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Around The World In A basement # 2

Helloooo Detroit, MI & Amsterdam, Netherlands and Basementeers all over............ Yes here we are again, ready to travel around the world once more. We have been exp[experimenting with playing songs from groups around the world. We think it's a great things to play bands from various countries that might not be heard in other parts of the world. We feel were doing a neat concept by bringing these groups to the masses all over the world. Yes were going to do more of these... Songs will be...


Spotlight Show - The Box Tops

Hello Basementeers all over.... Today we have a band from the late 60's that is either hailed as influential band, or a forgotten smirked at band...called The Box Tops. The reason the band is hailed as a monumental group was (Alex Chilton). anything he touched, hipsters loved, and there you go, so we finally took out the Box Tops lp's and 45's and came up with this show. We picked out some very rare songs that have not been heard or played anywhere in years....but they get new life here......


Basement Metal - Rough Diamonds

Hello Metal Heads all over... Well ready to rock again ?...Today we have our resident re-occurring guest disc jockey: Tony Johnson.... We have a neat concept for this show..we call it Rough Diamonds. What it is, is playing the original versions of songs you may have heard before on classic rock radio's ect. Songs will be from: Queen / Black Sabbath / Slade / Ian Lloyd .....and more. We had a great time making this show, we hope you will enjoy this episode of Basement Metal. Intro: Opa...


Basement Jazz # 10

Hello Jazzmenteers..... Last week we had some computer glitches with the Jazz show but one week we week we will have the next Jazz show right on time... OK so to make up for lost time...we will be playing songs from: Leo Gandlelman / Stanley Turrentine / Bert Ligon / Passport and more. Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Frangapane 1. Locomotive-Passport 2. Scrumpy Cider-John Jarvis 3. Rainbow-Harvey Schwartz 4. Co Co Loco-Robert Greenbridge & Mike Utley 5. St. Louis Blues-Hugo...


Get Into The Basement

Hellooo: Colorado Springs, Co. / Athens, Greece and Basementeers all over... Today we have more neato songs to present as we do every week for the world to discover. We love doing this for our listeners. We will have songs from: ABBA / Steppenwolf / Wilson Pickett / Julian Lennon / Nick Drake and Dr. Hook as the Beaver...... Intro: Charge-The Rousters 1. This Feeling-Lowell Folsom 2. Remember-Free 3. Eagle-ABBA 4. I Can't Live Without You-The Mindbenders 5. You Can Leave-Marvin Gaye 6. I...


Spotlight Show - The Herd

Hellooo Basementeers all over... This episode of SFTB...we have a very under-rated english band from the late 1968's called : The Herd. You might not know them too well, but one of there members went on to reach rock super status in the 1970's....his name was....Peter Frampton...... Frampton who was voted the face of 1968, then joined the group Humble Pie in later 1968, became a solo artist in 1971 and well the rest is history. The Herd only made enough for 2 albums, but we will play trax...


Basement Metal # 19

Hellooo Metalheads all over...U know who and where U are...... Today we have another great show for you featuring songs from: Saxon / Def Leppard / WASP / Overdrive and a few more. So what more can we do buy get rockin'... Into: Opa Loka-Hawkwind 1. Lay It Down-Ratt 2. Rock Love-Steve Miller Band 3. Wild Child-WASP 4. I Don't Know What I Want-The Raspberries 5. The King Is Dead-Hellstar 6. Loving You Sunday Morning-The Scorpions 7. On The Run-Overdrive 8. Number Player-Machine 9....


Spotlight Show: Jefferson Starship

Hellooo Basementeers all over... This was request and now lots of looking back last week I posted our show on Jefferson Airplane, then we hear that Marty balin pass I thought it's only fitting to finish the we are doing a re-play of our Jefferson Starship show also done in 2014. So for the people who like both era's of the band here you go. Intro: Universia Copernican Mumbles 1. Ride The Tiger 2. Stranger 3. Sorry You, Sorry Me 4. Ballad Of The Chrome Nun...


Basement Metal # 19

Hello Metalheads.... Wow have we done 19 shows already ??..boy time goes fast....I do want to say thank you to everyone who has tuned into the Metal experiment that was all it is, so going forward.....I was only going to do 20 shows, no more, so it was fun to experiment doing Basement I know that we are at the end of experimenting with the Basement Metal project....I have decided that ...... ....................We will continue to do more Basement


Blues Show # 2: Hear The Basement Howl

This is a Basement replay.... Hellooo: Albuquerque,N.M. / Frankfurt-Leipzig-Oberhausen, Germany....and Basements everywhere....... For the requests for us to play the blues, well we did in Sept 2014, and we were singin' the blues back then LAFF OUT LOUD !! BUT!!....we had fun doing it, so we wanted to play this show once again for the people who did not hear it the first time, it will sound just as fresh as it did in 2014, so... Today we will be paying tribute to the blues and the musicians...


