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Signs of the Times is a Christian worldview magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia since 1886. The podcast is a little newer than that.




Signs of the Times is a Christian worldview magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia since 1886. The podcast is a little newer than that.








The Fertility Cliff

Welcome to the brand-new version of the podcast. We're excited and we hope you enjoy it! SHOW NOTES Today we're talking about the so-called "fertility cliff"—the belief that after the age of 35, a woman's chance of having a child drops precipitously. We had the opportunity to interview Sisi Toro, an educator and self-confessed medical nerd. Through her research she's discovered that fertility isn't just about your age—there's much more to the story. Disclaimer: though the data presented in this article is scientifically backed, every person’s experience is different. Science on fertility is emerging and many factors may affect your situation. For the best advice, consult your doctor. Read her article | Get more Signs CHAPTERS SOURCES Australian women having fewer children and later in lifeBirths: provisional data for 2022 (USA)Having Kids Later in Life: Healthy Pregnancies as You AgeExtended Maternal Age at Birth of Last Child and Women’s Longevity in the Long Life Family StudyIs the Fertility Cliff a Myth?Why 'Geriatric Pregnancy' Is a Thing of the PastSBS, The 35-year-old fertility cliff: Fact or fiction?FRANCE24, Getting pregnant after 35: US research says reproductive years now extend to 37CityTV, At what age does your fertility begin to decline? Watch the full interview on YouTube


Signs Radio episode 200 SPECTACULAR!

It's been a few years in the making, but Signs Radio officially just turned 200... well, 200 episodes! Join us as we reminisce about the past, discuss some highlights from the past 200 episodes and look to the future of the podcast!


Are cheesy Christmas movies deeper than we thought? ft. Mark Hadley

In this episode of Signs Radio, we speak to Mark Hadley about Christmas movies. They're cheesy, saccharine-sweet and are usually unrealistic to the point of being ridiculous. But buried in these movies are themes that transcend time and space—themes that are universal to all of us. So, despite my distaste, are Christmas movies actually great???? More Signs of the Times content


Should you be a social media influencer? ft. Justin Khoe

Justin's done it all. First breaking his back selling books door-to-door, then as a Youtuber, podcaster, as well as now an Instagram and TikTok creator, he knows the ups and downs of social media all too well. In this fascinating interview, we talk to him about his journey, what he's learned and if he were to start on social media today, what he'd do. We also tackle the more existential question: should you aspire to be a social media influence anyway? We wrote an article about this topic. We think it's pretty good. | Buy Justin's book | Digital Missionary Academy | More Signs of the Times content


My gambling addiction

In this episode, I (Jesse) take you on a journey back to a time when I had my own experience with gambling. No, it wasn't scratchies, pokies or any other traditional forms of gambling. I was addicted to a slot machine in a videogame. As it turns out, it's far more common than you'd think. Come with me on a journey through card games, videogames and Japanese slot machines known as "gacha games". Read the article | Connect with Jesse | More Podcasts


Maryellen is Late ft. Maryellen Hacko

This episode, Zanita and Jesse are live in-studio with Maryellen Hacko! Maryellen wrote an article recently about her trip to Singapore with her two sisters and what it revealed to her about her always-hurrying nature. We talk about that, as well as equating your work with your worth, hustle culture and how to enjoy life even when it's busy. Read her article in full | Follow Maryellen on Instagram | More Podcasts


Vaping: the grape-flavoured disaster ft. Professor Renee Bittoun

In this bonus episode, we speak to Professor Renee Bittoun on the topic of vaping. Professor Bittoun is a physiologist and clinical academic. Among many other achievements, she is currently Conjoint Professor at Notre Dame University, Australia and Professor, Head of the Nicotine Addiction Unit, Lifestyle Medicine, Avondale University, Australia. Professor Bittoun has specialised in nicotine addiction for more than 40 years and is considered a world expert in the field. She initiated the first-ever Smokers’ Clinic in Australia in 1979, one of the first in the world and recently the first ever Vaping Cessation Clinic in Australia. Read her article in full | Get in contact with the Vaping Cessation Clinic | More Podcasts


Ditching the screens for Sabbath ft. Emma Dyer

This episode, we talk to Emma Dyer. Emma is a former teacher and pastor, and is a current wife and mum of two. Recently, she wrote an article for us about her struggle to ditch the screens and take a real day of rest. Sabbath has been part of her world for a long time but for the longest time, she never felt fulfilment and peace on the day. This all changed when she made the concerted choice to get rid of her and her familys' screens for a day. To read her full article, head to


