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Chris Hohnholz: Discussion Cornucopia 2021

Chris Hohnholz is a parole and probation officer in Fernley, Nevada, near Reno, and host of Voice of Reason, a podcast he does with friend Richard Story, and part of the Christian Podcast Community. Chris joins me again, on the anniversary of the first ‘Discussion Cornucopia,' for a friendly discussion on a few varied topics. […]


Fred Butler: Royal Deceptions — Revisiting King James Onlyism

The first time I ever had Fred on the show was seven years ago, in May of 2014, to discuss King James Onlyism. Since then, Fred has updated his writing on the subject and put it into book form. He recently released Royal Deceptions: Exposing the KING JAMES ONLY Conspiracies Against God's Word. He returns […]


Steve Gretch: The Dangers of Conspiracy Theories

Outline of the Discussion A Biblical worldview can set us up for being more open to conspiracy theories than we might otherwise be. Further exacerbating a proclivity toward conspiracy theories is that a Biblical eschatology tells us what to expect for the future, but human nature causes us to fill in the gaps on how […]


Jim Rinard: Church Life

Jim Rinard is a friend from Southeast Illinois, and joins me to talk about life in a smaller town, and small to medium-sized church. Jim is a layman in his church, but has been teaching for about 30 years, and we talk about different ways in which people can serve in their local church, as […]


Michael Svigel: Urban Legends of Church History

Dr. Michael Svigel is Department Chair and Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He's also the author of Urban Legends of Church History: 40 Common Misconceptions. In this episode, we discuss a handful of the urban legends from the book, and get into some interesting aspects of both church history and theology in […]


Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler: 2020 Roundtable Discussion

Andrew Rappaport and Fred Butler are both return guests. There is no formal topic this month, instead we have a roundtable discussion, something we have done twice before as December episodes and really enjoyed. The topic starters for discussion are the topics discussed in the previous episodes of the show from 2020. Outline of the […]


Christopher Drew: Assurance of Salvation

Can we know for certain that we are saved, & possess eternal life? Is it important that we know if we will spend eternity with our Lord? How do we figure out if we are His? How does the knowledge of our Eternal State affect the way we live our lives? Chris Drew is pastor […]


Justin Peters: Discernment

Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. – Jude 3 Justin Peters, of Justin Peters Ministries, returns for his fourth episode of Echo Zoe Radio […]


Alan Kurschner: Problems with Pretrib

Alan Kurschner is a scholar and author, and joins me this month to discuss problems with the Pretrib Rapture view, with the basis of the discussion being the film that came out recently that he coproduced called “7 Pretrib Problems,” which is free to view and available on Youtube. Outline of the Discussion The Precursor […]


Eric Douma: Made in the Image of God

Eric Douma is pastor of Gospel of Grace Fellowship in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He joins me this episode to discuss the theological and logical implications of just what it means to be made in the Image of God. 26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let […]


Gabe Hughes: The Bible Project

Gabe Hughes returns for his fourth episode of Echo Zoe Radio. He’s pastor of Junction City First Southern Baptist Church, author, and creator of WWUTT, or When We Understand the Text, a ministry in which he creates Youtube videos, writes books, and has a daily podcast. For this episode, Gabe and I discuss “The Bible […]


Kofi Adu-Boahen: The Attributes of God

Kofi Adu-Boahen is an interim leader at Redeemer Bible Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. He returns to the podcast for this episode for a discussion on the Attributes of God. The topic is much bigger than can be discussed in one hour, so it’s our hope that this discussion will inspire people to dive into a […]


Chris Hohnholz: Discussion Cornucopia

Chris Hohnholz is a parole and probation officer in Fernley, Nevada, near Reno, and host of Voice of Reason, a podcast he does with friend Richard Story, and part of the Christian Podcast Community. Chris joins me for this episode for a friendly discussion on a few varied topics. It’s a discussion cornucopia. Also, our […]


Ryan Habbena: The Noahide Laws

Ryan Habbena is pastor of Conquering King Fellowship church in Eagan, Minnesota, executive director of The Mount Moriah Foundation, and executive producer of “Jerusalem’s King,” and its upcoming sequel “The Conquest.” Ryan is also my most frequent return guest, and joins me today to talk about the Noahide Laws. If you’re unaware of what that […]


Jamal Bandy: Social Justice

Jamal Bandy is a fellow podcaster in the Christian Podcast Community. His show is called Prescribed Truth, and you can find it on the Christian Podcast Community site at Outline of the Discussion Jamal's podcast & Youtube channel – Prescribed Truth. Social justice started becoming apparent to Jamal after Donald Trump was elected, and […]


Bob DeWaay: Ephesians

Bob DeWaay is a theologian, and preacher at Gospel of Grace Fellowship church in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He has been preaching through the book of Ephesians, and returns this month to discuss the theology expressed within it. Outline of the Discussion A key topic within the epistle to the Ephesians is the Church. Paul […]


Jim Tingler: ITEC

Jim Tingler is the Director for Administration of a missions support organization called ITEC, or Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center, based in Dunnellon, Florida. ITEC has a fascinating origin story and a very cool mission. Outline of the Discussion ITEC's focus is: Developing, Equipping, and Training. They develop equipment that can be used by […]


Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler: 2019 Roundtable Discussion

Returning for another end-of-year Roundtable discussion is Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler. We discuss a few varying topics, inspired by previous episodes of Echo Zoe Radio from 2019 and other topics from current events. Outline of the Discussion We see popular “evangelicals” restricting the portions of the Bible that they consider authoritative because the other […]


Allen Nelson: God’s Holiness

Allen Nelson is the author of “Before the Throne: Reflections on God's Holiness,” and joins me this month to discuss God's Holiness, with discussion based on his book. Allen is pastor Perryville Second Baptist Church in Perryville, Arkansas. He also wrote “From Death to Life: How Salvation Works,” the subject of our discussion the first […]


Jim Osman: Spiritual Warfare

Jim Osman is pastor of Kootenai Community Church, in Kootenai, Idaho, and author of several books, including “Truth or Territory,” which is the basis for our discussion today. “Truth or Territory” walks the reader through the unbiblical teachings so prevalent today regarding Spiritual Warfare, and points us back to a Biblical understanding of our battle […]