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Bonus: The Scoop On The Pod Hiatus & My Maternity Leave

In this special bonus episode, I talk about the exciting reason I’ve decided to take a hiatus from the show, when I’ll be back with new episodes, and where you can stay connected with me during the hiatus. I also talk about which episodes released in 2019 that I think you should revisit or be sure to listen to for the first time while waiting for new episodes. To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes. Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram


87: Why Embracing Your Flaws Makes You Irresistible with Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is a transformational mentor, healer, and writer who is passionate about empowering women. In the episode, she shares why she was ashamed to call herself a coach, what inspired her to help women express their gifts, how doing deep inner work was key to becoming the kind of leader she needs to be to facilitate transformation for her clients, how she organically grew her business on Instagram, her trick for up-leveling in your life and business and charging what you’re worth,...


86: The Power of Taking Bold Action with Heart with Erin Telford

Erin Telford is a Breathwork facilitator and healer, acupuncturist, Reiki Master, herbalist, and a teacher of David Elliott's Level One Breathwork Healer Training. In the episode, she shares how a painful heartbreak led her to become an energy worker, how she bootstrapped her business by leveraging $40,000 in credit, what happened in year one that led her to a 6-figure income, how we can all leverage the tool of breathwork to step more fully into our gifts, creativity, success, and...


85: Getting Out of Your Own Way to Create the Business of Your Dreams with Danielle Beinstein

Danielle Beinstein is a Psychological Astrologer who offers a unique blend of East and West coast sensibility, providing her clients with intuitive and pragmatic guidance as they navigate their life’s journey. In the episode, we discuss her shift from media, politics, and tech to astrology, how she integrates psychology and spirituality into her work, how she grew her business without any real marketing strategy, the effect having a near-death experience had on her business and personal...


84: The Non-Promotional Approach to Building an Empire with Jesse Israel

Jesse Israel is a social entrepreneur, public speaker and meditation teacher who helps people become the leaders they’re meant to be. He founded the social meditation community Medi Club and the mass meditation movement The Big Quiet. In the episode, we chat about what it was like to transition out of the music industry and into meditation, why he has taken an “attraction” approach to building community, the stressful side of his entrepreneurial journey and the work he’s done to recover...


83: The Magic of Leaning Into Slow & Steady Growth with Alisa Vitti

Alisa Vitti is an integrative nutritionist, leading hormone expert, PERIOD COACH, the best-selling author of WomanCode, and the CEO behind In the episode, you'll hear her journey with PCOS, how she started her first business as a health coach, then founded a clinical practice, and then founded FLO Living, her experience as one of the first to start the conversation about women’s periods, what makes FLO Living unique from all other online destinations for women’s health, and...


82: Why Community Gives You Wings with Liz Moody

Liz Moody is an author, editor, podcast host, and the former Food Director at Mindybodygreen. In this episode, we discuss how quitting her full-time job to write her first novel led her to the wellness industry, her insider tips for how to pitch an editor, how she juggled a demanding role at MBG while also growing her blog, starting a podcast, writing a book, and more, why it’s important to build genuine relationships and not approach networking in a transactional fashion, and more! To...


81: Leaning Into the Mystical Side of Entrepreneurship with Deborah Hanekamp

Deborah Hanekamp is the creator of Mama Medicine, a healing center and digital platform where she facilitates Medicine Readings. In the episode, she shares why she was drawn to the spiritual and divine from a young age, how she funded her shamanic and medicine trainings in Thailand and Peru while running a yoga practice, the serendipitous moment with the New York Times that led to massive business growth and press, how she blends the world of business strategy with intuition, and...


80: Using Storytelling to Build Clout & Credibility with Clara Artschwager

Clara Artschwager is a Modern Dating & Partnership Coach who specializes in helping career-driven women shift their approach to pursuing long term partnership. In this episode, we discuss why she’s always been fascinated by relationships but was embarrassed by the desire to become a dating coach, what it was like to shift from a career in tech and cut her salary by 60%, how she landed writing gigs for major publications, why brands with small audiences are more likely to bring in clients,...


79: Why Consistent Content Creation is Queen When Building Your Audience with Brittany Mullins

Brittany Mullins is a holistic nutritionist and the mastermind behind Eating Bird Food, a wellness platform where she shares recipes, workouts, wellness articles, travel adventures, and more. In this episode, Brittany shares what it was like to start a blog in 2008, the revenue streams that enabled her to turn her passion into her sole source of income, how her approach to content has played a role in reaching nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, the launch strategy she swears by, and...


