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Koinonia This podcast was captured at a house meeting where Lisa talks about the potential of our fellowship as believers. She challenges the audience to consider whether or not they have experienced the genuine oneness and unity that is possible among brothers and sisters in Christ and whether or not they are walking in that fullness. Listen as Lisa empowers you by sharing that the key to experiencing a “koinonia” fellowship with others can only happen as we unify ourselves with Christ...


Who Is Writing Your Story

Who Is Writing Your Story? Lisa stirs up the truth in us that experiencing the God possibilities in our life is far more than knowing information - it is living out realities. Using the example of Jesus as a Master Story Teller, she also peels back the confines of the natural around us to reveal the supernatural of God who IS our reality! In this second part of her Power of a Story message, we see God’s invitation to participate in His joining of heaven and earth. And WE are that...


Stepping Into Your God Story

Stepping into Your “God Story” In this two-part podcast series, Lisa shares her story of stepping into ministry and the obstacles and “impossibilities” she faced and had to overcome. In this podcast she wants you to understand that there is a “God Story” already established for you, and that it is likely outside your natural realm of possibilities. Listen and be encouraged as you learn more about where she started and what she has faced as she journeys chapter by chapter through her “God...


If you were living a lie, would you want to know?

If you were living a lie, would you want to know? Too often our existing knowledge can be the barrier that keeps us from learning. In this podcast, Lisa reminds the listener that there may be things that you don’t know you don’t know. But if that were the case, would you WANT to know? Like the fig tree that had the appearance of promising fruit, but never delivered, are there places in your life where you are living misled or according to a false hope? Is it possible that those places are...


Launching Deeper

Launching Deeper Are you ready to shift deeper to where God is calling you? Listen as Lisa shares from Luke 5 where God exhorts Simon to launch out into the depths of the water, thus shifting into a new phase of ministry. Lisa not only walks through this passage, but shares her much of her own story of launching deeper into ministry: the sacrifices that were required, her doubts that needed to be reconciled and the waves that had to be overcome. She shares many personal stories, but wraps...


Mastering Your Seasons - Summer

Mastering Your Seasons: Summer Summer is typically a season of high activity. While it is also a break from the routine of regular schedule, we often find what should be a vacation ends up exhausting us and overtaking us. In this podcast, Lisa compares the spiritual season of summer to what it means to be overtaken by life. Too many times, we find ourselves pulled away from what is important and sucked into what seems urgent. Listen as Lisa walks you through how to discern the difference...


Joy Comes in the Morning Part 3 - Living In Joy

Joy Comes in the Morning Part 3 Living in Joy In the first two episodes of this podcast series we have learned what biblical joy is and the power joy has to activate breakthrough in our lives. But, how do we enforce those concepts in our lives so that they become the reality in which we walk? It is one thing to have information about joy; it is another to live in it! This podcast is all about how to release the joy of the Lord in your life. In Psalm 42, we can see how David wrestles with...


Podcast Plus - Overcoming Generational Curses

Overcoming Generational Curses Podcast Plus This Podcast Plus episode was captured in a small group setting for a conference breakout. It addresses the difference between sin and iniquity and how iniquities often mold our personality. The Bible says that Jesus was “wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities” (Is. 53), so what does that mean for us and how does that expand the understanding of freedom from sin? The Truth is, as believers, the full person of Jesus and His...


Joy Comes In the Morning, Part 2

Joy Comes In the Morning, Part 2 Mornings are a sweet reminder that there is always an end to the night. Likewise, though we often experience seasons of night, darkness, and coldness, as believers, we have this hope: morning will come. This message (part 2 of 3) not only affirms that, but also reminds you that darkness is simply the absence of light. As children of God, we carry the Light of Jesus, meaning, we have the power to breakthrough any darkness. How do we activate that...


Podcast Plus - Impacting Your Community

Impacting Your Community This message was captured at REACH Bible College in Fort Worth, Texas when I was asked to speak to the students on having a community impact as a Kingdom leader. What makes your mission valuable to your community? I believe that as a ministry leader, our mission should look beyond the walls of the ministry and into the community. We must strive to go beyond those we directly serve through our ministry services and intentionally connect with all the pillars of the...


Joy Comes in the Morning - Part 1

Joy Comes in the Morning Part 1 In Psalm 30:5, David reminds us that just as sure as the sun comes up, we can be confident that joy will always break through the darkness of any season as he proclaims, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” But isn’t it true that walking in joy is often difficult? Isn’t it true that we rely on the people, our circumstances, our jobs, our families, etc. to bring us joy? Isn’t true that we equate the attribute of joy with the...


Expecting the Increase

Expecting the Increase Are you expecting an increase in 2019? Are you expecting God to do more and more each year and do you expect personal and professional growth?! The podcast, Expecting the Increase, was a spontaneous message captured in Cincinnati that challenged everyone to consider how increase is a law of the Spirit. In Mark chapter 4, Jesus tells a parable about a man who throws seeds onto the earth and day and night, whether the man sleeps or works, the seeds sprout. That no...


This Is Me, Part 2

This is Me Part 2 The story of the woman caught in the act of adultery in John 8 gives us a great picture of all the different perceptions that we face on a daily basis. In this story, there was the opinion of those who were doing the stoning, the opinion of the crowd, and the opinion of Jesus. However, the only opinion that matters in that moment is the one the woman chooses to agree with. What she chooses to believe is what will form her paradigm. Will she believe that she is not worthy...


This Is Me, Part 1

This is Me Part 1 No doubt The Greatest Showman inspired all of us with its theme of loving who you are, no matter the perception of the world. It presents the idea of being willing to go against the grain, challenging status quo with no concern for the world’s paradigm. I believe the song, This is Me was a hit because it gives permission to be proud of who you are and the beauty of your creation. The lyrics declare that there IS indeed purpose for everyone just as you are…no matter...


Power of a Vision

The Power of a Personal Vision The Bible says in Proverbs, “A people without and vision perish.” Whether you realize it or not, we all live by vision. I am not talking about vision of the eye, but rather vision of the heart. Even those who don’t seem to have any unction or passion for life, still have vision, they have just taken their eye off of it… or maybe have yet to discover it. But, the reality is, it is our mind’s eye that stirs us to prosper in life; it is our intentional act of...


Knowing the Person of God

Knowing the Person of God There is a difference between the works of God and the person of God. I am personally inspired by Moses in the book of Exodus to seek more of who God is. After seeing the multiple miracles of God and being a part of the manifestation of those works, Moses still had a yearning inside of him to see even more of God. It was like he knew that all the miracles were simply the arm of God, and he wanted to see His heart, His nature, and know His person. Thus the...


Power of a Story

The Power of a Story When I was recently asked to give my testimony, I wanted to be sure that the audience didn’t walked away just learning about me, but rather learning about their own God possibilities. I wanted them to sense the stirrings of their own dreams within their hearts and imagine the power of their own stories; stories that were established before they were born… ordained and written in a book. (Psalm 139) Stories hold much power. They are more than just the giving of...


Activate Your Breakthrough

Activate Your Breakthrough I think it is fair to say that we have all experienced times when we know God has promised something, but you just can’t get seem to breakthrough to your “promised land.” It is times like this that we are prone to discouragement, doubt, and weariness, to name a few. Simply put, waiting for a breakthrough can be so frustrating! Often times, in the waiting, we find ourselves in a situation where we feel “trapped” and see no way out. We feel like no matter what...