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Tom Rinaldi

Tom Rinaldi, master storyteller for ESPN, joins The Dubcast to talk Dabo Swinney, the 10-year anniversary of Swinney taking over as interim coach, similarities and differences between Clemson and Alabama, and why the fourth matchup between these two powers is just as compelling as the first.


Ralph Russo

Ralph Russo, national college football writer for The Associated Press, joins The Dubcast to explain how one manages to cover 130 college football teams. He also shares his insight into Dabo Swinney and Clemson's program, which he began covering more closely three years ago when the Tigers began their current run of four consecutive CFP trips. Finally, Russo gives his take on Saturday's Cotton Bowl semifinal showdown between Clemson and Notre Dame.


Harold "Dutch" Coleman

Harold Coleman spent parts of his childhood living in homeless shelters in inner-city Washington D.C., as his late mother battled drug addiction. Coleman, who came to Clemson in 1991 and walked on to the Tigers' football team, visits with The Dubcast to reflect on how his upbringing shaped the man, husband and father he has become. Over the years Coleman has been a mentor to athletes who come from similarly difficult backgrounds, including Ray-Ray McElrathbey. Coleman also spent years as a...


James Davis

James Davis, the Thunder to C.J. Spiller's Lightning, joins The Dubcast to reminisce about his time at Clemson. Davis, who lives in his hometown of Atlanta, says Dabo Swinney has been urging him to return to the Upstate to join the football staff and finish his degree.


Ryan McGee

Ryan McGee of ESPN reminisces about following his father, a longtime ACC referee, around to college football games as a kid. McGee shares what it's like to know and work with Marty Smith, a close friend for two decades. He also gives his thoughts on Dabo Swinney and the powerhouse he's built.


J.K. Jay

J.K. Jay looks back on his decision to give up the game he loves at the school he loves before he played a down of football at Clemson. After undergoing multiple back surgeries, Jay was told he might have to walk with a cane for the rest of his life if he continued playing. Jay reflects on the Dandy Dozen recruiting class, Dabo Swinney's first as head coach at Clemson. He also shares how he's become successful at commercial real estate in the Greenville area, in addition to devoting part...


Bryan Driskell

Bryan Driskell, a football analyst for Rivals site Blue & Gold Illustrated, joins The Dubcast to talk the crazy "Bring Your Own Guts" game in Death Valley in 2015, and his thoughts on this year's CFP semifinal matchup between Notre Dame and Clemson.


Brett Jensen

Brett Jensen of WBT Radio in Charlotte reflects on covering hard news after years spent covering sports. He talks about his friendship with Tommy Bowden, the man he used to grill with tough questions when Bowden was Clemson's coach. Jensen also gives his thoughts on why people are so eager to be angry these days on social media when discussing sports and politics.


Wes Durham

Wes Durham joins The Dubcast to talk juggling TV play-by-play for the ACC, radio play-by-play for the Atlanta Falcons ... and, oh yeah, a daily Sirius/XM radio show with Mark Packer. Durham, who lives in Cartersville, Ga., reflects on Trevor Lawrence's celebrity in the suburb of Northwest Atlanta. He also shares a priceless Larry Munson anecdote.


Daniel Boyd

Daniel Boyd, a former sniper for the 101st Airborne who served two tours in Afghanistan and who is now on Dabo Swinney's football staff, reflects on what it was like to lead the team down the hill on Military Appreciation Day.


Corey Miller

Corey Miller, former Gamecock player and current TV personality in Columbia, joins The Dubcast to talk juggling his job while traveling to watch every game played by his sons at Alabama. Miller also reflects on the devastation of losing head coach Joe Morrison to a heart attack in 1989, and he gives his take on the current Will Muschamp regime and how long it will take for the Gamecocks to close the gap with Clemson.


Steve Spurrier

The Head Ball Coach visits with The Dubcast to reminisce about all of his spats with Dabo Swinney, while also reflecting on the two cut-throat competitors becoming good friends in recent years.


Ron Morris, Part 2

Ron Morris, former sports columnist at The State newspaper, shares what it was like to be demoted as a result of columns critical of South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier. Morris also reflects on the rise of Dabo Swinney and its similarity to a gamble Duke once took on an obscure coach named Mike Krzyzewski.


Ron Morris, Part 1

Ron Morris, former longtime sports columnist at The State newspaper in Columbia, joins The Dubcast to talk about his current struggle with painkiller addiction as a result of debilitating back pain and then back surgery. Ron also goes in-depth about his battles with Steve Spurrier and describes what it was like to fall out of favor with his bosses as a result of his criticism of Spurrier.


Chris Chancellor

Chris Chancellor, former Clemson defensive back at Clemson and current officer for the City of Clemson Police Department, joins The Dubcast to talk growing up as one of seven siblings in the mean streets of Miami, trying to be a positive influence on Facebook amid all the arguing, his take on the state of Clemson football, and much more.


Dan Wolken

Dan Wolken, national columnist for USA Today, joins The Dubcast to talk how he does his job, how he manages information overload on social media, and why he was one of the first national voices to recognize the potential of Dabo Swinney to build a college football monster.


Wayne "Cheech" Coffman

Clemson Hall of Fame member Wayne Coffman, an icon in athletics and academic support, sits down with The Dubcast to talk his relationship with Dabo Swinney, the pressures of being an academic adviser for a high-profile sport, growing up in a household of 13 children, and how in the world he got the nickname "Cheech."


Nick Burch of Louisville Sports Live

Louisville's house of cards came crumbling down last year when Clemson administered a 47-21 whipping on primetime television, and nothing has been the same since for Bobby Petrino's program. Burch, who has become one of the chief proponents of firing Petrino, visits with The Dubcast to survey the wreckage of a lost season as the near-40-point underdogs prepare to visit Death Valley.


Bart Boatwright

Bart Boatwright, longtime photographer for The Greenville News, sits down with The Dubcast to talk the art of positioning yourself for the money shot while covering sporting events, including the final frantic moments of the 2016 national title game as Clemson moved down the field for the game-winning touchdown. He also discusses his recent sideline run-in with some guy named Christian Wilkins.


Corey Clark

Corey Clark of FSU Rivals site reflects on the decision to leave a long career in newspapers for his current role as columnist for Warchant. He also discusses how Florida State football fell so far so quickly, his admiration for Dabo Swinney, and offers some unique advice for FSU's offense on how to slow down Clemson's defensive line.