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SF #X: Goodbye to SSF

In this conclusion episode, Paul catches up with Fitz on his move to Kansas City and then discuss what they loved most about making the podcast. We read some audience responses, talk about the least-favorite TV episodes we watched, and reminisce on Dr. James White dissing us. Thanks to those who wrote in! Calvinist Chewbacca Chris Ragsdale Francisco from @RetroRewindPod Wes Hebert A huge thank you to all of our committed listeners, we seriously could not have done this without you.


SF #30: Embrace the Freight

Who knew that the search for truth began with a very confusing plot of abductees and genetically-deformed corpses? Fitz and Paul are without a guest this episode in order to first share some bittersweet news, and then discuss the implications of having our eyes opened by Christ and importance of bearing one another's burdens. Paul surprises Fitz with a going-away gift, Fitz gets hooked on cross-stitching, and both don't know how to really pronounce "Oregon". All from The X-Files: "Pilot"...


SF #29: Kiss-Punched

Captain Kirk's moves really pack a punch! Since Fitz is out of town, we are joined by veteran guests Michael Kraus and Michael Kaptain to discuss great topics like God's purpose for creation, how community serves our hope in Christ, and the necessity of theology leading to doxology. We'll also discuss Spock's lips, Chekov's creepy romantic interest, and heretical Trinitarian brain-models. Plus, Paul cage-stages for a bit and rants about the joys of limited atonement. Prepare to get...


SF #27: Classic Lindsay Lohan

Freaky Friday returns with a vengeance, but where's Lindsay Lohan when you need her? Paul and Fitz are without a guest this week as they discuss many topics including contentment in Christ, how Christians should view suffering, the meaning of the resurrection, and how the Bible defines true power. Also, what's Jamie Lee Curtis been up to? Does Paul think Star Trek teaches Christian values? Does Fitz hate the show Glee? It's time to steal a man's body and find out. All from Star Trek:...


SF #6: Smoke Screens

Paul has waited years for the new X-Files, but too bad Fitz absolutely hates it. Our cinematographer friend, Michael Kraus, joins us to discuss how God's glory produces perseverance, sin's distortion of the image of God, and harnessing the tongue. We also might mention how Jesus is the only Way, the glorification of sanctification, and the reality of an afterlife. The Pope!? Michael finds an Easter Egg!? Fitz always believed aliens were coming!? All from The X-Files: "My Struggle" (s10,...

SF #5: Too Cerebral

Keep Fitz away from Triscuits! For our take-two of this episode, our old college roommate, Benjamin Powell, joins us (again) as we discuss the depravity of the sinner's heart, the eternal security of salvation, and the temptations of moral decay. We get into some other fun stuff like the necessity of gender roles and how Christians can avoid abusing theology. Oh, and aliens are liberals. All from Star Trek: "The Cage" (rejected pilot) Heretic of the Week: Rachel Held Evans (Thanks...

SF #1: Picking on Pacemakers

Our first episode! We're nervous, but Fitz's yerba mate tea saves the day. Our hunky friend PJ joins us to discuss the need for suffering, how jealousy corrupts, God's wrath on unbelievers, and the age-old theological question, "Are pacemakers or stem-cell research more evil?" All from Star Trek: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (s1, ep7) Heretic of the Week: Joel Osteen **Episode requests, comments, or questions?** Email: Twitter: @SSFpodcast Facebook:...

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