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You Can Always Trust in God

One of the children is so worried about breaking his new bike he doesn’t even want to ride it. Mr. Conductor tells him that his hope and joy should be in God not his bike. Miss Koala has the kids turn rocks into paperweights with their memory verse on them. Oliver Owl tells a story about the falcon who didn’t build his nests in the rocks. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids on an adventure inside the Great Pyramids!


We All Have Different Talents

The children are showing off their talents but one of them is not sure he has a talent. Mr. Conductor tells the children that God has given us all different talents and gifts. Miss Koala tells the kids to use their talents to help others. Oliver Owl tells a story about a group of singing cows that won’t let another cow sing with them because he sounds different than they do. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Basilica of Saint Paul to see how all the different talents came together...


Talking to God

The kids memorize a verse that says to pray without ceasing, but wonder how someone can always be talking to God. Miss Koala tells them to try praying for someone else during the week. Mr. Oliver shares a story about Benjamin Bee, who forgets to pray when he faces a big problem in his garden. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Western Wall in Jerusalem where lots of people come to pray.


The First Will Be Last

The kids are a bit too… pushy. Miss Koala suggests that they serve someone else who normally serves them. Mr. Oliver tells a story about a boy who turns an enemy into a friend by helping him. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Upper Room where Jesus washed the disciples' feet after the Last Supper. The kids learn how to think of others before themselves.


Red and Yellow, Black and White

One of the kids is confused by his new neighbors who act very differently than he does. Mr. Conductor suggests the kids think of them as interesting instead of different and get to know them! Miss Koala tells the kids that our differences make the world a more exciting place. Oliver Owl tells a story about a grey car who doesn’t like red or green cars. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the ancient city of Ramesses where the pharaoh enslaved the Israelites.


When No One Is Watching

When one of the kids sees someone drop money at the Honey Sweet Candy Shop, she takes it for herself. She tries to hide it, but it starts bothering her as she learns about integrity. Miss Koala challenges the kids to practice doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Oliver Owl tells a story about a girl who was supposed to water for her neighbor, but didn't keep her word. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to Jericho and tells the story about Achan stealing treasure from God.


Give Thanks to God!

Mr. Conductor takes the kids to the bookstore, but it doesn’t have a book one of the kids is looking for, so they get upset. The kids learn about giving thanks even when disappointed. Miss Koala gives the children an activity to help them remember all the things they are thankful for. Oliver Owl tells the story of Paul the Parrot, who learns to be thankful for the thorn in his wing. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Split Rock where God provided water for the Israelites even though...


But I Want to Be Popular!

The kids try to be famous just so people will like them. Miss Koala tells them about the time she died her fur to have stripes like a cool tiger. That was a mistake! Mr. Oliver Owl tells the story of a king who wanted to be the most famous musician, so he forced his subjects to only listen to his music! Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to Babylon where they learn about King Nebuchadnezzar. Sally Sea Lion explains to the kids how she used to race in swimming matches for all the wrong reasons.


It’s Okay to Feel Sad

One of the kids is sad because his grandpa is sick and they can’t hang out. Miss Koala, teaches the kids how they can help when people are sick. Mr. Oliver Owl tells the story of Jesus and Lazarus. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the ruins of Lachish where they learn about Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet. Sally Sea Lion is very upset because her strawberry garden was destroyed! The kids help her feel better by explaining the lessons they’ve learned.


Tablet Troubles

When one of the kids brings a tablet on the Good News Express™, all his attention is focused on the tablet. Miss Koala explains that idolatry is treating anything like it’s more important than God. Mr. Oliver tells a story from Anne of Green Gables. She idolized beauty so much that she dyed her hair, but it turned green. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to Mars Hill where Paul talked to the Athenians about their idol to an unknown god. There’s only one true God worthy of being worshipped!


