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With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.

With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.
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With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.







Welcome to episode 204, this week I want to return to the increasingly important subject of video, not just native video but the wider use of video on LinkedIn. No interesting news to report this week apart from a couple of changes to LinkedIn; LinkedIn Updates LinkedIn appear to be trialling the compulsory use of hashtags in posts. Goof idea or not? GIFs have returned to LinkedIn! They are now accessible only in the Messages feature and interestingly via a 3rd party source called...


Engagement Tactics

Welcome to episode 203, after a weeks break for the Easter holidays we are back and this week I want to talk about engagement……quite possibly the single most important thing you should consider when using LinkedIn! Not much news since the last episode, apart from the following Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week LinkedIn Goes All-In on B2B Video I have mixed feelings about this, as you know I love video and the ability to post videos from a company page is a positive thing but then...


New (new) Profiles!!!

Welcome to episode 202, this week I don’t really have one main subject to cover but I guess the most eye grabbing headline is that LinkedIn have decided to re-design profiles….again! More of that later but to start with as usual…. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week The Bible of LinkedIn Bollocks LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - UK LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - US LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - Canada LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - Australia How we created...



Welcome to episode 201, this week I return to our normal format and the main subject is something that has been playing on my mind for a while, in some respects I think it can be the ‘elephant in the room’ for a social media or LinkedIn Trainer / Coach …..What do you do if your prospects are not socially active on LinkedIn or any social media platform? More of that later, but to start with…. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week Post of the week Actually this was from the previous week...


The 200th Episode

Welcome to this momentous occasion and our 200th episode, this week I wanted to do something special to celebrate this landmark so rather than the normal format I am going to be covering the top five episodes (as defined by the number of times they were downloaded) out of the 199 recorded and published so far. I really love this show, it’s become my main form of content these days and the best way to keep people in touch and up to date with LinkedIn. It all started in November 2013 when...



Welcome to episode 199. Well what an amazing response we had to last weeks debate with John Nemo about LinkedIn automation! One of the key points that came out of episode 197 is that myself and John have very different ways of generating business and many of you wanted to know more about my way of using LinkedIn to generate 95% of my business without the need to play the numbers game. So that is going to be the main theme of this episode. But first….. Interesting Stuff I Saw This...


LinkedIn Automation

Welcome to episode 198, this week I have a real treat for you! As I have mentioned previously, I wanted to revisit the controversial subject of LinkedIn automation. LinkedIn make it very clear they do not approve of the use of any type of automation bot as you can see in the image above which was received by someone after visiting just 100 profiles in a day…..but does that mean we should avoid them? Could they be a useful tool that help us become more productive and successful? I have...


We Are The Test Dummies!

Welcome to episode 197, I’m back and it’s just me this week. Someone alerted me to a shocking issue regarding invitations to connect this week and it got me thinking about the ineffective way that LinkedIn introduce new features. It seems that introduce features on a slow roll-out and rely on their users to report issues…..but what if we don’t or aren’t able to spot a problem…….based on the evidence of this week, it appears that such issues just remain until someone does report...


LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords

Welcome to episode 196, this week I chat with personal branding expert Jennifer Holloway about the article that LinkedIn bring out every year highlighting the most used words in LinkedIn profiles. Click on the image above to view the full article Takeaways from our chat Some words (such as passionate) are overused in profiles without much thought going into whether they are true or not A better way to interpret this list is not to avoid the words as such but to demonstrate that you are...


Connect vs Follow

Welcome to episode 195, I had planned to cover a different subject (The dangers of automation - let me know your thoughts on that!) this week but then I got an excellent voicemail question from Giles about the differences between following and connecting and decided to cover that subject in more detail. But before that…… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week Find the Right Words to Land the Right Job More on this in next weeks episode! The Most Popular Jobs and Companies for College...


Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Welcome to episode 194, this week I have a chat with my friend and fellow LinkedIn trainer/consultant Sandra Long about personal branding. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week LinkedIn Announce some changes to groups I have mentioned previously that I’m aware that LinkedIn are currently working on a project to improve groups and this week they sent out a communication advising of several changes that will happen soon. I think most people have been sent it but in case you didn’t see...


