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Biblical teaching from Steve Stewart and stories of God's grace transforming lives around the world.

Biblical teaching from Steve Stewart and stories of God's grace transforming lives around the world.


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Biblical teaching from Steve Stewart and stories of God's grace transforming lives around the world.






0-9 State of the Union (with Randeep Mathews, Richard Mwesigye, Sue Walker, and Trinity Heavenz)

Tim & Steve give a full report on all that God has done through the Impact Nations family so far this year.


0-8 They See God (Interview with Richard Mwesigye)

We're chatting with our partner, Richard Mwesigye, who is in the middle of feeding 500 families in 10 different villages in Uganda. The pandemic has caused mass starvation in the developing world. Impact Nations has provided over 750,000 meals since March 26th. We also talked about the long-term transformation of the village of Kalonga and our recent focus on business development and self-sustainability. We need your help! To give, visit


0-7 Sins of Omission- A Conversations about Race (Interview with Brad Jersak and Gene Taylor)

In this special episode, Tim, Steve, Gene, and Brad discuss the current protests across America and the very important issues of race inequality, racism, the Black Lives Matter movement and more.


0-6 Indian Plagues! (Interview with Randeep Mathews)

We spoke with our partner, Randeep Mathews, who gave us some insight on just how bad the situation in India is right now. If you would like to contribute to Randeep's feeding mission, visit


0-5 Interview with Ivan & DeeDee in Bulgaria

Tim was beginning a conversation with our partners from Bulgaria when he decided to record it. Enjoy getting to know some more amazing Impact Nations partners. If you would like to help Ivan and DeeDee feed the poor, visit


3-20 The Breath of God (with Brad Jersak)

This it the second half of a conversation with Brad that started last episode. In this episode we discuss how to correctly (and incorrectly) read the scriptures from a place of intimacy with Jesus. To learn more about Brad and to purchase his books, visit


3-19 Paradise and Heaven (with Brad Jersak)

In this episode Steve, Tim, and Brad discuss the Resurrection. Was Jesus physically resurrected? And what are the implications of that for us? We'll also touch on baptism, and even the tradition of praying to the saints. To learn more about Brad and to purchase his books, visit


3-18 Beyond Doubt

In this Episode, Steve pursues the mystery of Christ in the Resurrection. The way we understand the resurrection changes the way that we interact with the world around us. This week, rather than an ad, we want to thank the Impact Nations family for providing over 423,116 meals during the Coronavirus pandemic. To learn more about the feeding project during this time, visit


3-17 Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation (Q&A with Wm. Paul Young)

Tim Stewart and Wm. Paul Young discuss the Gospel, how and why we share it, and the way it changes the "nature" and "way" of our being. To learn more about Wm. Paul Young, visit his website at This episode of the Impact Nations Podcast is brought to you by our COVID-19 Feeding Program. In developing nations such as Uganda, people are starving as a result of the pandemic stay-at-home orders. YOU can rescue them. You can feed a family for three weeks for only $30. We are...


3-16 Tangled In Metaphors (Q&A with Brad Jersak)

Brad Jersak joins Tim and Steve to discuss the second day (the day after the crucifixion). They discuss literal vs metaphorical interpretations of the Bible and various theories of hell. Brad mentions several other videos: N.T. Wright What do You Mean by Literal? Brad Jersak How the Church Fathers Interpreted the Bible You can find Brad's books at Today's broadcast is brought to you by our COVID-19 feeding program. The pandemic has left people starving in India...


0-4 He is Risen!

Christ's Resurrection is a joyous occasion. Even if we are in our homes today. Take a moment to reflect on the wonder of the Resurrection with Steve today.


3-15 Truth in Tension

Steve considers three historical views of what Christ’s descent into hell looked like. He also considers the meaning of the words “hell, hades, and Sheol”. He Delves into numerous scriptures and the writings of early church fathers. This week's episode is brought to you by our COVID-19 Feeding Response. Visit to join the effort today.


3-14 You're Stone Movers (Q&A with Brad Jersak)

Today we are joined by Brad Jersak for our second discussion on the work of the Cross. This week we will investigate the differences between to theological views on the work of the cross: Penal Substitutionary Atonement and Christus Victor. Don't miss an episode of the Impact Nations Podcast. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app at This episode is brought to you by our feeding program. Many families around the world pay for today's food with yesterday's...


3-13 Does God Keep Score?

Steve discusses how Jesus dealt with the problem of evil on the cross. He investigates theological traditions surrounding the cross, and the implications of those traditions. This week's episode is brought to you by our family page. In this time of self-quarantine, we wan to stay connected. That is why we created We will be sharing teachings and e-books as well as hosting regular Zoom chats to stay connected.


3-12 Pity Party for Jesus (Q&A with Brad Jersak)

This is the first of a three part discussion on the work of the cross. This week we are discussing the teaching that was feature in episode 3-11, where Steve invited us to move beyond the theology of the Cross, and into a more experiential embrace of Christ on the Cross. To learn more about Brad, visit Don't miss his two newest books, IN: Incarnation & Inclusion, Abba & Lamb and A More Christlike Way. In this time of international crisis, we would also strongly...


3-11 Cushioned by Principles

Going beyond the theology of the cross, Steve embraces the crucifixion as an experience over a concept. He discusses the cross as it relates to the incarnation and what was happening to Jesus on the cross. Considering the presence of Christ on the cross and what it means for us, Steve ponders questions about why the cross was necessary. This week’s episode is brought to you by our Journey of Compassion to Colombia. If you are excited to hear that 6 people were heard and 7 saved at the first...


3-10 Let's Talk about Bread

In this episode, Steve discusses several traditions of the Eucharist. He also goes into the mystery of the bread, the mystery of the wine, and the importance of unity in the Eucharist. Finally, Steve leads us in taking communion together. We encourage you to take a few moments to join around the world and throughout time in partaking in communion. This week’s episode is brought to you by our brand new website. Our partners in Uganda, era92, who run the Elevate Program have designed this...


3-9 The Eyes of your Spirit

Steve discusses the Glory of Christ through the transfiguration. Who is this king of glory? While glory is a major theme throughout the New Testament, this is the only encounter of the Father and the Son interacting in all of their Glory. Steve delves into the various layers of meaning in the transfiguration. This episode is brought to you by our response efforts to the riots in New Delhi. To help us bring food and warm blankets to the victims of these riots, visit...


3-8 The Other Side of Death (Q&A with Bob Ekblad)

Topics include: •Reading the Old Testament with Jesus as our guide (or Rabbi?) •Gospel proclamation to the poor •Our battle is not against flesh and blood To learn more about Bob and his ministry, visit and You can see a video about their ministry at This episode is brought to you by our effort to free children from slavery in Northern India. You can help us get children out of brick factories and into school....


3-7 What's Coming Out of Me

Steve delves into how the incarnation is not theology but rather God becoming like us. "Incarnational faith is always hands on. It does not allow a distant or theoretical caring about others." This episode is brought to you by our Crisis Pregnancy program in Uganda. To get involved in rescuing teen women from the streets of Uganda, visit