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Spiritual vitality following the Jesus way.

Spiritual vitality following the Jesus way.


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Spiritual vitality following the Jesus way.








Empathy Is Not A Sin. (TAW048)

Episode 048 - Empathy Is Not a Sin (With Becky Castle Miller) Recently a number of Christian leaders and teachers have been making waves saying that empathy is a sin--or at least something that good Christians need to be very careful with. Why would they say this? What do they get out of it? And why should you be concerned if you hear this line of thinking? Show Notes Following King Jesus by Scot McKnight and Becky Castle MillerCheck out Seminary Now, where Becky works.One source on Calvin's...


Don’t Choose Shallow Formation (TAW047)

Episode 047 - Don't Choose Shallow Formation (With Rich Vellodas) Does our faith enable us to be “a good gift” to our neighbors, even the neighbors we disagree with? Many Christians, it seems, are living in ways that contradict the core ethic of our faith loving our neighbors as ourselves. What is going on? It seems like we are witnessing a mass failure of discipleship. Why is this happening and what can be done about it? Show Notes The Deeply Formed Life: Five Transformational Values to...


A More Beautiful Deconstruction (TAW046)

Episode 046 - A More Beautiful Deconstruction (With Dr. Bradley Jersak) Deconstruction is everywhere. People are doing it. Some leaders are fighting it. Some people are excited by it. Some people are terrified of it. Is it just a trendy new word for leaving the church? No. It's a process that's necessary for spiritual maturity--and how we think about it matters. Show Notes A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful GospelA More Christlike Way: A More Beautiful FaithA More Christlike Word:...


Let’s Normalize Being Wrong (TAW045)

Episode 045 - Let's Normalize Being Wrong (With Matt Tebbe) I grew up in a faith tradition where being right was essential. It's what kept us in community. It's what we thought honored God. For many other reasons--temperament, trauma, and even privilege--being right became an identity issue for me. Then I heard Matt Tebbe suggest that we need to normalize being wrong. For some of us this is the medicine we need. Show Notes "Let's normalize being wrong. Make Repentance Great Again" - Matt...


Your Suffering is Sacred (TAW044)

Episode 044 - Your Suffering is Sacred (With K.J. Ramsey) Are you allergic to happy clappy Christianity? There’s a good reason for thats. Churches that ignore suffering are ignoring Jesus. Many churches are not good at holding suffering. People who find themselves in extended suffering — maybe living with depression or anxiety, other mental health issues, or even invisible chronic illness — sometimes find there’s not a place for them in the church. In this episode, I talk with KJ Ramsey who...


Your Purity & Piety Will Get You Nowhere (TAW043)

Episode 043 - Your Purity & Piety Will Get You Nowhere You want to grow as a person. You want a sense of intimate connection with the Divine. You believe or suspect that the way of Jesus has something to say about this. That’s why you’re here. That’s why I write. But in order to grow in the way of Jesus, we have to unpack some ideas we have about the spiritual life, so we can clear away some of the garbage that’s getting in our way. One obstacle to growing spiritually is the picture we have...


Can You Imagine Jesus Demanding Sex? – Interview with Sheila Wray Gregoire (TAW042)

Episode 042 - Can You Imagine Jesus Demanding Sex? - Interview with Sheila Wray Gregoire. Christian teachers notoriously have lots of opinions about sex. Sometimes they even claim those opinions are God’s will. But what if some of those teachings are hurting people and wrecking marriages? In this interview with Sheila Wray Gregoire we talk about the stunning findings from her survey of 20,000 Christian women about their sex lives, beliefs, and what they were taught in church about sex. This...


Trust Your Instinct About the Church – Interview with Fr. Kenneth Tanner (TAW041)

Episode 041 - Trust Your Instinct About the Church - Interview with Fr. Kenneth Tanner. After everything that’s happened in the past year, are you wondering about whether there’s a place for you in the church? Are you asking questions like "Where do I fit? What I’m seeing around me doesn’t look like Jesus. What do I do? I love Jesus. I want to follow Jesus, but if these other Christians are any indication, I don’t even know if I’m Christian anymore." Have you had those thoughts? Well, I can...


This IS Us. We Need To Own It. (TAW040)

Episode 040 - This IS Us. We Need To Own It. “This isn’t us. This isn’t America. We are better than this.” Have you heard—or said—those words recently? Well, you may not want to hear this, but the only way forward is to let those words go. Show Notes On January 6th, 2021 there was a historic and unprecedented event where people who had gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the certifying of the results of the presidential election turned into a violent mob that stormed the capital building....


You Need an Architecture of Grief (TAW039)

Episode 039 - You Need an Architecture of Grief (Interview with James Prescott) Twenty Twenty seems to be the car wreck that just keeps going, and the result is that many of us are experiencing more and more pain and grief. How are we to deal with this? Writer James Prescott and I discuss the ways we structure our lives for either avoiding or entering into and processing our grief. You've got to do it! Show Notes We all have an "architecture" to our lives. This is the structure of our lives...


