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Grammy nominated producer/engineer, Andrew Sandoval, brings the world into his magical record room for an array of rarities, hidden gems and mono minutiae. He calls it "Come To The Sunshine," and for the last ten years, thousands of worldwide listeners have.


Santa Monica, CA


Grammy nominated producer/engineer, Andrew Sandoval, brings the world into his magical record room for an array of rarities, hidden gems and mono minutiae. He calls it "Come To The Sunshine," and for the last ten years, thousands of worldwide listeners have.




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Episode 194: Come To The Sunshine 201 - Burt Bacharach

In an episode first aired February 13, 2023: DJ Andrew Sandoval pays tribute to the music of Burt Bacharach, presenting selections by: Hermits Hermits, The Merseybeats, Alan Price Set, Swinging Blue Jeans, The Kubas, Sandie Shaw, Tom Jones, Trini Lopez, The Searchers, Ronnie Burns, Burt Bacharach and his orchestra and chorus, Sandi and Sally, Rick Nelson, Dionne Warwick, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, Dusty Springfield, Twice As Much, Ian and the Zodiacs, The Beatles, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Peter Sellers and The Hollies, Cher, Gene Pitney, Petula Clark, The Walker Brothers, Jackie deShannon, Marianne Faithfull, Twiggy and Anne, Chris Farlowe, Lulu, The 4 Seasons, and Elvis Costello.


Episode 193: Come To The Sunshine 2 revisited - Grapefruit

In a show first aired September 27, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval revisits episode #2 of Come To The Sunshine using the playlist from September 18, 2006 to replay and review his picks from back then. 21 1960's singles are spun by Raintree Minority; The Mojo; Dino, Desi & Billy; The Paper Fortress; The Nashville Teens; The Devils Brigade; Phineas & The Lemon Fogg; Buffalo Springfield; Nilsson; Chad & Jeremy; The Black Sheep; The Cyrkle; The Fourth Dimension; Gene Clark; The Sparrow; Herman's Hermits; The Rain; The Action; The Pretty Things; The Trophies and The Everly Brothers. In the Sunshine spotlight, Grapefruit is examined with spins of their 1969 Around album in mono, as well as original 1968 UK singles and outtakes from a 2016 compilation CD. The songwriting of leader George Alexander is also fully explored through original demos and covers by such artists as: The Moving Finger; The Ways And Means; Goldrush; Paintobox; The Majority and Andy Ellison.


Episode 192: Come To The Sunshine 200 - Margo Guryan and more

In an episode first aired September 12, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval celebrates 15 full years of Come To The Sunshine with the 200th edition of the program (on the 16th anniversary of the series' debut). In Part One, Sandoval spins 1960's 45's by The Trolls; The Klan; Donny B. Waugh; Q ’65; Scrugg; The Collectors; Jim & Jean; After Tea; Frans Krassenburg; Eddy & The Eddysons; Mouse & The Traps; Mick & Malcolm; Joe Sanchez; The Tradewinds; Love; The Sugar Shoppe; Lois Lane; Jerry Yester; R. Black & The Rocking V’s. In Part Two, Sandoval turns the Sunshine spotlight onto singer-songwriter, Margo Guryan. Rare acetates and demos are featured alongside covers of her compositions by: Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell; Bobby Sherman; The Lennon Sisters; Claudine Longer; Samantha Jones. In Part Three, Sandoval recounts a brief history of "Come To The Sunshine" and spins some Sunshine favorites by: Fairchilds; The Hung Jury; Dino, Desi & Billy; The Sundowners; Sagittarius; Gary Lewis & The Playboys; Procol Harum; Twice As Much; The Pretty Things; P.F. Sloan; Brian Hyland; Del Shannon; Chad & Jeremy; Canterbury Music Festival; The Beau Brummels; The Byrds; Harpers Bizarre.


