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Scottish history and culture with the best music from Scotland's new and established artists. Your half-hour dose of all things Scottish with new episodes added regularly!

Scottish history and culture with the best music from Scotland's new and established artists. Your half-hour dose of all things Scottish with new episodes added regularly!
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Scottish history and culture with the best music from Scotland's new and established artists. Your half-hour dose of all things Scottish with new episodes added regularly!




How to Sponsor Simply Scottish and a Profile of David Dunbar Buick (Wee Yin #3)

Wee Yins are shorter episodes of Simply Scottish designed to give you a quick Scottish fix! Enjoy the podcast? Here, you'll learn how to become a sponsor of Simply Scottish. With three levels of support, there's a way you can help to expand the reach of the show and ensure the production of new episodes. You'll also hear a profile of Scottish inventor David Dunbar Buick, part of our Six Degrees of Scotland series as featured in The Scots Magazine. Plus, brand new music from Mec Lir and...

Artist Spotlight: Dougie MacLean

Hailed as a "musical hero" by the USA's Wall Street Journal, renowned Scottish singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean is the subject of our latest Artist Spotlight! Tune in as Dougie discusses his musical influences, the enduring popularity of Scottish folk music, the impact of the digital revolution on his career, and how a wee song called "Caledonia" became a cultural phenomenon. You'll also hear Dougie's popular tune "The Gael," featured in the 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans, and a track...

Discovering Dundee

Journey with us to Scotland's city of discovery, Dundee. We start by exploring the three industries Dundee was famed for in years past - jute, jam, and journalism. Then we look at the Dundee of today, a hub of culture, biomedical research, media, and artistic innovation. Along the way, enjoy great music from Sketch, Twelfth Day, Deacon Blue, and a classic from Andy Stewart, plus find out how you can sponsor Simply Scottish and help take the show to new listeners around the world!

The Historical Novels of Nigel Tranter (Wee Yin #2)

Wee Yins are shorter episodes of Simply Scottish. At ten minutes or less, they're a great way to get a quick Scottish fix! On this episode, we profile Scottish author Nigel Tranter, who wrote more than 60 historical fiction novels bringing Scotland's history to life. Learn more about Tranter's life and his unique writing style. You'll also hear a stirring excerpt from one of his most popular books, The Wallace. Plus, enjoy new music from CampbellGray and a haunting tune from Skyedance!

The Road Ahead: Scotland After the Independence Referendum

On September 18th, 2014, Scotland made history with a referendum on independence. Tune in as we review the results of the vote and how it has forever changed the face of Scotland and the United Kingdom. Will the dream of independence stay alive? What are the powers promised to the Scottish Parliament? Is this the end of the debate or the beginning of an exciting new chapter? Hear music from the newest and brightest artists in Scotland, including Vigo Thieves, Na Seudan Ur, Jane Jackson,...

Andrew's Ten Favorite Scottish Destinations, pt. 2

History, natural beauty, and adventure come together in Andrew's Ten Favorite Scottish Destinations. You won't find this list in any guide book! In part 2, journey with us to Stirling, home of the Wallace Monument and an amazing castle experience. Then it's on to the charm of St. Andrews and the thrill of Aviemore, gateway to Cairngorms National Park. We conclude with a trip to the tip of the British mainland, John o' Groats, and a visit to the Isle of Skye in Scotland's western isles....

Outlander: A Conversation with Author Diana Gabaldon

What do you get when you throw a young modern-day English woman into 18th century Scotland at the height of the Jacobite Uprisings? An unforgettable story! We sat down with international bestselling author Diana Gabaldon to discuss the inspiration for her popular Outlander novel series, the importance of research, the new Outlander television series, her favorite place in Scotland, and more! Plus, enjoy music in Gaelic from Capercaillie and new songs from Cherry Grove and Ewan McLennan!

Growing up in Scotland's Capital (Wee Yin #1)

Wee Yins are shorter episodes of Simply Scottish, between 5 and 10 minutes in length, with a few minutes of commentary on a Scottish topic followed by a great song or tune! On our first Wee Yin, enjoy some recollections of growing up in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh - ice cream vans, riding the city's buses, and the best fish and chips in town! And you'll hear The Referendum, a new tune from Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas that celebrates Scotland's historic choice in 2014. Enjoy this...

Sport in Scotland, pt. 3: Curling

Join us as we illuminate the history of curling from medieval pastime to modern sport! Just what is curling, and how did it become the popular Olympic event it is today? From the purpose-built ponds of Scotland to the frozen reaches of Canada, from Chamonix to Sochi, celebrate with us this curious mix of athleticism, skill, and strategy on ice. Hear the Curler's Grace, discover the Scottish island where the world's curling stones are made, and enjoy some great Scottish music from...


Six Degrees of Scotland, pt. 1: Electricity

It's electric! In a new series called Six Degrees of Scotland, we explore Scotland's connections to the world. On this episode, learn five different ways to connect Scotland to the history and development of electricity, from the groundbreaking work of James Maxwell and Lord Kelvin to the innovation of James Bowman Lindsay, Thomas Edison, and others. Plus, enjoy highlights from the latest issue of Scottish Memories Magazine! We'll explore the transport issue including trams, buses, trains,...


