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Personal finance show bringing listeners actionable advice to retire successfully. Hosts Joe Anderson, CFP® and "Big Al" Clopine, CPA break down key strategies on designing your investment portfolio, maximizing Social Security, generating a retirement income distribution plan, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes and so much more. Show notes and transcripts at

Personal finance show bringing listeners actionable advice to retire successfully. Hosts Joe Anderson, CFP® and "Big Al" Clopine, CPA break down key strategies on designing your investment portfolio, maximizing Social Security, generating a retirement income distribution plan, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes and so much more. Show notes and transcripts at
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Personal finance show bringing listeners actionable advice to retire successfully. Hosts Joe Anderson, CFP® and "Big Al" Clopine, CPA break down key strategies on designing your investment portfolio, maximizing Social Security, generating a retirement income distribution plan, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes and so much more. Show notes and transcripts at






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Why Do You Need To Understand Financial Markets? - 180

Marc Levinson, author of The Economist Guide to Financial Markets: Why They Exist and How They Work explains how understanding financial markets can help you make fewer investing mistakes and improve everything from your home to your job to your portfolio. Plus, what does Tax Reform 2.0 have in store for us? What to do with a few extra bucks before they burn a hole in your bank account? Can you avoid taxes on an inherited annuity? Do SEP IRA's have ERISA protection from creditors, “like...


Can Risk Revolutionize How You Work? - 179

Joel Comm (best selling author, entrepreneur and co-host of the Bad Crypto Podcast) talks about his new book, The Fun Formula: How Curiosity, Risk-Taking, and Serendipity Can Revolutionize How You Work. Plus, should you quit a high paying job to be a DJ? Should you save for retirement or pay off student loan debt? Do you have to prove to the IRS that 529 plan money went to education expenses? And for show and tell, what little Joe and little Al did for cash before they became the self-made...


The Best Investors and Their Worst Investing Mistakes - 178

Even the best investors make terrible investing mistakes. Michael Batnick talks about his new book, Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. Plus, should you sign up for Medicare, and which parts? And, Big Al’s got 5 smart ways to collect more Social Security benefits, and the fellas answer the question, can you still take a lump sum from those benefits to buy a red Ferrari? Transcript and show notes at


50 Or Older? Don't Skip These 5 Key Retirement Questions - 177

7 Steps to Retire in 10 Years, 5 Key Retirement Questions You Need To Answer When You’re 50 Or Older, 10 Frequently Asked IRA questions, and some questions answered, like, "The estate is in probate and the accounts are frozen, now what?" and, "Where should you invest any extra money you have left over each month?" (Oh, and Joe and Big Al bicker like they've been married for years!) Transcript and show notes at


Use This Quick Calculation to See If You're on Track for Retirement - 176

Are you on track for retirement? Big Al Clopine, CPA created a quick retirement calculation to help you find out. If you’re a little behind in your savings, Big Al also has 3 ways to get caught up. Wondering if Joe contributed anything to this episode?? That would be a yes! We’ve got questions and Joe’s got answers on the differences between the 403(b), 457(b) and 401(a), he clears up the whole Roth IRA 5-year clock thing, and producer Andi gets an answer to her question on doing a Roth...


How to Rock Retirement With The Retirement Answer Man - 175

The Retirement Answer Man, Roger Whitney, CFP® talks about his book, Rock Retirement: A Simple Guide to Help You Take Control and be More Optimistic About the Future (listen to find out how to get a free copy!) Also, in some states, you may be able to pay your state taxes as a charitable donation and get a tax deduction, but Joe and Al explain why you might want to be careful with that. Plus, 5 hidden taxes that could bite you in retirement, the fellas help a listener make the most of her...


Will Cryptocurrencies Disrupt Real Estate Investing? - 174

Cryptocurrencies have taken investing into risky, adventurous new territory over the past few years, and now a new blockchain-based real estate investing platform wants a place in your portfolio. Learn more about it and about Sam Ball, the young investor and Twitter influencer promoting it. Plus, how not to screw up your Roth conversion and legal ways to get tax-free retirement income. Transcript and show notes at


Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities, and Ranting About Reddit - 173

A Reddit thread about getting sold life insurance when going to a life insurance company for financial planning gets Joe Anderson, CFP® ranting! To make sure Joe’s insurance rant doesn’t apply to you, and to help you avoid buying insurance you don't need, Paul Lim CFP® talks about term life insurance, permanent life insurance, long-term care, and annuities: what they are, when you need them, and how they fit into your overall financial plan. Transcript and show notes at


How Much Can You Really Spend in Retirement? - 172

Wade Pfau on the 4% rule for retirement withdrawals. How a risk-filled burrito can earn up to 11%. Joe & Big Al take on Dave Ramsey’s advice to pay debt before saving for retirement and they debate real estate vs. bonds. IRA planning for the rest of 2018 to save on taxes - tell the grandparents to use RMDs for QCDs. Work remotely? Consider a move to Vermont. Lifestyles of the middle class in a new segment, "Where Does Big Al’s Wife Anne’s Family Live?" Transcript & show notes:...


