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A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music

A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music
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A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music




Dead Show/podcast for 1/18/19

While I missed the 40th anniversary of this one by a week, it's certainly a show that merits listening to, even if (or perhaps because) it only exists in a very good audience format. This one comes from January 10, 1979 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale NY. While the first set, which we will hear this week, is not as outstanding as next week's Set 2, it is certainly enjoyable, in my opinion and has some nice highlights. The boys start out by taking us to the Promised Land, which gets...


Dead Show/podcast for 1/11/19

Winter Time is Good Ol' Grateful Dead Time! I hope you're not sick of primal Dead, because in looking about for a show for this week I came across this set from January 17th, 1970 and decided that it tickled me in just the right spot so I'm going to share it this week. The boys are clicking and transitioning to new vistas and I love hearing them work out jams like Phil on this Cumberland Blues or the great 'Dark Star' jam here. Naturally hearing Pigpen in his prime is just another bonus,...


Dead Show/podcast for 1/4/19

We kick off our 2019 Deadpods with this energetic and unusual set from 1980. This took place on January 13th, 1980 at the Cambodian Refugee Benefit in Oakland. The band does one long set, and I've included all of it here this week. It is all quite worthy bu I'm especially fond of the laid back 'Franklin's Tower', As well as tight versions of 'Tennessee Jed', 'Looks Like Rain' and 'Don't Ease Me In'. The "second" set features a nice lenghty 'Playin' In The Band'. 'Not Fade Away' and 'Sugar...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/28/18

We close out 2018 with the second part of the band's performance back on on April 3rd, 1970 at the Field House at the University of Cincinnati. A great representation of the band's raucous and spirited style this set features some great jamming on some real classics like 'Cryptical Envelpment' into 'The Other One', 'Cosmic Charlie' and a wonderful 'Turn on Your Lovelight'. It's easy to see why Pigpen was considered the real frontman during this period when you listen to that Lovelight. I...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/21/18

Happy Winter Solstice! and of course Merry Christmas.......... While this is the last Deadpod before the holiday, I will naturally include some great acoustic Dead music for your enjoyment. However since it is also a few days before the holiday, I thought I would break with tradition a bit and include some electric Dead as well. The show I selected for this week really dictated this choice, its a fine show that was performed back on April 3rd, 1970 at the University of Cincinnati in...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/14/18

This week's Deadpod features a fine second set from the band's show in Oakland California on December 4, 1990. They open with a nice 'Eyes of the World' - Bruce's piano here really shines. 'Saint of Circumstance' follows then a strong Jerry vocal performance on 'Ship of Fools'. 'Truckin' is where things really get going though with a great Jerry jam especially into the 'Smokestack Lightning' which has some nice interplay between Jerry, Vince and Bruce. The band doesn't slow down,...


Dead Show/podcast for 12/7/18

This week the Deadpod will take you back to December 4th 1990 at the Oakland County Coliseum for a fine show that showcased the energy that Bruce Hornsby brought to the band when he joined them after the death of Brent Mydland. Highlights here for me include the Mississippi Half-Step and a wonderful Bird Song. While 'Walkin' Blues' is on no ones list of favorites, it is balanced out by a great set closing 'Valley Road'. I wish the band would've chosen to practice some of these Hornsby tunes,...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/30/18

This week I thought it only appropriate to go back and feature the fine second set from the band's performance on November 14th, 1971, that we had featured the first set from two weeks ago. This second set features some outstanding interplay and jamming. While Keith is not yet fully integrated into the band's sound (as he would be later in 1972), the other members more than make up for it with their energy and inventiveness. You won't be wrong to assume looking at the set list, that the...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/22/18

Happy Thanksgiving! As is our tradition, please enjoy this acoustic Grateful Dead set as my way of thanking you on this special day. While we all have many things to be thankful for, I hope each of you realizes that I am thankful that you listen to and enjoy the Deadpod. I hope that you find this acoustic Dead enjoyable and relaxing on your holiday. Peace my friends. Grateful Dead Warfield Theater San Francisco, California September 27, 1980 Saturday 1. // Jack-A-Roe 2....


