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Episode 75 - Restoration Games Special

Restoration games is bringing back classic games and Dog and Thimble is bringing back a classic podcast with a brand new episode. We're talking about all three of the games currently offered by Restoration Games: Stop Thief!, Indulgence, and Downforce. Plus, Alana solves a years old mystery, Chris finds some weird items for children on Amazon, and Tom makes everyone sad with Land Before Time facts.


The Fables Series- Fear, Fortress, and Flee

Fear fake news! Flee the fungible forces! And come hang out with the Dog and Thimble crew in their Fortress of Feasability as they talk Friedmann Freise's fun Fables series. We discuss all three games, Caspar the Friendly Ghost's plot holes, and what FanFiction Chris is into these days. As always, the whole venture is entirely foolish.


Episode 73 - Euphoria

It's an Orwellian nightmare this week as the Dog and Thimble crew explore the 2013 Stonemaier Games offering, Euphoria: Building a Better Dystopia. Plus, Tom reveals that he was definitely the voice of the Homestar Runner, Alana muses about how attractive a Studebaker would make you, and Chris finds strange entries in the world of erotic fan-fiction. Strap in, this one gets weird!


Episode 72 - Bring Your Own Book to Santorini's Dice City

Chris is gone this week, so Tom and Alana dive into three games the years of 2015 and 2016 that Dog and Thimble didn't manage to cover back then, Dice City, Santorini, and Bring Your Own Book. Plus, Alana has some facts about toads and bees and we name some bird comedians.


Episode 71 - Sentient Heroes Wanted for Spynet

Is this the raunchiest episode of Dog and Thimble yet? Probably not, but among the discussion of Spynet, Sentient, and Heroes Wanted, the Dog and Thimble crew does get distracted by the question of how some sexual euphemisms came to be, so at least there's that. Plus, Tom knows how "Winston Drafting" got its name, Alana admits she has a problem, and can we really afford to buy George Washington's soul?


Episode 70 - Sagrada

Some days we talk about board games, some days we discuss the Combos Twitter feed, and some days we do both. In this episode of the Dog and Thimble podcast you better believe we're doing both. We're talking about the incredible 2017 game, Sagrada, and spoiler alert we all love it. Also in this episode, Alana promises baked goods, Chris gets poetic about who Sagrada is for, and Tom doesn't remember how to start an episode.


DnDnDnT: Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse Episode 2

It's the return of everyone's favorite hard-biking, anarcho-punk, vegan biker mice, Siouxsie and the Ban-cheese. That's right, Dog and Thimble is back to continue the story of Siouxsie Squeaker, Granny Greaser, and Francis in the excellent Heavy Metal Thunder Mice RPG. Rev up your engines because it's about to pop off! Remember, this is part two, so check out part one to catch up!


Episode 69 - Paramedics Clear!

In what we can only assume is a first for any board game podcast, the hosts spend a solid 6 minutes discussing Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5. Don't worry though, we also made sure to spend some time discussing the intense real-time tabletop game Paramedics Clear! Did we love it? Did we hate it? Will it solve your relationship problems? There's only one way to find out! You can find the Dog and Thimble Crew on Twitter: Tom is @PLP_Tom; Chris is @Mirkwoodrunner; Alana is @ceraphimfalls; and We...


Episode 68 - Unearth

Emerging from a dark hole, three figures slowly come into view. Who is this strange trio, and what's that box in their hands? Have the mole people who live deep beneath the Earth's crust finally come to the surface to wage war on the surface dwellers? Is it...oh's just Tom, Chris, and Alana and they've got a board game called Unearth to talk about. If you like the episode, please leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and we'll read the review on air!...


Episode 67 - Munchkin CCG and Friends

The Dog and Thimble crew talk about the crash test dummies and also some big-time board games. We're talking Topiary, Great Western Trail, Azul, and the Munchkin CCG and somehow also manage to make time to listen to Chris sing a song, court potential advertisers, and discuss whether dogs can drive around a corner. The Dog and Thimble Crew are on Twitter! Alana is @ceraphimfalls Chris is @mirkwoodrunner Tom is @plp_tom and you can keep up with all the Dog and Thimble news...


