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The podcast for Catholic Exchange, your daily source for spiritual encouragement and information. Our goal is to help make saints in our time. Join Michael J. Lichens and several CE authors discussing articles and the latest topics.

The podcast for Catholic Exchange, your daily source for spiritual encouragement and information. Our goal is to help make saints in our time. Join Michael J. Lichens and several CE authors discussing articles and the latest topics.
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The podcast for Catholic Exchange, your daily source for spiritual encouragement and information. Our goal is to help make saints in our time. Join Michael J. Lichens and several CE authors discussing articles and the latest topics.




What the Saints Thought About Ghosts | feat. Tom McDonald

To celebrate All Hallow's Eve and the Month of the Holy Souls, Michael welcomes historian and author Tom McDonald. It can be hard to think of saints having any opinions on ghostly apparitions or haunting dreams. However, as Tom makes clear, saints from Augustine to Thomas Aquinas shared their thoughts on the possibility of seeing spirits as well as their own experiences. Are they the souls of purgatory, angels, or devils? We'll discuss that as well as the new pop phenomenons surrounding...


Servant of God Marcel Van's Little Way | Featuring Suzie Andres

Marcel Van was a mystic who died at a camp in Northern Vietnam. Before his death, he had visions and mystical conversations with St. Therese of Lisieux and Jesus. While his cause for beatification was opened in 1997, not many people have heard of him in the West. Suzie Andres joins us to talk about the many spiritual gems that Marcel's conversations offer us. If you are looking for a new brother in your spiritual life, today's episode will cover how even our little ways are made larger...


Devotional Journey into the Mass with Christopher Carstens

The Mass is the source and summit of all our lives, but it doesn't mean it's always simple and easy to comprehend. If you have ever asked questions about the Mass and the Liturgy, join Michael and Christopher Carstens to discuss how you can get more out of Mass and learn to have a joyful devotion to each part of the liturgy. Catholic Exchange is supported by you, our listeners. Please help us in our Spring fundraising drive by visiting:


Finding Love in a Life of Religious Abundance | Tyler Blanski

Author Tyler Blanski joins us to discuss his conversion and his latest book, An Immovable Feast. Michael and Tyler each reflect on the joys and challenges of converting to the Church. We also discuss how conversion is a daily task that is, in many ways, the story of our daily turning to God in love. Check out Tyler's new book at: Support our work and find our links at


When Women Pray | An Interview With Kathleen Beckman

Kathleen Beckman joins the podcast to discuss the power of prayer, the little way to praying like a saint, and even how gratitude can be used in spiritual warfare. Check out Kathleen's articles and books at


Joyful Devotion to St. Joseph with Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

We here at CE have a great love and devotion to St. Joseph. So it is that we're excited to welcome popular speaker, author, and pilgrimage leader, Fr. Donald Calloway who gives us many reasons to love St. Joseph. In this episode, you'll learn about the spiritual gems of seeking St. Joseph's assistance, how the saint's silence can be an example for us, and why St. Joseph is called "the terror of demons." Check out Fr. Calloway's latest book, St. Joseph Gems at...


How Can Catholics Keep Youth in the Church? | Everett Fritz

Many youth leave the Church, despite the great work done by youth ministers and parish volunteers all across the world. What can we do to bring our youth back and keep them in the faith? Author Everett Fritz joins us to talk about how building young disciples up means a personal connection. Join us for some interesting conversation as we also dive into some questions from the readers. Go to to learn more about Mr. Fritz and his work. Also, be sure to check out the...


Monks, Beer, and Catholic Culture: A Conversation with R. Jared Staudt

Michael shares one particular interest with author and theologian R. Jared Staudt: they both have a passion for beer and its impact on culture. Today, both Michael and Dr. Staudt welcome Easter by discussing the joys of great beer and the revival of Catholic beer culture in the US and Europe. We talk about the possible Hebrew word for beer as well as how monks have been brewing the finest beer for centuries. So, pour yourself a Trappist ale and join us for this lighthearted but informative...


Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet with Shane Kapler

Shane Kapler returns to the podcast to talk with Michael about his new book and how you can intersperse the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the rosary to bring new life into your daily prayer. Shane is the best-selling author of several books on prayer and the liturgy and is a frequent guest to Catholic Exchange. To learn more about Shane visit his website: Please consider supporting CE with your donation. $5 a month can enable us to release more...


