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6: Profits vs Passion - What She Learned Bootstrapping Her Dream Business w/ Kim Kaupe

Kim is an inspiration and has racked up quite a resume. She runs a bootstrapped, wildly profitable company in an exciting space where she’s able to get creative with musicians and celebrities on a daily basis. I’ll have to let her tell us more about it. She’s also a Shark Tank alum (yes of course she landed a deal), Forbes 30 under 30 alum, and Inc 35 under 35 alum. Her story is a must hear.


5: Key Learnings From an Army Special Ops Sniper Turned Tech Sales Exec w/ Steven Broudy

From the battlefield to the boardroom, Steven Broudy has been there done that. Steven served as a Army Special Ops Sniper for 6 years before building the Inside Sales team at Mulesoft through IPO and eventual sale to Salesforce for $6.5 billion dollars. Regarded as one of the top up and coming sales leaders in the industry by Sales Hacker and other notable sales resources, Steven has put his learnings from the Army to the test. His story is as inspiring as it is action packed, full of...


4: How to Negotiate When You Have No Leverage, Straight From the FBI’s Lead Hostage Negotiator w/ Chris Voss

Negotiating without any leverage is a lousy position to be in, but is a place many of us, at least early in our careers, find ourselves. Chris’ experience as a hostage negotiator turned business negotiation consultant gives us just about the best advice you can possibly get from someone who has negotiated with terrorists around the world to CEOs in the boardroom. Learn the tricks of the trade you can use today in your career.


3: How to Build an Empire by Being Real w/ Lauryn Evarts

Ask a room of 10 women who inspires them and 9 might say Lauryn Evarts. In fact, she was overwhelmingly the top person requested when I asked my network who they wanted to hear from. Lauryn has built a badass brand with over 700,000 followers for The Skinny Confidential. She works with big brands like Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Roberto Cavalli, and more to get in front of her audience of engaged and ambitious women. But the most interesting thing about Lauryn is how thoughtful...


2: Boring Is Good: Building a $200m Business In a Outdated Industry w/ Jaspar Weir

Hear how the founders of TaskUs went from an office in their parents garage to employing over 11,000 reps across multiple continents and close to $200 million in annual revenue, all before their 32nd birthdays. I’ve had a chance to get to know Jaspar and his business partner, Bryce personally, and I can honestly say I’ve never met a better business partnership. Jaspar will tell you how they do it. This episode is full of knowledge and actionable insights that take the learnings to the next...


1: The Real Low Down On What It’s Like To Get Paid To Stay at 5 Star Hotels and Write About It w/ Lindsay Silberman

Lindsay’s career has taken her to some interesting places. Working for GQ, Inc., Playboy, and now Town and Country, she’s been fortunate to interview celebrities like Derek Jeter and John Legend, and write about her stays in luxurious hotels all over the world. But it isn’t alway fun and games (like flying 8 hours with food poisoning after some bad oysters in Ireland), and it sure as heck wasn’t always easy (think Devil Wears Prada). Hear how she did it, and her advice to others in this...