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Basement Metal # 50

Well can you believe it ??....we can't...we have 50 regular shows in the can so far for the Metal series. Yes we have other concepts like Space Rock / Rockin' All Over The World and other goodies....but we feel this series is a BIG success, so we charge on and try for 100....Will probably make it. In the meantime we have a good show again for all you the listeners out there...BTW We thank all of you for tuning into these shows.....that's what keeps us going over here. Oh Yeah...soooo what...


Spotlight Show - The Cars

This Is A Basement Replay.... By Request..... Well yes one of the guys from the Cars passed away this week and I had 3 requests for a Cars show...well we had one from 2016, so here it is again. So for the people who didn't hear it the first time...... Here they are again. The music of THE CARS. Intro: Shoo Be Doo 1. Don't Tell Me No 2. Strap Me In 3. Cruiser 4. Something To Grab For 5. Sad Song 6. By By Love 7. That's It 8. Slip Away 9. Magic 10. Maybe Baby 11. Dangerous Type 12. You Are The...


Basement Jazz # 32

Hello Jazzmenteers all over.... Well here we go one more time with some more stuff we found on our Jazz shelves we wanted to spin on this episode for Basement Jazz. Tonight we will hear songs from: Modern Jazz Quartet / Pat Metheny / Craig Hundley and Buck Clayton... Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Frangipane 1. If I Could Love You-Craig Hundley 2. A Trail Of The Past-Kirill Poudavoff 3. Tangerine-Lou Donaldson 4. Hot Consulo-Chuck Mangione 5. A Night In Barcelona-Bobby Hutcherson 6. River Quay-Pat...


School Year 1974-1975 (Part 2)

Hello Basementeers all over... Yes here it is the second part of School Year 1974-1975. Songs that were recorded , released or hits during the period of Sep 1974 to Aug 1975. Were in the middle of all this, this week on SFTB. You will hear songs from: Queen / Rufus / Kraftwerk / Elton John and John Denver as the Beaver.... So hear we go once again in the middle 70's. Intro: Boys & Girls-The Archies 1. # 9 Dream-John Lennon 2. Killer Queen-Queen 3. Don't Call Us, Will Call You-Sugarloaf 4. It...


Spotlight Show - Shooting Star

This Is A Basement Replay... Well Better late then never... We have an old rockin' show that I bet lots of Basementeers have not heard yet...It's on a band called: Shooting Star. We will be playing trax from there lp's and you might find a few new songs you might like. So let's rocking with Shooting Star... Intro: Preview 1. Straight Ahead 2. Trouble In Paradise 3. Are You Ready 4. Cold Blooded 5. Get Ready Boy 6. You Got What I Need 7. Find A Way 8. Run Jenny Run 9. Don't Waste My Time 10....


Basement Metal # 49

Helloooo Metal Bongerzzzz.... On this show we almost didn't getthis on in time, it izzz.... So today we have great songz from: AC/DC / The Litter / Night Ranger / This Lizzy and more let's just get 2 itt..... Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath 1. Take The World By Storm-Slave Raider 2. Someday, She's Gonna Hit Back-Thin Lizzy 3. Law Of The Land-Asia 4. Beneath, Between & Behind-Rush 5. Little Red Book-The Litter 6. Big Life-Night Ranger 7. Riff Raff-AC/DC 8. Remember The Night-Only...


School Year - 1974-1975 Part 1

Hellooo Basementeers all over.... Better late then never, yes were late to school, well we have to stay after lol... OK we have another edition to the School Year series, we have part 1 of School Year 1974-1975...songs that were being recorded / released or hits or just out during the period of Sept 1974 to Aug 1975. This is part 1 You will hear song from: KISS / The Kinks / Badfinger / Fleetwood Mac / Styx / Sly Stone / Bee Gees and a lot more. Intro: Boys & Girls-The Archies 1. Mighty,...


Spotlight Show - Thin Lizzy

This Is A Basement Replay... By Popular demand, a request for the music of Thin Lizzy was requested, so yes we have a great show on there music. The Rock kings of Ireland, and here to play some classic songs on SFTB. If you have not heard them yet, yes you will now. The band was around from 1969 to 1983, even Huey Lewis played with them for a short time. Other fun facts are mentioned in the show. For us, this is a classic show from the archives of SFTB. Intro: Angel Of Death 1. Bad...


Basement Reggae # 6

This Is A Reggae Replay.... Well for those of you who didn't hear it the first time...... Welcome back everybody....we are having a computer glitch and clean up with our system here so that's why we are doing a replay of one of the early reggae shows....We hope you will like ....again.... So on this show we will be playing music from: Jimmy Cliff / Lord Tanamo / Phyllis Dillon / The English Beat and Lord Creator and more... Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension 1. Stand Up And Fight Back-Jimmy...


Basement Metal # 22

This Is A Metal Replay.... Hello all metal heads out there. Sorry we are playing an older show from last year for the people who didn't hear it the first time. Were having computer glitches this week so were bringing out a good show from last year. The bands we will play on this episode will be from: The High Beams / Loudness / Men-O-War / Prowler and Killing Joke.....and more So ready 2 ROCK ?? we are again. Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind 1. All She Wrote-Firehouse 2. Running From Freedom-Prowler...