Episode 191: Come To The Sunshine 199 - George Tipton

In an episode first aired July 25, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval explores the arrangement genius of George Tipton, with examples of his work with: Harry Nilsson; Jan & Dean; Bobby Vee & The Strangers; The Rainy Daze; Del Shannon; Jan Berry; The Rainy Day Friends; Nancy Priddy; The Sunshine Company; The Girls From Petticoat Junction; The Monkees; Aerial Landscape; Stone Country; Tim Gilbert; The Shannons; The Summer Winds; Brian Hyland; Don Lee Wilson; Jim & Jean; J.C. Cole; The Boenzee Cryque; Gil & Johnny; Johnny Walsh; The Family Tree; Dick Clark; The Strawberry Alarm Clock; Jose Feliciano; T.J. & The Fourmations


Episode 190: Come To The Sunshine - Song Of Summer

In an episode first aired September 5, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval surveys the five summer editions of his show and selects his favorite tracks alongside a handful of more recent discoveries. Artists include: Bruce & Terry; The Ragamuffins; Mark Eric; The Stephen Crane Village; Freddie Cannon; Brian Hyland; Harmony Grass; The Higher Elevation; The Hot Dog Stand; Teddy & The Pandas; The Fresh Windows; The Gibsons; The Chocolate Watch Band (UK); The Bystanders; Los Iberos; The Pyramid; The Love Generation; Nancy Sinatra with Lee Hazlewood; Johnny Rivers; The Two Of Each; The Kinks; Love; The Monkees; Little Anthony & The Imperials; The 5th Dimension; The Six Pents; Jan & Dean; The Shangri-Las; Skeeter Davis; The Street Corner Society; Lesley Gore; The Beach Boys; The Dave Clark Five; David Kerr; The California Poppy Pickers; The Fortunes; The Imaginations; Floyd & Jerry with The Counterpoints; Toast; The Peppermint Trolley Company; The Seeds; The Bonzo Dog Band; Bill Fay; Ray Chafin; Sonny & Cher; Mournin’ Do; Marianne Faithfull; Reparata & The Delrons; Saturday’s Photograph; Tuesday’s Children; Twice As Much; The Bee Gees; Del Shannon; Chad & Jeremy and Dusty Springfield


Episode 189: Come To The Sunshine 193 - Jimmy Webb

In an episode first aired on February 28, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents a unique selection of 1960's 45's from The Californians; Ides of March; The Five Emprees; The Chartbusters; Dee Jay & The Runaways; Mouse; Danny Price; The Playboys of Edinburg; The Gosdin Brothers; Sandland Brothers; Tuesday's Children; Troy Dante; Bob and Carol; The Gallery; John Simon; The Third Degree; Mark Eric; Skip Battyn and the Group; Keith Shields; Prince John. In the Sunshine spotlight, an hour of early compositions/arrangements/productions by Jimmy Webb, with performances by: The Yellow Payges; The Midnight Mail; Shane Martin; The Nocturnes; Strawberry Children; The 5th Dimension; The Bystanders; Picardy; Dusty Springfield; Gulliver‘s People; Revelation; the Everly Brothers; Gordon Waller; Glenn Campbell; Richard Harris.


Episode 188: Come To The Sunshine 196 - Bones Howe

In an episode first aired May 9, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents a very special interview with producer, composer and recording engineeer, Bones Howe. Sandoval and Howe talk of his studio work in the 1960's with such artists as the Everly Brothers, Barry McGuire, the Mama's & The Papa's, Jan & Dean, P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri, Lou Adler, the Grass Roots, the Turtles, the 5th Dimension, Warren Zevon, Lyme & Cybelle, the Everpresent Fullness, the Association, the Sundowners and the Monkees. Playing Howe's wonderfully engineered creations, they also cover Bones' use of legendary studios like Radio Recorders, United & Western as well as his production techniques.


Episode 187: Come To The Sunshine 195 - Al Capps

In an episode first aired on May 2, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval explores the vast studio world of songwriter/producer/arranger, Al Capps. Capps was a mainstay of the Los Angeles session scene and worked on as many records as more well-known figures like Hal Blaine, but his talents ranged even further: from vocals, to co-writing hits like "She's Just My Style" and arranging songs for nearly a hundred artists in the 1960's alone. On this episode, Sandoval spins selections from Capps' work with The Gas Company; Gary Lewis & The Playboys; The Bantams; Them; London Phogg; Lesley Gore; Beethoven Soul; Brian Hyland, Don Scardino; Bobby Vee & The Strangers; The Morning Glories; Dino, Desi & Billy; The Lennon Sisters; Peter Courtney; The Surprise Package; The Everly Brothers; The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Pat Shannon; Sparks; Jesse Lopez; The Vogues; The First Edition; Frankie Randall; The Doodletown Pipers; The Blackwell Manner; Joey Paige; Bob & Kit; Thomas & Richard Frost; Fargo; The Roosters; Freddy Cannon; Shiny Brothers; Danny Hutton; Tommy Sands; The Committee; The Green Beans; Davy Jones; The Congregation; Belland & Somerville; The Honeys and the Fault Line.


