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Employee Spotlight: Anthony Ordway

This Employee Spotlight is on Anthony Ordway, Marine Aviation Crew Chief and Account Executive with Anthony left the service a few months ago, working with Bradley-Morris as a candidate when we approached him about considering joining the team. In our conversation, we share some of his thoughts having recently become a civilian and what he's seen since coming to RecruitMiltiary to help other veterans find employment. He shares the story of one of his first placements,...


Episode 121 Michael Saukulak of Composure Fitness

My guest today has followed a bit of a unique path out of uniform, Michael Saukulak is the founder of Composure Fitness, a personal fitness and nutritional consulting practice which specializes in progressive overload programming and nutrition optimization. Michael started his career in the Marine Corps as an intelligence officer after graduating from the Villanova ROTC program in 2012, he spent over three years stationed abroad in Japan supporting operations across seven Asian countries...


Episode 120 Jesse Grothaus of Cloud Pathfinder Consulting

Today I had an opportunity to interview Jesse Grothaus, the Dreamforce 2018 Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year. Jesse is the Founder and CEO of Cloud Pathfinder Consulting, a Salesforce consultancy dedicated to hiring veterans to solve clients’ problems within their software and database infrastructure. He is also a graduate of the Vetforce program, a free self-paced learning environment designed to give veterans job skills and certifications to begin a career within the Salesforce...


Episode 119 Jason Mangone and Justine Whipple

Justine and Jason are both former military officers, currently working within different teams at The McChrystal Group, an advisory services and leadership development firm with a unique and diverse group of professionals. Their networked "Team of Teams" approach enables clients to adapt to their complex operating environments. In today's conversation, we discuss their service as officers within the United States Marine Corps, Justine in Logistics having graduated from the US Naval Academy...


Employee Spotlight: Nic Chang

Today’s guest is Nic Chang, 2011 VMI graduate and former Army medical officer. Nic spent a lot of his career in Korea and at Fort Bragg in North Carolina before being medically retired due to an injury in training. Nic’s first experience with Bradley-Morris was as a candidate, attending our hiring conferences to network with employers to discover what role would be the best fit for his skills and interests. Nic is now a Consultant with the Bradley-Morris Recruit Military team, helping...


Episode 118 Jon Ferrell

This episode profiles the transition of Jon Ferrell. Jon is a Senior Product Manager with an RF technology company in Greensboro, North Carolina. He works in the mobile device space, dealing with manufacturing, design, and optimization issues for a lot of the technology we take for granted every day. We dive into the idea of stress, how he handled large projects with lots of moving pieces in the military, and how that experience brought value to his post-military career in high tech...


Episode 117 Justin Nassiri - Beyond the Uniform Podcast Host

Today's episode is a conversation with another podcast host, Justin Nassiri, host of the Beyond the Uniform podcast. Justin is also a Naval Academy alum and spent 5 years on submarines before heading to business school on the west coast at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After finishing his MBA, he started a company and joined the ranks of other bay area entrepreneurs, developing solutions that blend the disciplines of photography, digital marketing and ecommerce, and social...


Episode 116 Robert Graves from The Year of the Vet

This is my first guest who is also a veteran-oriented podcast host. Robert Graves, host of The Year of the Vet and author of How to Grow A Beard: A Military Transition Guide Back Into Civilian Life, sat down to talk to me not only about his transition process while leaving the Marine Corps 8 years ago, but also his experience talking and interacting with veterans on his own journey through civilian life and his academic career. Robert is currently completing an internship at West Point,...


Episode 115 Vishal Amin

Today's episode is with Vishal Amin, former Marine F/A-18 Aviator and current Microsoft Cloud Technology consultant with the Patriot Consulting Technology Group. Vishal focuses on securing data for organizations, ensuring their private and sensitive business information doesn't end up in the hands of the wrong people. Vishal's passion for data security and cloud systems comes from a very personal experience he went through on the active duty following a major data breach with the Office of...


Episode 114 Charlie Pruitt

Today I had a good opportunity to speak with a classmate from the United States Naval Academy, Charlie Pruitt. Charlie was also a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy, having served aboard a guided missile destroyer the USS Ross, as well as a guided missile cruiser the USS Monterey. He made the decision to leave the active duty due to a calling to explore the US financial sector, his interest in what had happened around 2007/2008, as well as his desire to learn more about this important...


