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Episode #173 - How to Bootstrap your Business (Without Going Broke) with Adam Mills

Watch the video of this podcast here. A Bit About Adam Adam discovered his interest in the web after he graduated from college, originally as a carpenter. But went back to school to learn web design and creation. He currently owns and operates the popular web design company Bottomless Design which also focuses on theme development. Adam lives a natural lifestyle, so he likes to extend that to his business and work with clients that are doing a similar thing. More on this to...


Episode #172 - The Secrets to Growing a Business with Chris Lema

Watch the video of this podcast here. About Chris Chris Lema spends his days helping businesses create operation plans for profit, growth and excellence in customer service. This involves dedicating the majority of his time to working on company analysis and communicating with clients or team members. Chris is also a well-known member of the WordPress community who is often found speaking at WordCamps and other WordPress events all over the globe. He says that his role is to "fix...


Episode #171 - A Business Consulting Session with Seth Godin

Watch the video of this podcast here. You’ve most likely heard of Seth Godin; he’s a New York Times best-selling author who is known for his marketing genius. As you might imagine he’s done the interview circuit countless times, so his advice in this episode is gold. Kristina's Challenges Kristina Romero has a successful consulting business she has built from the ground up. She started out as a WordPress specialist helping people design and code their sites. From there she got involved...


Episode #170 - Sell What You Believe in with Guy Kawasaki

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of Background Guy rose to fame as Chief Evangelist at Apple, where he worked to show people all over the world how Apple products and software could make their lives better. He was raised in a lower middle-class family in Honolulu and really had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up. He was studying Psych at Stanford when his friend, Mike Boich, introduced him to the Apple I. So Guy went out and bought himself an Apple IIe which absolutely blew...


Episode #169 - Differenciating with Hugh MacLeod

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit About Hugh Hugh is a cartoonist, creative director and co-founder of Gapingvoid, a company that transforms business through art. He is intensely interested in what makes people tick and combines that with what they do for a living. Our work is such a huge part of our lives and so this is why his artistic focus is on the work environment, instead of making art for people’s homes or other places. And he’s been hugely successful in doing so. Hugh is also...


Episode #168 - Business Development with Ben Fox

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of Background At 17 Ben pooled together all the money he made as a summer camp counsellor and bought his first computer. He joined some online forums where he learned how to import clothing from India and sell it at a profit. Eventually, that small business venture ended after the Canadian Government closed the loophole and he couldn’t import anymore. That wasn't the end of his entrepreneurial journey though. Some years later after being let go from a...


Episode #167 - From Full-Time Mum to Successful Entrepreneur with Sarah Pressler

Watch the video podcast here. Sarah runs a successful business with Cindy Kendrick called Codebrain Media, a company which helps build custom websites, custom plugins, manages migrations and marketing. She also spends a lot of her time working with the team at ServerPress.com with product development and social media. And then there is their latest project - the OptimaList WordPress Plugin. From Full-Time Mum to Entrepreneur Sarah started spending time on the internet when her children...


Episode #166 - NPL and Mind Mapping with Remkus De Vries

Watch the video podcast here. Remkus has made a substantial name for himself in the world of website creation and is a force to be reckoned with! Tune in at the 6.20 minute to listen to Remkus’ story and how he turned a side project of building websites into a very successful business and how he discovered WordPress. Investing Knowledge One of Remkus' favourite quotes is by Benjamin Franklin: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. From day one he has always wanted to...


Episode #165 - How to Create New Business Through Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi

A Bit About Joe Joe Pulizzi is a content marketing evangelist, speaker, author and founder of Content Marketing Institute which is the leading content marketing educational resource for enterprise level brands. He writes one of the most influential content marketing blogs in the world, and also writes for Entrepreneur.com and LinkedIn. Tune in at the 5-minute mark to find out more about Joe’s background. Stepping Away from Working with "the Man" Joe spent time cutting his teeth in the...


Episode #164 - Developing and Growing a Plugin with Garth Koyle

A Bit About Garth Garth Koyle has over a decade of experience in business management and internet marketing. Tune in at the 6-minute mark to find out a bit more about his background and what led him to Event Espresso. Garth joined Seth Shoultes to become the co-founder of Event Espresso in 2012 and has helped the company to grow significantly since they launched. He also co-developed a Saas version of the Event Espresso plugin called Event Smart, which he intends on growing to a $100...


