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Bonus: The Rest of the Hanukkah Story

We stopped a little shy of the entire story about Hanukkah. In this episode we let you know the rest of this epic tale. But... it doesn't end so well. Truce is a listener supported show. Please help spread the word on your social media feeds! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


S2:E15 Can Christians Celebrate Hanukkah?

Should Christians celebrate Hanukkah? This is the second part of our series. In this episode, we talk to Bruce Gore to see what Hanukkah is all about. Daniel 11 predicted it hundreds of years earlier. We're going to see how it all came to pass. The story involves prophesy, intrigue, Greek and Roman history, and the abomination of desolation. Truce is a listener supported podcast. Consider giving us a few dollars to help us keep this show going!


S2:E14 Daniel Predicted Hanukkah

Can Christians celebrate Hanukkah? Before we can answer that question, we need to get some background. What is Hanukkah? Well, it turns out that a bunch of the events leading up the Festival of Lights are predicted in the Old Testament book of Daniel. With the help of Bruce Gore, author of Historical and Chronological Context of the Bible, we unpack Daniel 11 and the events leading up to Hanukkah. Truce is a listener supported podcast. Consider giving a few dollars to support the work. We're...


S2:E13 Christianity Today's Living and Effective

Living And Effective is the newest podcast from Christianity Today and the Christian Standard Bible. Chris sat down with Richard Clark (@TheRichardClark) to discuss media ethics and the nature of Christian broadcasting. Is it okay to talk about infidelity when discussing Dr. Martin Luther King? Is a discussion of Christianity in the 1970's complete without a conversation about where the Jesus People are today? Is Christian media required to stay positive? Subscribe to Living and Effective on...


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S2:E12 Predicting the End

We're still here, despite the fact that dozens of predictions have told us that the world would have ended by now. John Hagee, Jack Van Impe, Joseph Smith, Jehovah's Witnesses, John Wesley, Harold Camping and so many others have made bogus predictions. What should we think about this? How do people of faith look when we are clearly wrong in such public ways? In this episode of the Truce podcast, we examine some of the reasons behind these predictions and discuss a better way forward. Truce...


S2:E11 Suffrage: The Textbook and the Hatchet (2 of 2)

It took a long time for women to get the right to vote. And it took a lot of different opinions about how to go about fighting for that right. Frances Willard, the second president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, used marches and speeches. Her fellow WCTU member, Carrie Nation, preferred... a hatchet. On this episode, the second in a series, we look at a few of the women who were involved in this important movement. Frances Willard, Carrie Nation, and more. Truce is a...


S2:E10 Suffrage: How Women Stopped the Drink and Gained the Vote (1 of 2)

The 1800's were a drunken mess. The median adult in the US drank 1.7 bottles of 80 proof alcohol each week. Each week! The 1800's were also a time when women didn't have many rights: they couldn't vote, were expected to stay home, and were somewhat invisible in the public sphere. Until they'd had enough. Thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, women fought for their rights. On this episode of the Truce Podcast, we begin our series on this historic...


S2:E9 What We're Getting Wrong About the Ten Commandments

Can you name all of the ten commandments? Maybe, but did you know that we may no longer be responsible for them anymore? On this episode of the Truce podcast, we examine our strange connection to these slabs of stone. Why do people like Roy Moore and Scott Pruitt feel so strongly about them? And is there a better way? The Truce Podcast is the premiere Christian journalism show. We press pause on the culture wars to see how we got here, and how we can do better. Check out our website at...


S2:E8 Is Jesus Eternal?: Begotten

Is Jesus eternal? There is a key word in the gospels and the Nicaean Creed: begotten. We don't use it much today, but some people take it to mean that Jesus hasn't been around since the beginning of time. Jehovah's Witnesses use it as proof that Christ was created by God. But does it mean that? No. Our special guest for this episode is Professor Gerald Bray.


S2:E7 A Roman Emperor and the Easter Bunny

How did we decide on the day we celebrate Easter? Believe it or not, it was decided 1700 years ago at the Council of Nicaea, which was called by the Roman emperor Constantine. There was some confusion as to whether or not it should be tied to the Jewish celebration of Passover. This is the third part in our series on Constantine.