Episode 186: Come To The Sunshine 194 - Neil Diamond

In an episode first aired April 25, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents 20 mono 45's collected from his recent travels including selections by: The Plebs; The Down Children; Brenda Lee; Flowerz; 1st Century; Gonn; The Checkmates; Bob & Judy; The Motleys; The Four Evers; The Second Story; Milk; Dave Christie; The Alan Bown; The Camel Drivers; The Roosters; Gately & Fitzgerald; The Joyfull Noise; Ray Whitley and Tyree Forrest. And then, in the Sunshine artist spotlight he explores 1966/1967-era Neil Diamond, including rare demos, a period interview and some of his best Bang label sides. Plus, era appropriate covers by the Angels, the Move, Monkees, Ronnie Dove and Mike Berry.


Episode 198: Come To The Sunshine 191 - Mike Leander

In an episode first aired January 31, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval spotlights producer/arranger/songwriter, Mike Leander and features 40 selections from his 1963-1970 recorded work. This selection of hits and rarities includes music by: The Applejacks; Lulu; Lady Lee; Bobby Shafto; The Marauders; Marc Bolan; Dave Berry; Doug Gibbons; Marianne Faithfull; The Rolling Stones; Paul & Barry Ryan; Paul Jones; The Nashville Teens; The Young Idea; Billy Fury; The Jordan Brothers; Joe Brown; Peter & Gordon; Marquis Of Kensington; Jackie Lee; The Beatles; Chris Simmons; Vanity Fare; David McWilliams; John Bryant; The Breakaways; Perfect People; Paul Raven and Montanas.


Episode 197: Come To The Sunshine 192 - Madara/White

In an episode first aired on February 7, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents a bespoke selection of 45's for your listening pleasure including sides by Teddy & The Pandas; The Del Satins; Pretty People; Rumbles Ltd.; Sounds Unlimited; The American Scene; Harry Deal & The Galaxies; The NJ Orange; The Doodletown Pipers; Sundae; Rick Jarrard; Mouse & The Traps; The Symbols; The Illusive Dream; Particular People; Wonderland; Sun Dragon; Fairytale; Asylum Choir and The Third Rail. In the Sunshine Spotlight: Songwriter/Producers John Madara & David White. Examples of their work from 1962-1969 include performances by: The Outcasts; The Sterlings; Johnny Caswell; The Wreck-A-Mended; The Wildflower; Maureen Gray; Johnny Madara; Len Barry; Johnny Young; Lesley Gore; Dusty Springfield; Bunny Sigler; The Spokesmen; The Sidekicks; The Fortunes and The Sweet Three.


Episode 196: Come To The Sunshine 190 - The Cowsills

In an episode first aired on January 17, 2022: DJ Andrew Sandoval spins 20 45's by M.P.D. Limited; The Wig/Wags; The Everly Brothers; The Cherry Slush; Skip Battyn & The Group; The Symbols; Jack Bedient & The Chessmen; Rumbles Ltd.; The Shillings; Shirley & Johnny; The Roosters; Travis & Coventry - The Clefs Of Lavender Hill; Oshun; Clock-Work Orange; The Third Degree; Barbara Keith With Kangaroo; Fairytale; 1st Century; The Guild; Mouse. In the Sunshine spotlight, he presents an hour of beautiful music from the Cowsills!


Episode 195: Come To The Sunshine 187 - The Buckinghams

In an episode first aired on November 22, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval spins collected on his recent travels by: The Clann; The Gestures; The Best Of Friends; The Insects; Whatt Four; The Angels; Gates Of Eden; Baxters' Chat; Scrugg; The Daughters Of Eve; The Rooftop Singers; Prince John; Foxx; Gary & The Hornets; Pamela Webb & The George; The Beatstalkers; The Stamp Street Collection; Dave Christie; The Guild; and Transformer. In the Sunshine artist spotlight, he takes a look at the work of the Buckinghams.


