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Publishing and Writing in Fullness

Do you have a book inside you? When is a story ready to be told? Despite modern screen technology, books continue to transcend the generations. Where would Jesus and Christianity be without a Bible; a written record of everything that happened? This is the story of publishing and writing in fullness. Fullness is whatever comes our way. It is a confidence that whatever does come our way, all will be fine. Publishing your book is way to get that fullness out of you, and into the world. Jeremy...


What an Unveiled Christian Should Look Like - Jeff Randle

Jeff Randle of Unveiled Life joins us today to discuss the topic of unveiled Christianity and what a modern Christian is supposed to look like. Jeff talks about the various pillars of growth and power that believers have access to. In our discussion, we discuss the role of being in a different state of growth, and how weird things start to happen on this side of the cross. Later, we discuss what Jesus' hidden mission on the Earth. In this mission, we find out that in addition to, not only...


The Secrets to Deliverance with Alexander Pagani

Alexander Pagani, author to the book, "The Secrets of Deliverance" joins us today to speak about modernizing the ministry of deliverance. The usual things, prayers and formulas are not working as they once did. The Enemy has wised up to our moves and has adjusted accordingly. In this episode, Alexander talks about how this revelation changed the way he ministered, how the demonic can hide within "rooms" within the body, and how to eradicate them from various parts of the body. Hear a...


How to Turn Away from Sin and Never Go Back with Sophia Ruffin

Sophia Ruffin joins us today to speak about the topic of keeping your deliverance, and not falling back into the sin you were set free from. Sophia was delivered from the homosexual lifestyle, anger, lust, rage, bitterness and unforgiveness. In her book, "Set Free and Delivered," she outlines powerful strategies to fight back against the onslaught of the Enemy, declarations that bring about spiritual power in the fight, and encouragement to stay the course and maintain your freedom. As she...


Be Focused on the Right Kingdom

In a recent vlog video, entitled "The Volcano is About to Bow" I outlined for you changes that are coming to the world, culture, politics, media and the church, which will shake people to their core. Joining me today is Paul Bruno, who holds 4 degrees including a Masters in History. Paul is a brother in Christ, a great friend, and host of several radio shows including The History Czar and the Bible Czar. In this recording, we speak on the historical pattern of 70 year cycles that usher in...


The Optics and Effects of Bad Decisions

On this episode, I need to rant and get something off my chest. A local prominent Christian church and school abruptly closed and left hundreds of people in disarray, scrambling to find a new school during Spring Break. Since I have interacted with some people in this church, and attended for a brief period, I know first-hand about some of the factors involved. This is a case study breakdown of how bad planning and questionable decisions, lead to horrible optics for Christians, churches and...


Touched by Prayer with Lisa Perna

Lisa Perna is the host of the Touched by Prayer Internet Radio Talk Show. Lisa joins us today to talk about the inspiration for her program, what lessons she has learned from the guests and how the content has changed her perspective on God's heart. We discuss how the book, "The Shack" impacted her to begin her ministry work, the role of women in ministry and her personal experience with acceptance. Lisa tells us more about the women's conferences she started offering, teaching women how to...


Yoga and Mental Illness: What a Seer Saw About Yoga

Yoga and Mental Illness On this episode, Aspen Morrow, joins us to talk about the mental effects of yoga and the spiritual implications for the brain. Aspen is a recovered psych patient, a minister, Certified Brain Health Coach, Peer Support Specialist as well as author to the book, "Med Free: Bipolar." In the interview, we discuss Aspen's history and early exposure to the spirit realm, subsequent mental illness situations, and revelation of a seer ability, which allowed her to receive...


The Veil with Blake Healy

Book Link: Blake Healy, author to the book, "The Veil" joins us today to answer questions about seeing into the spiritual realm, and what lessons we can learn. Blake was born with a natural ability to visually see in the spirit, and has been practicing this skill for over 20 years. On the show, we cover the topic of the spiritual realm, angels and demons, the role of personal angels, spiritual effects on people, practical uses of this gift, and much more. Blake share...


How to Minister Self Deliverance - Michael W. Smith

MIchael W. Smith of and the Arizona Deliverance Center joins us today to discuss the topic of ministering deliverance and casting out demons from your own body. Michael has many years experience as a counselor and has ministered countless deliverance sessions. On this episode, Michael walks us through his system to minister deliverance for yourself when no one is available to help. This applies to physical, spiritual and mental needs, and has specific instructions on...


What's The Matter with Yoga with Corinna Craft

Corinna Craft joins us today, to discuss what problems exist with the practice of Yoga from a spiritual, physical and practical standpoint. Corinna shares her background as a practitioner and teacher for over 10 years, a dramatic supernatural revelation that led to two epic deliverances from Chinese Medicine and a spirit of Yoga, and what information she was able to extract in the process. Corinna was a Christian teaching secular yoga, and from her experience is compiling a future book...


7 Days with a Witch - Don Allen

In media, an element of hyperbole is often used to promote programs and interviews. This is not hyperbole, when I tell you, that if you're a Christian, you need to hear this interview, right now. Don Allen was at a tent revival in Kansas, as a local woman, an admitted high witch of the four corners, was coming to murder him. Don explains how instead of being killed, he managed to get her delivered, saved and set free, and overcome her power. In the 7 days following, he began to gather...


Tony Myers, Author of The Lord Jesus Healed Me

About the Book, "The Lord Jesus Healed Me:" In our darkest seasons of life, we often feel there is nowhere to turn. Tony Myers not only understands what this is like, but he is here to share his story and words of hope. The Lord Jesus Healed Me is the heartfelt and breathtaking memoir about one man’s transformation from a dying man without faith to a healed man with Jesus. Readers get a glimpse into the childhood and adult years that threatened to lose Myers in...


Grace for Forgiveness of Sins

Have you committed a sin, and felt like your entire standing with God unraveled? Have you been dealing with junk in your life that seems to constantly hold you down? Did you feel you were past certain sinful activities, but years later, to have then reappear again? Ron Bertam, trainer at Inside Out Training and Equipping School, joins us today to talk about how applying grace in your life, can equip you to overcome the sin, and walk in your rightful forgiveness. Ron shares his personal...


Prophetic Dreaming with Tom Scarella

Tom Scarella from Share the Fire speaks about Prophetic Dreaming and some crazy experiences from it.


Praying Medic on Sleep Paralysis and the Demons Involved

Praying Medic joins us on 360, to answer a listener question about sleep paralysis, night terrors and the demonic forces behind them.


Testimony of Travel in Spirit to Heal the Sick

At a ministry weekend event, myself and 3 others used a special method of prayer, to minister healing for a dying child. Hear the background story, how we approached it, and the final outcome.


10TipsForHealing - Jim Holtom - 04-06-16

Jim Holtom from shares 10 Tips to have success in healing ministry


Bruce Allen, Author of Gazing into Glory, Discussing The Glory Realm

Bruce Allen, author of Gazing into Glory, joins us today to help us unravel some of the mystery behind what is the "Glory" and the Glory Realm. Bruce shares topics from his book, and some personal experiences.


Steve Harmon talking about Holy Ghost Manifestations

Steve Harmon joins us today to talk about the inner workings and operations of the supernatural realm and about Holy Ghost Manifestations