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Overwhelmed Single Dad Is Transformed

Grammy award-winning music executive Robert Beeson found the “seduction of the industry” more powerful than his passion for his family. But then, his wife left him and their three daughters. Listen to how God helped Robert be a single dad and start a ministry to other single parents. “I really found comfort in God … and how much of a Father He was and how in control of things He was.”


An Olympic Gold Medalist’s Downfall and Second Chance

Sprinter Tim Montgomery was willing to do just about anything to be the world’s fastest man. But then he realized how destructive his life had become. Hear about his redemption on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories. “I was a cheater, I was a liar … and I wanted forgiveness from it all.”


MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell’s Unusual Journey from Drug Addict to Christ Follower

Before Mike Lindell was a follower of Jesus Christ and while he was using drugs, he was telling his drug-using friends about God. Today he has a much better idea of what he’s talking about. Listen to the story of how God has used Mike Lindell in the darkest and brightest times of his life to share the love of Jesus.


Heavy Metal Screamer Who ‘Cursed God’ Now Serves Him

Musician Austin Carlile ran away from God after his mom died unexpectedly. But even as he found success in the music industry, Austin couldn’t escape the pain of his past. Austin shares how and why he came back to his faith in Jesus on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories. “Any talent that God had given me, I want to use for God and to build His kingdom and to bring people to heaven.”


Christine Caine Shares Her ‘Unexpected’ Journey of Faith

After being sexually abused as a child, Christine Caine became a follower of Christ in her early 20s. Today, she’s an evangelist with a platform that takes her across the globe sharing the love of Jesus. Hear how God has been there for Christine during the most difficult and unexpected moments of her life. “When I think of the pain of the abuse of my past, I can see the redemption in the story of my present … and what the enemy meant for evil, God has worked it together for good.”


Cissie Graham Lynch: ‘My Mother … Has Been Incredible in My Life’

Franklin and Jane Graham’s daughter Cissie Graham Lynch talks about the influence of her mom, grandmother and other special women in her life. “A lot of moms feel uncomfortable talking to their kids about real issues. Not my mom.”


Two in a Million: Her Husband and Daughter Have Same Deadly Disease

Cameron James discovered the power of prayer, praise and Scriptures as she helped her daughter and husband fight an “ultra-rare” disease. “In my fear and in my disappointment and my panic, I have allowed Him to tend to me. He is the God of all comfort.”


‘He Came With a Gun … He Left With a Bible’

They faced threats and persecution, but that didn’t stop Dania Yadago and her family from sharing the love of Jesus in their Middle Eastern country. “There was so much growth … the Lord used our family in a village that did not know Christ.”


He Once ‘Hated All Arabs” Now He Rescues Them

“We load up armored vehicles, AKs, grenades, diapers and powdered milk and head right into the zone and risk everything in order to recover a child.” God’s love changed Victor Marx from the inside out after a traumatic childhood left him angry and broken. Now, Victor works to save other people from traumatic situations.


Blind Faith: Why Jennifer Rothschild Calls Her Loss of Sight a Gift from God

“The very thing, blindness, that should have taken me down, that’s the one thing that God has really used to give me a platform of ministry.” In this episode of GPS, author and Bible teacher Jennifer Rothschild describes what it’s like to go from having eyesight to losing it. She also shares about her family, ministry work, and relationship with Jesus


From Atheist to Defender of the Faith - Lee Strobel’s Story

Newspaper reporter Lee Strobel launched an investigation to disprove Christianity. What he discovered was not what he was expected. Today, Lee is a best-selling author, whose books defend the Christian faith. His book The Case for Christ was made into a movie about his search for truth. This episode features the music of Micah Tyler.


After ‘I Can Only Imagine’: Bart Millard’s Family Was ‘Hanging on by a Thread’ – Part 2 of 2

MercyMe’s Bart Millard talks about the struggles he faced after the huge success of the band’s song “I Can Only Imagine.” He also shares how God prepared him for the making of a movie about his life. Listen as Bart explains, “When I realized that my identity was not the success and failures of MercyMe … I started understanding who I actually am in Christ.”


‘I Can Only Imagine’: MercyMe’s Bart Millard Shares his Remarkable Story – Part 1 of 2

Listen to MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard tell how God transformed his father from a “monster” to a role model in the last few years of his life. The song Bart wrote about his father stepping into heaven has become the best selling Christian single of all time and also inspired a box office hit movie.


Unexpected Response from Victim of Racist Threats

Brent Campbell’s love for Jesus inspired his response to five white men who called him the n-word and threatened to kill him. That response got the attention of his college and a national news network. Listen to Brent tell the story of how God has given him a campus ministry that shares the Gospel of Jesus and works to bring about racial reconciliation.


‘Professional Party Animal’ Finds Peace with God

Ryan Ries had everything he thought would make him happy: money, drugs, and a rock star lifestyle. But Ryan was broken on the inside. On this episode of GPS, you’ll hear how a near-death experience set Ryan on a new path of true peace and happiness. He also talks about using the story of his past to share the love of Jesus with young people around the world.


Billy and Ruth Graham: ‘What a Remarkable Love Story’

From their first date to Billy Graham’s hope of being reunited with Ruth in heaven, listen to the story of their beautiful life together, as told by close friend David Bruce.


Philadelphia Eagles Team Chaplain: “Winning the Super Bowl to Declare Christ”

Pastor Ted Winsley wasn’t surprised when several Eagles players gave glory to Jesus Christ before and after their Super Bowl victory. Why? Because, as a team chaplain, Ted has seen a life-changing revival happen before his eyes within the Eagles organization. “What we’re seeing on the team is a cultural shift of love … the entire team is being impacted by a Kingdom culture.”


A Police Officer’s Struggle to Deal with Death and Grief

Virginia State Trooper Michael McSellers has seen a lot of horrible things during his law enforcement career. At his lowest point, Michael cried out to Jesus to rescue him from the pain that he couldn’t escape.


Conceived by Rape, Saved by Love

“My grandma had enough faith to make that decision that abortion was not going to be an option for her and her 15-year-old daughter.” Listen as Christian artist Jason Lovins shares his story of coming into this world, despite being a product of rape, and how a mother’s decision not to have an abortion can lead to much more than one could ever imagine.


An Affair, a Pregnancy and – Forgiveness

Audrey Meisner felt like she had “blown up” her whole family after she had an affair and became pregnant. Her husband Bob, a pastor, knew he had to forgive her. Together, they hoped God would rescue their family.