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Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.

Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.
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Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.






Episode 67: We chase thePhantasm through a Shipyard

Batman! In honor of the 25th anniversary re-release of this movie, we have an episode to commemorate a pillar of our childhoods. We hope you enjoy it too. We would be remiss to let the trip down memory lane exclude our typical news, notes, and nuggets, though. So we are happy to supply some content reflecting our love of Star Wars, beer, Marvel, A24, and onions. So we're sending you a fun gift, airmail! Movie: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Movie starts at 1:07) Beer: Shipyard Brewing Co...


Execute Order 66: We carry out a Vendetta with a Vengeful Spirit

If you didn't see that title coming, you haven't been listening very closely. Anyway, we release our episodes on Fridays (usually), so don't think for a second we didn't remember the 5th of November. We've got you covered while it's fresh on your mind. Just like we have breaking TV news of all sorts, Halloween party hi-jinks, what to watch (and listen) for, and some movie news of varying import. So joins us in remembrance of the Gunpowder Treason and Plot! Movie: V for Vendetta (Movie starts...


Episode 65: We tell Al and his Ales "I Love You, Man"

Look out! It's another Fli6 favorite. Thanks to guest co-host, and former member of the Peanut Gallery, Dominick Biolsi. In addition to Dominick making his major league debut, we have a long awaited return from one of our favorite breweries, we tackle some movie and TV casting news, hop into the time machine for classic Halloween talk (and hash out Al's costume), and we dirty up Star Wars. Listen up Bro Montana, it's a brand new episode for a 10 year old movie! Movie: I Love You, Man (movie...


Episode 64: We cross the Sierra Nevada to reach the El Royale

Move over Good Time, it's time for some Bad Times! A complex, layered movie juxtaposed with a simple, straightforward beer. Circles within circles. A light episode for news and nuggets, but never fear, we keep it spicy with Viggo Mortensen's explosive brush with death, the (long, drawn out) death of DC movies, the (long, drawn out, possibly ending) coma of The Walking Dead, and disappearing superheroes. Come check in to our show.


Episode 63: We show some Backbone standing up to Venom

We're back on the blockbuster train, so that's kind of fun. It seemed like the perfect timing to add some new aspects to the show, in particular, our new recurring segments: Kill a Narrative and What Are We Watching? They may never measure up to our best segment, the inimitable Reading, but still, it should provide some interesting content going forward. We would be remiss if that came at the expense of our other hallmarks, so we provide you with a bevy of notes and nuggets, as well as some...


Episode 62: We learn how to pronounce Jai Alai in A Quiet Place

So, for a charming anecdote involving obscure sports, Archer, and mispronunciation hijinks, look no further than the beer segment of our show. It's quite the ride. As is the discussion of this movie, which was as filled with hijinks as the beer, as one of our hosts had a unique viewing experience. It's a delightful adventure all around, including guest co-host, and friend of the podcast, Damian! Hopefully, you'll be just as pleased with our other viewing notes, movies new and old, Live...


Episode 61: We host Game Night at the Rothaus

Tannenzäpfle means "little fir cone". Thus ends our German language lesson for the day. While we may not journey deep into the Black Forest, we, of course, journey deep into movie trailers, movie news, and random tangents. We will always get lost in tangents. And we'll always be happy to be pleasantly surprised by a clever, irreverent comedy that borrows (steals?) from our beloved Edgar Wright. Let the games begin with this week's episode. Movie: Game Night (movie starts at 48:30) Beer:...


Episode 60: We beat down The Predator with a Crooked Stave

Ok so maybe we got so far off the rails we ended up on another rail line. Sorry everyone (especially you, PETA). We have a big, dumb, action movie for you, though, that we spend plenty of time with… even more time than we spend on James Bond related rabbit hole diving... or beer stories, even…. It might be a close call between the feature film and movie trailers. We're not perfect. However, we are perfectly happy to bring you this episode, you beautiful mother f****rs. Movie: The Predator...


Episode 59: We battle Chaos chasing down the Princess Bride

DCEU news you say? Imagine that. Get ready for #HammerCavill to finally take off. That's a topic we'll always be here for, just like a bevy of new movie trailers. Got some fun story time from our lives to share with you as well. Oh and beer. Some damn good beer, and maybe even a surprise beer…. That's pretty much it. Wait, no there's something missing. Oh yeah, the movie. You may have heard of it before since it's an all-timer. We have a brand new episode ready for your enjoyment, as you...


Episode 58: We realize that The Prestige plays Second Fiddle to no one

Nolan? Check. Classic movie? You know it. So you know we're in our wheelhouse here, love us or hate us. From start to finish, derailed opening, to news, notes, and nuggets, to a deep dive on a beloved movie, we are our most Flix & a Six selves. Do we ramble about random stuff? Listener, you know we do. Muse about old movies we stumbled on? As only we can. Upcoming trailers? Yep. This is the good stuff here, what you come to expect from us at our peak selves. So tune in, it's a lot like going...


