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Yoda Speaks with Gary Gray

I’m so excited to share this two-part podcast episode with you, during which I chatted with The Master himself: my dear friend and mentor, Gary Gray. Gary is an award-winning composer/songwriter/producer/engineer – and helped me mix/master my album, Awakening. Besides being an accomplished musician, Gary is the author of the “The Home Studio Bible,” and is considered one of the top mentors in the entertainment industry. It’s an honour and a privilege to be his student. His clients include...


Which Wolf Are You Feeding? with D Grant Smith

I’m so excited to be welcoming back the awesome D Grant Smith to the podcast. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this extraordinary human being, D is a growth farmer (aka a coach who empowers people to be their best, love who they are and create strong connections). The core principle he operates his life around is this: “Your heart and your mind is a garden. What you plant inside yourself with your thoughts, beliefs and patterns produce […]


The Power Of True Connection with Daniel Levin

For December’s episode of the Daydream Believers Podcast, I interviewed Daniel Levin, author of the insightful, wise and deeply beautiful book, The Mosaic. We chatted about the four practices of connection, how we as creatives can connect to the work we are doing – and how the archetypes of The Mosaic can help one in the creative process. We also discussed what the silos of thought are that trap the creative mind flow, what the destination practice is and how […]


Get Inspired & Strategic with Bree Noble

For this month’s episode, I sat down with the awesome and inspirational Bree Noble. As well as being a music marketing and business coach extraordinaire, Bree is also a music artist and host of the award-winning podcast, Women Of Substance Radio. Bree and I covered the juicy topics of mindset and how to smash through overwhelm, fear and limiting beliefs. We also touched on her 5 stages of music career growth, relating the marketing element of these stages to a […]


Awakening – The Album Showcase

My darlings! I almost can’t believe it…the album…it’s ready! To celebrate, I made this month’s episode of the podcast a music edition – and created an album showcase. During this hour-long episode, I play you some of the tracks from the album and talk you through them, going into a bit of detail about the meaning of each song and how they were made. I named this album Awakening because the journey of its creation has been one of tremendous […]


Podcast Special: Behind The Scenes with Ron Kempton

This episode took a slightly different format than others in the past: I caught up with my good buddy Ron Kempton – an extraordinary human being, and an exceptionally gifted songwriter and poet. We chatted about how his career got started, how he fell in love with music, what his past students are up to now, how he came to start writing, who inspired him to write and learn guitar, what his biggest influences were and are, his feelings about […]


How To Be A Successful Creative with Greg Wilnau

On this episode, we’re joined by Greg Wilnau, founder of Musician Monster: a website which exists to remind musicians of the truth that musicians have it within themselves to become prosperous. Together with his wife, Greg also runs Wilnau Design: a web design company whose focus is designing beautiful websites that will grow your business. I was really taken aback by his sheer awesomeness when we had our very first chat back in the early spring. He’s an exceptional human […]


PR and Promotion with Angela Mastrogiacomo

Awesome Angela Mastrogiacomo, founder of Muddy Paw PR, answers questions from members of my Daydream Believers coaching community about all things PR! Muddy Paw is a tireless, thriving, spirited force with a desire to promote the people and companies they believe in. Not only that, but they aim to constantly challenge the status quo in an effort to change not just the careers of those they work with, but the industry as a whole. What made you decide to get into […]


How to stay motivated & inspired with Rob Lawrence

This month, the amazingly inspiring Rob Lawrence took some time out to chat with me about his tips and tricks for staying motivated and inspired. Rob is an audio producer, author, podcaster and a phenomenal coach who helps creative entrepreneurs embrace the power of sound to broadcast messages worth listening to. In short, he’s awesome. He hosts a gorgeous podcast called Inspirational Creatives which is a fountain of…inspiration! This is Rob’s podcast. If you haven’t already subscribed to...


How to overcome fear & challenges with D Grant Smith

This month inside the Daydream Believers community the wise and wonderful D Grant Smith took the time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me and chat about how to overcome fears and challenges. It was an amazing exchange, during which we addressed the questions submitted by members of the community. We hope you find it helpful, and if you’d like to connect more with D, you can find him here. Get in touch with him – he’s […]


Marketing & rebranding with Steve Palfreyman

This month, the Daydream Believers were super privileged to have the awesome Steve Palfreyman come in and host a workshop for us. He took the time out to answer some pertinent questions the Dreamers had about marketing and rebranding: What are the initial components needed when setting up a brand/rebranding? Is there a set of key points needed to put in place for clear branding? How do I develop a brand for myself that encompasses all the different creative things […]


Health & Fitness with Ash Moon

Ash is an amazing personal trainer, dancer/movement artist, and advocate for gender equality. She explores the world and the terrain of her life with movement, and aims to assist others in creating balanced, healthy and creatively fulfilled lives. Connect with her at: @ash_moonpt @ashmooon To book a session with her, email her directly at: Hello my beautiful daydreamers! How are you all doing on this lovely day? I am in Devon, I’m in my mums lovely conservatory/living...


Networking part 1

From what I have learned, and in my opinion, networking falls into two categories: The networking you do in order to increase your audience The networking you do in order to link with industry professionals To me, they are inextricably linked – they are both important – and both need to be approached with the same level of care and attention. We all know networking is important – the big question a lot of us face is: HOW do we […]


Change your behaviour

Since a new year is upon us and it’s generally a time when people make a fresh start, I thought it would be interesting to bring up a concept introduced to me a few months back by my music production mentor, Gary Gray – and it is this: if you want to change your thoughts, first change your behaviour. If any of you are like me, you’ve probably invested a lot of your time and energy into affirmations. To a […]


Take a leap of faith

I find myself reflecting and contemplating a lot – especially when I’m travelling. For the last two months I’ve been in California – I came out here to attend a music production and licensing retreat hosted by my music production mentor, Gary Gray. When I booked my ticket, I booked it with the intention of going on a ‘music mission’. I hadn’t really given much thought to the details of how that mission would unfold, but one thing was clear […]


Overcoming fear – part 2

As many of you know, I came out to LA a little over a week ago to study and collaborate with my amazing music production mentor, Gary Gray – and to collaborate with a couple of incredible musicians in San Fransisco. I love being on the move and experiencing new things in general, but being here has reminded me of a fear I had forgotten about: fear of the unknown. Whilst I love a good adventure, I’m also the sort […]


The importance of being you

Following on from my last post about the danger of comparing ourselves to others, I thought it would be helpful to talk about the importance of being you. Who we are is precisely what is stamped down, squashed, belittled and ridiculed in so many of us, that most of us have no clue who we really are – which then leads us to become severed from that most precious of gifts – our very own unique essence. Once this occurs, […]


The danger of comparing yourself to others

This week I’d love to share with you my thoughts on the danger of comparing yourself to others. I’d like to begin by establishing the fact that what one man or woman can do, another man or woman can do! In life, we seem to take heros in all shapes and forms. We seem to believe that someone is better than us, stronger than us, smarter than us, more talented than us and everyone is so much better than we […]