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A Montessori podcast for parents and teachers about raising children and educating students while bettering ourselves alongside them

A Montessori podcast for parents and teachers about raising children and educating students while bettering ourselves alongside them


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A Montessori podcast for parents and teachers about raising children and educating students while bettering ourselves alongside them




How to Raise Successful People with Esther Wojcicki

"I had this goal: I wanted my kids to be independent." Esther Wojcicki Meet Esther, the star teacher known as "Woj" to her loving students in Palo Alto and the mom of three very successful children: Susan, CEO of YouTube; Anne, Cofounder/CEO of 23andMe; and Janet, an anthropologist and associate professor of pediatrics. Esther is also a big fan of Montessori. The Montessori Education Podcast with Jesse McCarthy |...


Who said it?

Some very famous people went to Montessori school as children, and they actually talk pretty highly about its impact on their lives. I wanted to share a few of these individuals with you but thought I’d do it in a different way, by playing a little game, if you’re up for it... Episode page:


Music in Montessori with Sanford Jones

The talented, sweet-hearted Mr. Sanford Jones discusses all things music and Montessori — from his 50+ years in education — while also playing songs on the piano live for us all. If you’re a parent or a Montessori teacher who loves music or who is even just curious about it in children’s (and our own) lives, you won’t want to miss this discussion. See episode page for notes and photos:


Independence - Could Your Child Ride This Subway?

Giving children and students a bit more space to be independent, at whatever age...


Is Montessori just for little kids? A close look at Montessori elementary

50-year-veteran teacher Debby Thompson shares her insights into Montessori elementary. Topics range from academics and “Cosmic education” to independence and rules in the Montessori elementary classroom, with many challenging questions answered along the way: -What is the difference between Montessori preschool / kindergarten and Montessori elementary? -How do Montessori elementary teachers get children to do work? -What happens in Montessori elementary if/when a child is bored? -What...


Parenting and Teaching - Observation

“Look at the child.” Maria Montessori Episode page:


It’s time to say “No”

A growing number of parents and teachers believe you should never tell a child “No.” Do you agree? Conversation about toddler boundaries with Claudia Alvarez, Montessori guide of 25+ years... Episode page:


Pride and the Me box

"when we are gathered about them [children], we feel warmed by that flame of life which is there" -Maria Montessori You know that look on a young child’s face when he or she is just beaming with pride over an accomplishment? Maybe we should be experiencing more such moments ourselves, as adults.. "It's time to celebrate what we're doing right in life, instead of brooding over what we're getting wrong." Episode page:


Out in the World with a Montessori Parent

A conversation with father-of-two Troy Rivas about exploring nature, parenting with purpose, expressing our emotions around children, gaining from Montessori, and more Episode page: | Troy's Instagram: @troymulous


4 funny and meaningful Montessori quotes

A peek into Maria Montessori's silly side Episode page with sources:


The Science of Montessori with Professor Angeline Lillard

What does the research say about Montessori school? A conversation with Professor Angeline Lillard, author of 'Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius' and well-known researcher of Montessori education For research mentioned during the episode, visit


Color Competition - Montessori Peace and Politics

"Within the child lies the fate of the future.” Maria Montessori


What are Montessori Materials? with Ginni Sackett

A deep-dive conversation with the independent-minded and hugely experienced Ginni Sackett, Director of Pedagogy at Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)


Spilled juice and a Montessori secret

Letting children have their own little adventures | for parents and teachers who want to help raise unique individuals #parenting #teaching #growing


Pandemic Pods and Montessori Micro-Schools

"You are saving our sanity ... even our marriages!" Micro-school mom to her child's in-home teacher Curious about options outside of "normal" online schooling and in-person classrooms? This discussion with Alejandra Tryon — Montessori teacher, consultant, and micro-school master — is for you.


Montessori Discipline

"I have myself, sometimes, been too severe with a child." -Dr. Maria Montessori How to get your child to listen, by choice |


Montessori - Getting to the Heart of It

"In these Montessori classrooms, their souls are rejoicing." Ruchira Fernando To some, these words might sound a little overdramatic. But for those who know Montessori, they’re not at all. So what really is Montessori education? If you’re interested in getting at the heart of it all, so what Montessori actually looks and feels like in a very personal way — versus the traditional, old-school approach to learning — you'll want to listen in to this fascinating conversation with Ruchira...


Education for Life, with Montessori Trainer Ann Velasco

Meet Ann Velasco... a former Montessori child; a parent of a now-grown Montessori daughter; a former Montessori teacher of 3- to 9-year-olds; and, since 2014, a Montessori trainer of future teachers. Ann is the real deal. Topics include independence and confidence, being better observers of and models for children, implementing an awesome technique for handling conflict, and more.


Take a Break

Three ways to lessen the stress and better enjoy the now...



How do we slow down, with children ourselves? A conversation with Jennifer Rogers — a Montessori teacher of over two decades, a mother of three children (age 18, 15, 11), and a writer of popular parenting and teaching articles (and a book), including Why Wait. Episode page: