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BTW 019: Build Your Personal Brand with a Podcast, with Jerod Morris

Have you thought about having your own podcast? This episode of Beyond The Whistle is all about the power a podcast of your own can have as the foundation of your personal brand. With a podcast, you have your own coach’s show. Think about that. Regardless of where you are in your coaching career or the level of your program, you can create a platform to share your personal story, who you are and what you are about, with an audience of fans, recruits, parents, other coaches and even...


BTW 018: Why You Need a Personal Brand as a Coach, with Ron McKeefery

Personal brand. What does that mean to you? What's the value of having a personal brand? Have you struggled to create your personal brand? Ron McKeefery is an internationally recognized leader in strength and conditioning coaching. Currently the Vice President of Performance and Education for PLAE, a leader in sports and performance flooring, Ron served as strength coach at the collegiate and professional level. Ron has worked with the Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the...


BTW 017: Kevin Sutton, Assistant Coach, University of Rhode Island

I'm honored to have as a return guest to Beyond The Whistle, my friend Kevin Sutton, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at the University of Rhode Island. Kevin was my very first interview guest, appearing in episode two, "Persistence on the Coaching Career Path". In that episode, Kevin shared his career journey and how he has woven a path from coaching at two nationally ranked high school programs, to a college coaching career in the Atlantic 10, Big East and ACC. In some ways, this...


BTW 016: Tom McMillen, President & CEO of Lead1 Association

It was a personal honor to have as my guest on this episode, Tom McMillen, President and CEO of Lead1 Association. As a kid growing up in Washington, DC, I had two dreams: 1) to play in the NBA and 2) to be President of the United States. I like to think I came a little close, having played basketball in college, worked for a U.S. Congressman and spent time as an NBA agent. At least that's what I tell myself. Having those dreams, and living in DC, Tom was someone I followed closely. Tom...


BTW 015: Journal to Coaching Career Success with Khadija Head, Associate Head Coach, Kennesaw State

One of my goals with the podcast is to bring coaches tools, resources and stories from other coaches that you can use in your own professional development. This episode of Beyond The Whistle accomplishes just that. In this impactful episode with Khadija Head, Associate Head Coach of women’s basketball at Kennesaw State, we discuss: The importance of mentors in your coaching careerThe power of your personal brandHer three years away from coachingEntrepreneurship and the experience of...


BTW 014: Brittany Wagner of Netflix Last Chance U

I have a confession to make. I am the last person to subscribe to Netflix (at least it feels that way). I was getting ready for a family spring break trip. When traveling with our son, the question at night is always, "what are we going to do?". Not wanting to spend the exorbitant cost of pay-per-view movies at the hotel, I decided it was time to sign up for Netflix. So, I took advantage of the first month free offer and downloaded Netflix to my Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now, packing and...


BTW 013: Take Control of Your Recruiting Process with Dan Tudor Part Two - The Campus Visit

In part one of Take Control of Your Recruiting Process with Dan Tudor, we discussed what prospects are looking for in communications from you and how you can take control of the recruiting process in a way that helps guide your prospects to a decision. In this episode, Part Two with Dan, we discuss the campus visit phase of recruiting. What does your campus visit look like? How do you know if a visit is the next step your prospect is ready for? Listen and learn how to make your campus...


BTW 012 - Pursuing Financial Excellence with Romone Penny

I first met Romone Penny at the barbershop we both go to here in Washington, DC. At the time, Romone was a senior on the American University basketball team. His team had just come off an appearance in the 2008 NCAA tournament and Romone was doing great work giving back to his community in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduating from American, Romone joined the global accounting firm Ernst & Young. Fast forward ten years (yes, hard to believe). Romone now heads Pursuit...


BTW 011: Do We Need a Signing Day?

The 2017 National Letter of Intent November early signing period recently concluded. This year, college football will have its first early signing period, from December 20th to the 22nd. Have you ever asked why do we have National Letter of Intent signing dates in college sports? What's so magical about these dates? What if we didn't have signing periods at all? What would that look like? In this episode, I discuss these questions with my guest Michael Cross. Michael is a true thought...


