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The teachings of Steve Stewart

The teachings of Steve Stewart
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The teachings of Steve Stewart






1-6 You Don't Even Have A Bucket

Why didn't Jews associate with Samaritans? What exactly is "living water"? This week Steve is giving us a deeper understanding of one of the best known episodes in the gospels. This week's episode brought to you by the I Thirst fund. Each year, Impact Nations brings the gift of clean water to tens of thousands of people. But we need your help to do it. Learn more at


1-5 Comfort in the Confines

What does it mean to be 'born again'? Does someone need to get re-baptized if they were sprinkled as a baby? When do you get filled with the Holy Spirit? Join Steve as he tackles these questions and more in a study of John chapter 3. This week you also get a bonus story time from Tim. This week's episode brought to you by The Journey: 35 Stories of Kingdom Encounters. Purchase your copy here.


1-4 It's All About Me!

What is a hymn? Are we too narcissistic in our worship and biblical understanding? Are we in the Messianic Age? This week Steve and Tim discuss these issues and more in our first Q&A episode. As seen on Facebook Live. This week’s episode brought to you by Journeys of Compassion. Come join the adventure. Visit to learn more.


1-2 Where Are You Staying?

Do scripture passages have just one meaning? Steve takes a good long look at the greek word for "staying" and what the implications are of that word. This week's episode brought to you by the Isaiah 58 Fund. Each week there are heroes in Kenya, India, and Uganda who are feeding the hungry. They are able to do it because donors just like you give monthly to the Isaiah 58 fund. To learn more, visit


1-3 That's A Lot Of Wine

Why did Jesus act before His time had come? And what can we learn from the coolest party trick in history? Listen in as Steve teaches John chapter 2. This week's episode brought to you by: Zimbabwe. Join us for this Journey of Compassion August 26 - September 7 2018. Visit to learn more about this and other exciting opportunities to bring Good News to the poor.


1-1 The Incarnation: What's the Big Deal?

In our first ever Impact Nations Podcast, Steve begins a series on the Gospel of John. This week he is teaching the prologue, the first 18 verses of chapter 1. This week's episode is brought to you by: Journeys of Compassion. YOU can be the hands and feet of Jesus. Bring the Good News to the poor in countries such as Kenya, Bulgaria, India, the Philippines, and many more. Learn more at and register today!