One Hundred Years of Fatima with Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

We are celebrating the centennial anniversary of when Mary appeared to three children in Fatima and changed the world. Our Lady of Fatima has inspired conversions, devotions, and is believed to be behind many miracles. After so many years, why has our Lady of Fatima been so inspirational and what does she have to still teach us? Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle joins Michael Lichens to kick off a new season of the Catholic Exchange podcast to discuss Our Lady of Fatima and how she still desires...


The Catholic Gentleman, Farming, and the Benedict Option: A Conversation with Sam Guzman

With the release of Rod Dreher's anticipated "The Benedict Option," many Catholics are having a conversation about how best to raise their families and form healthy communities. What may surprise many is that such a project has been underway in the Catholic world for decades. Today, Michael welcome back Sam Guzman of the Catholic Gentleman to discuss his family life in a growing village around Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma and what such a community might look like. If you are wondering how...


Fishers of Men: How Do Christians Date?

On the new season of the Catholic Exchange Podcast, host Michael J. Lichens starts off by discussing the awkward questions of dating, marriage, and sex. Joining him are the hosts of the Fishers of Men podcast, Lara Sumera and Mary Ashley Burton. Lara and Mary are two actors, producers, and creative workers who have decided to tackle some of the hardest questions about how it is that one can be single, seek a relationship, all while maintaining their faith in a place like Los Angeles....


Seeking Adventures & Encouragement with Patrick Coffin

Today, Michael is pleased to welcome Patrick Coffin, the long-time host of Catholic Answers Live as he undertakes a new adventure in broadcasting. Patrick has a host of knowledge to share, from how to develop a great memory to how to get a lot of work done, and he's eager to share it all. Join him and Michael as we discuss the ways we can use his new platform to re-invigorate the culture.


Teaching the Way of Beauty with David Clayton

Today Michael is pleased to welcome back David Clayton, the artist, iconographer, and professor at Pontifex University. David discusses the importance of beauty and why it's necessary to cultivate an appreciation of art, theology, and liturgy. Today's episode promises to be an intriguing one for anybody who wants to learn to identify and appreciate the beautiful things in God's creation.


Cardinal Egan, Tales of a Modern Missionary: An Interview with Dr. Joseph McAleer

The late Cardinal Egan was known as an energetic and charismatic defender of the faith throughout his priesthood as well as when serving as the Archbishop of New York. Known for his stances on matters of faith, his public appearances, and his ability to talk to anyone, Cardinal Egan has left behind a legacy that includes more than a few insights and stories. Today Michael is pleased to welcome Dr. Joseph McAleer, an editor to Cardinal Egan who has helped to collect some of the late...


Praying With Fire From Above: An Interview with Dr. Anthony Lilles

Prayer is difficult at times, but the Church provides outstanding examples and aides for us to learn how to take our prayer life to the next level to find that great intimacy with Christ. Today Michael is joined by Dr. Anthony Lilles who uses examples of the saints to show us how we can learn to pray through difficulty, business, and distraction to find union with God.


Charity Amidst War: An Interview with Kevin Hartigan of Catholic Relief Services

Michael is joined by Kevin Hartigan, Catholic Relief Services Regional Director for Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia to discuss the current situation in the Middle East, namely the many people who are displaced by the growing conflict in Syria and Northern Iraq. Mr. Hartigan shares what the Catholic Church is doing for those in the most terrible need and how, even in the most brutal of places, the light of Christ shines in the darkness.


Memorize the Faith with Kevin Vost

Michael is pleased to welcome back author and frequent guest Dr. Kevin Vost to the Catholic Exchange Podcast. In July, Kevin celebrates the tenth anniversary of MEMORIZE THE FAITH (, a book that has helped countless people memorize innumerable facts about their faith. Kevin introduces us to the method he's developed, based on St Thomas Aquinas, and shares how one young boy had even managed to memorize all the popes.


Amoris Laetitia, Surrogacy, and Family: A Conversation with Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D

Michael kicks off a new season of the CE Podcast with Jennifer Roback Morse, the founder of the Ruth Institute and a writer on a mission. We discuss Pope Francis, the controversy of Amoris Laetitia, as well as some even more controversial topics like birth control and surrogacy.


Art as Theology: A Conversation with Timothy P. Schmalz

Michael is joined by artist Timothy P. Schmaltz, creator of the Homeless Jesus sculpture that was recently blessed by Pope Francis and has been something of a media sensation. Mr. Schmaltz discusses the statue's rise to fame, the controversy in some places, and how his artwork is inspired by a great devotion to Christ.