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Download the latest episodes of the MAD Christian Radio Show, featuring the latest in Christian rock and hip-hop music.


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Download the latest episodes of the MAD Christian Radio Show, featuring the latest in Christian rock and hip-hop music.






MAD November 8, 2023

Tune in to hear details on Lacey Sturm's upcoming album release. We'll also fill you in on which artist is going to be hitting the big screen in a new Christmas musical. Plus in our Impact Devotional we'll discuss some practical ways we can help those around us who are hurting right now.


MAD September 20, 2023

On this edition of the MAD Christian Radio Show we are going to listen to the latest singles from Red, Stephen Stanley, Disciple, Fit For A King, Seventh Day Slumber and World Gone Cold. And speaking of Red, we will go over the latest on their upcoming album release. Plus, in our Impact Devotional we are going to examine what it really means that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and how knowing Him can bring us peace here and now and for all eternity.


MAD September 13, 2023

Life can be hard and sometimes when we are in the middle of the storm, we can start to feel alone. If that's you, don't miss this episode of MAD which is filled with both songs and words to remind us that no matter what we go through, God doesn't leave us alone to navigate it alone. Instead He goes with us.


MAD August 23, 2023

This week we will listen to songs working their way up the charts from Disciple, Set For The Fall, Skillet and World Gone Cold. We will learn the story behind the song "High Enough" from Good Weather Forecast. And in our Impact Devotional we will discuss the danger of being shipwrecked when it comes to our faith.


MAD May 31, 2023

Coming up today on MAD we will check out brand new songs from Eversmith, Disciple and Aaaron Michaels to name a few. and speaking of new music, Kristen got details for you on new album releases coming your way from both Red and NeedToBreathe, so listen in to hear the details on those drops.


MAD May 3, 2023

This week on the show we'll listen to brand new tracks from Zahna, Decyfer Down and KJ-52. In our Impact Devotional we'll examine the life of Josiah, who became king at only eight years old, and see what we can learn from his decisions. And you'll learn details about a new tour from Switchfoot that any fan of their album The Beautiful Letdown won't want to miss.


MAD April 19, 2023

Coming up today we'll listen to the latest from bands like Disciple, The Protest, Wolves At The Gate and Love Like Gravity. Kristen will fill you in on the latest tour dates announced from Fit For A King. And speaking of kings, in today's Impact Devotional we'll examine the life of David and what we can learn from the guy who went from watching sheep to leading a nation.


MAD March 1, 2023

We will listen to the latest from artists like Love Like Gravity, Memphis May Fire, Disciple and Skillet to name a few. We'll learn the details surrounding a new album release from NF. And in our Impact Devotional, we'll discuss our responsibility to shine our lights for Christ in this dark world.


MAD January 25, 2023

We're going to listen to new music from Disciple, Love Like Gravity, Social Club Misfits and Zahna. Kristen will fill us in on which band just announced they are launching their own podcast soon and give details on a new tour announced by Lecrae. And in our Impact Devotional, we will talk about what it means to find fortitude when we are going through hard times.


MAD Christmas Special 2022

Celebrate the season with us on our 21st annual MAD Christmas Special. We're playing 100% Christmas music from start to finish from artists like Rhett Walker, tobyMac, Phil Wickham and For King & Country. Throughout the show special guests will join us to discuss what Christmas means to them and we'll take some time to reflect on what the season is all about. Merry Christmas!


MAD November 23, 2022

This week marks 21 years since the MAD Christian Radio Show hit the airwaves for the very first time. Tune in to hear the latest and greatest in Christian rock, including new music from Collision of Innocence and Memphis May Fire.


MAD November 9, 2022

Join host Kristen McNulty for three hours of the latest in Christian rock, mixed in with some of your favorites. Expect to hear the latest from artists like Nine Lashes, Skillet, Red and The Letter Black.


MAD October 5, 2022

We'll be playing for you brand new songs from Matt Sassano, Ben Fuller, Remedy Drive and a new artist to MAD, Aaron Michaels. We'll learn about what exciting new project the guys from Dude Perfect are launching. And in this week's Impact Devotional we'll talk about how God wants to use you and I to build His kingdom even if we feel inadequate.


MAD September 28, 2022

We'll listen to songs rising up the charts from Kutless, Manafest, Skillet, Memphis May Fire and Death Therapy. In our Impact Devotional we'll discuss the impact wisdom can have on our fulfillment of the Great Commission and we'll learn details on a new live album from Wolves At The Gate.


MAD July 27, 2022

Kristen will fill you in on when you can expect to hear new music from Social Club Misfits and let you know which band is remaking some of their biggest songs to celebrate 20 years as a band. In our Impact Devotional we'll learn why watching for instant results is the wrong approach to take when it comes to ministry. And We'll listen to the latest music from artists like Manafest, Matt Moore, Skillet, Death Therapy and Love Like Gravity to name a few.


MAD July 6, 2022

A band who has been on hiatus for the last eight years is back with a new EP and we'll play a preview of it for you, alongside new songs from Manic Drive and Bayless. And in our Impact Devotional we'll learn about the importance of looking back and remembering what God has done in the past.


MAD June 1, 2022

You'll hear the latest singles from artists like Memphis May Fire, Spoken, the Protest and Manafest. Kristen will fill you in on how you can see a festival featuring performances from Anberlin and the Red Jumpsuit Aparatus for free. And in today's Impact Devotional we will discuss how God can use us despite our fears or feelings of inadequacy.


MAD February 2, 2022

We'll talk about the downside of some popular prayer apps. Kristen will fill us in on tour news from some Reach Records artists. And in our Impact Devotional, we'll learn how the light of Christ makes all the difference in our circumstances.


MAD Christmas Special 2021

Celebrate Christmas with MAD! On our 20th annual MAD Christmas Special, you'll hear non-stop Christmas music from your favourite artists, interviews, reflections on the season and more chances for you to win with MAD!


20th Anniversary Special

Join us as we celebrate 20 years since MAD first hit the airwaves! You'll hear the top songs of the past two decades, alongside artist interviews and chances for you to win in our biggest giveaway ever!