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Adventist Review is the official magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Adventist Review is the official magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


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Adventist Review is the official magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church






Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Love On Trial (August 7, 2020)

There is no prosecutor or court who dares to bring against our souls the charges we know to be true. At worst, they see the grander crimes—the times when carelessly we broke the law or took what never could be ours. But in our hearts, we know a catalogue of faults so dark, so cold, that nothing less than warming grace could ever resurrect our hope. And so the work of God is always to speak peace to fearful souls. “Come now,” invites the Father of us all, “let us reason together . . . though...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Why We Forgive (July 31, 2020)

If we took all our cues from culture and the wind, we would forgive another’s sin just to be rid of him and his unpleasantness. “Executive forgiveness” assumes that we should benefit from the transaction—that moving past our bitterness is the chief reason we forgive the one who wounded us. “Get over toxic feelings keeping you imprisoned,” a hundred self-help books inform us. “Discover liberation in forgiving those who injured you.” And like all harmful substitutes, there’s a gram of truth in...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Can't Help Ourselves (July 24, 2020)

The ache in every life is change—change bitter, deadly attitudes; change toxic habits that destroy our health; change self-defeating fantasies of privilege and power. That ache has pushed uncounted millions to quick-fix themselves, clean up their act. How do I tame my tongue? When will I control unproductive—and unholy—thoughts? Can I forgive my enemies? How will I pull myself from all the easy, sleazy ruts I traveled in for years? And so we buy the self-help books; we make our lists. We...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Say 'Thank You' (July 17, 2020)

The day we lose our gratitude is when we learn how tough life is. Like three-year olds asserting self, we claim we don’t need help or guidance. “I’ll do it by myself,” we say, though what we are attempting is far harder than clean faces or shoelaces. And so we sally forth to fix what’s broken in our world and us. When friendships fray, we use our wits, and watch in sadness till they’re permanently lost. We climb the office steps, dismayed that we are out of breath from all the jockeying and...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Believably Good News (July 10, 2020)

“That’s unbelievable,” we say, by which we mean “surprising. “Incredible,” we gasp, when we should say “amazing.” But the good news of the Father’s love for us was meant to be believed—trusted, taken in, absorbed—even when it runs against the grain of all the hard-edged stories some have told of Him. While young in faith, our ears were sometimes filled with stories of an angry God, a frowning deity who took His vengeance out in hurricanes and settled scores with thunderstorms. By all...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Opening The Gates (July 3, 2020)

Within the castle of our fears, inside the moat well-filled with pride, we wonder why this life we chose seems lonely and unhappy. Our citadel seems much more like a prison. We wanted strength, we said, so we built battlements and gates to keep our painful secrets safe. We rarely let the drawbridge down, for we have much to guard. But from the turret we can see a joyous life we long to live—a liberated life, well-filled with love, with kindly people laughing, caring, trusting and forgiving....


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: One Good Work (June 26, 2020)

Our stories are distressingly familiar. We start each week, or each new day, with adamant intention: I will lose weight; I won’t lose patience with the kids; I’ll treat my colleagues kindly; I won’t waste hours surfing on the Web. And only hours or days later, we note the uptick on the scale; the strangely quiet children who endured our angry words; the whispering around the water cooler; the useless rantings of a hundred posts that only fenced us off from love. Our best intentions are like...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Walking Together (June 19, 2020)

We haven’t lived the same life stories, or even understood each other from the start. Our differences are many and profound. Our ancestors didn’t share the same small towns in Poland, Ghana, Mississippi or Nebraska. We didn’t attend the same schools; have similar access to good jobs; like the same food or music at our picnics; or experience equal pay—or equal justice. We hurt differently, but we know what pain is. We grieve our losses and celebrate our joys in ways uniquely meaningful to us....


