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Episode 11: Theories of Creation

A listener emailed me last week wanting to know more about the various the theories of the creation account. In this episode I look at four theories, and the scriptures and pros and cons behind them.


Brief history of bible Translation in the Early Church

Andrew from Phoenix asked if there were any other translation besides Latin in the early church. In today's show I go over the Syriac, Coptic, and Latin (for good measure). I also analyze their importance in spreading the Gospel.


Episode 9: Who wrote the Epistle to the Hebews?

Who wrote Hebrews? This question was emailed to me by a listener last week. This has been a question that has baffled theologians for centuries. Was is the Apostle Paul, Apollos, or Clement? This side of Heaven we may never know. In this week's episode I explore this question by looking at scripture an testimony of the Church Fathers.


Episode 8: Answering Atheism

This week's episode deals with the issue of atheism. What is atheism? What are some common arguments that atheists have against God? I look at a couple arguments and give the Christian response.


Episode 7: Does discipleship matter? How do I make time to pray? Does God work even if one has no faith?

In this week's episode I answer listener questions that came in during the week. The first question asked if discipleship was really necessary, and isn't getting to Christ what is most important? The second question was in regard to prayer. This listener asked with time so limited is prayer really necessary? The third question, which will be answered more fully next time (I ran out of time) was if God can work even if someone doesn't have faith? Great questions! Keep them coming in. You can...


Episode 6: Three Ways Suffering Can Bring Us Closer to Christ

It is in our nature to look at suffering as something horrible. As something that no good can possibly come from. Throughout Christian history that is no shortage of examples of people who suffered greatly, but much good came from it. One such person is the Apostle Paul. In this episode I look at Philippians 1:12-16 to look at a bad circumstance that Paul was in, and how much good came from it.


Episode 5: Do we need the Old Testament? Plus a look at Jesus in Hebrew Poetry.

On Google Plus the other day someone responded to one of my posts by saying that, as Christians, we no longer need to bother reading the Old Testament. This show is a response, and shows why it is important because thee are so many things we can learn from it. It is the story of salvation history. I also look through the poetic books of Jon, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs and look at how Christ is in them. This helps us see why the Old Testament is worth studying. As...


Episode 4: The Resurrection and Part two of my interview with Jeff Perry

This week's episode of The Hope Within looks at he importance of the resurrection, and some of the evidence that we can use to support its historicity. The episode also included part two of my interview with Jeff Perry as only a part aired on the radio last week.


Episode 3: Interview with Musician and Podcaster Jeff Perry

I had the honor of interviewing Jeff Perry for today's episode. Jeff has an amazing testimony of coming to faith. He is a husband, father, musician, and is host of the Life Hack Podcast. We discuss many topics including his testimony, how to lead a Christian household, and how to live your life in such a way that it testifies to Christ.


Episode 2: Bible Contradictions?

In today's episode I answer a listener question about how to answer an unbeliever when they say the Bible is full of contradictions. I start off by discussing the reliability of the New Testament based on the number of manuscripts we have, then look at five common "contradictions", then answer the question if Jesus ever claimed to be divine. Send you questions to hopewithin18@gmail.com.


Guest Appearance on Now Radio Active: Grace

I recently had the opportunity and honor of appearing on Now Radio Active with James Auel and Ramona Trevino on KKMC 880am/97.3fm in Salinas, CA. We had a great conversation about the unmerited grace of God, forgiveness, and mercy.


Hope Within Episode 1

In today's show I answer an accusation that I received on twitter. The accusation is that Christianity hates women because the Bible tells women to be submissive to their husbands. This person on Twitter was referring to Ephesians 5:22, but took it grossly out of context. Today's show looks at the context of the passage, and how its lessons can be applied today.