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With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.

With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.
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With tips, interviews, news and updates on site developments and changes, The LinkedInformed podcast is designed to challenge and Inspire LinkedIn users throughout the world to be more productive and successful.






I've Cracked The LinkedIn Algorithm!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode. This week I have had messages from several people about an article doing the rounds that details how the LinkedIn algorithm works – “Wow, that sounds very interesting” I thought….then I read it and felt somewhat cheated. It’s not what it purports to be but I do think it’s worth covering so that will be the main subject for this week More of that later but first….. Go to



Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode. After two weeks of discussing Pods we are moving onto pastures new. This week I want to focus attention on the continued development of #LinkedInLocal with LocalX. I was lucky enough to get to attend the launch party of LocalX in London recently and wanted to share my thoughts on this new initiative and also why I think LinkedIn have really missed an opportunity with LinkedIn Local. More of that later but first…..


LinkedIn Pods - Part 2

Welcome to a new episode of LinkedInformed. The main content this week is the second half of my recent interview with Lynnaire Johnston about LinkedIn pods plus my conclusions on the subject. But first…… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week How to beat LinkedIn : The Game This spoof article made me chuckle…enjoy! Microsoft quotes from their latest earnings call about LinkedIn Taken from this article from The Motley Fool Microsoft’s 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn is increasingly looking...


LinkedIn Pods. Part 1

What are pods? Sometimes they are called engagement or amplify or boosting pods. The basic premise is that a group of active users form a group/community somewhere online (LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack or any other online community site) and announce (with a link) to the group everytime they publish a post or article on LinkedIn. The agreement is that everyone in the group then engages with that post (Liking and/or commenting). This has two effects; Pods are sometimes managed by one...


LinkedIn Etiquette

Where were you last week? Unexpected holiday? Did I miss an episode? Ooops…sorry about last week folks, this episode didn’t happen last week because, well to be perfectly frank…I had the podcasters equivalent of writers block! But I’m back on it this week and this is a tricky subject that probably effects all of us at some time. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week I’ve scanned the internet for interesting articles about LinkedIn and there really is very little but this one instigated a...


The Benefits of LinkedIn Data

This weeks episode is all about something that is right in front of us, every time we log in to LinkedIn but it's something that most of us take very little notice of......and I think that's a missed opportunity. I'm talking about data - about companies and their employees. Companies that are our competitors, customers or prospective customers. I think we should all be taking more notice of this data, more of that later but first........ Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week Unveiling...


Company Pages

Welcome to episode 214. Due to time constraints, this will be a much shorter episode than normal but I did want to focus on company pages and specifically the issues that I have with them. But first..... Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week WikiLeaks publishes identities and information about ICE employees amid intensifying anger LinkedIn Kudos - My thoughts The day after I published last weeks episode, I got the new kudos feature (and the Q code, see below). Having played with Kudos...



Welcome to episode 213. A big thanks to everyone who contributed with ideas of LinkedIn mistakes/disasters that I can use in a book I’m considering writing. If you have any other stories, please let me know by either sending me a message on LinkedIn (it’s free even if we are not connected) or leave a voicemail (link on the right side of this page) or email me at Some ideas so far; Employees using LinkedIn to get their own back on former employers and vice...


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made on LinkedIn

Welcome to episode 212. A big thanks for all the feedback from last weeks show. Most of you seemed to enjoy Marjorie’s information about ProFinder although I was surprised by a couple of people who felt I shouldn’t have been promoting a service such as ProFinder - the premise being that LinkedIn are creating a market that is free to use (even though it isn’t) and once people are dependent on ProFinder as a source of work, they will start to charge more for it. I massively struggle with...


LinkedIn ProFinder

Welcome to episode 211, this week’s episode is dedicated entirely to understanding LinkedIn ProFinder. I haven’t used ProFinder as it is currently only available to users in the United States so I found an experienced (and award winning) user who could tell us all about it. Let me introduce Marjorie Kavanagh What is LinkedIn ProFinder? ProFinder is LinkedIn’s own professional service marketplace’ where users can search for freelancers, small business owners or interim executives who...