The Basement On Page 35

This Is A Basement Replay...... Well I hate to say it but for some of our Basementeers, it's back to School-time....YUK !!! right???.... Well here is something that will make it a lot less painful.....Our back to school show. Hey if you didn't have to go to'd have to go to work....enjoy your youth kids !!! Anyway.....We have a great show full of school related songs to get you all ready for the next school year and kind of get into the school spirit. Ra-Ra..... We have songs...


Eric Burdon & The Animals

Hellooo Basementeers all over..... Today we have a legendary band that really gave us more then music. A couple of the members gave us future rock stars and of course their brand of music. It's Eric Burdon and the Animals. We will go through years of there music and we think you will find some good stuff here. They were kind of blues rock / Rock Rock / Funk Rock and ect... So for the people who might know you will. Intro: We Love You Lil 1. Year Of The Guru 2. Yes I'm Experienced...


Basement Metal # 48

Hello Metal Heads all over.....U know where U are.......SO DO WE HUHUHUHUH..... OK ready to get the band aids out ??....we have plenty..... So we have LOUD stuff 4 all of UUUUUU this on Basement Metal.... Songs will be from: The High Beams / Orion The Hunter / JANE / The Sweet and a few more. Turn it all up and....... Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath 1. Alied Forces-Triumph 2. No You Don't-The Sweet 3. The Hard Way-Point Blank 4. Come Inside-Kooch 5. Don't Run My Life-Spys 6. Hooked On The...


Basement Jazz # 31

Hello Jazzmenteers all over... Hello every one, so here we go again with more neat music. We will be playing songs from: Milt Jackson / Kirill Poudavoff / Joe Puma and Zoot Sims....... So let's get going here.... Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Fragipane 1. Tyme Cube-Tim Weisberg 2. Broadway-Junior Mance 3. Bizet Has His Day-Les Brown 4. Bells-Harry James 5. Quicksilver Blues-Zoot Sims 6. Mambo Diane-Little Big Jazz Band 7. Slow Boat From China/It Could Happen To You-Kirill Poudavoff 8. Ozark-Pat...


Doing That Basement Thing

THIS IS A BASEMENT REPLAY...... Hello Basementeers..... We are pretty busy in the basement and we forgot to post a new show, well we have a few, but they are not ready for release yet, so why not play an older one from 2016. So We thought this was a good one with song from: Deep Purple / Robert Palmer / Bob Seger / The Yardbirds / The Beatles and Pink Floyd as the Beaver... So get set ready...NNNNN...GO !!! Intro: The Chicken Delight Twist 1. Keep On Laughing-Rick Ocasek 2. Doing That Crazy...


Basement Metal # 47

Hello Metal Heads all over.... Yes here we are again ready to rock again. Here's a peak of what's ahead from band's were going to play. Groups like: Aerosmith / The Who / Molly Hatchet / Great White and Judas Priest.... So...ROCK ON.... Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath 1. Sailor-Rick Derringer 2. Nothing For Nothing-Cinderella 3. Eat Me Alive-Judas Priest 4. Stick It-Great White 5. Shake It Lose-Y & T 6. The Hand That Feeds-Aerosmith 7. Pure & Easy-The Who 8. Not Fragile-Bachman, Turner...


Spotlight Show - The Culture Club

Hellooooo Basementeers all over.... On this episode of the Spotlight show we have one of the biggest pop bands of the 1980's.....It's Boy George and the Culture Club. Yes they were prominent on the radio for about 6 years in the 1980's and you can still hear some of their hits on classic oldies radio still. Today we will play some of the album trax that you may not have heard yet. OK will throw a hit or two in for good measure we guess. OK If you miss the 1980's, Here's The Culture Club....


Basement Reggae # 17

Hi Reggementeers or what ever this means... Yes we have another feel alright show for all of you. Some acts will be from: Sly & Robbie / Third World / Dennis Brown / Peter Tosh and more So let's think warm thoughts and not to worry about Snow & Cold temps coming soon. Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension 1. Brand New Second Hand-Peter Tosh 2. Rum & Tobacco-Tulio Enrique Leo 3. Another Brick In The Wall-Boost 4. Song Of The Islands-Bill Mure 5. Cry To Me-Bob Marley & The Wailers 6. The White...


Basement Balloon

Hellooo Basementeers once again.... It get's hard to explain all shows sometimes, but I don't mind giving you hints of what we will play on this episode of SFTB. Today we will play trax from: Kim Weston / Casey Kelly & Leslie Ellis / Diane Reney / Beach Boys / Paul McCartney / Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton and many more. So let's get spinning.... Intro: No Bizz Like Showbiz-Stanley Black 1. If Whishes Were Horses-Sweeny Todd 2. It's Lookin' Good-The Rutles 3. The Company You Keep-Diane Reney 4....


Spotlight Show - Sammy Hagar (Solo)

Hello Basementeers all over.... Today we have a man who has done very good on his own and was in 2 monumental rock bands...were talking about: Sammy Hagar. Sammy was in Montrose and Van Halen, and today we will play trax from his solo albums. So for the people who have not heard a lot of his music, here's your chance. The Music of Sammy Hagar (Solo). Intro: What They Gonna Say 1.Turn Up The Music 2. Rock & Roll Weekend 3. Top Of The Rock 4. Heavy Metal 5. I've Done Everything For You (Live)...