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Sunday Sermons that reveal the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and challenge the Christian people

Sunday Sermons that reveal the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and challenge the Christian people


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Sunday Sermons that reveal the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and challenge the Christian people




How to Stand Firm When the World is Shaken | #1021

Palm Sunday - The earth shakes, the guards shake, the disciples’ faith is shaken. But Jesus stands firmly rooted in prayer. Make time to pray every day. When your world is shaken, have confidence that nothing can shake God’s love for you.


Spring Training: Bring Out Your Dead Dreams | #1020

Lent 5 - Jesus weeps for you. He cares about what you are suffering, but he also has a better plan than the hopes and dreams that have died. Trust your friend Jesus. Start preparing now for that moment when Jesus will call you by name: Friend, Come Out!


Spring Training: How to See the World Through God’s Eyes | #1019

Lent 4 - Jesus opens the eyes of the blind man. His family and the leaders refuse to see what he sees. Do you want to see as God sees? Then learn the four steps relational prayer: Acknowledge, Relate, Receive, Respond.


Spring Training: Social Distancing | #1018

Lent 3 - The woman at the well is practicing “social distancing.” She has distanced herself from others but Jesus is still close to her. Her habits and relationships haven’t satisfied her, but Jesus does. He is waiting to satisfy you.


Spring Training: Your Coach is a Star

Lent, 2nd Sunday (A) Last week I preached on the first rule of the spiritual life: say Yes to God and No to the enemy. If we want to succeed at our Lenten Spring Training, we need to listen to our coach. Today’s readings tell us that Abram listened to God’s voice and did as the Lord directed him. We ... Read More


Spring Training: Listen to Your Coach | #1017

Lent 1 - How do we know it’s really God speaking to us? St Ignatius helps us understand that when we are moving towards God, the good spirit encourages us and the bad spirit tries to discourage us. If it’s Jesus calling, say Yes. Ignore the other voices.


Lent: Spring Training for your Soul | #1016

Ash Wednesday - You are called to be a saint, not a spiritual slacker. To live as Jesus lived you’ll need to be a giver, a person of prayer, and sacrifice joyfully. It’s not going to be easy so expect to be uncomfortable. Welcome to spring training!


Lent is Like Learning to Kayak Upside-Down | #1015

Ordinary 7 - Jack saw God in others, and others saw God in him. Jesus calls us to a complete love, including even our enemies. Learn to face your fears. Learn to be OK with being uncomfortable. And you will find the strength to love even your enemies.


Do You Hear the People Sing at Your Final Curtain Call? | #1014

Ordinary 6 - Accept your Father’s lordship by following His commandments. Make Sunday Mass a priority in your life. Accept your Father’s help by nurturing the Holy Spirit with daily prayer. We must all face the music. Do you hear the people sing?


A Life Lived for Others | #1013

Ordinary 5 - Our political system rewards those who build themselves up and pull others down. But St. Paul and Dr. Nakamura show us a different way. God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others. Give and serve generously this week.


Even More to be Grateful For | #1012

Presentation of the Lord (February 2) - I have been filling my Gratitude Jar every week. It makes me see more things to be grateful for. God’s light is always shining even with things on dark. Focus on God’s light and you will be filled with light.


Light Up Your World with the Love of Jesus | #1011

Ordinary 3 - Jesus is the Light of the World. He enters the Temple on the feast of the presentation and two old people greet him. Brenda welcomed the Light and it began to shine within her. Welcome Jesus and you too will be a light in the darkness.


A Life Without Jesus is Pointless | #1010

Ordinary 2 -You will not begin to truly live until you have found something, or someone, worth dying for. The earlier missionaries and martyrs of La Florida were willing to die for Christ. Jesus is the point. A life that doesn’t point to Him is pointless.


Soaking in the Love of God | #1009

Baptism of the Lord (A) Part 1 - Jesus gives himself to us in Holy Communion. One way of doing this is called intinction. Part 2 - Jesus is baptized for us. We need to soak in God’s love so that it will squish out everywhere we go.


Return Home by Another Way | #1008

Epiphany (TEC Retreat Homily) The wise men teach us that a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing. How can we life a different life after retreat? By focusing on God whether things are good or bad. Mary will help. *SORRY POOR RECORDING*


A Jar Full of Christmas Joy | #1007

January 1 - Mary had the most deep personal relationship with God that we can imagine. She wants to help make our hearts, and homes, like hers. This year write down a weekly blessing and store it in a quart jar. Ponder God’s gifts in your heart.


Want More Peace in Your Family? Do This One Thing | #1006

Holy Family - All that family togetherness over Christmas probably taught you that you’re not the Holy Family. What was their secret? Jesus was obedient to his earthly parents, and Mary was obedient to Joseph, because Joseph was obedient to God.


This Year Elves Put Up My Christmas Tree | #1005

Christmas - We hide from the darkness of our past and our fears. Jesus comes to be your friend, a friend who is the Light. He loves you and wants a relationship with you. What do you have to do? Just leave the door unlocked!


All He Wants for Christmas is You | #1004

Advent 4 - God offers the gift of a relationship with Himself. Joseph welcomes the Christ Child even though it totally changes his plans. Are you willing to let friendship with God be the most important thing in your life?


What is the Reason for the Season? The Answer Will Surprise You | #1003

Advent 3 - Jesus comes to rescue us from lies of the Enemy. God has not abandoned you. Your sinfulness is the reason for the season. We can trust God. If your Advent season has proven your need for a savior, then Rejoice, because the Lord is near.