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The World Wide Wrestling RPG - Part One

On this week's episode of Dog and Thimble, the usual suspects are joined by the inimitable Nathan D. Paoletta, designer of such incredible games as Carry, A Grandiose Disaster, and the game we're playing this week: The World Wide Wrestling RPG. In this episode, we're walking through character creation to flesh out the roster of the South Western Wild Wrestling League and having a lot of fun doing so. So strap on your headphones and get ready to rumble, it's time to play The World Wide...


DnTMTG: Pre-Release Guilds of Ravnica

As you wake up, having been visited by the ghosts of Magic the Gathering past, present, and future you stumble to the window. "You there, boy! What day is this?" you yell to me. "It's well after pre-release day due to the advancement of linear time, but I can tell you about what you missed if you'd like" I yell back. That's right, it's that time of the year when a new Magic: The Gathering set drops and Tom and Josh go to the midnight pre-release and play it so that they can report on it...


Episode 90 - Samurai Jack: Back to the Past

In this episode, the Dog and Thimble crew are doing the time warp again as they try to return to the past in one of the newest games from USAopoly, Samurai Jack: Back to the Past. But that's not all, we've also got discussions about high school yearbooks, Nickelback covering Alanis Morisette, and a pitch for a new show about NBA players hiding on each other's shoulders in trenchcoats to get into R-rated films. It's weird, it's wild, it's just another day on the Dog and Thimble podcast.


Episode 89 - Werewolf Legacy

A curse has befallen this once sleepy podcast, and now the hosts fear for their lives as one of them turns into the Ultimate Werewolf...Legacy. In this episode the gang discusses the latest legacy game from designers Rob Daviau and Ted Alspach. Also, Tom decides to get into eating challenges, Alana reveals her mother's e-mail shame, and Chris has had it with his co-hosts! There's almost too much good stuff, in this episode so get it in your ear holes!


Episode 88 - Consentacle

A card game featuring consensual erotic intercourse with a tentacle monster from beyond the stars, "The Adventures of Shaft: Action Chemist", and recollections of some of Hanna-Barbera's strangest cartoons. Episode 88 of the Dog and Thimble features all of these and more as we discuss the card game "Consentacle" from designer Naomi Clark.


Episode 87 - All The Small Things

With Tom finally feeling like a functional human being again, Dog and Thimble returns with a host of small games for your consideration! Mint Delivery, That's Not Lemonade, 5 Minute Chase, InBetween, Unreal Estate, and Lady and the Tiger are all on the agenda. Plus, secrets of the Outback Steakhouse, quantum tunnels, and have y'all seen Ladyhawke? If you haven't seen Ladyhawke, you should really see Ladyhawke.


GenCon 2018 - The Whole Dang Con

In this episode Chris does Indianapolis, by which we of course means he goes to GenCon and interviews some incredible people and companies about the games they had to show off. We're talking Spinmaster Games, Fantasy Flight Interactive, Games Workshop, Asmodee, Greater Than Games, and USAopoly, they're all here! Whether you couldn't make it to GenCon or if you just want to relive the magic, you're gonna want to check this out!


Episode 85 - Ancient Games ft. Good and Basic

In this episode, Tom gets back to board gaming's roots by playing the ancient games of Hnefatafl (aka "The Viking Game" or "King's Table") and Nine Men's Morris with the help of Joseph Bjork and Joseph Fisher from Good and Basic. We get down and dirty with theories about why Hnefatafl pieces move as they do, what ancient graffiti lies in the Hagia Sofia, and question why Tic-Tac-Toe exists at all in the modern age. This episode is chock full of fun, facts, and more people named Joseph than...


DnTMTG Episode 2: Magic 2019 Pre-Release

We're late to the party talking about the return of Magic the Gathering core sets as Josh and Tom finally turn in their report on the M19 prerelease! In this episode, Josh turns cows into knights and Tom reveals that he is a very slow deck builder.


DnDnDnT - Warhammer 40K: Wrath and Glory

Dog and Thimble returns to bring a little light into the grimdark world of Warhammer 40K, this time by playing the new RPG, Wrath and Glory with game designer Ross Watson! Will the gang discover the cure for the abacus plague? The only way to find out, is by listening!


Episode 84 - Renegade Game Studios Special Part Two

It's the return of the Rene-geddon! Another Renegade games special is coming at your face with The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Atlas: Enchanted Lands, and Junk Orbit. Plus, the gang discusses Murder, She Wrote, tea preferences, Space Force, and receives some amazing news you don't want to miss.