Dead Show/podcast for 11/16/18

As we roll into Thanksgiving week, here is an outstanding first set from a great tour that took place during the Fall of 1971. This is from November 14th, 1971 at Fort Worth Texas. Part of this show was released as a (now out of print) Road Trips, but the entire show is a treasure and features a young band full of energy and fire. They open with a fine 'Bertha' with Keith's piano leading the way.. they follow with a 25-beat 'Beat It On Down the Line', but Billy stops at 24 so they reset...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/9/18

A quite unique but delightful second set from November 1st, 1977 is on the docket for this week's Deadpod. A wonderful Terrapin opens it up, a great song from a great year. A quick transition into an excellent 'Estimated Prophet', with some really nice work from Keith and Garcia here, especially before the transition into 'The Other One', which has an interesting intro as well. This 'Other One' has a wonderfully explosive yet controlled pace . After a fairly short 'drums' we have a...


Dead Show/podcast for 11/2/18

1977 was a year in Grateful Dead history that offered many more highlights than just those famous shows in May.. this week's Deadpod is a case in point. This performance took place 41 years ago at Cobo Hall in Detroit Michigan. The band come smokin' out of the gate with a wonderful version of 'Might As Well'. They follow with very energetic performances of some of their classic numbers. Highlights from this first set include Tennessee Jed, Passenger and an amazing 'Music Never Stopped'. We...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/27/18

This week's Deadpod contains a great recording of a 'partial' second set from the band's visit to Bloomington Minnesota on October 23rd, 1973. This recording starts with an excellent version of 'Truckin', punctuated with some unusual organ effects from Keith, going into an amazing crescendo, then into a nice bluesy 'Nobody's Fault' jam... the 'throwback' organ is reminiscent of earlier, primal versions of the band. It's so easy to lose oneself in the arabesque jam leading up to Phil's...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/19/18

While this tape may not be complete, and it does take a bit to for the crew to dial the sound in completely, I decided to bring you this gem from the fall of 1973. This took place on October 23rd in Bloomington MN. From the lists I've seen what I have is probably not the complete show and may not be in the correct order. What is certain is that there is some very fine music here that I hope you enjoy! We will hear set 2 next week.. Grateful Dead October 23, 1973 Metropolitan...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/12/18

This week we return to the Grateful Dead's first visit to the Frost Amphitheater on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto California on October 10th, 1982. This second set starts with a very unusual 'Throwin' Stones'>'Touch of Gray' opener; both songs are relatively new and contain some different lyrics which makes them even more interesting. 'Estimated' into 'Eyes of the World' follows, and I think you can really hear the color that Brent has brought into the band on this Eyes, its...


Dead Show/podcast for 10/5/18

I don't often feature audience recordings on the Deadpod but this one is so clean and of such a great show that I decided to share it this week.. this comes to us from October 9th, 1982 at the Frost Ampitheater in Palo Alto, CA. This was by all reports, a fun, sunny day on which both band and audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each other. You can hear it in the songs.. some favorites of mine 'On The Road Again' with a nice transition into 'Beat It On Down The Line'.. a great...


Dead Show/podcast for 9/28/18

This week's Deadpod is the result of a request from a longtime listener/supporter of the show. It comes to us from early in 1972, March 5th, 1972, only the second show of that legendary year, and the last time that Pigpen played with the band in San Francisco. This show was a benefit for the American Indains, and the Dead were the third band on the agenda. It turns out that they were pressed for time a bit by the 2 AM curfew, and so the second set was a bit abbreviated and rushed. I've only...


Dead Show/podcast for 9/21/18

This week's Deadpod features the 2nd set from the performance on September 19th, 1990 at Madison Square Garden in New York. This is one of the better latter day Dead shows. Bruce brings a spark to Jerry, and the boys are jamming full blast here. The jam out of the great Let it Grow with Bob, Bruce and Jerry is outstanding! But don't overlook the fine Goin' Down the Road.. Stella Blue as always, pulls on the heartstrings.. Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden New York , NY 9/19/90...


Dead Show/podcast for 9/14/18

I always love to feature a show from the historic September 1990 run at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This week I decided to bring you this wonderful show from Wednesday, September 19th 1990. This first set is energetic, and played wonderfully. Of course, the band was finding itself anew after losing Brent, and Bruce Hornsby's fourth show as a member of the band, bringing a new vitality to the group. A great 'Jack Straw' starts thing soff, but don't overlook the energy on 'Big...


Dead Show/podcast for 9/7/18

It always feels special when I can reach way back in the archives for some truly 'primal' Dead, and this week's show certainly fits. This is a fabulous show from September 3rd, 1967 at a dance hall in Rio Nido CA. There were supposedly a very small crowd, perhaps as few as 25 there, but as Phil recalled later, " This was recorded at a Russian River resort ballroom on Sunday night of Labor Day Weekend - I don't think there were more than 25 people there, but we played our little hearts out...