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Never miss an episode! Subscribe today to receive every episode from the Everyday Exiles Podcast Network. …a digital community of creators, EVERYDAY EXILES seeks to explore faith and express how Jesus is King and cares about all aspects of culture and life… For a listing of our latest episodes, check out






It Matters [Season 3.14] - Deconstruction, Christian Satire + “Woke Jesus.”

Get ready to deconstruct the deconstruction movement! On this episode we interviewed satirist, scholar and Bible teacher Gabriel Finochio of Theos University. We discuss the origin of deconstruction (with a bit of philosophy and history along the way!), the difference between healthy doubts and destructive doubts… And how everything always comes back to the LOGOS (if you don’t know what that means- tune in!) And since Gabriel is the mind and meme-creator behind the hit @WOKEJESUSCHRIST...


Season 3 Finale

In this brief episode, Esther and Elizabeth say goodbye after a great third season! They update you on what's coming in season four and when, and where to find them during the break.


Law of Attraction

Is manifesting bad? Is the Law of Attraction compatible with scripture? What is the link between word of faith and prosperity gospel? What kinds of things open up doors to the demonic? In this episode, Esther and Elizabeth interview the brilliant ex-New Ager, Melissa Dougherty to go through the deep details about how these pagan, demonic and dangerous practices are infiltrating the church. They discuss how the evil one deceives many by using popular teaching + even mainstream pastors to...


It Matters [Season 3.18] - Singleness Part 3

You asked, they listened! In this final installment of the Singleness Series, Esther and Elizabeth tackle questions submitted from their listeners about singleness, dating and marriage. Questions like: “How do you know if someone is the ‘right person?’” and “How do you experience contentment when you desire marriage?” Then they wrap up with a practical advice segment, giving you pro tips on living in unwanted singleness and how to most effectively pursue marriage if you desire it. There is...


It Matters [Season 3.17]: Singleness Part 2: Marriage Idolatry

If you haven't checked out Singleness Part 1, scroll back to our very first season to find it there! In this latest installment of the singleness series, our story picks up at Elizabeth's new life stage: marriage! Listen in to hear Esther and Elizabeth tackle a major counterfeit doctrine in church culture: Idolatry of Marriage. What does scripture say about the gift of singleness? What about unwanted singleness? Elizabeth also shares her story about journeying towards marriage in her...


It Matters [Season 3.16]: The Reliability of Scripture

Can we trust the origins of the Bible? How can we know we have the whole, true Bible? Which translations are trustworthy, and are any of them “bad?” In this episode of It Matters, Esther and Elizabeth welcome pastor Austin Molt to help address some of our toughest questions about the reliability of the word of God. To find more from Esther and Elizabeth, you can find them on Instagram at @itmatters_podcast.


It Matters [Season 3.15]: What is Going On?

In this overwhelming life season, Esther and Elizabeth meet you for an episode that is all about discussing the question, "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Amidst all the chaos we are living in right now, how do we hear from God? How do we discern truth from the lies? Where is the good, and how do we spot it? Esther and Elizabeth not only share updates from culture and how to process them, but they also from events in their own lives. To find more from Esther and Elizabeth, head over to...


Bite Size Theology No.276 - Books of the Old Testament 3, Leviticus

The Law


Bite Size Theology No.231 - Biblical Characters 13, Joshua

We skip over him a lot, but he literally conquers everyone.


Bite Size Theology (Extended Edition) No.10 - Crazy Church History Stories

Aaron, John, and our first ever guest Evan each share some fun (and/or crazy) stories from church history and discuss the logistics of eating a cup of uncooked rice.


It Matters [Season 3.13] - Critical Race Theory + Anti-Racism with Samuel Sey [Part 2]

In this catalytic second episode with renowned writer and speaker Samuel Sey, we go deeper into the nuances of CRT + Anti-Racism. Sey discusses broken family units, and the true cause of disparity between black people and white people in the USA. He shares more of his story and experience as a black man, and as the son of a single mother and immigrant in North America. In true form, all the hot-button issues in racial reconciliation are held under the lens of scripture and the gospel. This...


