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With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.

With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.
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With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.






Planning for 2019

Welcome to episode 233 and this week I’m looking forward and planning for next year. What is your plan for LinkedIn next year? Hopefully, I can stimulate a few ideas for you in this episode. Before that though….. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week. I was fascinated to see this post go viral this week. It’s not applicable for post of the week because I don’t think it’s an especially great video post but it is worth examing why it went viral. To read more go to...


LinkedIn Communication

Welcome to episode 232. This week the focus is all about my favourite subject….communication. If there is one aspect of using LinkedIn that fascinates me the most, it’s the art of communicating effectively. It’s also one area that most people get wrong according to my homepage feed and probably yours too! So you can imagine how excited I was when I recently met Kim Arnold, a communications and marketing expert! So this weeks episode is focussed on a chat I recently had with Kim about how...


Posting for Engagement

Whilst the title for this episode is about posting, I actually have two main topics to cover this week. I also have a ‘not’ post of the week as well as a post of the week! In addition, we cover the following;


New LinkedIn Pages

Welcome to the 230th episode. This week I cover;


Feed Ranking Model – What It Means To You.

Welcome back to another show. This week I’m chatting with Andy Foote about the talk given by a LinkedIn executive called ‘creator-side optimization and incentives in social networks’. This was a very interesting a quite revealing insight into how LinkedIn adjusted their algorithm earlier this year to counter what they described as a ‘perverse incentive’ where superstar content producers were being given too much visibility on our homepage feeds


Change x 9!

LinkedIn is changing rapidly! This week I focus on 9 important changes LinkedIn have made since the last episode. More information at


LinkedIn In A Corporate World

This week I interview Kurt Shaver from Vengreso about the challenges of social selling and using LinkedIn in a corporate environment


LinkedIn Video – What’s Holding You Back?

A couple of weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with an experienced LinkedIn user about native video posts. They post regularly and get fantastic results but they have yet to do a video post. When I asked them why they couldn’t really answer. We explored this in more detail and agreed that it came down to two main factors; This troubled me but I put it down to an isolated experience, then last week I had almost exactly the same conversation with someone else! The final straw...


What Makes Great Content on LinkedIn?

This week I respond to a post by Richard Moore about the apparent lack of 'Content Creators' on LinkedIn in the UK. What exactly is he referring to and how do we define great content? That plus a few interesting things I saw this week about LinkedIn. More info at


The Best Company Pages?

Welcome to episode 224, this week I want to mainly focus on company pages. A feature of LinkedIn that I have often been very critical of. LinkedIn have announced their Top Company Pages of 2018 list so I thought I would take a closer look at some of those companies to try to understand what benefit they are gaining from LinkedIn. I also want to return to the new groups experience as I now have the new features and thought I would add some further thoughts and things I have...


New Groups Have Arrived

Thanks for all your feedback from last weeks episode about a wishlist for the new design of groups, well we didn't have to wait long did we? Well, to be more precise some of us do need to wait longer (myself included) to be able to play with the new design but on Tuesday this week, LinkedIn started rolling out their long-awaited new design that they are hoping can reinvigorate this much-maligned area of LinkedIn. More about new groups later but first. Interesting Stuff I Saw This...


New Groups Design Wishlist

Welcome to episode 222. I hope you find this episode enjoyable and informative. LinkedIn have recently announced that their new re-designed groups section will be launched at the end of August It's taken them over 18 months including much user consultation to get to this point so we are entitled to expect something special. As of the time of recording, nothing has transpired so I thought it would be timely to create a list of all the things that we, as users want to see and then we can...


LinkedIn Articles. Are They Worth Your Time?

Welcome to episode 221, after a weeks break while I was hiking around the Swiss Alps. If you have never been I would highly recommend it, as you can see below, the scenery is breathtaking! Interesting Stuff I saw This Week LinkedIn Groups Announcement Thank you for your continued dedication to your LinkedIn groups. As you know we are fully rebuilding Groups and reintegrating it into the main LinkedIn website and mobile apps. We are excited for you to experience the new version of Groups...


I've Cracked The LinkedIn Algorithm!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode. This week I have had messages from several people about an article doing the rounds that details how the LinkedIn algorithm works – “Wow, that sounds very interesting” I thought….then I read it and felt somewhat cheated. It’s not what it purports to be but I do think it’s worth covering so that will be the main subject for this week More of that later but first….. Go to



Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode. After two weeks of discussing Pods we are moving onto pastures new. This week I want to focus attention on the continued development of #LinkedInLocal with LocalX. I was lucky enough to get to attend the launch party of LocalX in London recently and wanted to share my thoughts on this new initiative and also why I think LinkedIn have really missed an opportunity with LinkedIn Local. More of that later but first…..


LinkedIn Pods - Part 2

Welcome to a new episode of LinkedInformed. The main content this week is the second half of my recent interview with Lynnaire Johnston about LinkedIn pods plus my conclusions on the subject. But first…… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week How to beat LinkedIn : The Game This spoof article made me chuckle…enjoy! Microsoft quotes from their latest earnings call about LinkedIn Taken from this article from The Motley Fool Microsoft’s 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn is increasingly looking...


LinkedIn Pods. Part 1

What are pods? Sometimes they are called engagement or amplify or boosting pods. The basic premise is that a group of active users form a group/community somewhere online (LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack or any other online community site) and announce (with a link) to the group everytime they publish a post or article on LinkedIn. The agreement is that everyone in the group then engages with that post (Liking and/or commenting). This has two effects; Pods are sometimes managed by one...


LinkedIn Etiquette

Where were you last week? Unexpected holiday? Did I miss an episode? Ooops…sorry about last week folks, this episode didn’t happen last week because, well to be perfectly frank…I had the podcasters equivalent of writers block! But I’m back on it this week and this is a tricky subject that probably effects all of us at some time. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week I’ve scanned the internet for interesting articles about LinkedIn and there really is very little but this one instigated a...


The Benefits of LinkedIn Data

This weeks episode is all about something that is right in front of us, every time we log in to LinkedIn but it's something that most of us take very little notice of......and I think that's a missed opportunity. I'm talking about data - about companies and their employees. Companies that are our competitors, customers or prospective customers. I think we should all be taking more notice of this data, more of that later but first........ Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week Unveiling...


Company Pages

Welcome to episode 214. Due to time constraints, this will be a much shorter episode than normal but I did want to focus on company pages and specifically the issues that I have with them. But first..... Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week WikiLeaks publishes identities and information about ICE employees amid intensifying anger LinkedIn Kudos - My thoughts The day after I published last weeks episode, I got the new kudos feature (and the Q code, see below). Having played with Kudos for...