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Commissioned and Blessed

In this episode we learn about when Jesus commissioned the 70 (or 72). While some of the disciples had spend up to two years with Jesus, all of those commissioned were now responsible to share good news aligning all their attention, intentions and actions to do his will, to go, and be disciples who make disciples.


HBR 60 - Sec Promo

HBR 60 - Sec Promo by gtroxell


HBR - Advent - 1-C

As we prepare for the First Sunday of Advent in Year C, we invite you to participate with us throughout the year adding your comments and reflections within each post in the Lectionary Series. In this season of advent we’ll be focusing in on the virtues of hope, love, peace and joy. These virtues are the mandate of every soul, but sadly since the dawn of humanity people have sought to satisfy their desire for such in all sorts of manner, but none will suffice save those who adventure forward...


Advent - 2-C

Welcome to Harmony Bible Radio - this is our special mini-series for Advent... in Year C. We're celebrating a new Church year and a season of hope, love, peace and joy. Advent is a 4 week season helping us to prepare our hearts for significance of Christmas, and a reminder to be make the most of every opportunity as we await Christ’s Second Coming. This mini-series will focus in on the Gospel readings during Advent from the Revised Common Lectionary and provide a weekly study guide on our...


HBR - Week 63 - Section 70a

Legacy planning is a term many are familiar with but there are none that have proven better than Jesus’. The success is in part due to His master plan and God’s very nature which was instilled within humanity. In today’s study we find our selves peering pack onto the eve of a movement that transformed the world forever. It was late summer, for two-and-a-half years they had followed Jesus, then become his disciples, and in the spring Jesus had selected them to be his Apostles – yet there was...


HBR - Week 65 - Sections 71a,b

In a parenthetical sort of way our study this week circles back to the life and ministry of John the Baptist. As Herod Antipas considers Jesus’ ministry and word that the movement was growing, yet differently that of the politicians and many religious leaders, he grew concerned of the social and political impact.


HBR - Week 64 - Section 70bc

Jesus' compassion for humanity and his vision for the Church culminate in today's reading involving the commissioning of the twelve Apostles. While Jesus had recognized and appointed His apostles in Section 53 in this section we learn several essential lessons of for people today who would be disciple-making disciples. The progression of their calling and ministry is integrated throughout the Harmony of the Gospels, yet there are eternal principles discovered here that will empower us to...


HBR-Week 58-Sections 64 h,i,j,k

Week 58 | Sections 64 h,i,j,k No doubt you’re presently on some kind of quest – searching or yearning for something. Perhaps its for something material, an adventure, or a better job; or perhaps its for something more significant such as a companion, love, forgiveness – but whatever kind of treasure you’ve been giving it your all, or day and night its been consuming your thoughts. In this age Jesus’ words are as poignant as the shovel with which one man hid in a field. Where is your treasure?


HBR - Week 61 - Sections 67

Week 61 | Section 67 Just Believe One of the name’s used to describe God is Jehovah Shammah which when translated is “The God who is there”. In today’s study we see to miraculous events among those who believe – the woman who touched his cloak and those from the house of Jarius. Despair had struck them both but faith in Jesus delivered them in an instant. Yes, the purposes and power of God reach far beyond what we can grasp or imagine.


HBR - Week 60 - Sections 66

Week 60 | Section 66 Emancipation and Mercy Mordechai Anielewicz wrote, “The most difficult struggle of all is the one within ourselves.” Such was the skirmish on the day Jesus emancipated a man from Gerasenes who had been tormented by demons and rejected by his own. He sat alone, rankled and writhing until Jesus came to the rescue. Mercy knows no greater pleasure than to give aid to those without hope.


HBR-Week 59-Sections 65

Week 59 | Section 65 Jesus Calmed the Sea As a long day of teaching and the deliverance of one demoniac drew to a close Jesus decided it was time to cross the Sea of Galilee. Jesus entered the boat with his disciples, they hoisted the sails for the five mile trip. A flotilla of those who wanted to hear more followed along in other boats and Jesus slept while his trusted disciples navigated the waters.


HBR - Week 57 - Sections 64f,g

In Jewish tradition, leaven was associated with sin and also the unleavened bread they ate in the dessert in their exodus from Egypt. Jesus flips the traditional imagery in this parable. While instilling in the apostles an understanding of how God’s eternal purpose will be carried out through the apostles, and the church today.


HBR - Week 56 - Sections 64c,d,e

Last week we introduced this series of parables about the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus told his disciples over the course of a very long day (section 61-65). In part two we learn with the disciples a bit more about the end of times, the perseverance, pains, and perils along the journey.


HBR - Week 54 - Section 63

In the midst of a very long day in the life of Christ we learn something of the family of God. Yet if we are to be part of the family of God we must understand and accept Jesus to be the Messiah our Savior, and align our lives toward God’s eternal purpose – to reconcile the world to himself. In this manner we can fulfill the great commission and maintain the bonds of peace and bear good fruit from good seed the within our hearts.


HBR - Week 53 - Section 62

The pharisees remain antagonistic, doubting the signs they have already seen and the testimony of Jesus and John the Baptist. While they wished to have him tried and killed, they would have to sway the masses. But Jesus continued to win the hearts of the people, not by any campaign but by living with integrity as the Messiah, the Lord who saves.


HBR - Week 52 - Section 61

Our reading today is one of three passages in the Harmony of the Gospels that render ink to the harsh saying of Jesus. In this instance, Jesus calls the pharisees "a brood of vipers" and challenges not only their logic but their motives and priorities. This is a passage that many irenic Christians would rather skip over, however it provides disciples the opportunity to explore several important spiritual truths including: conflict, kingdom-mindedness, peace-keeping, discernment,...


HBRadio - Week 51 - Section 60

This week our scripture passage is very brief – only two sentences that comprise three verses. Still their significance and the dialog that your small group will have will surely spark all sorts of activity and a greater sense of community. Its peaks of the Church, the value of every person, and the power of one's testimony.


HBR - Week 62 - Sections 68, 69

From one house to another and then into his home town, Jesus continues to heal, teach and inspire people with the Gospel. Over and over people’s encounter with Jesus teaches us that faith can: set us free, move mountains, raise the dead, heal the sick, and allow us to more than we can ask or imagine – but what is to come from a lack of faith? What is the cost of unbelief?


HBRadio - Week 50 - Section 59

Many don't realize there are two Gospel accounts when Jesus is anointed by a woman - today's reading from Matt. 11:20-30, section 58 and another in section 102a. The story demonstrates not only humility, but devotion in keeping with repentance.


HBRadio - Week 49 - Section 58

Jesus' prophetic voice sounds clear warning in today's passage from Matthew 11:20-30. The sorrow he expresses towards the cities of Korazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum is heartfelt and the silver lining for those communities despised by the faithful and pious are offers a glimmer of hope to those who would hear what the spirit has to say. Its easy to get off track and even easier to never see the truth when its in plain sight. This is a good week to talk with your small group members about how...