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Righting Our Wrongs (June 12, 2020)

My story of grace starts with an admission I was wrong—lost, stubbornly resistant—and will be many times before my journey is complete. In the overarching narrative of grace, there’s only One who ever got it truly right—only One who both believed and lived perfectly. It was Jesus—not me—who never needed to apologize, or make amends, or ask forgiveness for a fault. And so the community that gathers around Him—the believers who follow Him wherever He goes—are men and women increasingly aware...


Dixil Rodriguez: Forecast: Heavy Rain (June 2020)

Dixil Rodriguez serves as a hospital chaplain.


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: First Personal Plural (June 5, 2020)

The Biblical prophet Daniel, about whom no mistake is ever recorded, is found in the book that bears his name “confessing my sin and the sin of my people” (Daniel 9:20). This is how grace acts in times of national and international tragedy—not for “me and mine” but for “us and ours.” Grace doesn’t say, “It wasn’t my fault: I kept myself pure from disease,” or “I’m not responsible for the sins of my ancestors.” Grace moves us to accept responsibility for our neighbor’s faults and the bigotry...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Widening The Circle (May 29, 2020)

An old and wintry tale records a farmer’s frozen prayer: "God bless me and my wife, our son John and his wife--us four and no more. Amen." We smile, for we’ve known Christians who sometimes prayed like that. Sometimes we were those Christians. It’s in our nature to want good things for ourselves—and the grace and blessings of the Father are certainly good things. We spend our praying on the things we need—patience with our children; forgiveness for our wandering; stamina to get through one...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Received—And Given (May 22, 2020)

Those who most need grace from us are those who see us at our best—and at our worst; the people who share houses, schools and cubicles with us. They sleep on the other side of the bed, or in the bedroom down the hall. They are the parents who seemed never to believe in us, or relatives who expect us to give endlessly. They work in the corner office, behind the counter, or any of a hundred places where expectations sometimes clash. They differ on food choices, paint colors, politics and...


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Grace Without Fear (May 15, 2020)

Those who fear that a rich embrace of grace always leads us to be careless about following Jesus only illustrate how fear distorts reality. Grace is not—nor ever was—permissiveness. In the center of the story, Jesus dies upon a cross—because the Father’s perfect law required every sinner’s death, or the death of the only One who could atone for them. Grace is not—now or ever—forgiveness without consequences. Lashed and beaten, Jesus bore the punishment we earned, the wages of our sin. “He...


Jared Thurmon: Signs of the End (May 2020)

Jared Thurmon is ardently devoted to God's Word and coordinates marketing efforts for Adventist Review Ministries.


Jared Thurmon: Signs of the End (May 2020)

Jared Thurmon is the liaison for strategic partnerships and coordinates marketing efforts for Adventist Review Ministries.


Transformation Tips: A Bible Primer For Crisis Management (May 2020)

Dr. Delbert Baker is the vice chancellor of Adventist University of Africa, near Nairobi, Kenya.


Brinda Kiš: The Offer (May 2020)

Brinda Kiš writes from Berrien Springs, Michigan, where she seeks to serve God through spoken and written words.


Searching The Obvious: How Are We Doing? (May 2020)

Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?”(Psalm 139:7, NRSV) “Searching the Obvious” focuses on how the Holy Spirit is ever active in our surroundings and in our lives, urging us to serve others. Personal stories challenge the reader to be mindful of our Christian Walk, recognize our own fallibility and slow down to ‘search the obvious’, the active presence of the Holy Spirit ever always around us. Dixil Rodriguez writes from Ohio, USA.


Bill Knott's GraceNotes: Grace Reaching (May 1, 2020)

An old—and unworkable—policy from the Chicago trainyards once declared: “When two engines approach each other on the same track, neither can move until the other moves first.” It reads like an all-too familiar description of what happens when we find ourselves in conflict with someone. We stay put; we sit tight. We wait for the other to make the first move toward apology or reconciliation. Just as soon as our wounded pride is soothed and our correctness underlined, we’ll become—we...