Episode 66 - Unlock

Escape rooms are still sweeping the nation, and board games are trying to get in on the action. In this miniature episode, the Dog and Thimble crew talk about the game Unlock, why they like it, why they hate it, and manage to name a few RPGs they're excited about on top of it all.


Episode 65 - Mad Scientist Special

It's the chillest episode of Dog and Thimble yet, as Tom and Alana drink tea and discuss whether Dr. Eureka from Dr. Eureka, Professor Evil from Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, or the many scientists from Dinosaur Island is the most evil and talk about the games in general as well. All that and Alana reveals her craziest science fair entries, Tom leaves for a while, and Alana creates a dinosaur park for bros. Tom is on Twitter as @plp_tom Alana is on Twitter as...


Episode 64: Board Game Resumes

Your old pal Hilary is back again in this unearthed episode! The gang works out which board games they would put on their resume if they needed to get a new job and explain their reasoning. Jokes are made, lies are told, and Tom conveniently forgets the time he played Bloodrage. Also things get a little blue and the gang returns to the Cerberus deck-building system!


Episode 63 - Family!

Dog and Thimble is back in the New Year and to celebrate we've brought back our old pal, Hilary, to talk about Pandemic Legacy: Season Two. Also on the docket: Mint Works, Seikatsu, Lovecraft Letter, which flavor of Altoids is best, and embarrassing stories of parenting and being parented. It's the best episode that we've released in 2018, and as of the time I write this description, there's no way for that to be untrue!


Episode 62 - Warhammer 40k 8th Edition

Great news! Tom managed to recover a lost mini-episode wherein he and Chris talked about the release of the 8th edition of Warhammer 40K. This is the last episode before the gang takes a short break for the holidays. The non-theme song music in this episode is "The Legend of Kvothe" by Scott Buckley and is used under the Creative Commons license. Scott's work is available at


DnT Newscast - December 18, 2017

Tom's back on the newscast as Alana is busy with school! This week we've got info on the arrival of the digital version of the Lord of the Rings LCG, a sneak peak of AEG's 2018 game releases, and a short breakdown of some issues going on in the Magic the Gathering community. Plus, a spotlight on the Kickstarter game Movable Type. Movable Type Kickstarter:


Episode 61 - Innovation Deluxe

In this episode, the DnT crew reviews Witching Hour, Custom Hero, and Cat Lady along with a featured review of Innovation Deluxe. Plus, Tom reveals an embarrassing college story, Alana remembers literature, and Chris records at a standing desk now because he thinks he's better than us! Alana is on Twitter at @ceraphimfalls Chris is on Twitter at @mirkwoodrunner Tom is on Twitter at @PLP_Tom And you can keep up on all our releases by following @dogandthimble or subscribing on your...


DnT Newscast - December 11, 2017

Dog and Thimble is back to help you start your week off right with the freshest board game news around! This week Alana talks about Cards Against Humanity doing some good in the world, a new Marvel board game, the prolific works of Bruno Cathala, and puts a spotlight on the incredibly interesting Kickstarter game "Sigmata: This Signal Kills Fascists." Plus, an announcement that Dog and Thimble will be attending Bryce-Con! Alana needs to talk about Netflix's series "The Crown", if you want...


Episode 60 - The Gloom of Kilforth Goes Nuts for Donuts, Loot, and Flipships

In this episode of the Dog and Thimble podcast, Alana, Chris, and Tom talk about their experiences with Loot, Flipships, Go Nuts for Donuts, and The Gloom of Kilforth. Plus, the gang debates which donuts are best, the proper vehicle for cream cheese icing, and promises some bass grooves that aren't delivered on. Hold on to your butts, because this one gets a little weird.


DnT Newscast - December 4, 2017

Tom fills in for Alana on this week's newscast, and it doesn't go terribly! In this episode, CMON and Steve Jackson partnership, the Fallout Board Game hits shelves, Judge Dredd comes to your tabletop, and we spotlight a Kickstarter project that dares to ask the question: What if the tripods from War of the Worlds fought against World War I pilots?


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