LinkedIn User Survey - The Results

Welcome to episode 193 and a very happy and prosperous new year to you all. I trust everyone had a fantastic break over Christmas. Towards the end of last year I conducted a survey of LinkedIn users to see how behaviour had changed on LinkedIn. I had a sense that the results would be interesting……and I wasn’t disappointed! In this episode I will go through the results with you but before that…. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week LinkedOut: The 7 Stages of Grieving a...


10 LinkedIn Predictions for 2018

Welcome to episode 192 and a very merry Christmas to all of you. There has been very little news about LinkedIn this week but I did native the following two related articles; Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week What we got right — and terribly wrong — in our 2017 predictions The 50 big ideas for 2018 LinkedIn are, as always, keeping very tight lipped about their plans for 2018 so I thought it would be fun to take a stab at what I think the likely trends for LinkedIn in 2018 will...


What To Post About?

Welcome to episode 191, this week I’m going to cover a topic I tackle almost on a daily basis at the moment…..How to know what subjects to post about on LinkedIn. But before I get onto that…… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week The Crappy Handbook of LinkedIn Profile Pics LinkedIn Top Voices 2017: The must-know people inspiring today’s professional conversations Stay on Top of In-Demand Skills with New Notifications #LinkedInLocal I originally covered the LinkedIn Local phenomenon...


Stop Blaming The Algorithm!

Welcome to episode 190, it seems that many people are talking about the mysterious LinkedIn algorithm, myself included! I can’t believe how many of these people are still blaming the algorithm for the poor performance of their content, it’s not the algorithm folks, it’s your content!…… But before I get stuck into that, here are a few things I came across this week Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week People Are Flooding LinkedIn With Strange Stories. We’re Calling Them Broetry. 7...


Are You Stuck In The Past?

Welcome to episode 189, not much news this week but I do have a couple of new features to share with you and a cool thing plus I feel the need for a rant!…..more later. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week ‘LinkedIn degrees’ from global providers ‘could leave UK behind’ Russian accused of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox to be extradited to US Oops: LinkedIn country subdomains SSL cert just expired New Features Double tap to Like This new mobile feature is copied straight from Instagram...


LinkedIn is Cooler Than Instagram!

Welcome to episode 188, this week I had some very sad news, one of the clipper race crew was swept overboard and tragically lost his life - devastating for his family and also extremely unnerving for all the other crews. I can’t begin to imagine how they carry on from this. It highlights just how dangerous this race is and impressed on me even more just what Brendan Hall had to go through when he won the race previously. Brendan incidentally released his new speaker showreel this...


The LinkedIn User Survey

Welcome to episode 187, this week we are back to the normal format after a few weeks of interviews. I would really appreciate your help with compiling a survey of how LinkedIn users have changed their behaviour over the last 12 months or so. More of that later but firstly…… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week 60% users from Russia remain on LinkedIn after year of blocking Creating Your Resume Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with Microsoft and LinkedIn New Feature Active status is coming...


In Conversation with Leif Carlson

Welcome to episode 186, this week I really enjoyed chatting with Leif Carlson, A social selling expert and podcaster from Denmark. Leif and I chat about a range of things in the episode; ROI - Return on Investment It's difficult to measure Statistics are often merely a vanity measure Social selling will always be a ‘long game’ Some ways you can measure RIO; Post comments, likes and views in the feed InMail / message replies Profile views Invitations received True followers...


What a Florist Can Teach Us About Using LinkedIn

Welcome to episode 185, this week I’m doing my annual ‘escape from the wet and cold of Britain’ week in Spain so I thought I would treat you to one of the most popular podcast episodes I have ever produced. I’m sure many of heard you have heard me talk about the florist from Grimsby who is killing it on LinkedIn….well this is the interview I did with her in May 2015 on a since retired podcast called Winbusinessin…..enjoy!


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