Build Your Business On LinkedIn

Welcome to episode 210, I’m back after a very restful week in the sun in Cape Verde and was surprised to see very little news about LinkedIn circulating the internet over the last couple of weeks so this is going to be a shorter than normal episode. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week Actually not interesting at all! I got back from holiday to an email inbox that could only be described as GDPR hell! A plethora of emails asking me to read a new privacy policy (necessary but annoying)...


The Most Socially Engaged Recruitment Business

Welcome to episode 209, this week we have a pre-recorded interview with Kris Holland who is a Marketing Manager with a specialist recruitment business called Charlton Morris Kris and I engaged on LinkedIn following on from my posts about content marketing as covered in episode 204. Kris was keen to explain that content marketing had been working well for them so I thought it would be great to get him on the show. Takeaways Content should be designed to start conversations They measure...


LinkedIn SEO 2018

Welcome to episode 208, this week I am revisiting the search algorithm. If you are a long term listener you will recall that I tested the search algorithm a year ago in episode 161 and I promised that I would conduct the same test every year to check if the algorithm had changed……..and guess what, it has! More of that later, but first… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week LinkedIn Turns 15 Shameless drug dealers using LINKEDIN to sell Class A narcotics. I’m afraid this is classic...


Building An Authentic Brand on LinkedIn.

Welcome to episode 207, this week I had the pleasure of chatting with Simon Bourne from The Hand Dyed Shoe Company. Simon is a classic example of what can be achieved when you use LinkedIn to develop an authentic personal brand. Takeaways LinkedIn has massive untapped potential to develop your brand Simon developed his visibility because he posted honest, authentic content about his personal and business journey. LinkedIn success is not about View or Share Numbers it's about the...


Time To Refresh Your Profile?

Welcome to episode 206. As the new desktop profile design continues to roll-out to many, I thought it would make sense to cover profiles with you in this episode. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week LinkedIn’s AutoFill plugin could leak user data, secret fix failed Facebook faces exodus as businesses call time Facebook's new slogan: 'If you think we're not good for your business, leave' Always Customise Your LinkedIn Invitation? Better not? LinkedIn Features The new mobile ‘Find...


Does Content Marketing Still Work?

Welcome to episode 205, this week I’m joined by Robert Indries to discuss content marketing on LinkedIn. But first… Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week The ‘Find nearby’ feature on the mobile app actually works very well (once you have asked others to switch it on) as I found when I experimented with it this week at a course I ran LinkedIn are changing Middle East and African accounts onto US based contracts as from May 8th to avoid GDPR compliance. LinkedIn Tips to Keep Your...



Welcome to episode 204, this week I want to return to the increasingly important subject of video, not just native video but the wider use of video on LinkedIn. No interesting news to report this week apart from a couple of changes to LinkedIn; LinkedIn Updates LinkedIn appear to be trialling the compulsory use of hashtags in posts. Goof idea or not? GIFs have returned to LinkedIn! They are now accessible only in the Messages feature and interestingly via a 3rd party source called...


Engagement Tactics

Welcome to episode 203, after a weeks break for the Easter holidays we are back and this week I want to talk about engagement……quite possibly the single most important thing you should consider when using LinkedIn! Not much news since the last episode, apart from the following Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week LinkedIn Goes All-In on B2B Video I have mixed feelings about this, as you know I love video and the ability to post videos from a company page is a positive thing but then...


New (new) Profiles!!!

Welcome to episode 202, this week I don’t really have one main subject to cover but I guess the most eye grabbing headline is that LinkedIn have decided to re-design profiles….again! More of that later but to start with as usual…. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week The Bible of LinkedIn Bollocks LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - UK LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - US LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - Canada LinkedIn Top Companies To Work For - Australia How we created...



Welcome to episode 201, this week I return to our normal format and the main subject is something that has been playing on my mind for a while, in some respects I think it can be the ‘elephant in the room’ for a social media or LinkedIn Trainer / Coach …..What do you do if your prospects are not socially active on LinkedIn or any social media platform? More of that later, but to start with…. Interesting Stuff I Saw This Week Post of the week Actually this was from the previous week...