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Episode #18 – Talking religion with ‘No Religion’s

According to the 2016 Australian Census, Australia is one of the least religious nations in the developed world. 7 million Australians identify as having ‘No Religion’. So how do you start ‘talking religion’ to someone whose core belief system is built on the idea that religion doesn’t matter? Join Derek and Scott as they quiz special guest Matt Varcoe on designing missions that target this vital demographic.


Episode #17 – Small groups

What you call them depends a lot on your spiritual background - they could be Bible studies, community groups, cell groups or fellowship groups … what they should always be though, is the one place where the Christian growth really gets going. If we want small groups to flourish, we need to think through how we build the right small group culture.


Episode #16 – Job descriptions

Do you want to grow the members of your team as disciples of Jesus? Do you want to empower them to be on mission with you? Then begin loving them enough to provide them clear job descriptions - not only of the roles they’re going to play, but how they contribute to the wider mission of your church or ministry.


Episode #15 – Getting your meeting rhythms down

Teams have to be organised, informed, allowed to contribute and sent out - unless you want to do all the work yourself. So, if you’re going to lead well, you have to learn to run meetings well. What are the types of meetings you need to run? How often do you need to run them? And how do you make sure they achieve their purpose? Scott and Derek let you know.


Episode #14 – Ministry Dashboards

Live from Multiply18, Scott Sanders and Derek Hanna speak to prominent Christian blogger and agent provocateur Steve McAlpine on PERSUADING an audience as you set about PROCLAIMING the gospel.


Episode #13 – Proclaiming and Persuading

You’re a minister of the Gospel - you’d love to tell someone about Jesus, of course! But Christianity is increasingly on the nose in Australia and around the world. What do you need to do in order to side-step the cultural landmines that lie between you and a soul-saving conversation? Live from Multiply18, Scott Sanders and Derek Hanna speak to prominent Christian blogger and agent provocateur Steve McAlpine on PERSUADING an audience as you set about PROCLAIMING the gospel.


Episode #12 – The Good Life

How does a Christian balance enjoying God’s goodness and sacrificing your life? The reality of life ‘under the sun’ is that the everyday circumstances of life - the highs, the lows - are full of mundane stuff, and multiple options, choices and sacrifices... This episode we talk to Mikey Lynch, author of The Good Life In The Last Days and see how a Christian ministry worker should go about making decisions.


Episode #11 – What should I be doing now?

The most difficult question in any ministry has to be, “What should I be doing… now?” What’s next on my agenda? Al Stewart tells us setting priorities in ministry is a must. It’s too easy to follow a particular passion down a rabbit hole, and wake up to realise you’ve forgotten something truly important.


Episode #10 – The top three apprentice issues

Ministry apprentices can play an integral role in building a culture of training in your church. But what are the top three issues that apprentices have, as they take on a ministry? And maybe just as important, what are the top three issues you want to address in years you’ve got them?


Episode #9 – The apprentice pipeline

If we take a step back and remind ourselves that we’re trying to reach Australia with the Gospel, it doesn’t take long to realise that it’s a job too big for even the most capable person to do on their own. So, if we’re going to make a dent in that challenging task, we need to become church leaders who aren’t just thinking about doing ministry...but thinking about multiplying themselves.


Episode #8 – You get the audience you preach for

Al Stewart is an expert in Australian ministry - a youth group leader, a congregation leader, the CEO of a denominational department, a bishop, a church planter – and the one thing he thinks it’s absolutely essential for ministry workers to get down is the art of preaching, because your preaching produces your audience.


Episode #7 – Location! Location! Location!

Last episode Scott took us through The Four Ls That Lead To Launch, one of which was Location. Today we’re going to dig deeper into that topic of where to set up, and why it matters with American church planting expert Wade Burnett.


Episode #6 – The 4Ls that lead to launch

You want to plant a new church … or maybe a new congregation in an existing church? It amounts to the same thing: a new ministry, presumably to reach new people for Jesus. What are the absolute essential things you have to do, practically speaking, to get started on the right foot? The answer to that question can be neatly summarised by The Four Ls That Lead To Launch.


Episode #5 – Building the Ecosystem

Over the past couple of episodes, we’ve been introducing to three key ideas that point people to Christ, lead people to Christ, and help them live for Christ - we call them Signposts, Pathways and Ecosystems. Ecosystems are what comes AFTER people have found you (Signposts), and you’ve helped them find Christ (Pathways).


Episode #4 – ‘Pathways’ to the gospel

In our third episode we opened up a can of controversy, talking about your church signposts that point people towards - or away - from Jesus. This episode we take it fifteen minutes further down the road and ask, ‘What about your pathways?’ These are the ways you lay down to help people come to faith...


Episode #3 – Church ‘Signposts’

This episode we’re going to talk about the first part of a three-part conversation around three key areas in your church: signposts, pathways and eco-systems. And today we’re going to talk about Signposts... The world needs Jesus. And they need signposts to find him. Where are the signposts for your church pointing? Are you being deliberate about them?


Episode #1 – Convictions drive direction

We’re all convicted that the Gospel is the most important information a human being could ever hear - but when it comes to ministry, that conviction isn’t enough. Your ministry needs to be driven by convictions as well…