Episode 113 Grant Yeatman

In today's episode, I had an opportunity to reconnect with a fellow shipmate from my time in the Navy, Grant Yeatman. Grant earned his commission as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer from the ROTC program at the University of Southern California, and he and I were stationed for a few years in Norfolk, VA on USS Barry. After leaving the Navy, Grant transitioned to commercial real estate on the west coast via several years in finance working on Wall Street in Manhattan. He gives us insight into...


Episode 112 Brian Howe

Brian and I have been working together at Bradley-Morris ever since I started, and I was glad he was able to be the first Air Force officer we've had on the podcast. Brian came from the Air Force's ICBM program and transitioned from a role in training and leadership to working with officers as a recruiter at Bradley-Morris, providing full service recruiting and career transition consulting. Today's episode touches on the value of confidence and personality in the interview process, and how...


Episode 111 Scott Pastell

This conversation is with Scott Pastell, a 2007 Naval Academy graduate and former Surface Warfare Officer. We discuss his orders to the University of Nebraska to be an ROTC instructor where he earned a master's degree in education and planned his transition to civilian life. We discuss his approach to leadership by trying to influence to a maximal level with minimal power by creating mechanisms that inspire the "want-to" instead of the "force-to." Scott is creating systems of Gamification...


Episode 110 Hannah Stoops

Hannah is one of my coworkers from Austin, TX. She works with Army officers to establish their transition plan within Bradley-Morris, and provides full service consultation and recruiting to the candidates she works with, from years out all the way through the first day of work at their new job. In this episode, we discussed her motivations for seeking a civilian career, how she ended up at Bradley-Morris after considering more cyber/IT leadership related positions, and her advice for job...


Episode 109 Nate Curtis

Nate and I were fellow English majors in college and had a unique opportunity to work together for a few weeks during a media engagement in Malta on behalf of our NATO leadership at the time. In this episode, we catch up with what he's been doing since completing his graduate education in data science and relocating to the west coast to join a major insurance firm. Nate works hand in hand with decision makers, using data science to support the development and deployment of unique insurance...


Episode 108 Nick Abbate

Nick and I were roommates at the Naval Academy, so this one was a layup of an episode and a good chance to reconnect with one of my closest friends. Nick left the Marine Corps bound for business school, ending up in management consulting for a few years before making the decision to reactivate his commission in the Reserves to deploy overseas and train with a foreign military. Upon completing his time overseas, Nick pursued a career in policy with the State Department, becoming a Foreign...


Episode 107 Jon Anderson

Jon and I spoke about his transition out of the Marine Corps and initial civilian career in construction project management. Jon decided after a few years to acquire more education and make a career change for the sake of family; his employer had him traveling to projects all around North America, and he wanted to have more time at home. Jon attended the University of Connecticut to earn his JD, using the state's program for combat veterans to defer the cost of tuition significantly. He...


Episode 106 Sean Bonawitz

Sean is a classmate of mine from USNA who commissioned into the Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialty upon graduation. We caught up on Skype in a longer format conversation that explores his decision making process during his career transition, and what led him to business school before entering the full time employment market. Sean also discusses his new side-project,, an elite leadership summit for honorably discharged military veterans who are looking for an exclusive,...


Episode 105 Jake Hutchings

Jake made the transition to Bradley-Morris following his time in the Army and quickly learned how to deploy his unique form of persuasive leadership in the civilian sphere to help clients hire military veterans. We talk about where he stumbled, where he succeeded, and his path to leading an 8-figure sales team through their goals at a company whose mission is to connect military veterans with companies with an imminent need to hire. As the third episode featuring a Bradley-Morris employee,...


Episode 104 Chelsea Ware

Chelsea and I are good friends, and we worked together during her transition from the USS Ronald Reagan out of San Diego to Systems Planning and Analysis in Northern, VA a few years ago. In this episode, we catch up about what she's been working on recently, learn some of her tips for navigating the path to grad school after starting full time work, and hear her take on working for the government in a position where she directly influences critical programs from the top down. Like our last...