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Episode 63 - "Salut(e) Montréal"

Podcast Topic: "Salut(e) Montréal" Play List Guess Who - Light My Fire (Jose Feliciano style w/ backstory) Stan Rogers (tribute @ Hugh's Room this weekend) - Northwest Passage Lydia Loveless - Back on the bottle Modern Lovers (Jonathan Richmoan coming to town) - Roadrunner Simply Saucer - I can Change My Mind Simply Saucer - Instant Pleasure Jughead - Hockey Song Jimmy Swift Band - Hockey Night In Canada (live) Canned Heat - Fried Hockey Boogie Pagliaro live Intro - Yves Sauve Pagliaro -...


Episode 62 - "Hallowe'en Jollies"

Podcast Topic: Interview with David Bradstreet/ Singer Songwriter "Halloween Jollies" Veritable Infusion with DJ Erik T: Starts at 39 minutes runs for 2 hours! Play List bb gabor moscow drug club - october revoltuin anniv david bradstreet - renaissance david bradstreet interview david bradstreet - Domino's Piano david bradstreet interview david bradstreet - lifelines (live in studio as above trax besides david bradstreet - "renaissance" david bradstreet interview david bradstreet travelling...


Episode 61 - "Boogie Woogie Bass Man"

"Boogie Woogie Bass Man" (Podcast Title) Podcast Topic: Tonight was the eve of Chuck Berry's 90th birthday. Chuck had as much to do, if not more than anyone else, with the creation of rock n roll. There were white hillbilly singers before him. There were black blues guitarists with catchy songs before him. However when Chuck Berry played a mix of hillbilly songs (he could even yodel) and flashy blues guitar licks the black audiences apparently thought he was strange but they liked it enough...


Episode 60 - "S.W.I.G!"

S.W.I.G! (Podcast Title) Podcast Topic: Benny & the Jets Celebrate the East Coast PLAYLIST Les Hay Babies - Benny & the Jets Dolly Parton/ Porter Wagoner - Fight and Scratch Dolly Parton - Higher & Higher - Bottom Line '77 Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Fish in the Dish Elvin Bishop, Charlie Daniels + - Fishing General Johnson - Gone Fishin' Joel Plaskett - That's Why I Love This Town Maurice Bolyer - Golden Bell Stomp S.W.I.G. -Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Medley) S.W.I.G. -Mountain Dew...


Episode 59 - "Trade Song"

Trade Song (Podcast Title) Podcast Topic: World Fiddle Day and Canadian Tunes Fiddles and string sections... For World Fiddle Day, coming Saturday May 21st... Local fiddle expert and driving force behind World Fiddle Day, Anne Lederman was kind enough to drop by. She talked about fiddle styles across Canada, at least from Newfoundland to Manitoba. Anne also recorded hundreds of Metis fiddle tunes on multiple occasions in the 1980s. Before the show we talked briefly about some of the hassles...

Episode 58 - "Save the date"

"Save the date" (Podcast Title) New Year Play List Father Yoddawa... Played some Father Yod tunes and talked about him and his self styles family, and used The Thought Adjusters double l.p. for my info and music... Then went off to Ottawa, musically... Talked a little about occupy Oregon, Ottawa sounds through the decades, and other fun stuff... Tracks- *Gunsmoke- Gunfight, You Always Say Johnny Bond- Sick, Sober and Sorry *Pierre Berton- The Cremationof Sam McGhie Father ahold and the...


Episode 57 - "Happy Samhain"

"Happy Samhain" (Podcast Title) Hallowe'en week... And a nod to Roky Erickson... I talked just a little about the election, and a little more about Halloween- it's Celtic origins, and it's immigration to these shores, to the children and pranks, to Trick or Treat, which didn't happen until after World War II... Also some history of Jack o Lanterns, the legend of Stingy Jack, Toronto's Halloween brawls, devil worship and other Halloween fun... Then spoke a little about the Trans Pacific...


Episode 56 - "Who's that Bird?"