S2:E6 Constantine: Council of Nicaea and the Spread of Relics

Modern Christians believe that Jesus is God, eternal. But some people in the early church didn't think so. So early leaders decided to call the Council of Nicaea. Today people like Dan Brown (the DaVinci Code) might see this as when Constantine decided to make Jesus divine. Is that true? Our guests are Professor Gerald Bray and Professor David Potter. This is the second of four episodes on the legacy of the Roman emperor Constantine.


S2:E5 Constantine: Persecuted to Preferred

Who was the first political leader to use Christianity to his benefit? We see it all the time today, but when did it begin? This is the first part in a series looking at the impact of the Roman Emperor Constantine on history. We're still dealing with this guy 1700 years later. He was a warrior, a murderer, and a pagan priest. He also may have saved Christianity. Our guests are Professor Gerald Bray and Professor David Potter.


S2:E4 The Heart Behind Christian Films (Part 2 of 2)

In part one we examined the history and economics of this maligned art form. Now let's understand the heart behind Christian filmmaking. If we're going to share the hope we have in Christ, then we need tools like this. We're joined by filmmakers Rich Christiano (Time Changer, Unidentified, Play the Flute) and Wes and Amanda Llewellyn (The Moment After I & II).


S2:E3 The Humble Christian Film: Economics and History of an Art Form (Part 1 of 2)

Christians have many tools at their disposal -- Bible studies, tracts, sermons. But the punching bag of ministry tools has got to be the humble Christian film. We think of this as an upstart medium, but it's not. It's as old as filmmaking itself. In this two-part series, we examine the economics, the history, and the heart behind this much-maligned art form. We're joined by filmmakers Rich Christiano (Time Changer, Unidentified, Play the Flute) and Wes and Amanda Llewellyn (The Moment After...


S2:E2 Healing the Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention meets again next week. So, as a follow up to our curse of Ham story, we talked to Pastor Dwight McKissic Jr (@pastordmack) about his efforts to address racial issues within the SBC. A new resolution is on the table that would officially apologize for misusing the Bible to justify slavery and oppression. That resolution specifically calls out the so-called "curse of Ham". Genesis 9 tells the story of Noah and his sons after the ark. At first glance, it seems as...


S2:E1 Scott Pruitt, Christianity, and NPR's Embedded

In April of 2018 @NPREmbedded produced a podcast episode about Scott Pruitt, the current head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Trump Administration. It covered, among other things, his record on the environment, and... his Christian faith. In this, the first episode of season 2, we take a look at Genesis 1 and ask what it can (and can't) tell us about our role in the environment. Special thanks to @NPREmbedded for their help. You can find our guests at @joewertz and...


S1:E6 Girolamo Savonarola: One Man Against the Renaissance

Girolamo Savonarola was an inspiration to Martin Luther and an early martyr for the Protestant Reformation. He's also a controversial figure – more Old Testament prophet than humble friar. Our guest Samantha Morris ( discusses her book Girolamo Savonarola: The Renaissance Preacher and the history of the “mad preacher of Florence”. Think you could end a movement? Destroy some of the best art ever made? Nearly topple the Italian Renaissance? Of course not, but that's...


S1:E5 Church Discipline

When churches face evil or unrepentant behavior we have to make a tough call. What does church discipline look like? It turns out that it involves several steps from talking to the person one-on-one to expelling them from the congregation. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Jonathan Leeman from joins us to talk about his book on church discipline. Our main text is from Matthew 18 where Jesus lays out a clear plan for disciplining a brother or sister in Christ. Though...


S1:E4 Plantation Jesus

In this podcast extra we're taking a look at how ethnicity sometimes trumps our commitment to God. How can we, as believers, move forward in a Church that seems divided by race and ethnicity? Skot Welch is is the founder of Global Bridgebuilders, an organization that works with companies and churches to encourage diversity. He and his friend Rick Wilson wrote the upcoming book Plantation Jesus: Race, Faith, and a New Way Forward. Truce is a listener-supported podcast. Leave us a comment on...