Scotland's Global Empire: An Interview with Author Jock Gallagher

Roman Empire. British Empire. Scottish Empire? We've all heard of Carnegie, Muir, Lipton, and Connery. Discover all the lesser-known Scots and their lasting contributions to the world in the new book Scotland’s Global Empire. Author Jock Gallagher shares highlights of his book with us and explains his challenge in bringing so many stories together to weave a compelling case for a global Scottish empire. Enjoy music from Rura, Kilmarnock Edition, Eddi Reader, and more!


A Simply Scottish Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we're celebrating the season Scottish-style! Enjoy a great selection of Scottish Christmas music, including bagpipes, Celtic hymns, and a brand new Christmas single from popular Scottish band Deacon Blue. We'll discuss what the phrase "Simply Scottish" means, and you'll hear from my father Andrew McDiarmid Sr. as he shares memories of a childhood Christmas in Scotland in a clip from our radio archives. All this and more awaits you in A Simply...


Simply Scottish Radio Archive #71: Isle of Arran and Muriel Spark

From 1999-2001, Simply Scottish aired as a weekly radio show on stations in the U.S. and Canada. The program, hosted by Andrew McDiarmid Jr. and Sr., was recorded live at the Classic 88FM Studios in South Texas. On episode #71, we welcomed in the year 2000 with a great selection of Scottish and Celtic music, a look at the Isle of Arran in an ongoing feature called Scotland's Small Wonders, and a discussion of the work and life of author Muriel Spark. Enjoy the banter of the two Andrews and...


Sir Thomas Lipton: Businessman Extraordinare, pt. 2

In part 2 of our profile, we look at Lipton the tea baron and avid yachtsman! By age 40, Lipton had built a grocery empire across Great Britain. In the 1890s, he added tea to his product line, introduced America to his teas, and soon boasted great blends at unbeatable prices, direct from the tea garden to the teapot! We'll also explore Lipton's passion for yachting and his valiant attempts to win the prestigious America's Cup trophy. All this plus great new music from Maeve O'Boyle,...

Sir Thomas Lipton: Businessman Extraordinaire, pt. 1

Discover the remarkable story of one of Scotland's most successful businessmen, Sir Thomas Lipton. In part 1, we profile Lipton's rise from assistant in his parents' store in Glasgow to overseer of a grocery market empire with over 300 stores all over Great Britain! We reveal the secrets of his success and the innovative methods he used to make his company a household name. Why did he move to the United States as a teenager? Why did he return to Scotland? What does the world's biggest...

Moments in Scottish History, pt. 2

This episode features more finalists from our Moment in Scottish History contest, highlighting key events in Scotland's history. Discover how the Scottish Highlands changed forever with a look at the Battle of Culloden and the Highland Clearances. We'll also revisit the moment Skara Brae was discovered, one of the oldest prehistoric settlements in Europe. Other moments include George IV's visit to Edinburgh, a Scottish expedition to the Antarctic, the plight of the Suffragettes, World War...

Moments in Scottish History, pt. 1

Take a journey through Scotland's history on this episode of Simply Scottish, featuring finalists from our Moment in Scottish History Contest. What happened to Rome's 9th Legion after they marched into the wild lands of Caledonia? Learn about the famed footprint at Dunadd, seat of the ancient kings of Dalriada. Discover the significance of Dun Nechtain and Athelstaneford, two key battles in early Scottish history. Relive important moments in the life of Robert the Bruce, and uncover...

Scottish Poetry & Song, pt. 3

Enjoy a great selection of Scottish poems and songs in part 3 of our series! Learn more about the fiery poet, editor, and political activist Hugh MacDiarmid and how he revived interest and awareness in the Scots language and Scottish literature. Hear MacDiarmid read from "The Kind of Poetry I Want" during a visit to New York in 1969 and enjoy a selection of his work. You'll also meet Robert Service, the Bard of the Yukon. Hear about his adventures in the Canadian and American West and why he...

The Scots in Canada, pt. 1

Perhaps no country has been influenced by the Scots more than Canada. On this episode, learn the fascinating story of the Scots who helped build early Canada. You'll meet Simon McTavish, founder of the North West Company, who at one time controlled a majority of the fur trade business in the Canadian territories. We'll look at the expeditions of Alexander MacKenzie, the first explorer to blaze a trail from Canada's interior to the mighty Pacific. And you'll learn about two Scots who helped...

Rob Roy MacGregor

To understand the famous highlander Rob Roy, you must first understand the times in which he lived. On this episode of Simply Scottish, we separate the man from the myth. Discover the troubling period of Scottish history into which Rob was born, including the story of the covenanters and the conflict between king and church. Learn more about the clan system and how Rob Roy quickly gained a reputation for himself as a man of courage and conviction. Even amidst the toughest times, Rob remained...

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