Episode #163 - Transitioning from Client Work to the Product Space with Jason Lemieux

A Bit About Jason Jason and his partner Dylan Kuhn co-founded a creative agency called Vernal based in Vermont. At the time of this podcast in 2015, they had just transitioned from agency to product with the release of the plugin Postmatic. Tune in around the 5 Minute mark to find out how Jason got started with WordPress as an early adopter and grew his business. Working With Not-For-Profit Organisations Jason's agency, Vernal, makes content managed open source websites for medium to...


Episode #162 - The Beaver Builder Success Story

The Guys Behind Beaver Builder Justin and Billy co-founded FastLine Media together which is a web development company. Robby came on board by applying for a job with them on Craigslist when, at the time, he was working in customer service. All three have strengths in development, and typically serve clients from start to finish. Each partner has their specialisations- Billy serves as operations manager, Justin will work on development and Robby focuses on design. The Beaver Builder...


Episode #161 - Keeping Your S**t Together with Dr. Sherry Walling

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit About Sherry Sherry has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and specialises in helping entrepreneurs and executives who are trying make their way in the world of business. It’s a tough path to travel and there are many rewards but it is important that we tell the truth about how hard it is to carve out our own livelihood. She started out as a professor and did a lot of research into traumatic stress and became curious about how we can prevent long-term...


Episode #160 - Selling Marketing as a Product with John Jantsch

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit of Background Most notably John Jantsch is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing. It’s the name of a podcast, a blog and a book but essentially it is a marketing system. John started his own marketing consultancy about 20 years ago and loved working with small business owners. However, the difficulty was that small businesses usually have no budget and a short attention span. So he decided to create a system to overcome this problem. It's actually...


Episode #159 - Meet our Members - Christina Hawkins

Watch the video podcast here. A Bit About Christina Christina started off working in the Defence Department as a management analyst, so her job entailed a lot of technology. She then got married to a marine, so that trajectory changed for her as they needed to move around for his work. Christina got a job in tech support at a bank and whilst she was working there she got to know some of the programmers who told her about Homestead. This caught her interest and so, in 1997 she built her...


Episode #158 - Meet our Members - Jurgen Strauss

Watch the video podcast here. Jurgen's Story Jurgen's journey is quite an interesting one. He started off with 27 years of experience in corporate marketing and enjoyed both the challenges and being able to work his way up. However, in the last few years, things changed - he is driven by serving his clients and the company that he was working for wasn’t putting an emphasis on relationships and he didn't want to be a part of something that wasn't in line with his values. Jurgen went off...


Episode #157 - Keeping Your Business Flexible with Matt Rodela

Watch the video podcast here. About Matt Matt started out in IT after he left the military but eventually got tired of the corporate world and decided to go out on his own six years ago and start an IT company working as an IT consultant. He had been building websites for years as a hobby and as he was consulting his clients, they either had bad websites or none at all. So being their IT guy they started talking to him about it. Not thinking it would be a full-time thing, he made a...


Episode #156 - How to Leverage Your Content with Phil Singleton

Watch the video podcast here. Who is Phil Singleton? Phil is well known as the best selling author of SEO for Growth which he co-authored with John Jantsch. However, Phil considers himself a web designer with a difference - he creates lead generation websites that turn into recurring income for his clients and he uses the books that he has written to leverage his business. Writing Books - Not as Difficult as You Think Phil says that writing a book was surprisingly not as difficult as...


Episode #155 - Managing Client Feedback and Scope Creep with Andre Gagnon

Who Is Andre Gagnon? Andre has been in WordPress business for 10 years. He tells us that he started his own business because he needed to make money after being fired from a job, so he began creating themes. His latest development is ProjectHuddle which is a plugin to make it easier to get feedback from clients on their website design. The client is able to point to a specific part of the website and make a comment on the actual spot that they are wanting to alter. Why Is It Important to...


Episode #154 - Growing Your Business Within a Saturated Market with Ben Pines

Watch the video podcast here. What Is Elementor? Elementor is an Israeli company based in Tel Aviv who have grown to be a very successful compant since the release of their page builder. Page builders are visual design tools that have changed the way we build websites within WordPress. Although Word Press is a great CMS it isn’t that great at designing websites and you have to rely on themes to get it to look a certain way. With a visual page builder, you can see it as you design it and...