Episode 57: We Weizen up and Get Over It

Time to cleanse our palates from last week's debacle. The movie, not the episode. Right. Anyway, we slowed things down and jumped in the time machine to wax nostalgic on a fun high school movie from the early days of the new millennium. However, much as we may love synergy around here, our other discussion topics have just about nothing to do with any of that, ranging from upcoming movie rumblings to casting news real and imagined, classic video games to whining actors in the media. So put...


Episode 56: We have a Good Time at Breakfast

We hope you have a Good Time with this episode too, even though we had a Bad Time with the movie itself. We've been on a great run, so a market correction was inevitable. Just as inevitable as Al laughing at more DC content, especially a gritty Alfred prequel. Just as inevitable as Anthony's excitement at Hans Zimmer news. At least we were saved by delicious beer, excitement over future beer, and planning over exciting future beer activities. This is undoubtedly our beeriest episode ever,...


Episode 55: We discover our Mission is not Impossible, but rather Sumpin' Easy

Let's take a moment to wave goodbye to Blockbuster SZN 2018. Here with our final entry of the summer action flicks, who would have thought that 56 year old Tom Cruise would still be at the top of his game? He's a throwback in this age, just like the lovely can art of this week's beer. Hopefully you've planned accordingly, because this week's opening was derailed by one man's plan. Don't worry, though, as we got back on schedule to discuss DC TV shows, the definitive Inception ending take,...


Episode 54: We get Trapped in a web woven by our Enemy

This movie provokes thoughts. Good, bad, happy, sad. Confusing? Sure, but definitely thoughts. Indifference isn't an option. So exactly the opposite of a DCEU movie. We also had thoughts on upcoming movies and their expectations, the death of Moviepass, the (alleged) top 100 episodes of TV in the new millennium, and adventures in movie editing. O, and beer, obviously. We're sorry for such a seemingly haphazard episode, but then again, chaos is order yet undeciphered. PS: Here's the link to...


Episode 53: We shoot a Harpoon into the flank of Jaws

Oh shit! With the summer blockbuster season winding down, we're throwing it WAY back, to the original summer blockbuster. We figured that Shark Week was the perfect timing for it. Oh, and the beer choice? Well let's just say that the universe works in mysterious ways, because much as we'd like to claim the credit for perfectly planning it out, the beer selection was somewhat serendipitous. But not to be outdone, our other discussion topics are a perfect mixture of some of our favorites: new...


Episode 52: We watch Ant-Man and the Wasp deliver the Boom

We're buzzing right back into Blockbuster SZN (We're sorry we'll stop eventually). Stay tuned for what comes next with a pause in the tent pole flix, but for now, sink your teeth in. Don't forget your sides, as we debate old new Hulk vs new new Hulk, discuss our summer viewing schedules, muse on movies old and new, and generally banter and get as far off topic as we've ever gone. Get ready to size up a brand new episode from the guys. Movie: Ant-Man and the Wasp Beer: Lord Hobo Boom Sauce IPA


Episode 51: We discover that Evolution is the First Drop in the bucket

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blockbuster with an important movie. This week is a throwback to 2001, with a groundbreaking film from our formative years. Or something like that. You'll take the beer more seriously, at any rate, because the great beer selections roll on uninterrupted. An American Pale Ale paired with a great American flick. Rounding out the episode are some of your favorite segments from the show: making fun of Star Wars hating pissbabies, blockbuster movie tracking,...


Episode 50: We host a lovely Soiree in Jurassic World

BLOCKBUSTER SZN RAGES ON!!! This week it's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In the spirit of BLOCKBUSTER SZN, and our 50th (!!!) episode, we have our first ever guest host, the one and only Gianna Biolsi! This week features a delightful raspberry beer, a perfect complement to the warm weather. Of course, we open with the customary news, notes, and musings you've come to love (or hate, we don't judge… much), dabbling in The Predator Red Band Trailer, Marvel Phases 3 & 4 news, and more. So much...


Episode 49: We discuss the finer Points of Hotel Artemis

The month of June stays hot with another action flick. Up next in the queue is Hotel Artemis, best described by one of our hosts as "part John Wick, part Transporter, and part Dredd remake." If that sound like your type of movie, check it out and listen. If that sounds as crazy as it looks on screen, well, yeah you're probably right. We also have the hottest beer we've ever tried, made with real bits of habanero. If that's got you all hot and bothered, we also discuss DC revelations,...


Episode 48: We make sure to Never Tell Solo the Odds

With Blockbuster Season in full swing, our next entry is Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars, ever near and dear to our hearts, makes for an episode that's so full of content we had to hide some in the hidden smuggling compartments, along with a mysterious beer that we reveal in a very special opening. Rounding out our discussion topics, we have Box Office Bombs, Reboots Redux, Batman Theories, Toxic Nerds, Anthem, and much, much, more! So engage your hyperdrive and let's get to it....