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Barnhardt Podcast #055: Open Thecreths

Episode Content Rating Warning! No Children Allowed! In this episode we discuss a topic which has been well documented and yet continues to hide in plain sight, supported by Beta Narcissists and both the willing and obliviously ignorant: the Lavender Mafia. Trading the contemplation of eternal things for earthly power, sins of the flesh, and mutually assured blackmail, the clerical legacy of “Cardinal Leonardine” is not only still with us but more powerful than ever, and don’t kid...


Barnhardt Podcast #054: Speechless Gorillas and Naval Officers

In this episode, amid a few cases of buzzing interference, we discuss Koko the “talking” gorilla’s final release from a life of chocolatey abuse from Penny Patterson, the media’s melancholy about this precious primate, and set the record straight about the extent of an animal’s ability to communicate with humans. Not that humans are all great communicators: we cover news that broke this past week that the female Officer of the Deck and the female Tactical Action Officer (two people who...


Barnhardt Podcast #053: No Dogters Go To Heaven

In this episode we discuss the natural state of man which is to be fruitful and multiply, so much so that modern dual-income, no-child couples instinctively realize there’s a hole in their life and turn to furry quadrupeds as an ersatz replacement (even going as far as introducing their canine as “their dogter”). Related to this “four legs are better than two” insanity is a diminishing of the dignity of human life, which only accelerates the momentum behind the contraceptive mentality and...


Barnhardt Podcast #052a: The Melting of Modern Men from Meek to Mediocre

In this episode we LOUDLY discuss a recent US Navy investigation which revealed that only 27 of 164 randomly selected, “qualified” officers could carry out their duties without any concerns. While we can guess at the causes for this it’s symptomatic of world-wide slide toward mediocrity and away from manly virtues, meekness being a big one. During this month of the Sacred Heart it would behoove His advice to “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart!” Feedback: please send your...


Barnhardt Podcast #051: SuperMommy’s Shotgun Snackpack Edition

In this episode we update the saga of Tiny Princess with our first guest on the podcast: SuperMommy! We also discuss the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which went into effect today and that, in theory, could make Bitcoin illegal under EU law. And who remembers that Netflix used to send physical DVDs by mail? All of this plus several geeky references and quasi-random tangents betraying SuperNerd’s somewhat sleep-deprived state and we have our longest “snack pack”...


Barnhardt Podcast #050: Tiny Saints and YUUUUUGE Sinners

In this episode we discuss SuperNerd’s new Tiny Princess — which is why we didn’t have a podcast last week — her diagnosis of holoprosencephaly, and explore the world’s flawed notions of which lives are of value, including the case of Baby Alfie whom the British National Health Service would like to sacrifice on the altar of naturalism, materialism and utilitarianism (in other words: freemasonry). And a collection of tangents where we tried not to linger around the stale Big Macs as we...


Barnhardt Podcast #049: No Virginia, Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven

In this episode we discuss the glories of the 1570 (pre-1955) Holy Week Liturgies and curious timing of Bergoglio’s latest comments on hell which came at the very time we contemplate Christ’s conquest over sin and death: if there’s no hell for unsaved souls, why did Christ do what He did? And if soul annihilation is a thing then humans have no more dignity than an animal — which has massive logical and moral consequences (why not shoot up the YouTube HQ or a high school? the people there...


Barnhardt Podcast #048: The Germans Can’t Be Wrong — Right?

In this episode we discuss the recent Lettergate news and the myriad layers of indirection and redefinition of who said what.. which tends to happen when they don’t believe all of that [solemn nonsense] in the Vatican. We also debate the relative merits of sticking your neck out for the Truth in a time of seemingly universal deception and the critical questions of “Are the Germans always right?” and “Was Anakin Skywalker’s birth legend” a blaspheme against the Immaculate Conception or are...


Barnhardt Podcast #047.1: Praise God and Pass The Robitussin

In this episode Ann reveals that rumors of her coughing fits have not been exaggerated, and regardless of the amount of cowbell the fever took a few days to pass. However, she’s on the mend and there will be a full podcast later this week. And SuperNerd reveals he takes sufficiently cryptic notes for a podcast that he almost forgot what he was writing to himself. And we’ll be back with a full episode soon! Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The...


Barnhardt Podcast #046: Byzantine Vespers and Smoked Salmon

In this episode we discuss Lenten fasting and Catholic Legalisms, what to expect (and ask) when you’re considering going Byzantine, as well as the proper protocol for a valid confession — because, eternity. Some more resources and recommendations for Lenten reading and listening were discussed and SuperNerd eats some humble pie regarding citing scripture and says something about an IBO which will be a topic for the podcast in eight weeks or so. Lenten Links (new this week): Paperback...


