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Barnhardt Podcast #070: Saint Tiny Princess, Pray for us!

On December 9th God called SuperNerd's daughter to heaven. In this episode SuperNerd recounts Tiny Princess' metaphysical transition and her profound impact on so many people, not only those who met her in real life but even those who only knew of her. Full blog post:


Barnhardt Podcast #069: The Spiritual Journey of Ann Barnhardt, part 1

In this episode, which was recorded on August 25th, we continue the series of "Ask Ann" podcasts and discuss Ann's spiritual journey from early childhood with very little religious atmosphere in the home through her conversion in 2007. There will be a part 2 to follow-on from this episode so be sure to send in your questions! Feedback: please send your questions, comments, and suggestions to The Barnhardt Podcast is produced by SuperNerd Media; if you found this...


Barnhardt Podcast #068: Remedial Religious Review for Rapturous Reformationists

In this episode we discuss the end of the world, but without getting too apocalyptic about it. This contemplation of end times, promoted by the Catholic liturgy of the past couple weeks, is as good a time as any to discuss authentic martyrdom and to debunk "The Rapture" and advocate a decrease in people's belief in Increase Mather's polemics. Links, reading, and YouTube: This episode dedicated to Saint Joan of Arc -- because you can hear itFather Z, Motorcycles, and ParisThe error of...


Barnhardt Podcast #067: A Thanksgiving Smorgasbord

In this episode we discuss a little bit of everything from Thanksgiving sports observances in the United States and Canada, thanksgiving as an essential element of prayer, the best way to pray for the souls in Purgatory (spoiler: "just doing it" is the best), a correction about the layout of US Air Force bases, kombucha and keyboards, a very nerdy tangent (and tangent from a tangent) by SuperNerd -- and we even discussed our main topic of tribalism and how it applies to the situation with...


The Bergoglian Anti-Papacy

This is the audio-only version of Ann's newest video, The Bergoglian Anti-Papacy, which is coming soon to YouTube.


Barnhardt Podcast #066: Supersonic Stealth Stream-of-Consciousness

In this episode we discuss the Chinese Navy’s ability to project airpower from the sea and why SuperNerd isn’t impressed or concerned about their blue water force projection ability -- yet. Also: are the F-35 and Ford Class carriers expensive but worthwhile upgrades or massive financial scams meant to give the illusion of stealthy capability or are they for real? We also touch on Purgatory and the need to pray for the souls of those who have gone before us in Grace but aren’t yet in...


Barnhardt Podcast #065: Awakening Awareness of the Avalanche of Avarice

In this episode, after a good-news update on Tiny Princess, we discuss the "national vice" of avarice and how this vice, at times, results in unequal protection under the law. Rugged individualism and seeking one's fortune has long been considered an American virtue but corporations are now determining what is and isn't virtue and de facto cutting off access to the financial system to companies they deem unworthy (gun manufacturers, abrasive free-speech practitioners, tax-protestors) to...


Barnhardt Podcast #064: The Bifurcating Bishop's Bewitching Bull-Bleep

In this episode we discuss not only the rise of the occult in society in general but also the outward manifestation of the infestation of occult persons and accoutrements by official actors at the top of the Roman Hierarchy's power structure. No longer is the occult a hidden secret in the Vatican: for those with eyes to see it's coming out of the closet and is on full display. Links, reading, and YouTube: Report: Witchcraft rising in US as Christianity declinesBishop to set up exorcism...


Barnhardt Podcast #063: Ann Answers Catholic Questions, Volume 11

In this return of the "Ask Ann Anything" series, we go to 11 -- questions, that is! The questions in this episode are: Links, reading, and YouTube List of Trad CatechismsMonks of NorciaHenle Latin 1, Units 1 - 4Basics of Latin CasesDouay-Rheims Bible OnlineAdult stem cell therapy discussion on the Joe Rogan show (langauge warning)Advanced Google search tipsMore advanced Google searching tipsGoogle: Advanced Search FormFeedback: please send your questions, comments, and suggestions to...


Barnhardt Podcast #062: No Way, Jorge!

In this episode we talk about the weather -- it's not really that different than 100 years ago (we just tweet more about it now) -- and the disappearance of the strong matriarchal moral pillar, formerly a staple of southern black culture but now gone with the wind. We also discussed the ongoing corruption in the Church and how it would be wonderful if someone could pull off a video sting operation against those perpetuating the Catholic Clerical Casting Couch, similar to what the folks at...


