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A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music

A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music
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A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music




Dead Show/podcast for 8/17/18

This week another super long set from 1974 - this of course is the second set from August 6th, 1974 at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City New Jersey. What a way to start - a wonderful 'Uncle John's Band' with a great jammy intro.. other great highlights from this set include a personal favorite - a nice 'Black Peter', an excellent 'Loose Lucy' and 'Ship Of Fools' - a bit more uptempo which I think suits the song well. Again here in this set you'll see no dedicated 'drums->space' segment, but...


Dead Show/podcast for 8/10/18

As summer flies, it seems this might be a good choice to wrap up the 'days between' and lead us into the rest of August; a true classic from August 6th, 1974 at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey. The band is full on throughout this fabulous first set clocks in at over 90 minutes with some of the best versions of some of these standards that you'll find during 1974. You can feel the energy pumping out from them from Bertha onwards.. the Jack Straw is great, and you wonder how...


Dead Show/podcast for 8/3/18

A wonderful second set to celebrate the start of the Days Between on this week's Deadpod from 6/11/76 Boston Music Hall. What a way to open a set! St. Stephen! They step it up even more by following that with a unique jam into 'Dancing In the Streets' into 'The Music never Stopped.. As you might notice there is no real drums or space in this second set, but an abundance of great tunes and fine playing.. Grateful Dead Boston Music Hall Boston, MA 6/11/76 - Friday Two Saint...


Dead Show/podcast for 7/27/18

The laid back rhythms of '76 make for a perfect compliment to the hot weather as we explore a wonderful show from June 11th, 1976 at the Boston Music Hall in Boston MA. A very clean recording and sweet solos by Garcia highlight this set. Love the pace of this Tennessee Jed.. Big River will definitely get you up after a sweet and sleepy Candyman.. you'll feel the power building in the Scarlet as the music sweeps you away. A pretty and soulful 'Looks Like Rain' follows. Garcia continues to...


Dead Show/podcast for 7/20/18

This week's Deadpod features the second set from the beautiful Greek Theater in Berkeley CA that was performed back on July 13th, 1984. While this show is most famous for the 'Dark Star' encore (preceded by a shooting star), the set itself is quite solid with some outstanding performances for the year. They begin with a 'Scarlet>Touch>Fire' that is high energy and punctuated by some great work by Brent on the keys and of course Jerry's dancing notes. A nice long segway leads into 'Touch'...


Dead Show/podcast for 7/13/18

On this Friday the 13th I decided to bring you probably one of the most famous Friday the 13th shows the Grateful Dead performed - this one from Friday, July 13, 1984 at the Greek Theater in Berkeley CA. While the show is justifiably famous for the appearance of Dark Star in the 2nd set; I'm completionist enough to include the 1st set this week. All in all, this is a good 1st set and a fine example of early-to-mid 80s Dead. Always a beautiful place to see the band, the crowd is treated to...