, so he pivoted his business three years ago to focus on digital marketing services such as SEO. He currently owns and operates Sparta Digital which brings digital marketing and web design services to small...


Episode #182 - Meet Our Elevators - Bret Phillips

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Bit About Bret Phillips Bret Phillips began (like so many of us do in this space) believing he could launch a full-service agency and handle it all on his own. As we all know, however, that can be a very difficult feat to pull off. Eventually, he decided to scale his Web Devils agency back to something smaller and more focused; specifically, it became a custom WordPress development business. It wasn’t until he entered the Blueprint program and got...


Episode #181 - Peter Freeman Talks About Tourism, Tools, and Task Delegation

Watch the video of this podcast here. Introducing Peter Freeman… Again Peter Freeman is no stranger to the WP Elevation podcast. He first made an appearance back in episode 36. He joined Troy in this latest episode - the first one ever filmed live in the Silence Is Golden studio - to talk about his experience as the Director of Digital at an Australia-based tourism marketing agency. (How is that for a niche?) Why Tourism Marketing? Woof Media didn’t initially begin life as a tourism...


Episode #180 - Meet Our Elevators - Jasmine Andrews

Watch the video of this podcast here. Introducing Jasmine Andrews Jasmine launched her business (now dubbed Brain Candy Consulting) back in 2011, around the time her first child was born. She didn’t have much experience inside of WordPress aside from personal projects she used it for, but she was able to leverage it in one of her first major projects. Her Big Break Jasmine’s first client (a referral from her technical writing days) wanted help updating a book and converting it to Kindle...


Episode #178 - Meet Our Elevators - Jennifer Dopazo

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Bit About Jennifer Dopazo Jennifer Dopazo is the Founder and Creative Director of Candelita, a branding and design studio that serves female business owners and influencers who want to take their companies to the next level. Before Blueprint Before implementing the Blueprint course, Jennifer worked mostly in isolation and was highly protective of her agency’s processes and services. Since joining, all that has changed. These days, she works fewer...


Episode #177 - Eugene Terk Talks Scaling Business with Align Today and Rock Habits

Watch the video of this podcast here. An Introduction to Align Today Eugene starts by telling us a bit about Align Today which is a cloud-based solution developed by a New Orleans-based entrepreneur and his business coach. The founders attempted to implement Rockefeller Habits for the purposes of scaling business, however, they struggled with the limitations posed by tools like Microsoft Word and Excel. As a result, they took the Rockefeller Habits and developed a SaaS solution that would...


Episode #176 - Meet our Elevators - Tara Johnson

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Bit of Background Tara's business, AlchemyThree, is a small business that she runs out of an office in Massachusetts. Tara and her small team concentrate on small to medium sized businesses particularly female-owned businesses as she loves helping women to step into their power and succeed. Her business focuses on digital marketing, web design and maintenance. Tara started as a photographer and hated computers for a long time. She only wanted to...


Episode #175 - Meet our Elevators - Joe Howard

Watch the video of this podcast here. About WP Buffs Joe has a team of nine people doing everything from the tech work to content marketing across five time zones! He says it's fun and challenging. Troy and Joe start the conversation off by talking about remote teams and why it’s a game changer to meet up with your virtual staff. They then move onto why Joe chose to join the Blueprint course six months ago. The WP Elevation Community Joe thinks that as he has grown WP Buffs that one of...


Episode #185 - Meet Our Elevators - Jamie Hill

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Brief Intro to Jamie Hill Jamie Hill considers himself a dad (to three kids, two dogs, and two cats) first and a business owner second. He and his wife partnered together six years ago to purchase and operate iNovate Marketing, a web design and marketing agency. While it’s seen lots of success in that time, it wasn’t allowing Jamie to focus on his top priority very well. Before the Blueprint Like the influencers he follows (Gary Vaynerchuk and...


Episode #179 - Kirk Deis Talks Client Feedback, The Bug Squasher, and Rap Music

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Brief Introduction to Kirk Deis Kirk Deis is the founder and CEO of Treehouse 51, a digital marketing agency based out of Newport Beach, California. Although the company is relatively young, Kirk and his team have already experienced many of the issues that most of us in the web development and marketing space face with clients. This is how The Bug Squasher came to be. The Bug Squasher Origin Story Kirk was building a website for a client who...


Episode #173 - How to Bootstrap your Business (Without Going Broke) with Adam Mills

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Bit About Adam Adam discovered his interest in the web after he graduated from college, originally as a carpenter. But went back to school to learn web design and creation. He currently owns and operates the popular web design company Bottomless Design which also focuses on theme development. Adam lives a natural lifestyle, so he likes to extend that to his business and work with clients that are doing a similar thing. More on this to come! Working...


Episode #174 - Meet our Elevators - Kronda Adair

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Bit About Kronda Kronda is a WordPress Consultant turned digital marketer. In 2017 she decided to change her company to focus on marketing and automation. She helps mainly service based, non-technical businesses with their online marketing and helps them put systems into place that will really help them grow their business in a way that is sustainable for them. Life Before the Blueprint Kronda just reached the 5-year mark with her business. She...


Episode #172 - The Secrets to Growing a Business with Chris Lema

Watch the video of this podcast here. About Chris Chris Lema spends his days helping businesses create operation plans for profit, growth and excellence in customer service. This involves dedicating the majority of his time to working on company analysis and communicating with clients or team members. Chris is also a well-known member of the WordPress community who is often found speaking at WordCamps and other WordPress events all over the globe. He says that his role is to "fix...


Episode #171 - A Business Consulting Session with Seth Godin

Watch the video of this podcast here. You’ve most likely heard of Seth Godin; he’s a New York Times best-selling author who is known for his marketing genius. As you might imagine he’s done the interview circuit countless times, so his advice in this episode is gold. Kristina's Challenges Kristina Romero has a successful consulting business she has built from the ground up. She started out as a WordPress specialist helping people design and code their sites. From there she got involved...


Episode #170 - Sell What You Believe in with Guy Kawasaki

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of Background Guy rose to fame as Chief Evangelist at Apple, where he worked to show people all over the world how Apple products and software could make their lives better. He was raised in a lower middle-class family in Honolulu and really had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up. He was studying Psych at Stanford when his friend, Mike Boich, introduced him to the Apple I. So Guy went out and bought himself an Apple IIe which absolutely blew...


Episode #169 - Differentiating with Hugh MacLeod

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit About Hugh Hugh is a cartoonist, creative director and co-founder of Gapingvoid, a company that transforms business through art. He is intensely interested in what makes people tick and combines that with what they do for a living. Our work is such a huge part of our lives and so this is why his artistic focus is on the work environment, instead of making art for people’s homes or other places. And he’s been hugely successful in doing so. Hugh is also...


Episode #168 - Business Development with Ben Fox

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of Background At 17 Ben pooled together all the money he made as a summer camp counsellor and bought his first computer. He joined some online forums where he learned how to import clothing from India and sell it at a profit. Eventually, that small business venture ended after the Canadian Government closed the loophole and he couldn’t import anymore. That wasn't the end of his entrepreneurial journey though. Some years later after being let go from a...


Episode #167 - From Full-Time Mum to Successful Entrepreneur with Sarah Pressler

Watch the video podcast here. Sarah runs a successful business with Cindy Kendrick called Codebrain Media, a company which helps build custom websites, custom plugins, manages migrations and marketing. She also spends a lot of her time working with the team at ServerPress.com with product development and social media. And then there is their latest project - the OptimaList WordPress Plugin. From Full-Time Mum to Entrepreneur Sarah started spending time on the internet when her children...