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Adventist Review is the office Magazine of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Adventist Review is the office Magazine of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
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Adventist Review is the office Magazine of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church






A Hymn To Grace (August 17, 2018)

It’s tough to sing of liberating grace when all we know are dirges about effort. We chorus qualities designed to keep us climbing (ever upward!)—songs of courage, risk, and faith—but then discover that we’re badly, sadly lacking in all three. Our promises are “ropes of sand.” Our self-talk leads to critical self-doubt. Unyielding guilt dries up our tongues. But there’s an anthem tuned to hope, and yes, it’s all about the Lord: “We have heard a joyful sound—Jesus saves, Jesus saves!” The...


GraceNotes: God’s Gracious Timeline (August 10, 2018)

Believing in the grace of God includes believing that it came to us at the right time. In kindness, Jesus offers us the lifeline just when we want and need it—neither too soon, when we would have scoffed at rescue, nor too late, when we would have been completely sunk. If we imagine we would have welcomed grace much earlier, we underestimate our own deceitful hearts—and underestimate God’s deft and flawless timing. God’s grace is always right on time—at just the point we finally agree how...


ViewPoint: Staying Out (August 2018)

Bill Knott is the Executive Editor of Adventist Review Ministries and shares his monthly editorials in this podcast, ViewPoint.


House Call: From Parent To Child (August 2018)

Reminiscent of the time when part of a family physician’s modus operandi was visiting patients in their homes, “House Call”—a regular column in Adventist Review magazine provides evidenced-based and biblically sound health-related counsel to AR readers and now listeners. Drs. Peter N. Landless and Zeno L. Charles-Marcel, both board certified physicians address physical and emotional concerns from a whole-person health-care perspective—as well as offer the added benefits of biblical wisdom....


Wilona Karimabadi: Remember (August 2018)

In Other Words is the opinion page of Adventist Review staff: wide ranging, as befits the thinking of a group spanning multiple generations and encompassing more than half a dozen nationalities; spiritually earnest, as reflecting the thinking of a team of mature Christian professionals in areas as varied as journalism and technology, education and business, biblical studies and theology; sometimes lighthearted, always relevant. Wilona Karimabadi is the assistant editor of the Adventist...


GraceNotes: In Full (August 3, 2018)

For all the healing that it brings, grace causes one great, fatal injury. Our pride—the jest that we are masters of our fate—cannot survive when we admit how fully lost we are—and fully saved because of grace. To be in grace is to always be in debt—gladly, joyfully in debt to One who smiles at all our ledgers. Christ paid the debt, erased the loss, so satisfied His Father’s justice that it now appears we never sinned. And so we dare not glory in ourselves: we glory only in the cross. The...


Digging Deeper: Deception (August 2018)

Have you ever been deceived? Led to believe something that wasn’t true? In a world of fake news, false religions, and “faceless” social media relationships, how can we know what’s real? Theologians Richard Davidson and John McVay, together with national journalist Mark Kellner, share unique perspectives on how even Christians—who may feel they’ve “cornered the market” on truth—can avoid being steered down the wrong path. Listen to the new podcast produced by the Adventist Review audio team...


GraceNotes: All of Grace (July 27, 2018)

Grace is a great and cosmic love that reunites our lives to God—and a hundred daily miracles that illustrate what deep affection heaven holds for each of us. The phone call from a long-lost friend; the bit of birdsong heard between the din of passing cars; a child’s note with big red hearts left where we couldn’t miss it—these are the evidences of grace that draw us to a close-in Lord who loves to see us happy, full, and satisfied. Grace is Christ’s kind attentiveness to all that makes us...


GraceNotes: Glorious Exception (July 20, 2018)

Human nature being what it is—unkind, ungenerous, and unmerciful—it’s nothing short of amazing that the one who loved to call Himself the Son of Man could have lived with such consistent tenderness and grace. Jesus is that great exception to our otherwise unbroken rule of brokenness and sin. The unfallen one of us—whom heaven also affirmed as Son of God—offers us the grace we have no right to offer ourselves and rarely offer to each other. We follow Him in hope, believing that His saving...


