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The teachings of Steve Stewart

The teachings of Steve Stewart
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The teachings of Steve Stewart






1-15 Believe the Works

What’s the difference between eternal life and the Kingdom of God? What is “power evangelism”? Is the Gospel supposed to bring division? This week we pick up where we left off last week as Steve discusses the second half of John 10. This week’s episode is brought to you by our friends at The Remnant Generation, in Kampala, Uganda. Every year, The Remnant Generation rescues dozens of pregnant teens from sexual abuse, or a life on the streets. The girls are given a safe, loving environment,...


1-14 Good Pastures. Right Now.

What is a false shepherd? What was the essential work on the cross? Why do we struggle to hear the voice of God? We’ve got answers to those questions, plus five reasons the incarnation is so important, as Steve gives us a recap of John’s Gospel so far and a study of John chapter 10. This episode is brought to you by the I Thirst Fund. Impact Nations has brought the gift of clean water to hundreds of thousands of people in the last 13 years. In almost every community we visit, contaminated...


1-13 Light Counters Chaos

Is pain and sickness the result of someone’s sin? Is our worldview too simplistic? What is the significance of Jesus touching a blind man? This week Steve answers these questions and more from a study of John chapter 9. This week’s episode is brought to you by our Journey of Compassion to Kenya. Here at Impact Nations we work with two remarkable apostolic men, Randeep Mathews and Mike Brawan. Randeep leads a massive house church movement in Northern India, where they are baptizing hundreds...


1-12 He Never Fought Back, with Alan Hawkins

Why do we think that exertion of power is the way to bring the Kingdom? What really happened at the cross? Did the Father turn His face away? We discuss those questions and more with Alan Hawkins, senior pastor at New Life City Church. To listen to more of Alan’s teaching and learn more about his ministry, visit This week’s episode is brought to you by the Refer-A-Friend discount. Have you been on a Journey of Compassion? Did it completely change your understanding of...


1-11 Where's Your Father?

The tension is building as Jesus continues to confront the religious leaders. Why can’t they go to where Jesus is going? Will the gospel overcome the principalities and powers? Let’s listen as Steve teaches from John chapter 8, developing such themes as Truth and Freedom, and Light and Darkness. This week’s episode is brought to you by our monthly donors. Each month, people from all over the world give generously to Impact Nations. You may be one of them. We are so thankful for our monthly...


1-10 Chronos vs. Kairos

Was it or wasn’t it Jesus’ time? Why didn’t His brothers believe in Him? Why was Jerusalem so different from Galilee? This week Steve gives us lots to chew on from John chapter 7. This week’s episode is brought to you by the Impact Nations Facebook page. Impact Nations has the privilege of seeing the Kingdom of God at work in nations all over the globe. We’d like to tell you about thousands of people getting clean water, communities being transformed, and lives being rescued. You can catch...


1-9 The Crowd Is Getting Restless

Jesus is a taste of the life to come, but will people fully accept who He is? Do we make Jesus smaller than He really is? Did He come from heaven, or not? We are faced with these challenges as Steve teaches John chapter 6. This week’s episode is brought to you by the Isaiah 58 Feeding Program. We are looking for faithful monthly donors to help us feed orphans and beggars around the developing world. YOU could provide food for the hungry. Visit to learn more.


1-8 When The Lights Come On

This week we are in discussion with Canadian author and theologian Brad Jersak. We’re discussing the nature of salvation, Jesus warnings, and some old dudes with great names. You can learn more about Brad and his work at Brad is also working with St. Stephen’s University and their Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice. This week's episode brought to you by Bulgaria. Join us for the Journey of Compassion to Bulgaria, September 16 to 28 2018. It will be the adventure...


1-7 Do You Want To Get Well?

Where is Jesus leading us? Who is He leading us to? Does compassion trump faith? Steve discusses those questions and more in this study of John chapter 5. This week's episode brought to you by Bulgaria. Join us for the Journey of Compassion to Bulgaria, September 16 to 28 2018. It will be the adventure of a lifetime. To learn more visit