Spotlight Show - Jefferson Airplane

This is a Basement Replay.... Hi Basementeers..... for the lovers of 60's psych music here is one of the pioneers from San Francisco, California (USA)...The Jefferson Airplane. For ma lot of you, you might not have even heard there stuff except for maybe 2 songs. well will go through all the major albums they recorded from 1966 to 1974. We always want to boost record sales when we feature artists when we do these spotlight shows, we think you will like some trax from this show we first...


Basement Metal - Rockin' Around The World # 2

Heloooo Metal Heads all over.... Are you ready to rock around the world ?? well today we play songs from groups from various countries. Songs will be from: Anthem / Thin Lizzy / The Pretty Maids and Trust and a few more. So here we go for am international spin around the rockin' world. Intro: Pipeline-Alan Parsons Project 1. Rock & Roll Stars-Anthem (Japan) 2. The Rocker-Thin Lizzy (Ireland) 3. Steel Lord-Hibria (Brazil) 4. Rock & Roll Is Dead-The Runinoos (USA) 5. Midnight Dynamite-Diesel...


Basement Jazz # 9

Hi Jazzmenteers..... Ready for another round of music ?? we are...Looks like we got another show ready to post and we have been receiving notes that the show is growing so we thought this Jazz experiment should still stay on and we will bring you more shows in the upcoming future. I also recieved a create of Jazz records so I have to get them cleaned up and go through them, then we will have a bunch more shows to present to all of you. Thank You Terry Post for the record drop. so be on the...


Valley Of The Basements

Helooo, Denver, CA / Espoo & Helsinki, Finland...and Basementeers all over... Today we have more musical stash to spin, this never ends. We keep finding more things to play and well, that's what makes it fun to continue doing SFTB. This time we have gone a little more punk/new wave and pulled out that stash to play this week. So today here are some songs will play, there from: Elvis Costello / The Blitzz / Public Image / The Police / The Flamin' Oh's / and The Laughing Dogs as the...


Spotlight Show - Bobby Vee

Helloo Basementeers all over... Today we have a legendary songwriter/singer called: Bobby Vee. Bobby was the one who got the job to fill in on the Buddy Holy tour of early 1959, and from that point on Bobby had a string of hit records and great albums. So on this show were going to probe into the albums of Bobby Vee's music. We found some real gems here. We fell you will like the trax we present here, and hear some songs you may not have ever heard before. Intro: Wild Night 1. Run Like The...


Basement Metal # 17

Hellooo all Metal Heads out there... Ready to rock one more time??..OK... We have a good show again for all of you, songs will be from: Chariot / KISS / Anthrax / Riggs and a few more... Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind 1. Good Rockin' Tonight-Montrose 2. Step Into Light-Chariot 3. We Are Stars-Hear-N-Aid 4. Rhythm Of Love-Scorpions 5. Light Of Day-Joan Jett & Black Hearts 6. Your Mistake-Agnostic Front 7. Don't Be Afraid-Boston 8. Broken Vows-Pentagram 9. Easy As It Seems-KISS 10. The...


This Thing Called Basement

Hellooo...Witicha, KS / Olso, Norway and Basementeers all over...... Computer Problems that's why were a day late for this show, but better late then never... SO.... Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of SFTB, Today we have more musical stuff from the Basement. You will hear songs from: Rascals / Ted Taylor / Spirit / Baby / The Webs and The Bobb's as the Beaver...... So let's the records spin... Intro: Charge-The Rousters 1. A Place Called Love-The Poor Boys 2. This Thing Called...


Basement Metal # 16

Hello Metalheads out there....yes were here again with some more ROCK 4 UUUU !!!!...... Well we pulled out some more stuff in the Basement here and were going to turn up songs from: Wargasm / Wasp / Starz / OZZY / and Agent Steel plus a few more.... So again let's start da show.... Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind 1. Yeah Right-Twisted Sister 2. Never Surrender-Agent Steel 3. 20th Century Man-Scorpions 4. Miracle Man-OZZY Osborne 5. Subway Terror-Starz 6. All We Are-Warlock 7. Railroad Days-Poco 8....


Spotlight Show - Bad Company

BY REQUEST..... This is a Basement Replay.... But it was a request so here we go...again..... Hello Basementeers all over... Today we have a rockin' show by a classic band called: Bad Company. Guys from (Free & Mott The Hoople) came together to form this band in 1973, and you can trax from there albums. We did this show back in 2014, but the music sounds good as it did then and before. Intro: Master Of ceremony 1. Deal With The Preacher 2. Holy Water 3. I Live For The Music 4. Burning Sky 5....


Basement Jazz # 8

Hellow Jazzmenteers all over... Well it's that time again to play a few more Jazz things.... On this episode you will hear trax from:Modern Jazz Quartet / Larry Carlton / Chico Hamilton / Wes Montgomery and more. So let's get going ... Intro: Jungle Jangle-Ron Frangepane 1. New York Connection-Tom Scott 2. Number # 3-Red Calendar 3. A Nice Day-Chico Hamilton 4. Blue Love-Colman Hawkins 5. Maninita Caraquena-Roman Martinez 6. Blues In B FLat-The Modern Jazz Quartet 7. Bourbon Street Beat-The...