78: Why Being Unapologetically YOU Creates a Magnetic Brand with Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a certified confidence coach, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. As the founder of, she moves individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-love. In this episode, she shares what it was like growing up in a religious home that stifled her authenticity and self-expression, what led her to pursue coaching as a side hustle, her transition to full-time entrepreneurship, why she wishes she invested in a business mentor sooner, and...


77: Using Intuition to Blaze Your Own Trail as an Entrepreneur with Shane Heath

Shane Heath is the Founder and CEO of MUD\WTR, a company that creates products and experiences to optimize one’s mind, body, and ritual. In our talk, we chat about how getting physically and emotionally uncomfortable gives you an advantage in business, when he realized he was on to something, what it was like to produce his product while working fulltime, the role one mentor played in giving him the means to take a massive risk, his journey landing funding from angel investors and VCs...


76: Why Genuine Relationships Trump Social Media Followers in Business with Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane is the creator of the One Part Plant movement, author of the One Part Cookbook, host of the One Part Podcast, and founder of Know Your Endo. In the episode, she shares how her own challenges with endometriosis led to starting her wellness platforms, why building genuine relationships and making face-to-face connections is her priority, the roles her book and podcast have played in her business growth, what it’s really like to earn money as a brand ambassador , and...


75: Owning Your Weird to Build a Cult Following with Krissy Jones & Chloe Kernagen

Krissy Jones & Chloe Kernagen are the co-founders of Sky Ting, a popular collective of yoga studios in New York City. In the episode, they share what it was like to open their first location in Chinatown, why their focus on creating community was key gaining a cult following, how they use the principles of yoga to guide their business decisions, what it’s been like bootstrapping the operations of 3 studios, what’s kept them together as partners in business, the revenue streams that keep...


74: Body Wisdom for Making Business Decisions & Avoiding Burnout with Jessica Corbin

Jessica Corbin is a Holistic Health + Performance Coach, Speaker, TV Host and Co-Founder of the wellness technology company REVITA5. In the episode, she shares the event that led her to drop a TV career and take her business full-time, why it’s important to put your stake in the ground and get specific with your niche, why it’s key to balance stepping into your authority AND being ok with not having it all figured out, how LinkedIn has helped them get in front of their clients, and...


73: Neutralizing Fear to Chase the Dream with Sasha Heinz

Developmental Psychologist and Life Coach, Dr. Sasha Heinz, is an expert in Positive Psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck. In the episode, Sasha shares why hiring a coach inspired her to become one, the various iterations of her brand, what it looked like as she found her footing in the first few years in business and how she had to get out of her own way, the “Thinking on Purpose” mindset technique she recommends for moving through your own...


72: Why Generosity is Key to Business Growth with Sarah Girard

Sarah Girard is a yoga instructor and educator. ​As a cancer survivor, she incorporates resiliency, courage, and light-heartedness in her group, corporate, and private classes. In the episode, Sarah shares her experience with a childhood cancer diagnosis and losing her right eye at just 2 years old, her introduction to yoga at 14 years old, the first few years of hustling as a yoga professional looked like, the bold moves she made to land partnerships with major companies and private...


71: How to Crack the Code for "Doing it All" with Nealy Fischer

Nealy Fischer is the founder of The Flexible Chef, a wife, mother of four, yoga teacher, and wellness entrepreneur, she’s been on a mission to help people around the world to live their most vibrant lives. In the episode, she shares why her #1 career goal was to be a mom, how she landed amazing collaborations with influencers like Dr. Mark Hyman, her tips for pitching effectively and authentically, how she’s raised 4 kids while growing her amazing platform, becoming an author and building a...


70: Why Providing Value Is the Secret to Making Money with Kate Northrup

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mother, Kate Northrup supports ambitious, motivated, and successful women to light up the world without burning themselves out. In this episode, Kate shares how network marketing taught her to connect with people and build genuine relationships, the role this skill plays in her sales conversations and why that’s been a massive strength in her business, power of following up with your prospects, the importance of knowing your audience really well,...


69: Making a Growth Mindset Your Superpower with Carly Stein

Carly Stein is the Founder and CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals, which produces naturally-sourced and obsessively-tested superfoods straight from the hive. In the episode, Carly discusses her double life as a Goldman Saks trader and bee product creator, how she balanced a demanding job and making products in her apartment, the moment she decided to run her business full-time, what it was like to get pushback from her loves ones, how a growth mindset helped her go from a one-woman show to a team...