Barnhardt Podcast #061: Sonorously Serenading the Supreme Squatter

In this episode we discuss — amid myriad tangents — Father Zuhlsdorf’s blog post describing Bergoglio being visibly distracted (disturbed?) by someone loudly yodeling “VI-GA-NO!” during the Sunday Angelus, a reference Archbishop Vigano’s recent revelation that Bergoglio personally covered up then-Cardinal McCarrick’s sexual assaults of seminarians. It was during the 1960s and 1970s that priestly vocations plummeted while those who remained were disproportionately disposed to same-sex...


Barnhardt Podcast #060: The Vigorous Vigano Veritas

In this episode we discuss the bombshell letter from Archbishop Vigano, a self-described old man who wants to face God's judgement with a clear conscience. In his open letter, the Archbishop details his numerous reports to Rome about Cardinal McCarrick's abuse and Bergoglio's active cover-up of this and many similar situations, and calls for Bergoglio to resign. In this episode we cover the news as we know it right now; follow Ann's blog for more information as this is a developing...


Barnhardt Podcast #059: Well THAT was a real Schiff-show...

In this episode Ann answers (begins to answer) the question Peter Schiff didn't: if you had full power to change the rules by which our economy works, what would change to get things turned around? Oh, and there was some discussion about stick shift cars and tangents a-plenty... what was I writing again? Oh, and if you can find the VIDEO of Ann's interview with Peter Schiff, please let us know where that is! Full shownotes at:...


Barnhardt Podcast #058: Ann Answers Churchy Questions, Volume 1

This is installment 1 of "Ask Ann Churchy Questions" and the second overall "Ask Ann Anything" episode. Please see…estions-volume-1/ for the shownotes. Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The Barnhardt Podcast is produced by SuperNerd Media; if you found this episode to be of value you can share some value to back to SuperNerd at the SuperNerd Media website. You can also follow SuperNerd Media on...


Barnhardt Podcast #057: Ask Ann Anything!

In this first episode devoted to answering listener questions Ann answers several questions as we try to avoid getting off on too many tangents. This episodes's questions are: We will be doing more of these Q&A episodes in the coming weeks; if you have a question for these episodes please email it to (Ann won't see the questions in advance if they are sent to that address) or you can send a text message or voicemail to SuperNerd's Google Voice number: (302)...


Barnhardt Podcast #056: You Have No RIGHT to a Divorce

In the very first "Conversations with Ann" edition of the Barnhardt Podcast, we welcome Bai (pronounced "Bay", as in May Day) Macfarlane, founder of Mary's Advocates, a lay non-profit organization whose goal is to strengthen marriage, reduce unilateral no-fault divorce, and support those who have been unjustly abandoned by their spouse. Bai and Ann have a no-holds barred discussion about marriage, "divorce", and "decrees of nullity" which are being handed out like candy - all in the name of...


Barnhardt Podcast #055: Open Thecreths

Episode Content Rating Warning! No Children Allowed! In this episode we discuss a topic which has been well documented and yet continues to hide in plain sight, supported by Beta Narcissists and both the willing and obliviously ignorant: the Lavender Mafia. Trading the contemplation of eternal things for earthly power, sins of the flesh, and mutually assured blackmail, the clerical legacy of "Cardinal Leonardine" is not only still with us but more powerful than ever, and don't kid yourself,...


Barnhardt Podcast #054: Speechless Gorillas and Naval Officers

In this episode, amid a few cases of buzzing interference, we discuss Koko the "talking" gorilla's final release from a life of chocolatey abuse from Penny Patterson, the media's melancholy about this precious primate, and set the record straight about the extent of an animal's ability to communicate with humans. Not that humans are all great communicators: we cover news that broke this past week that the female Officer of the Deck and the female Tactical Action Officer (two people who...


Barnhardt Podcast #053: No Dogters Go To Heaven

In this episode we discuss the natural state of man which is to be fruitful and multiply, so much so that modern dual-income, no-child couples instinctively realize there's a hole in their life and turn to furry quadrupeds as an ersatz replacement (even going as far as introducing their canine as "their dogter"). Related to this "four legs are better than two" insanity is a diminishing of the dignity of human life, which only accelerates the momentum behind the contraceptive mentality and...


Barnhardt Podcast #052a: The Melting of Modern Men from Meek to Mediocre

In this episode we LOUDLY discuss a recent US Navy investigation which revealed that only 27 of 164 randomly selected, “qualified” officers could carry out their duties without any concerns. While we can guess at the causes for this it’s symptomatic of world-wide slide toward mediocrity and away from manly virtues, meekness being a big one. During this month of the Sacred Heart it would behoove His advice to “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart!” Feedback: please send your...