Would Jesus call you (or your church) Satan? (TAW038)

Episode 038 - Would Jesus call you (or your church) Satan? “Get behind me, Satan!” Those are the words Jesus said to Peter. Yikes! But as I survey the current landscape of Christianity, I wonder if Jesus is saying this to us, or to our churches. In this episode, I reflect on what Jesus meant when he said these words to his friend, and what they might mean for us. Show Notes Read the scripture passages for yourself. The story: Matthew 16:21-28The background of Peter's declaration. Matthew...


Looking for God in all the wrong places – Interview with Paul J. Pastor (TAW037)

Episode 037 - Looking for God in All the Wrong Places - Interview with Paul J. Pastor Do you sometimes feel like your spiritual life is supposed to be in color, but you can only see it in black & white? Do you worry that we might be numb to God’s presence? Are you looking for a goose-bump moment and overlooking God in the process? In this episode, I ask Paul J. Pastor about this. Paul's the author of The Face of The Deep: Experiencing the Beautiful Mystery of Life with the Holy Spirit, a...


Don’t Avoid Starting Over (TAW036)

Episode 036 - Don't Avoid Starting Over I like knowing stuff. I like being seen as a good person. I love being an expert. Weird that I became a pastor, right? But here’s the thing. As much as I like this stuff, I’ve discovered it’s not very good for me. Turns out that being an expert doesn’t help you grow spiritually. Consider this: What you think you know about God might be getting in the way of really knowing God. Show Notes Scriptures referenced:The story of Abraham's calling. Genesis...


Your Values are Showing! (TAW035)

Episode 035 - Your Values are Showing! Pain is a terrible thing to waste. At least, that’s what my Trauma Therapist friend says. So, how are we using the pain of this difficult time of pandemic and protests so that we can be better people? This is part 3 of my 3 part conversation with Byron Kehler, a trauma therapist with nearly 40 years of experience. In this last conversation we'll talk about who the pandemic is revealing us to be, and how we can come out the other side better people. Show...


The 5 Stages of Pandemic Grief (TAW034)

Episode 034 - The 5 Stages of Pandemic Grief We are going through deep weeds right now -- pandemic, protests, unemployment, so many losses -- and it doesn't look like it's going to get better any time soon. But there's one important factor that will determine how well we deal with all of it. We are all feeling an important emotion we might not even realize we're feeling: Grief. What's going on? Why is this happening? What can we do about it? This is part 2 of my conversation with Byron...


Why are we feeling so crazy, and what can we do about it – Trauma response in the time of pandemic & protests (TAW033)

Episode 033 - Why are we feeling so crazy, and what can we do about it - Trauma response in the time of pandemic & protests Covid-19, Masks, Quarantine, and now protests against racial injustice and police brutality? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or depressed, or angry, or confused, you are not alone. Why are we feeling this way and what can we do about it? Show Notes Byron Kehler is a trauma therapist with nearly 40 years of professional experience. Learn more about him at...


Pentecost, Breathing & George Floyd (TAW032)

Episode 032 - Pentecost, Breathing & George Floyd This is the air I breathe! My heart broke open this week as I watched the events unfold around the murder of George Floyd, and the protests and riots that followed. At the same time, I was studying the lectionary passages for Pentecost. This is an edited version of the sermon I preached at Bridge City Community Church. Let me be clear: In this sermon I am a white preacher speaking to white Christians about a topic that white people have to...


COVID, Suffering & Jesus (TAW031)

Episode 031 - COVID, Suffering & Jesus How are you doing with this COVID-19 thing? Are you afraid? Are you angry? Are you confused by all the different information about what to do? Are you just ready for it to be over? I get it. I’ve been all those things, and my feelings change from day today. Part of that is because this is a big deal, but part of it is because you and I—we’re just not that good at dealing with suffering. Show Notes COVID-19 should not have been a surprise. It's a direct...


Faith Isn’t Certainty (TAW030)

Episode 030 - Faith Isn't Certainty Faith is at the very heart of Christianity. It’s crucial. Without Faith, scripture says, it’s impossible to please God. But more than any other part of the spiritual life, faith is misunderstood. When we get this wrong, we set ourselves up for an ugly, painful crash. (And if faith isn't certainty, then what is it?) Show Notes A commitment to certainty is a real threat to our life of faith.Doubt and evaluating our beliefs is a necessary part of growth.That...


The Trip is the Point (TAW029)

Episode 029 - The Trip is the Point What are you gonna be when you grow up? What college do you want to go to? What are you gonna do when you graduate? Where are you going on your vacation? How soon do you think you can retire? You’ve been asked those questions, or questions like them, right? What do they all have in common? A destination. Our culture is absolutely infatuated with the destination. And that kind of thinking will wreck your spiritual life. It's also why I've stopped asking...