An Update from Esther and Elizabeth



It Matters [Season 3.12] - Anti-Racism with Samuel Sey [Part 1]

What is anti-racism? What is critical race theory? What is racism? And most importantly, how do believers understand these terminologies and issues in light of scripture? Join Esther and Elizabeth as they welcome renowned blogger and speaker, Samuel Sey for an in depth discussion on the topics of race. Samuel eloquently equips Christ followers to compare our culture's understanding of racism with the biblical definition of injustice and favoritism. Listeners can expect to walk away from...


It Matters [Season 3.11] - Eschatology [Part 2]: The Millennial Kingdom + “Kingdom Now” Theology

We are BACK with prophetic scholar Amir Tsarfati in his BEST episode yet, to look at more of your questions about the End Times. This episode covers the two main schools of thought about the Millennial Kingdom: Pre-millennialist + Amillennial theology. We consider: •Will Jesus will have a literal reign on earth? What does the Bible actually say about it? •What happens to Christians during the tribulation? •What is “kingdom now” theology and how is it different from manifestations of the...


It Matters [Season 3.10] - Eschatology [Part 1]: ISRAEL + Will there be a rapture?

In troubling times, people want to know what will happen next! So we enlisted Amir Tsarfati (a Messianic Jewish scholar from Israel) and expert who has spent decades studying Biblical prophesies and texts about the END TIMES. We caught up with Amir mid-global tour to ask WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY regarding these controversial and critical questions: What is the role of Israel in the End Times? Does God’s covenant with the Israeli people and the land still matter today? Are we in the End...


It Matters [Season 3.9] - Christian “Celebrities” and Partiality

Did you know the Bible talks about influencers specifically? And about networking? In this episode, we are looking at secret sins. The covert ones that sneak up on you, or have had a cozy existence in your life without you even realizing it! If you’ve ever felt uninvited, unincluded, or just all around nauseated by the “who’s who” mentality in Christian community- this one is for you! Growing up in Christ means putting away the baby’s milk and going for real MEAT. That means taking a hard...


It Matters [Season 3.8] - Progressive Christianity [Part 2]

In this episode of Esther and Elizabeth's two-part series on Progressive Christianity, Elizabeth shares a detailed account of her journey as a former progressive Christian. What is the mindset of someone who is being swayed towards this belief system? Why is this movement so enticing yet so dangerous? Tune in to hear answers to these questions and explore solutions to common doubts that so many believers share as they process their faith in Christ. There will also be a follow up Q&A for this...


Leaders Who Survive with Tod Bolsinger [Everyday Exiles Podcast No.72]

Tod Bolsinger, Senior Congregational Strategist and Associate Professor of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary, joins the show to discuss his two books, Canoeing the Mountains and Tempered Resilience. Plus, @todbol explains how leaders can navigate the post-pandemic landscape and prepare their congregations for the change necessary for this next season.


It Matters [Season 3.7] - Progressive "Christianity" with Alisa Childers [Part 1]

There is a fake gospel that is invading the Christian church and its name is Progressive Christianity. What is Progressive "Christianity," and why is it incompatible with scripture? Join Elizabeth and Esther as they welcome special guest, author and subject matter expert, Alisa Childers and take a deep dive into this alluring and deceptive movement; which is leading the hearts and minds of believers away from the real Jesus Christ and into a worldview of false promises and celebration of...


It Matters [Season 3.6] - The Gifts of the Spirit [Part 2]

We love to get practical AND we love going after the tough objections! In this episode we do both: First Elizabeth tackles the main objections about spiritual gifts: including the cessation argument (did the prophetic/miraculous gifts cease- why or why not?) and the consideration of whether the gift of apostleship still exists. Then Esther breaks down HOW DO YOU KNOW your spiritual gifts? This episode is filled with relevant doubts and questions that come up most often today, as well as...