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God works in people’s lives in amazing ways every day. Listen to some of those stories here.

God works in people’s lives in amazing ways every day. Listen to some of those stories here.


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God works in people’s lives in amazing ways every day. Listen to some of those stories here.






NFL Player Leaves Multi-Million Dollar Deal to Help Those in Need

Former NFL player Jason Brown was the highest paid center in the league. For years he avoided having a relationship with Jesus Christ, but that all changed one night in 2011. “I said ‘tomorrow’ a thousand times, and again Jesus said ‘today.’" Shortly afterward, God called Jason to retire from the NFL and dedicate his life to feeding communities and families in need. Now, he owns and operates First Fruits Farm, where he donates almost all of his crops. Jason shares about it on this episode...


A Former Drug Addict’s Journey From Homelessness to Working for President Reagan to Sharing the Hope of Jesus

“All of these things would never have happened without Jesus being in my life.” Ken Barun calls himself one of the original hippies. Growing up in New York City, Ken fell into drug addiction in his teenage years. After ending up homeless in Houston, he got sober after someone told him that God had other plans for his life besides addiction. Ken went on to work in the White House with the Reagan administration and at McDonald’s doing charity work. But he still felt something missing in his...


Margaret Thatcher’s Press Secretary Forgives Bomber Who Almost Killed Him

Harvey Thomas was sound asleep in a hotel when a bomb planted by the Irish Republican Army exploded directly under him. He was catapulted through the roof of the building and buried under 10 tons of rubble. As a follower of Jesus Christ, Harvey realized he needed to forgive the man who planted the bomb. How would the bomber respond to Harvey? Listen to Harvey’s riveting story of working for Margaret Thatcher, facing death and meeting the terrorist who almost killed him. If you’re anxious...


2020 Recap with Franklin Graham: ‘Reaching People That Are Hurting’

From the fear and suffering brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to social unrest in the summer and a contentious election season, 2020 was filled with pain and difficulty. On this year-end edition of GPS, you’ll hear the stories of people who responded to the challenges of 2020 in a variety of ways, including Franklin Graham. We hope it will be a reminder that God hasn’t left us during these dark days, and that He holds the future as we head into 2021. If you’re anxious or fearful and...


From a ‘Street Kid’ in Uganda to Foster Dad in America

Peter Mutabazi spent his childhood feeling alone and forgotten in the streets of Kampala, Uganda, until the generosity of one family changed his life forever. That family taught Peter about the love of Jesus Christ and what it meant to be loved and affirmed. Now, as a foster and adoptive parent, Peter shares that same love and generosity with children in America. If you’re anxious or fearful and would like to pray with someone, call the Billy Graham Prayer Line at 1-888-388-2683. Learn...


Agnostic Pastor Drives Christian Pop Singer to Find Truth

Alisa Childers was a member of the Christian pop group ZOEgirl. When the group broke up and Alisa joined a Nashville church, she discovered her pastor was a self-described “hopeful agnostic.” Under his Bible study teaching, Alisa’s faith was “getting wrecked.” Determined to find the truth about Jesus, Alisa was shocked at the amount of evidence she found. If you’re anxious or fearful and would like to pray with someone, call the Billy Graham Prayer Line at 1-888-388-2683. Learn more about...


Billy Graham’s Sister: ‘I’ve Always Just Adored Him’

Jean Graham Ford is Billy Graham’s younger sister. She has a unique perspective on the world-famous evangelist, who she affectionately called “Billy Frank.” On this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories., hear humorous and warm memories of her brother—and also get to know Jean Graham Ford better. Through hardships such as facing polio as a child, losing her 21-year-old son to a heart disorder and walking with her daughter through breast cancer, she has relied on Jesus Christ. If you’re...


Skillet’s John Cooper: ‘It’s Amazing How Much Lies Can Sound Like Truth’

John Cooper knows what it feels like to feel hurt, broken and angry. He knows what it feels like to question God and cry out for help. And because he knows Jesus, John has the answer to life’s problems. He’s committed to sharing that truth with people around the world through rock music. John is the lead singer of the band Skillet and he joins us on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories. You’ll hear John talk about the tragedy of losing his mom to cancer as a teenager, seriously...


Army Chaplain: Finding Peace in Hard Times

Douglas Carver is a retired general who served as Chief of Chaplains for the U.S. Army. He spent nearly thirty years caring for the spiritual needs of soldiers. On this episode of GPS, he shares stories of ministry—including ones about Thanksgiving and being under fire during a Christmas service in wartime Iraq. If you’re anxious or fearful and would like to pray with someone, call the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Prayer Line at 1-888-388-2683. Learn more about beginning a...