Episode 194: Come To The Sunshine 185 - The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

In an episode first aired August 16, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval spins single by - Andy Kim; Buffalo Nickel; The Eight Day; The Crickets; Ray Chafin; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates; Ian & The Zodiacs; The Everly Brothers; The Four Fifths; The Pretty Things; P.C. Ltd.; Bobby Darin; The Chuck Barris Syndicate; The San Souci Sensational Six; Astrakan Sleeve; Jonathan's Experiences; The Tropics; Hounds; The Deep Six; and The Donnybrook. In the Sunshine artist spotlight you will hear sounds from the Peanut Butter Conspiracy (as well as their earlier incarnations as the Young Swingers and the Ashes).


Episode 194: Come To The Sunshine 184 - Tommy James And The Shondells

In an episode first aired on June 28, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval turns the Sunshine spotlight onto the sixties recordings of Tommy James & The Shondells.


Episode 194: Come To The Sunshine 179 - Real Good Productions and the Fifth Estate

In an episode first aired February 15, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents Real Good Productions by Steve & Bill Jerome with selections from Society's Children, The Furnacemen, San Francisco Earthquake, The Doughboys, Barry Darvel, The Young Enterprise, Reparata & The Delrons, Christopher, Marie Applebee, The Blades Of Grass, The Front End, Christopher & The Chaps, Renee St. Clair and The Ox-Bow Incident. And in the artist spotlight even more Real Good Productions of the Fifth Estate and their earlier incarnation as The "D" Men.


Episode 193: Come To The Sunshine 13 - The Tokens

In an episode first aired on January 29, 2007: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents 45's by The Cherokees; The Sinners; The Underground; Young Canadians; The Zephyrs; Artie Schroeck; The Conservatives; The Palace Guard; The Paupers; Talon Brothers; Ray Ennis & The Blue Jeans; Design; Margo Guryan; The Wishbone; The Sidekicks; Grapefruit; The Children Of Paradise; and World Of Oz. In the Sunshine spotlight, Sandoval spins sides from the Tokens (including selections from Intercourse) as well as their productions for the Next Exit, the Cookies and Brute Force.


Episode 192: Come To The Sunshine 183 - The Gentrys

In an episode first aired on June 7, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents 20 45's by: Raintree; Jerry Fuller; Ray Chafin; The Lost; The Winkle Pickers; The Eighth Day; Thomas & Richard Frost; The Cherry Slush; Bob Lind; The Kingston Trio; The Shadows; Soulful Bowlful; Disillusion '21; The Fairytale; Richard Dawson; Wendy & Bonnie; Andy Kim; John Dunn; The Geneva Convention and Jake Holmes. In the Sunshine artist spotlight an hour of Memphis group The Gentrys' finest sides for MGM, Bell & Sun. Some of the bands best tracks - which are featured here - have never been anthologized or made it to the digital realm.


Episode 191: Come To The Sunshine 182 - Jackie DeShannon

In an episode first aired May 4, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents a two-hour look at the songwriting and the singing of Jackie DeShannon. Featuring songs and rare demos from 1963-1970 performed by Jackie, as well as covers of her originals from: Marianne Faithfull, The Critters, The Hellions, The Byrds, Peter & Gordon, The Epics, The Liverpool Five, Doug Gibbons, Raga & The Talas, Bob E. Soxx & The Blue Jeans and The Chicks.


Episode 190: Come To The Sunshine 181 - David McWilliams

In an episode first aired April 26, 2021: DJ Andrew Sandoval spins vinyl singles by The Deep Six, The Cascades, The Losers, Bobby Lile & The El Montes, The Shy Guys, John Dunn, Disillusion '21, Dick & Dee Dee, Solid Gold, The New Generation, Josie Taylor, De Maskers, The Shame, M.P.D. Limited, Wendy & Bonnie, David Kershenbaum, Jennifer Warren, Bobby Darin and Richard Dawson. In the Sunshine spotlight, North Ireland's David McWilliams sings original songs from his three 1967 albums on UK's Major Minor label (as well as some non-LP sides).