Embracing the silence ft. Ellice Cook & Zanita Fletcher

In this episode, we speak to Ellice Cook and Zanita Fletcher about two articles they wrote in Signs of the Times magazine. Both of them touch on the themes of prayer and silence, and how they responded differently to silence. To read their articles, all you need to do is head to our main page:


The truth about porn ft. Daniel Principe

In this episode, we talk to Daniel Principe about pornography. Daniel works with Collective Shout, which in their own words is "a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls". We talk about the myths surrounding porn, the devastating effects it has on women and girls and how it is shaping our culture to become less empathetic and more violent. You can connect with Daniel at You can learn more about the work of Collective Shout at To read the article that began this conversation, head to


The stranger in the dark ft. Pr Robbie Berghan

This episode is a recording of the live conversation we recently had with Pr Robbie Berghan. Robbie is an international speaker, evangelist and host of "The Faith Experiment" on Faith FM. This is his story, from being a committed atheist to finding faith in the most unlikely place. If you'd like to find out more about Robbie's story and you live in Australia, text code SIGNS to 04 888 453 11. It's absolutely free!


The guts to change ft. Dr Christiana Leimena-Lehn

This episode, we talk to Dr Christiana Leimena-Lehn. She's a medical researcher and health and wellness director working for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sydney, Australia. We discuss an article she's recently written for us about the hottest new thing in physical health: gut health. What is it, how does it affect your day-to-day and how can you achieve better gut health? To read the full article and more, head to To take the gut health challenge, head to


How faith could heal you ft. Lachlan Townend

This episode, we speak to Lachlan Townend about faith and pain. It's an often-misunderstood topic and Lachlan is making a bold claim: that believing in a higher power can actually have healing properties. Before you dismiss the idea, give this episode a listen! To read Lachlan's full article and more, visit our website:


Making your money count ft. Joseph Skaf

This episode, we talk to Pr Joseph Skaf about money. How you can manage it well, have a better relationship with money and ultimately, make it work for and not the other way around. To read Joseph's article, head to To listen to Joseph's podcast, head to


The Voice of Indigenous Australia ft. Luke Stuart

This episode, we celebrate NAIDOC Week and have a fascinating discussion with Pr Luke Stuart. Luke is the ATSIM director for South Queensland and comes with decades of experience ministering in indigenous communities. We also talk about the Voice to Parliament discussion that is currently dividing the country, and how a measured and understanding approach can cut through the controversy and find a healthy middle ground. To find out more, visit


How to build a marriage that lasts ft. Jarrod Stackelroth and Melody Tan

In this episode of Signs Radio, we talk to Jarrod Stackelroth (editor, Signs of the Times magazine) and Melody Tan (director, Mums at the Table) about marriage and relationships. From intimacy to pregnancy to conflict management, we pose the question: "how can we build a relationship that will stand the test of time?"


Embracing sunlight feat. Sisi Toro

In this episode of Signs Radio, we talk to Sisi Toro. Sisi is passionate about sunlight—its healing effects, its dietary benefits and how it can improve our health and wellbeing. In this eye-opening interview we discuss all that and more!


How to have mind-blowing sex! ft. Dr Patricia Weerakoon

CONTENT WARNING: this episode contains discussions on sex, pornography and adult themes, therefore it may not be appropriate for a young audience. Parental caution is advised. Sex is everywhere in our modern culture: everyone desperately wants it, many aren't satisfied with their sex life and apparently more people than ever apparently aren't having it. In the April issue of Signs, Zanita Fletcher wrote an article titled: "Welcome to the Sex Recession". We talk about that and everything else sex and relationships with Dr Patricia Weerakoon. She's a sexologist, academic and writer. Her mission is to help people have "mind-blowing sex" and healthy relationships. She is also a Christian and is passionate about helping people achieve holistic sexual health. Read the full article - Dr Pat's work - Dr Pat's books -…cia+weerakoon


The Last of Us ft. Mark Hadley

This episode, we talk to Mark Hadley about the TV sensation that caught the world by surprise this year: The Last of Us. Sexuality, horror and the power of relationships: this episode has it all! To read the article or discover more, visit


Chat GPT is here to stay ft. Flavius E M Iosif

Chat GPT is here, and for the few months it's been unleashed upon the world, it has certainly made waves. We talk to Flavius (aka Edi) about the recent developments in AI, what it means for the future and if we should be hopeful, concerned or terrified (spoiler alert, it's not that last one). To read the article or discover more, visit