Movie Star Steve McQueen’s Unlikely Journey to Fame and Faith

Steve McQueen was an iconic movie star. He chased after fame and fortune, and found them--in a big way--but it wasn’t enough. He kept searching for something he couldn’t identify. Until he found Jesus Christ. Marshall Terrill has written a biography of the actor. Listen as he recounts Steve McQueen’s unlikely journeys to stardom and faith in Jesus. If you’re anxious or fearful and would like to pray with someone, call the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Prayer Line at...


Philadelphia Eagles Team Chaplain on Following God’s Plan

Ted Winsley heard God call him to be a pastor at the age of 16. But when Ted learned what kind of lifestyle that would require, he ran away from God to chase wealth and pleasure instead. Still, God continued to work in Ted’s life and he finally surrendered his heart to Christ. Ted became a chaplain for the Philadelphia Eagles, and God used his life experiences to help him connect with pro football players. Ted shares how he’s seen God work in the lives of those players on this episode of...


Pastor Imprisoned for His Faith Finds a Deeper Relationship with Jesus

“The sense of God’s presence completely left me … and I felt the silence of God.” Andrew Brunson and his wife Norine had served as missionaries in Turkey for more than 20 years when Andrew was falsely charged with being part of a terrorist organization. He was held in prison for more than two years, while people around the world prayed and petitioned for his release. It was an incredibly difficult time. Andrew struggled with feeling weak, alone and even suicidal. But he never lost his...


From Witchcraft to Freedom in Christ

After she was sexually abused by a man who claimed to be a Christian, Liz Jester rejected God and started exploring other religions. “I thought … I have all this bitterness and anger towards the church, but maybe there’s a way to seek God outside of the church.” Her exploration of New Age Spirituality led her down a dark path of witchcraft and idol worship as she fell deeper into depression. Then a solo trip to Europe and the Middle East led her to a life-changing discovery. You can...


Rescued From Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“I can’t possibly sit in this space for the next several hours by myself. I will die.” When Rebekah Lyons moved to New York City with her family, she began experiencing extreme panic attacks that were triggered by tight spaces. Rebekah also began having flashbacks to when she thought she was dying while giving birth to her son years earlier. As Rebekah found freedom from anxiety, she launched a writing and speaking career to help others struggling with mental health issues. She shares her...


Freed from Addiction: A Christian Singer-Songwriter’s Difficult Journey (Part 2 of 2)

“I’m leading a small group Bible study every week here at my home, and I’m just this fake—just this fraud.” Jason Biddle was trying to live the Christian life, but he hadn’t fully surrendered to Christ. It all came to a head when a drug-induced seizure left him close to death while alone with his young children. This is the conclusion of Jason’s powerful story of redemption. You can connect with us through email at or on Billy Graham Radio on Facebook.


Freed from Addiction: A Christian Singer-Songwriter’s Difficult Journey (Part 1 of 2)

It seemed like nothing could stop Jason Biddle’s addiction. Liver cancer, a failing marriage and even passing out while caring for his baby. “I looked in the mirror and I’m like, ‘God, if You’re real, I need Your help because I can’t do this anymore.’” Today, Jason is amazed to be writing and recording Christian music—and sharing his riveting story of redemption. This is the first part of that story. You can connect with us through email at or on Billy Graham Radio on...


Inmate Accepts Christ While Listening to Billy Graham on Radio

‘You’re supposed to be in solitary confinement by yourself, but it was me and Jesus.’ Jon Ponder spent 37 years living life his own way—he was involved with a gang, abused drugs and committed crime. After his arrest, the bank robber heard a Billy Graham message on the radio and began a relationship with God. Jon shares his story on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories. Learn more about Jon Ponder: You can connect with us through email at...


Sheila Walsh: Finding Freedom From Perfection

“Most of us long to be known, but we’re so afraid because we think who we really are at our core is not acceptable.” Sheila Walsh is a singer, author and TV personality who constantly fought to be the “perfect Christian.” On this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories., Sheila opens up about how that battle led her to have a nervous breakdown during a TV interview—and how God brought about healing in her life. There’s more details and a livestream of Franklin Graham’s Prayer March 2020 at...


TEDx Talk Speaker Asked 50 People This Life-Defining Question

“I did all that church stuff … but I was missing Jesus.” Tyler Ellis was in Bible college when he realized he had been relying on his own good works, not Jesus, to save him. After that, he set out to interview 50 people—from Christians to Muslims to atheists—and ask them a crucial question. “If God and heaven are real, on what basis do you believe God would or would not accept you into heaven?” Find out what Tyler learned after two years of coffee shop conversations that were recently...


Doubt, Death, Divorce: Learning to Survive Life’s Storms

“God does provide what we need, when we need it. His grace is sufficient.” Ben Young knows all about walking through hard times. As a pastor, he’s shepherded others during their worst days. He’s also gone through painful experiences of his own—like an extended season of doubting God and a difficult divorce from his wife. Through his relationship with Christ, Ben has learned what it means to thrive when the future looks bleak. He’ll share some of what he’s discovered, and is still trying to...