Jonathan Clements on The Secret to Defeating Ingrained Financial Failure Instincts - 171

Jonathan Clements (, former Wall Street Journal columnist) on how to get from here to financial happiness and success, defeating the instinctual urges ingrained in us by our ancestors that often lead to financial failure. Plus, should you give your graduate the gift of a Roth IRA? Listen and learn why that gift could be worth $2 million. And what are the chances that you’ll be subject to an IRS tax audit - by agent Will Smith?? Transcript and show notes at...


Can Market Predictors Make You a Better Investor? - 170

Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at Buckingham Strategic Wealth and columnist at, talks about how his views on active vs. passive investing, the value premium, market predictors and expected returns held up since he wrote his first book 20 years ago - and how he feels today about global diversification and alternative investments. Plus, Joe and Big Al talk dynasty trusts, for those with an estate like Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, who is worth about $300 million....


Sell in May and Go Away: Can You Time the Market? - 169

Nationally recognized mutual fund, index investing and asset allocation authority Paul Merriman gives us the truth on market timing versus buy and hold - and he explains why he still does both. Plus, answers to your questions on collecting Social Security and a pension, non-deductible, Roth and SEP IRA rollovers, Backdoor Roth conversions, and are there financial perks to getting married before the end of the year? Transcript and show notes at


3 Ways a Reverse Mortgage Can Supercharge Your Retirement - 168

Dr. Wade Pfau of returns to Your Money, Your Wealth® to share some incredible reverse mortgage strategies that can supercharge your retirement when executed correctly. He also updates us on the new rules for reverse mortgages, explains why they have traditionally gotten such bad press, and how they’ve changed. Transcript and show notes at


Money & Divorce: 14 Disastrous Mistakes That Will Steal Your Financial Dignity - 167

The financial lifeguard Christine Luken talks about her new program, Financial Dignity After Divorce, which will be especially useful if you make any of these 14 money mistakes during a divorce. Plus, how much the average couple will spend on healthcare costs in retirement, and with all this market volatility, is your 401(k) safe? And the fellas answer questions about buying a house with cash vs investing in a mutual fund, and paying into Social Security after you quit working so you can...


From Consumer to Creator: How to Reach Financial Independence - 166

Philip Taylor, AKA PT of, shares the method he used to reach financial independence as he transitioned from CPA to financial media mogul. Plus, 5 ways to turn retirement savings into income, how a big lottery win might affect your Social Security benefits, and if you dollar cost average into Bitcoin to buy winter parkas, how is that actually taxed? Transcript and show notes at


250 Creative Ways to Save and Make More Money - 165

Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation shares just a few of the 250 ways he's found that everyone from millennials to baby boomers can make more money and trim expenses in this new era of creative entrepreneurship and freelance work, from shuttling booze to making some bread teaching people to make bread. Plus, Joe and Big Al do the math for a listener who wants to know if they need to curtail some of their spending as they plan for retirement. Transcript and show notes at


How to Be Financially Alert and on FIRE at Age 36, Even With Market Volatility - 164

Michael from reached Financial Independence / Retire Early, or FIRE, at age 36. He shares his inspiring success story of how being financially alert allowed him to transition from small business entrepreneur to stay-at-home Dad and FIRE blogger with a growing net worth of over $2M - and how he can coach you to FIRE too. Plus, market volatility is back, but Chuck Norris laughs in the face of market dips - and Brian Perry, CFP® has the Q1 market update. It’s tax season...


6 Things to Look For When Buying Investment Property - 163

Joel Larsgaard from the Pour Not Poor podcast talks about drinking beer and simplifying your life to save money that you can put towards buying rental real estate. And, some things to drink about - er, think about - before you commit to that investment property. Plus, the best places to invest in commercial real estate, why early retirement might kill you, and Joe reminisces about his experience at a foam party in Mazatlan. Show notes and transcript at


She Saves $85,000 Annually. Learn Jamila Souffrant's Secrets -162

Jamila Souffrant from explains how she can save $85,000 every year, and how you can save and invest more money too. Plus, Financial Planning Tips for Young Investors and the merits of buying company stock. And interest rates are on the rise - what does that mean for your bond portfolio? Show notes and transcript:


Ditch Your Debt: Join the Student Loan Debt Movement - 161

Robert Farrington from has a goal of helping people eliminate a million bucks in student loan debt in the Month of March. Join the movement, ditch your debt and win prizes! Plus, Americans have reached record-breaking net worth - but which Americans? And, 4 ways you might be attracting a tax audit without knowing it. Show notes and transcript: