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Signs of the Times is a Christian worldview magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia since 1886. The podcast is a little newer than that.

Signs of the Times is a Christian worldview magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia since 1886. The podcast is a little newer than that.




Signs of the Times is a Christian worldview magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia since 1886. The podcast is a little newer than that.








177 - Cardboard Therapy ft. Jesse Herford

What's the deal with all these board games everyone is talking about so much? Well, I've got good news for you! Jesse is here to answer every question you've ever asked about board gaming, as well as every question you've never asked! More importantly though, we'll also explore what board games have taught Jesse about himself and about life.


176 - A Better Money Mindset ft. Rosie Kendall

In the October issue of Signs of the Times magazine, our assistant editor Zanita wrote an article called "Your Net Worth is Not Your Self-Worth". In it, she talks about the effect money has on each of our lives and the ways in which we can combat its sometimes more insidious nature. To reflect on this theme some more, we chatted with Rosie Kendall. Rosie is the CEO of CAP Australia, a non-profit organisation that seeks to help people in financial distress get in charge of their lives. In...


175 - Greg's Miracle ft. Greg Fernance

Greg thought he was going to die. Accidents, constant trips to the hospital, drug and alcohol addiction — there's no way this man had long for this world. But that's when God decided to interrupt Greg's downward spiral and turn his life upside-down. This conversation was part of a live event we ran with Greg himself, which is why the audio is not as high-quality as you might expect from Signs Radio. We think the conversation itself makes up for it, though.


174 - How Dining could Change the World ft. Zanita Fletcher

This episode, we talk to Signs of the Time's newest team member Zanita about a crazy idea. The simple act of eating around a table once radically transformed how communities related to each other. The most startling thing is, it might be able to do the same again today.


173 - Bonita's Story ft. Bonita Fernance

It's not every day you meet someone whose life was literally saved by God. Listen to the amazing story of how Bonita's life was transformed from loneliness and drug addiction to joy and fulfilment.


172 - Every Tower Must Fall ft. Jarrod Stackelroth

This month, we talk to Jarrod Stackelroth about his article in June's Signs of the Times called "A Tower Dedicated to Pride". We discuss the Jeddah Tower that is supposedly meant to be the tallest tower in the world, reaching 1km in height. The only problem is, the tower's not complete and has been under construction since 2013. Will it ever be finished? What lessons can we learn from it? And what does this tower have to do with one built thousands of years ago called Babel?


171 - Who NOT to vote for ft. Braden Blyde

This month, we talk to Braden Blyde who wrote an article in our May issue called "How to Vote in an Election Season". In it, we talk about biblical principles of how to engage with politics, how to know which party best represents the concerns of a faith worldview, and who NOT to vote for.


170 - Tim Costello's Ethical Journey ft. Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown joins us to guide us through a fascinating conversation he had with Tim Costello. Tim is a former lawyer, pastor, and activist for faith and justice in Australian politics. He has played a key role in advocating for incredibly important issues at a federal level, and was the CEO of World Vision for many years. He currently serves as the director of Micah Australia.


What's next for Signs Radio

If you're a long-time listener of Signs Radio, you may have been wondering where we've been for all these months. In this quick update, Jesse, our new host, gives an update on what's been happening, and what's next for Signs Radio.


Episode 169 - Morally-challenged movie antiheroes ft. Ryan Stanton

If you watch Succession, Book of Boba Fett or Breaking bad - you'll be confronted by characters with questionable morals. Why do we enjoy these "antihero" stories more than others? And what decides the moral line that these characters often cross?


Episode 168 - The perfect Christmas gift ft. Kymberley McMurray

What excites you about Christmas? Is it the presents, or quality time with family and friends? There's even more reason to be excited when you look back at the original Christmas story. A baby born a few thousand years has incredible relevance for you.


Episode 167 - Was 2021 just another 2020? ft. Jarrod Stackelroth

When you look back at this year, what are the key events that you remember? Is it something you saw on the news, or something personal? It's worth exploring why we look back at the end of each year - and shows our need for hope.


Episode 166 - Are you burnt out? ft. Claire Marsh

There's 52% chance you are mentally burning out, according to statistics by a job aggregator site in the US. But before you self-diagnose, listen to psychologist Claire Marsh's advice about what burnout is, how to not get it mixed up with other mental health conditions, and how to treat burnout. Image credit: Tangerine Newt


Episode 165 - Why introduce kids to faith? ft. Karen Collum

Many parents around the world choose to share their faith with their children. Karen Collum explains how this practice has some real benefits for both parent and child—if done right—and how a new book "Advent for Kids" can help in that process. Image credit: Ben White


Episode 164 - Does God exist: will we ever find a definitive answer? ft. Marcos Torres

Whether you prescribe to belief that God does or doesn't exist (or something in between), there's new insight to be found by taking a step back and considering the wonder of the question itself.


Episode 163 - Does religion cause war? ft. Vania Chew

On a surface level, it might seem like religion has inspired a number of factions to draw arms in the last century. Has that actually been the case? And if so, what's the relationship between religion and conquest? Photo credit: Henri Huet


Episode 162 - Dune: Complex themes, profound message ft. Mark Hadley

Dune's onion-layered plot reveals interesting themes the more you peel it back: the relationship between religion and politics, messiah-figures and the relationship between science and faith to name a few. But what does it say about our modern world?


Episode 161 - The billionaire space race ft. Ryan Stanton

There's plenty happening right above us—not just a new era of space tourism, but also talk about humans colonising Mars. What might seem like forward-thinking by planet earth's billionaires also begs the question: can we save ourselves? Image: SpaceX


Episode 160 - An angry doctor and his angelic visitor ft. Danijela Schubert

Stefania Bratulich's doctor in Yugoslavia was stubbornly steadfast on denying her pension application. That was until one night a bright man entered his room . . . Image provided: Danijela Schubert (left) and her mother Stefania.


Episode 159 - The one who inspired me to an Olympic medal ft. Nicola McDermott

You may have seen Nicola McDermott soar over a two metre bar and win Olympic silver at the Tokyo 2020 games, but you might not know her story. Bullied and isolated but also focused, she reveals Who she jumps for.