Episode 83 - Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War

The Dog and Thimble crew is taking the fight to Thanos directly by...well mostly by comparing him to Grimace from McDonalds. We're talking about "Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War" the new cooperative game from USAopoly in this episode, but there's no way that's all. There's slaps to the nipple, Sully Sullenberger's dark secrets, the Lindbergh baby, and a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff that normally would get cut but seemed funny enough to Tom to survive edits! It's a rip-roaring...


Origins Game Fair 2018 - Final Day

I don't know how Chris managed to get so many interviews done, because I'm exhausting just having had to edit them. Good news for you guys though, because there's no way you'll get tired listening to them! We've got interviews with the inimitable Bebo from Be Bold Games as well as the good folks at Calliope Games, Queen Games, and Stronghold Games. It's the home stretch, so get your popcorn ready! Bebo - 0:26 Calliope Games - 11:08 Queen Games - 25:13 Stronghold Games - 32:38


Origins Game Fair 2018 - Day 3

Chris has lost all sense of time in the nightless world of Origins Game Fair 2018. Yet still he persists, acquiring interviews with amazing publishers such as Odd Bird Games, Plan B Games, Eggertspiele, Next Move Games, Tuesday Knight Games, Board and Dice, Osprey Games, and Renegade Game Studios. He's got all the hot news, all the hot game info, and all the hot bod (Chris is a very attractive man). Odd Bird Games - 0:25 Plan B Games - 7:35 Tuesday Knight Games - 12:30 Board and Dice -...


Origins Game Fair 2018 - Day 2

Chris did so much work at Origins Game Fair 2018 that we're releasing a special bonus Tuesday episode of Dog and Thimble. In this episode, Chris learns about some amazing independent RPGS, learns how many Barenaked Ladies references are in One Week Ultimate Werewolf, and learns all about slam poetry. Time Stamps: Atlas Games - 0:25 Bezier Games - 7:59 HABA USA - 13:27 Mayday Games - 17:25 Ares Games - 29:28 Indie Press Revolution - 35:34


Origins Game Fair 2018 - Day 1

The season of major game conventions is upon us! Chris spent some time at the Origins Game Fair and was able to interview a whole host of game designers and publishers about what they were promoting, upcoming projects, and was even able to sneak in a humble-brag about the time he won his high school science fair. In this episode, Chris got to spend some time talking with the folks at CMON Games, Devir Games, Steve Jackson Games, Deep Water Games, and PlayFusion. 1:32 - CMON Games 12:57 -...


Episode 82 - Board Game Quiz Three: Live From The Utah Podcast Summit

Fudge it, Dog and Thimble is doing it live from the Utah Podcast Summit. In this episode, the gang discusses the nature of reality, what is real and what is fake, and does so in the style of a dumb quiz show! Also discussed, does Kickstarter need to get better dreams? Has Tom actually even seen the TV show J.A.G.? Should you really always #trustbecky? All that and much more in Dog and Thimble's first live show. Thank you to the Utah Podcast Summit for having us and thank you all for...


Episode 81 - Queendomino

Snatching a relevant discussion from the jaws of numerous tangents, the Dog and Thimble Podcast is back once again, this time to discuss Queendomino from Blue Orange Games. But that's not all, we're also tackling the tough questions: Is mayo too spicy? Is fry sauce just thousand island dressing? Which company owns Six Flags? Will the mumble-rap supergroup consisting of all the previous Dog and Thimble co-hosts take off? Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or the podcast reviewing...


Episode 80 - Crystal Clans

In a world where there are many podcasts, a sizable subsection of which are dedicated to talking about tabletop gaming, Dog and Thimble remains one of them! This week, we're discussing the 2018 Plaid Hat Games release, Crystal Clans, an early contender for the best two player game of the year. Plus, because we love you so much we also included extensive chatter about food crimes, chain restaurants, raptor cloaca, and romance novels.


Episode 79 - Visitor in Blackwood Grove

Good news! This podcast is still about board games. Heck, we even talk extensively about the incredible game "Visitor in Blackwood Grove". For a hot minute, it looked like we might accidentally morph into a David Ogden Stiers fancast, a podcast discussing the Free Willie 2 soundtrack, or something else entirely. Don't worry though, totally still about board games...mostly.