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This audio podcast features the weekly messages of the Greenville Oaks Church of Christ. We inspire people to follow Jesus. Visit us online at

This audio podcast features the weekly messages of the Greenville Oaks Church of Christ. We inspire people to follow Jesus. Visit us online at


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This audio podcast features the weekly messages of the Greenville Oaks Church of Christ. We inspire people to follow Jesus. Visit us online at






#For Collin County - Keep It Going

What if we just simply lived out the words of Acts 4:32? I am not saying you should or that it is easy. I am just saying, what if we did it. I mean, what if we simply worried less about our own needs and focused more on making sure that those around us and those in our community had everything they needed. And if they didn‘t have what they needed, that we would give it to them… we would just fill in the gap. When you say it like that, it seem like a fairly simple challenge, but it’s not....


A Tale of Two Sons



Simple(r) Choices

In a world of dizzying choices and multiplying options, Jesus shows us how to stay focused on what really matters


A Simple(r) Life

Jesus came offering us not a different or better way to be religious, but a different and better way to be human.


The Mark of a Shepherd

As we kick off our elder selection process, we’ll consider how Christ’s example redefines leadership in the Kingdom of God.


The Heart of Prayer

In Luke 18 Jesus tells a story with a surprise ending that demonstrates how the heart of prayer is always more important than the art of prayer.


Shameless Audacity



The Perfect Prayer

Lead Minister Wade Hodges takes a close examination of the Lord's Prayer and make a case that it is truly the perfect prayer.


Senior Sunday 2022

This week Lead Student Minister, Wes Rasbury, honors our High school Graduating Seniors as they take their next steps in a new season of life.


The Way of the Cross

Lead Minister Wade Hodges takes another look at Paul teachings. Specifically, how despite personal differences and preferences, we can put them aside use the example to be "for" others instead of opposing them. This is the way of Christ.


The Cross is the Way

New Lead Minister Wade Hodges teaches from 1 Corinthians 1-2. He examines Paul's message and methods of presentation. It is very much a polarizing method of teaching in comparison too many methods used within the modern church. Wade uses this as a spring board to show that the cross alone is enough to draw people to Christ.


Welcome Wade and Heather Hodges!

This week we welcome both Wade and Heather Hodges to the Greenville Oaks Church family. Wade is the new Lead Minister at Greenville Oaks and we take some time to learn more about Wade, Heather and their family!


Easter Sunday

Our DOUBT creates FEAR, that can only grow into FAITH through the gift of Easter and that gift is only fully realized in the HOPE that comes through Jesus Christ.


Easter - The Week Of The Cross

This week we take a look at the passover meal and the final days of Christ leading up to his crucifixion. Executive Minister Matt Mazza challenges us to put ourselves in the shoes of those losing Jesus in real-time, as if the story were to end there. The things and emotions they experienced while Christ was in the tomb.


#For Collin County - The Stories

We take time to hear the amazing stories that came to light because of the #ForCollinCounty initiative. Our challenge is to continue forward with this mindset for years to come.


#For Collin County - Caring for the Suffering Christ

Bonhoeffer wrote in Life Together that we always have Christ between ourselves and others. Whatever we say and do, we say to and through the Lord Christ. So it is with doing good. Whatever good we do, we do to Jesus. Whatever good we withhold, we withhold from Jesus. We are to be Jesus to others and see Jesus in the face of others.


#For Collin County - Do We Have the Guts It Takes to Love?

The word translated as “pity” here is the Greek word for intestines—guts. Pity and compassion are not intellectual exercises. Our lives should be trained so we have a visceral response to the needs of others that we act on before we think ourselves out of doing the good we should.


#For Collin County - Who Is My Neighbor?

Our doing good is an essential part of keeping the two great commandments. We have to deal with the challenge of love of the neighbor and the love of the one who is not like us. What pride and prejudice might keep us from showing the love of Christ to others?


#For Collin County - The Doing-Good Church

Paul writes Titus a letter to help him with his ministry on the island of Crete. The Cretans had a reputation of being a horrible people. The difference Christ will make in the lives of his disciples on Crete is that they would be people who do what is good. This is a simple call for us now—do what is good.


The Mark of a Disciple - The Way of the Cross

Following Jesus demands that we adopt his way of doing things. His ways and values are not the values and ways of the fallen world. The way of self-sacrifice and service is the way of the Cross.