GraceNotes: The Reach of Grace (July 13, 2018)

It is the glory—and the mystery—of the gospel that the Lord of everything is also the Lord of grace. Infinite power is matched by inexhaustible tenderness. Unrivaled authority is paired with unrelenting kindness. The Judge of all offers Himself as the Saviour of all—an act so rare, so incandescent in the darkness of our world, that we are driven to our knees in awe and adoration. Christ takes on Himself the sentence that His justice mandates for our sin. And we who did the crime may do the...


Digging Deeper: The Trinity (July 2018)

Have you ever wondered about the mystery of the Godhead? The latest issue of Adventist Review’s “Digging Deeper” series tackles the hot issue of the Trinity head on. Listen to the new podcast produced by the Adventist Review Audio team and join the conversation.”


GraceNotes: A Victory For Grace (July 6, 2018)

The decision to forgo revenge is an early sign that grace is really changing how we think and act. The old and “natural” response is far too easy—to wound when we are wounded; to scorn when we are scorned; to satisfy our sense of fairness by perpetuating the unfairness. Unless renewed by grace, we take out eyes and punch out teeth, asserting this is “justice.” But Jesus shows another way—the wise absorption of the blow that cancels, disempowers, and finally defeats it. When we forgive, we...


Cliff’s Edge: The Apocalyptic Monsters Category (July 2018)

For about 25 years now, the Adventist Review has been publishing Clifford Goldstein’s column. Called Cliff’s Edge, it deals with a host of issues regarding faith, theology, philosophy, science and just about anything else he can think of that he thinks is relevant and faith-affirming.


Lael Caesar: For Peace? (July 2018)

Dr. Lael Caesar is the associate editor of the Adventist Reveiw magazine.


Searching The Obvious: Standing Ovation (July 2018)

“Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7; NRSV) “Searching the Obvious” focuses on how the Holy Spirit is ever active in our surroundings and in our lives, urging us to serve others. Personal stories challenge the reader to be mindful of our Christian Walk, recognize our own fallibility and slow down to ‘search the obvious’, the active presence of the Holy Spirit ever always around us.


GraceNotes: Grace and Self-Denial (June 22, 2018)

Beware the musings of your heart when it concludes, “I am alright. I’m not in need. Christ needn’t spend His grace on me.” The subtlety of self-deception makes us award ourselves whatever growth in godliness we’ve lived. We say that we resisted the temptation, achieved a victory, did our part. But here we tell profound untruth. Only “Christ in us” caused us to choose justice, or be merciful, or avoid the hurtful thing. Only Jesus merits favor. Only grace deserves applause. We are—at...


Introducing The Why: Applying Filters

A veteran columnist of the Adventist Review, Jimmy Phillips’ Introducing the Why focuses on practical insights from the author’s experiences that get to the point of what matters most in the Christian walk. Unafraid to get deeply personal, Phillips continues to bring readers on a journey that has seen him graduate college, get married and become a parent over the past 10 years — with a few hi jinxes along the way. Through stories and anecdotes, Phillips relentlessly points his readers and...


GraceNotes: Changing The Storyline (June 15, 2018)

GraceNotes is a weekly publication of Bill Knott, Editor/Executive Publisher of Adventist Review/Adventist World magazines.. Take the opportunity to share a favorite GraceNote from this page with someone you’re praying for, or someone who simply needs to hear the good news of God’s unfailing love.


GraceNotes: Grace and Patience (June 8, 2018)

GraceNotes is a weekly publication of Bill Knott, Editor/Executive Publisher of Adventist Review/Adventist World magazines.. Take the opportunity to share a favorite GraceNote from this page with someone you’re praying for, or someone who simply needs to hear the good news of God’s unfailing love.


Digging Deeper: Mark of the Beast (June 2018)

Digging Deeper is a monthly podcast focusing on one of the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For the month of June the podcast focuses on the Mark of the Beast as found in Revelation 13 and 18.