"Who's that Bird?" (Podcast Title) Thanksgiving! I thought tonight would be a good time to work in some farming songs, harvest songs, food songs, family songs and the odd tokin' tune. For some background, I talked about the history of Thanksgiving, and the English harvest festivals that inspired our fall holiday. Also worked in a couple of ancient grain songs by way of a couple of folk songs, with a live rendition of John Barlycorn, related to the Indo-European myth of the dying corn god,...


Episode 55 - "Wondering Where The Lion's At?"

"Wondering Where The Lion's At?" (Podcast Title) WILD- email told me this referred to World International Lions' Day... Along with Pan Am live music, while missing tonight's Alejandro Escovedo show, I played forbears Pete, Sheila and Coke Escovedo, and hot sounds from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, and from the Mexican- American Escovedos... Talked a little about election coverage, last Saturday's Tanya Tagaq and Roots shows at City Hall, the Scarbourough Afro Carib Fest Aug 23rd-24th,...


Episode 54 - "Holy (4 day!) Week!"

"Holy (4 day!) Week!" (Podcast Title) Here's to Holy-4-day-Week, for Christians, working stiffs and anyone else... I wanted to do a gospel history theme for a little while, as I haven't done one in a long time... Black History Month seemed like a good time, but other ideas kept coming like popcorn, so now let's enjoy some thumping, smoking gospel sounds and find out a thing or two about gospel music, it's relationship to established hymns, and such... I also talked about Thomas Andrew...


Episode 53 - "Ontario Family Day International Black History Month"

"Ontario Family Day International Black History Month" (Podcast Title) Black History Month continues... With some background on the dance/ church/ social scene in Southwestern Ontario, as I have been checking out the book Breaking Loose, about historic Black communities of southwestern Ontario, at the end of the Underground Railroad. For Family Day, that is today's legal holiday in Ontario, the rest of the music played will be from family relations, because, tonight, we are... Keepin' it in...


Episode 52 - "Stone's throw to Hamilton"

"Stone's throw to Hamilton" (Podcast Title) Some R.I.P.'s tonight, sad but true, resulting in us hearing a good size chunk of classic luck like Happy live, for bobby keys, and Stay w me live, for Ian mclagan... Some Christmas soundz and -a bunch of people from Hamilton... Seeing as I might have White Cowbell Oklahoma out as guests next week, I thought we'd "get to know some Hamiltonians" tonight... Not much more to say tonight, brought up a tale or 2 from Hamilton's past... TRAX : Rail yard...


Episode 51- "The Day After the Day after"

"The Day After" (Podcast Title) November 10th 2014 Remembrance Day tomorrow...the 100th year of this occasion. Last year I think I went all-out and played a tonne of war n' army related tracks... Mixed in some people on tour at the moment... TRAX - L Cohen - Passing Through Zachary Lucky- Introduction, Across the Ocean, Back In The Fall Downchild- Must Have been the Devil Alan Mills- Pork Beans and Hard Tack O.J. Abbott - The Heights Of Alma Roland Lebrun- lettre d'amour a sa fiancée, Pour...

Episode 41 - Annabelle Chvostek "Rise"

Annabelle Chvostek, Canadian Country Music Award nominee, an excerpt from her interview: discusses her newly released album "Rise" and upcoming tours with Heather Fielding, host Acoustic Workshop. Special Edition. Track: The End of the Road. Original broadcast October 7, 2013.


Episode 30 - "Saskatchewan"

"Saskatchewan" (Podcast Title) Podcast Description: DJ Erik T interviews Zachary Lucky on Veritable Infusion “If you only have one thing to say about Saskatchewan’s Zachary Lucky; this guy is a very hard working folk singer. In the last two years Lucky has released close to half a dozen eps, and has crossed the country as many times. If you have one more thing to say about Zachary Lucky; this guy is a good song writer. The latest from Zachary Lucky, Come & Gone, is a good showcase of Lucky’s...


No Beat Radio - Do Make Say Think "Greed"

One of the great things about the new TIFF Bell Lightbox is that it’s not just a movie theatre. Well, it is a movie theatre. But it’s not only that. You know? TIFF could have opted to just run limited engagements and special presentations out of their new digs, but instead, the folks at the creative helm of the Lightbox seem determined to expand the menu of cinema-related goings-on in the city. In keeping with that mandate, September 2010 the Lightbox opens its hypermodern doors to venerable...