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Returning To Our Christian Roots

Returning To Our Christian Roots
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Returning To Our Christian Roots






#003 Podcast – Conceived By Love

Have you ever wondered WHY God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believed in Him would have eternal life? (John 3:16). What motivated God to have us reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ? What motivated God to include us in His purpose and plan? What motivated God to create mankind in His image? God. Is. Love. Therefore, everything God does, everything God desires, is motivated by Love. Before there was anything, there was just God. The Father was loving...


#002 Podcast – The Two Gardens

In this episode we begin looking into God's Eternal Purpose which was revealed by God in the very beginning. At the time of creation, God the great Gardener, planted a garden and called it Eden, which was for His pleasure. In this beautiful garden God revealed a purpose and plan that He had in His heart from Eternity. In this garden there was a certain Tree, a man, a law, a choice and a will. God placed the Tree of Life at the centre of the garden, indicating its value and He desired Adam...


#001 Intro Podcast – What Does God Want?

G'day and welcome to our very first ever episode! We kick off our introductory episode by briefly discussing what are The Ancient Pathways.The word 'ancient' refers to the original, the first and the earliest. In the Old Testament, God calls His people back to The Ancient Pathways. They are the original pathways of God. God has an original pathway that He intended for mankind and this was revealed straight up, right there in the Garden of Eden - a tree of Life for mankind's partaking. In...