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Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.

Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.


London, United Kingdom


Join Andy Peck for The Leadership Show, featuring conversations with Christian leaders about their experiences of leadership.




Christians United? - Jonathan Lamb

How do you decide whether differences with another Christian, church or charity are so great that you can’t work together? How do we manage if we diasagree about creation, or the role of women or same sex marriage? Jonathan Lamb believes we can engage in what is known as ‘theological triage’ outlined in his new book entitled Essentially One: Striving for the Unity God Loves and unpacked on the show.


One Kitchen two brands - Steve Adams

Can two charities merge without one swallowing up the other. ‘All We Can’ now work closely with ‘Y-Care International’ in a novel merger that could be a template for others. Steve Adams, director of Public Engagement for the two charities explains how they came together and what leaders can learn from the enterprise.


First Aid for Mental Health - Dave Burke

Dave Burke’s church was overrun with people in various forms of emotional distress, so as senior pastor, he got some training and now equips people online and in person with Mental Health First Aid Training. He explains how we can equip others ourselves


Starting new things well - Bill Woolsey

Bill Woolsey, who heads up Five:Two which provides training and coaching for people starting kingdom-focused businesses explains the key ingredients for being ensuring a successful start-up.


Are some created more equal? - Pete Carter

Dr. Pete Carter looks at how we understand equality as Christians, and how it works out in male-female roles, racial tensions and the welcoming of those from the LGBTQ ‘community’.


Leading with authority - Pete Carter

Leadership carries a degree of authority but Jesus taught that it was a different kind to that wielded by non believers. Dr Pete Carter, a medical doctor and a church leader at Eastgate Church, Gravesend explains how you can understand the kind of authority you have in Christ.


Change is here to stay - Andy Hickford

Andy Hickford had been at a church for 23 years as senior pastor in Woking, moved to a church in Torquay with a mandate for change and within a year, covid has struck. Andy thinks churches need to think carefully before returning things to the way they were, and shares what he has learned from managing change


Supernatural healing - Angela Walker

The pediatrician explains how she left the NHS to learn supernatural pediatrics in Mozambique with Iris Global and is now called to equip Christians to know wholeness and healing in Christ back in the UK


Staying free? - Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson is the founder of the Naked Truth Project, a charity that aims to 'open eyes and free lives from the damaging impact of porn'. He explains why helping people in this area should be a part of every local church’s ministry


All one in Christ Jesus - Clare Williams

How can we understand the challenge of uniting the whole church whatever the racial background? Clare outlines her perspective as a daughter from the Windrush generation and goes on to explain a new course designed to help people unite their faith and leadership


Leadership with character - Paul Hargreaves

What kind of character do we need to serve as a leader? A businessman who heads up Cotswold Fayre, shares his belief that developing character needs to be the first concern of every leader, wherever they lead in his book: ‘The Fourth Bottom Line’: flourishing in the new era of compassionate leadership


Recovering post-covid - Roger Sutton

How can churches and charities help communities to rebuild post-pandemic? Roger heads up the Movement for Recovery, based in the Greater Manchester area and believes Christians need to be at the forefront of what happens next in the UK


Deep roots of Resilient Disciples - Rick Hill

How do we help ourselves and those we lead deepen our faith? Rick Hill, the Discipleship & Leadership Development Officer for the Presbyterian Church explores what we need to focus on


Mentoring young people - Theo Manderson

The youth leader who helps young people navigate life through developing mentoring relations, shares how you can mentor others


Persecuted church leaders - Dave Landrum

The director of Advocacy and Public Affairs of Open Doors UK shares the inspiration of the many church leaders worldwide who are persecuted for their faith.


Girl Can Daily - Marie Aitken

Andy Peck talks to Marie Aitken. Her day job is with Alpha UK as Head of England, overseeing church engagement and relationship management for the country but she is also the founder of a growing online community for emerging female leaders called Girl Can Daily. With women's supposed 'emancipation' have things really changed very much?


Global Leadership - Scott Cochrane

A leader with the Global Leadership Network on how leadership thinking changed the church he was serving in British Columbia, Canada and how we can take leadership teaching and make it relevant anywhere in the world


Your part in God’s story - Steve Addison

Steve Addison believes an understand of the narrative of scripture inevitably leads leaders to be missional in their outlook and explores this in his new book: Your part in God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation in 40 days


Leading as a Dad - Andy Frost

Director of Share Jesus International, Andy Frost looks at how being a parent is a training ground for many in leadership and how his book, 52 Adventures for Dads and their kids can create much needed connection between Dads and their children. He also shares on the enormous legacy he received from his own father, Rob Frost.


Forming minsters - David Heywood

David Heywood believes most churches don’t do a good job of equipping God’s people to serve him, and suggests a revolution is needed in the whole formation process, explored in his new book, Reimagining Ministerial Formation