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Born to Win's Daily Radio Broadcast and Weekly Sermon. A production of Christian Educational Ministries.

Born to Win's Daily Radio Broadcast and Weekly Sermon. A production of Christian Educational Ministries.


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Born to Win's Daily Radio Broadcast and Weekly Sermon. A production of Christian Educational Ministries.




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Old Testament Trumpets

LordHello everyone and welcome to the Christian Educational Ministries Weekend Bible Study. In anticipation of the coming biblical holiday, the Feast of Trumpets, tonight we are pleased to present another timeless study from the CEM Vault by Ronald L. Dart. Join us now for Mr. Dart’s inspiring sermon on both the history and prophetic significance of .


A Day of Wrath



The Book of Samuel #20

I bought a CD course on the Old Testament once, because I was considering teaching an online course myself. I hadn’t got very deep into the first disc before the teacher said flatly that King David did not actually exist. She was assuming that the stories about David were a Hebrew myth. I went no further. The teacher was revealing a radical position on the Old Testament that was of no value to me. Even from a non-believer’s point of view, David is one of most real characters in the Bible....


The Book of Samuel #16

It is hard to think of a family situation worse than one created by a man named Amnon, the son of David. It was event of sexual violence, ultimately leading to bloodshed. But considering what David had done with Bathsheba, and the wretched example it set, it is just as hard to think this event was not connected, somehow. But there is a lesson or two to be learned here. The first is that the biblical account says that Amnon Tamar—his half-sister. I’m afraid the Bible here uses the word in...


The Book of Samuel #11

War makes strange bedfellows sometimes. It’s possible that David might well have been an ally of the Philistines when they went to war against Israel and Saul. It’s hard to imagine David at war with Israel, but it was on its way to happening…except for one thing—the lords of the Philistines didn’t trust him and wouldn’t bring him into combat. After all, David had killed more than a few Philistines in his time, and they just didn’t much like the man. But bad things were going on while David...


The Book of Samuel #4

Freedom is a terrible burden to bear, and it is a sad fact of life that men are all too willing to lay down that burden in the name of security or some other combination of social goods that are promised by political leaders. We need to think about this, because the result of laying down the burden of freedom is the laying down of freedom itself. One of the times of the greatest freedom a people could ever have enjoyed was the period of time described in the Bible in the Book of Judges. It...


Israel & the Covenant #2

If you are a Christian, and a thoughtful person, somewhere along the way, you have probably wondered about the relationship of the Jewish people to God. You know that there is no salvation in any other name than Jesus, and yet you also know that God made a covenant with Israel, and that he is not through with them yet. Their very survival would seem to suggest that since, against all odds, and against great opposition, the nation of Israel was established in the land of Israel after WWII....


Israel & the Covenant #1

Jews and Christians have been conflicted about one another for a very long time. After all, they worship the same God, and the Jewish Bible forms the largest part of the Christian Bible. But the difference runs deeper than that between, say, Protestants and Catholics. The dialogue seems to run deeper between Roman Catholics and Jews, probably because they have a longer history of tension between them. A lot of progress has been made since WWII in relations between the two religions. A...


The Anger of God

Does God get angry? We know he does—everyone has heard about —but, you know, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people don’t see what God has to be angry about. When they read scriptures about the wrath of God, they shiver a little, but they really don’t understand. They either think of God as an irascible tyrant, or they just don’t believe he is really all that angry. Between the movies and , everyone knows how the death of the firstborn in Egypt was the means God used to finally...


Knowing God #8

Would you agree that Jesus was a good man? I doubt that we could find anyone who would argue to the contrary. Would you then agree that Jesus was a righteous man? I am reasonably sure you would. But what exactly does that mean? I have asked the question: If you only had a short time to tell someone about God, what would you want to be sure and tell them. Each of us might have our own list, but God gave us his in Jeremiah 9. The last thing on God’s list of things he wants us to know and...


Knowing God #7

If you sit down to read the Old Testament, you’re very likely to come across some events that are profoundly disturbing. There are instances where God commands Israel to wipe out whole cities—men, women, children, and animals. And it is not easy to reconcile these events with what we otherwise know about the nature of God. People make two big mistakes when they tackle this issue. They try to justify God or they condemn God for allowing bad things to happen. As to the first error, God is...


Knowing God #6

We know from God’s own testimony that it possible, not only to know God, but to understand him. But to really know and understand God at a personal level, one has to know Jesus. On the night of the last supper, Jesus had a rather long dialogue with his disciples. He said something quite remarkable and puzzling, recorded in John 14. It almost sounds as if Jesus is saying that he is the Father. But that can’t quite be true. Jesus is on earth and the Father is in heaven, and they talk to each...


Knowing God #5

When you have a limited time to tell someone about God, what are the important things for a person to know? For a person who knows nothing about God, I would be hard-pressed to start anywhere except with the simple concept of God as creator. What is interesting is that this is precisely the place the founding fathers of our country started in laying out their case for independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their...


Knowing God #4

Speaking to the young prophet named Jeremiah, God had this to say about himself: But let him that glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who exercises lovingkindness, justice, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, says the Lord. Now I would be the first to admit that there is a problem with this, at least on the surface. There is a tension between a God who exercises loving-kindness on the one hand and judgement on the other....


Knowing God #3

Have you ever heard of the Bible? No, I am not making a joke. Back in the very earliest days of printing with movable type, someone made a mistake in setting the words of the seventh commandment, and out came a Bible which read, And as ridiculous as it sounds, I have a legitimate question: There are those who argue for the abolition of divine law, but for that to be possible, the law itself must be arbitrary. That is, God could just have easily said as to say Now I’ll guess that you...


Knowing God #2

Some people are fond of speaking of God as omnipresent, everywhere at once, present in every blade of grass, existing throughout the entire universe. But they never seem to consider that in the process they depersonalize God and that they are advocating a kind of pantheism. Yet the Bible reveals a God is a and acting in time and space. You can think of God presenting himself as standing alongside a road talking to a man named Abraham about his plan. This aspect of God is revealed in the...


Knowing God #1

If you only had a short time to tell someone about God, what would you tell them? What is the most important thing to know about God? In a way, we may think we don’t know much about God—that God is some great mystical being of whom we only have the faintest idea. But if we think very long about this, we are liable to find that some of the things we about God are contradictory. This suggests that we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere and that leads to an important principle found in...


To Honor God

Once upon a time, there was a people who had returned to their homeland after a generation in exile. They had been tasked by God with repairing the Temple and restoring worship. It wasn’t that God dwelt in houses made with hands; the Temple was symbolic, a center of worship, a reminder of who God is—really—and of what is really important about life. But life wasn’t working very well for them. They were in the middle of an economic failure—a position not unlike where we often find ourselves....


It's in Your Genes

It is always refreshing when science catches up with common sense. For a long time, specialists of one stripe or another argued that what makes us who we are happened as a result of heredity. Or they argued that it is all a matter of environment, of learned behavior. At the same time, I think most of us intuitively believed that it was a matter of heredity, environment and experience that shaped our character. Now, with the human genome project making enormous progress, we are learning that...


Eyes to See

The Bible says the first man was made out of dirt. Scientists says life might have originated out of green slime. That's close enough to agreement for the moment. The point being that somewhere between dirt or green slime, and the man we see standing before us, something had to be done. Not just something. A lot of stuff had to be done, and when you really look at it the implications are awesome. For example, I have to see my eye doctor three times a year, and I am always left waiting in...