BTW 010: College Basketball Scandal. W.I.S.E. Recruiting

On September 26th, the college sports world was rocked by an F.B.I. investigation of college basketball, which lead to the arrests of 10 people, including four assistant coaches and two Adidas executives. The fallout has also included the firing of Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino by the University of Louisville. And this is just the beginning. On this episode, which is going to be the first of several you will hear from me on this, I am going to share with you my thoughts on coaches and...


BTW 009: Take Control of Your Recruiting Process with Dan Tudor - Part 1

How do you control your recruiting process? Do you even have a process? My guest on this episode is Dan Tudor of Tudor Collegiate Strategies. Dan has done an amazing job of taking professional selling processes, skills and tactics and has applied them to athlete recruiting. Dan shares what recruits and parents are looking for during the process, how to effectively communicate with recruits and how to control the process. We also discuss his annual event, the National Collegiate Recruiting...


BTW 008: Rising Coaches Elite 2017

Rising Coaches Elite 2017 I recently had the opportunity to speak at the 8th Annual Rising Coaches Elite 2017 Conference. Rising Coaches Elite is an annual conference that provides professional development for basketball coaches, primarily just starting in their careers. Most of the attendees are graduate assistants, directors of basketball operations and team managers. Attendees came from a wide range of programs. I was also pleased to meet and get to know a few high school coaches who...


BTW 007: Stand Out On The Recruiting Trail

It's July, which means we are in the college basketball summer evaluation period. Coaches will travel throughout the country evaluating high school players at AAU tournaments, camps and summer leagues. As a college coach, just as you are looking for high school players that stand out as prospects for your program, the summer is also perhaps the best time of the year for you to stand out for your own professional development and advancement. In addition to evaluating players, head coaches...


BTW 006: The Coach’s Resume

During the most recent “coaching carousel” of college basketball, I had the opportunity to work with a few coaches on their resumes. There is one mistake I see on coaching resumes and if you're has this, you can fix it right now. The number one mistake I see on resumes - of all professions, not just coaching - is writing the resume as a job description. Your resume IS NOT a job description. The person reading your resume knows what the duties and responsibilities are of a head coach, an...


BTW 005: The Rise of eSports with Manny Anekal

On this episode of the podcast I chat with Manny Anekal, Founder and CEO of The Next Level, which covers the business of eSports and owner of eSports team Versus Sports. Manny is THE guy to discuss what’s happening in the world of eSports. If eSports is new to you, Manny gives a great, quick eSports 101. He and I also discuss the NBA’s investment in eSports, the growth of eSports at the collegiate level, career opportunities in eSports and much more. eSports is more than gaming. It’s a...


BTW 004: Helping Women’s Basketball Coaches Thrive In Their Careers, with Brian Stanchak

It’s not often that you find a professional who has served in most of the roles that make up their field of specialization. Brian Stanchak has been a Division I basketball coach, collegiate Director of Athletics and now a sports agent specializing in representing college basketball coaches - which makes him not only a rare person in the realm of college athletics but also a very valuable commodity. But for Brian, it’s not only about the services he provides. He is committed to getting to...


BTW 003: A Sports Medicine Career At The Highest Levels, Ralph Reiff

My guest today is my friend Ralph Reiff, Executive Director of St. Vincent Sports Performance. Ralph started his sports medicine career as athletic trainer for Butler University where he managed the athlete health care, weight room and equipment for all sports. He also developed the athletic trainer curriculum at Butler. During his tenure at Butler he was selected to provide sports medicine to many national and international sporting events and professional athletes. Ralph has managed the...


002: Persistence On The Coaching Career Path with Coach Kevin Sutton

The coaching career path is often thought of as linear. You start out in one role, you move into another, and each serves as a stepping stone to the next, more advanced position. But University of Pittsburgh assistant basketball coach Kevin Sutton’s career path has not followed a linear path at all. I want to start the Beyond the Whistle podcast by having a conversation with Kevin about the way his career has unfolded and how it did so. His experience is full of life lessons and approaches...


001: A Recovering Sports Agent

I have a confession to make. I’m a recovering sports agent. And that’s the thing I believe is going to make this show worth listening to. My name is Odell McCants, the host of Beyond The Whistle - and I want to sincerely thank you for checking out this debut episode of this podcast. I know you have lots of options when it comes to how you spend your listening time and I appreciate the trust you’re placing in me to listen to this debut episode. I played at the highest levels of the sports...