Barnhardt Podcast #044: Dividing and Conquering Church Traditions with Modernist Bee-Ess

In this episode we discuss the antics and power politics in play between Rome and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA)**, especially the significance of the current Roman Bishop in White ordering a duly-appointed Bishop in China to step down in favor of an excommunicated, schismatic member of the CPCA. As long as a given tactic of Satan works he will continue to use it, and the “divide and conquer” tactic is one that has worked all too well throughout human history. We also...


Barnhardt Podcast #043: Shadow Ban the Pig Wrestlers!

In this episode we discuss the recent revelations that Twitter actively engages in shadow-banning of conservative and “redneck” content, both through machine learning and manual intervention, as well as Twitter employees reading the “private” messages and content of users of the service. Additionally we question whether these social media platforms are even needed for conservative writers or if they are counter-productive sources of interruptions where the trolls and “pig wrestlers” love...


Barnhardt Podcast #041: Eleven Thoughtful Themes Thoroughly Threshed

In this first episode of the new year we whittled down the original list of eleven topics and ended up with: Dow 25,000 and other Wall Street fictions; Steve Bannon doesn’t like Trump, his kids, or anyone else apparently; North Korea could set off a continental war with their rocketry hobby (with a generous side-bar on the Persian empire past and future); and if you’re reading this your computer has vulnerable hardware. Oh — and narcissists, narcissists everywhere! Feedback: please send...


Barnhardt Podcast #039: Let Net Neutrality Die, Kill It If You Must

In this episode we discuss the recent repeal of the Obama Administration’s regulation on net neutrality and why this is a good thing, Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox and why this is a bad thing, Ann breaks down the blasphemous and scandalous nativity scene in Saint Peter’s square, and SuperNerd vents on the demise of Star Wars (from a certain point of view, of course). Links and reading: Seven Reasons Net Neutrality is IdioticVatican Nativity Scene a Clear Winking Signal to Sex...


Barnhardt Podcast #038: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

In this episode we discuss lies and the lying liars who lie them… err, tell them. Whether it’s DDoS attackers lying to internet service providers that their traffic is legitimate, parents who tell their kids that Santa Claus is a benevolent breaking-and-entering artist, or NBC news in general or Matt Lauer in particular, liars are going to lie and when you tell enough lies then Faith suffers or dies. And don’t neglect the Sacrament of Confession where Truth and our hope in joining the...


Barnhardt Podcast #037: Satan’s Smorgasbord of Secular Substitutions for the Sacred

In this episode we discuss a very non-exhaustive list of ways that modern man seeks a substitute to fill the God-sized hole in his heart, namely though consumerism, politics, fantasy, entertainment, and sports. Whether we’re making gods of our bellies (Philippians Chapter 3) or pursuing pseudo-intellectuals as our idols and role models, or worshiping the temple of the Holy Spirit instead of the Godhead who ought to be dwelling therein, man’s heart will never rest until it rests in God, no...


Barnhardt Podcast #036: Prophecy, Patton, Post-menopause and Pumpkin Pie!

In this episode we discussed many tangents diverging from a listener’s email, covering the state of the papacy, prophecy, spiritual combat, military combat, private revelation, artificial intelligence, post-menopausal women claiming to have witnessed supernatural events, papal infallibility… but not all of the tangents in the world can distract from one indisputable fact: we must pray like our salvation and that of our neighbors depends on it! Feedback: please send your questions and...


Barnhardt Podcast #035: Un-Moored and Cruising for Mallrats

In this episode we discuss the hot mess the Alabama Senate race has turned into, reminding ourselves of the Barnhardt Axiom and wondering why this doesn’t happen more often. It’s all of a piece and elements of the Roy Moore story overlap with Weinstein, Spacey, Netflix, Amazon, traditional media, Ted Kennedy and the kingdom of Satan in all sorts of direct and indirect ways. Remember to keep your focus on the Divine Throne — it’s the only “game” that matters! Feedback: please send your...


Barnhardt Podcast #034: Candy Corn and Other Freemasonic Conspiracies

In this episode we dig into the mailbag to address queries sent in by email — and other methods of communication — about whether we’re okay, the recent mass-shooting at a non-Mass at a Protestant building in Texas, the natural law, culture, baby boomers, generational spirits, millennials, and the realization that once a society descends to open occultism there isn’t a succeeding generation. And we make absolutely no predictions of when the next podcast will be! Feedback: please send your...


Barnhardt Podcast #032: There’s No Such Thing As An On-Side Sodomite

In this episode we discuss the tactic of trolling: doing something provokingly to get a reaction. One such troll in the political sphere is Milo Yiannopoulos who causes polarization and helps establish a false dichotomy where one didn’t exist before, all while inserting the notion that crass people with deviant lifestyles have a place in public discourse, even among conservatives and Catholics. Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The Barnhardt...