Greed Grows into Weeds

Greediness comes back to haunt one of the kids after they eat too much. Miss Koala suggests the kids decorate thankfulness jars and write down what they’re thankful for and stick in the jar. Mr. Oliver tells a story about Maggie the Magpie, who learns that only God, not things, can satisfy her. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Israel Museum and talks about Ananias and Sapphira, whose greed led to even more sin. Sally Sea Lion helps the kids practice taking turns on her friend’s...


The Christmas Train

The train is pulling into the station and it’s all decorated for Christmas. The entire gang is going to a Christmas party at the Salty Seashore, bur first, Mr. Conductor and the children have an important mission. The town of Hope Hills has hit hard times and there are many people in need. So, the Good News Express is delivering gifts to all the children! That is, if it can get through the snow storm. Don’t worry, God’s in control!


Little White Lies

Things go awry aboard the Good News Express™ when lies get told. Miss Koala talks about telling the whole truth in love and confessing any lies. Mr. Oliver reads Little Critters: It’s True! Little Critter has to face the consequences when his lies grow bigger than he can handle. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to an ancient cistern in Israel like the one Joseph’s brothers threw him in. Sally Sea Lion plays a game about telling the truth with the kids. In the end, it’s always best to be...


God’s Good Gifts

Mr. Conductor guides the kids through learning how to take care of their things, time, and words. Miss Koala challenges the kids to pick up trash in their neighborhood or local park. Mr. Oliver reads as story about Little Squirrel, who planted a nut that Mr. Farmer gave him. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Mount of Olives where Jesus told the disciples about the Parable of the Talents. Sally Sea Lion does push-ups with the kids. Ultimately, we live for God and not for ourselves.


Obey Your Parents

One of the kids wants to eat candy his mom says he’s not allowed to eat. Miss Koala teaches the kids how obeying her mom taught her to love baking. She tells the kids to do their chores before they are asked to. Mr. Oliver Owl tells a story about two sister bears as different as can be and how they learned to obey their mother. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Nile River. Sally Sea Lion teaches the kids a fun game that requires great listening skills.


Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving!

A special Thanksgiving adventure on the Good News Express™! All the gang will be there and some new friends will join the party too! Now you may ask, “What does a koala bring to Thanksgiving dinner?” Don’t worry, she has all the koala-fications to make something yummy! Join us for fun, adventure, and to find out what all the characters are most thankful for.


To the Rescue!

One of the kids comes to the rescue when her friend drops his candy by sharing her candy with him. Miss Koala challenges the kids to offer to water their neighbor’s garden for them. Mr. Oliver reads them The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the setting of The Good Samaritan. At the Salty Seashore, everyone pitches in to help a family pack up their beach gear. Being kind shows others God’s love! All aboard! Welcome to the Good News Express™, an...


Do Not Be Afraid

When a big storm looms over the train, the kids get scared. Mr. Conductor teaches them they can trust in God. Miss Koala gives an activity to help the children remember that God can overcome their fear. Oliver Owl tells a story about David being brave and fighting Goliath. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to the Red Sea where they learn how God saved the Israelites when they were afraid. God is bigger than our fears!


But I'm Only a Kid!

The children worry that they can’t do big things for God because they are only kids. Miss Koala tells the kids they can be a big help to their parents by carrying groceries. Oliver Owl tells the story of The Girl and the Giant Calamity. Eddie the Explorer takes them to Tel Megiddo where they learn about Josiah the boy king. And they all help Sally Sea Lion build a strawberry garden. Through all the adventure, they learn that kids can do big things too!


Why Do We Need a Savior?

When one of the kids steals candy from the Honey Sweet Candy shop, the children learn that everyone sins and makes mistakes. Miss Koala Kindness gives the kids an activity to help them forgive others. Mr. Oliver tells the children a parable about a rancher and his rebellious son who learned a hard lesson. Eddie the Explorer takes the kids to Golgotha where they learn that the cost of sin is death. But there’s good news! God has a plan for forgiveness: Jesus! Sally Sea Lion teaches them a...