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Opposite Attractions: A Theme Park Design Show

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A former Universal Studios Florida employee and a former Walt Disney World cast member challenge each other to imagineer their own theme parks, one attraction at a time, while also discussing the current state of the theme park industry. Hosted by Scottye Moore and Jim Murphy.

A former Universal Studios Florida employee and a former Walt Disney World cast member challenge each other to imagineer their own theme parks, one attraction at a time, while also discussing the current state of the theme park industry. Hosted by Scottye Moore and Jim Murphy.


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A former Universal Studios Florida employee and a former Walt Disney World cast member challenge each other to imagineer their own theme parks, one attraction at a time, while also discussing the current state of the theme park industry. Hosted by Scottye Moore and Jim Murphy.






Fight vs Flight

This week, we give Party Town and JimCity some exciting robot based attractions after having a goof around a quiz about audio-animatronics. Who knew a sax-playing fish was part of the American Adventure? Anyway, first up, Scottye brings guests on board some jaegers to do some battle Pacific Rim-style. Oh, and you might also be drunk...'cause guess who else is a sponsor? Then, Jim shows his true colors as he forces(???) guests to undergo some ed-jim-ucation, only for them to predictably go on...


BONUS: Scottye goes Beyond The Lens

We are back from our holiday vacations and instead of diving back into Party Town and JimCity we take a detour to Pigeon Forge as Scottye weaves a tale of woe featuring his journey to a strange interactive museum featuring everything from kids dancing to the 45th President to Bigfoot to kids dancing to aliens to the 35th President to kids dancing! Jim, much like you the listener, straps in for the ride. Note that Scottye does refer to this establishment as THROUGH THE LENS at every...


Flat vs Perpendicular

This week, we roll out to create attractions that transform (or transition) from one type of ride to another! First up, Jim sends his guests into the metaphorical attic of JimCity to experience a tour of some long-term carnival ride storage. Then, Scottye invites his patrons to take the blue line tour of Party Town, or the yellow line tour of the Tower Of Power. Maybe bring your brown and/or yellow pants for that one. Also, lambos, trucks, and hey, not so free real estate! See you in two...


Commotion vs Emotion

This week, we set our sights on ridin' some kind of creature like in that alien animal place at the Diznee Wirld. First up, Scottye saddles up on some big ol' creatures (like The Rock) for a bit of Rampage-inspired action. Hosts of late night talk shows beware. Then, Jim says "oh, obviously, of course" and creates an Emotional Rollercoaster of screens, clouds, and LED light effects, which will soon be on Etsy for way too much money as a DIY kit (rest of theme park sold separately) .


Class vs Claws

This week, we talk about a nasty hit, take a tasty quiz, and then build some restaurants for our theme parks. Jim creates many variations of messes and challenges his guests to consume them, while Scottye goes high class with hard seltzer. Who needs the swankiness of the California Grill when you have < incromphrensible slurring >??


Drugs vs. Brains

This week, we give Party Town and JimCity 2.000 some attractions based around mascots! First, Scottye throws some guests into a car driven by Rat Phink, Gritty, and a whole host of legally challenging cameos on _Fear & Loathing_, which gets real rough real quick. Then, Jim invites his guests to hav a chit-chat with his mascot, Brian The Brain Cell, who we just discovered is inside all of us if we have a drill and a hell of a microscope. We also discuss other mascots, like Joe Rohde (the...


Tourism vs ...Tourism?

After two weeks of shenanigans, Jim decided doing a challenge about books and/or magazines was only somewhat boring. He also purchased an Oculus, so this week's challenge is changed up to VIRTUAL REALITY. First up, Jim invites his hotel guests into a VR space to, well, preview the sights and sounds of his co-host's Party Town. Somehow there is drinking involved. Meanwhile, Scottye uses his virtual space to bring his guests into the cities not found in and around Party Town. There is tons of...


The Many Adventures Of The 150th Episode (Part 2)

We finish up our destruction of some parents around World Showcase with plenty of secret agent shenanigans and alcoholic espièglerie as Chad and Timmy continue their hunt for Buzzy and the perpetrator of his brazen theft.


150th Episode Jamboree (Part 1)

This week, we bring you part one of our 150th episode special where we play our version of Lasers & Feelings known as AGENTS & ALCOHOL. Join secret agents Chad Dadman and Timmy D as they scour the World Showcase for the lost Buzzy animatronic while undercover with a parent group. Starring Scottye Moore as Timmy D and Blake Tanner as Chad Dadman.


Charged vs Crunched

This week, we quiz it up in Galaxy's Edge as we psych ourselves up to build IP-based attractions in our Versus theme parks. First, Scottye has a vision of a bus, some screens, and Ludacris. It sounded somewhat familiar, honestly. Then, Jim defied pronunciations and logic as he decided to yeet some people around a swing set while tasking them with yeeting some colored balls at the floor. Somehow this involves a balanced breakfast. Next week --- Our 150th Episode Spectacular sees us visit the...


Shows vs Shots

This week, we really muck about inside a Buzzfeed escape room before going to our own theme parks and creating attractions based on Escape Rooms, just like the original Versus park. First up, Jim puts the design into the hands of the guests as part of Escape Plan, then subjects other guests to find...THEIR WAY OUT (Haunted Mansion Reference Laugh). Then, Scottye throws his guests into The Last Call to grab a drink and hopefully find their way to more bars and more drinks en route to a tipsy...


BonuS: How To Drink At Epcot

Yep. So, Jim had a rough week and a half of dentistry misfortune and could not record. Scottye had a plan and recruited his partner-in-podcasts Blake to help him create this bonus episode. You're welcome???


Sin vs Pin

This week, it's all about guitars and wizards BAY-BEE! We take a quiz to determine whether or not we are special wizard boys and then get into our attractions. First up, Scottye invites guests down the river on Robert Johnson's Bayou Cruise, a boat ride that makes Trader Sam look like a f'n chump with no sense of danger. Then, Jim heads deep into the Wasteland of JimCity to bring forth the 1970s as guests dive into Pinball Wizard, a trackless musical bit of a mayhem (mostly) in the dark. As...


Limits vs Lists

This week, we spend an incredible amount of time trying to do a Disney theme park music quiz. It's kind of insane. Then, we bring music back from last season and shove it into our new parks. First up, Jim creates the area for his "attraction" and names that area Echo Rhombus (or HOrho - pronounced Ho Row) as Squares just aren't hip enough. In said Rho he places, yes, _JimCity Limits_, which is exactly what it sounds like. Scottye, sick of music attractions after last season, then spends the...


Egg vs Brain

This week, we continue our Dew-fueled nightmare with a history quiz before Scottye invites guests to visit his MTN DEW (tm tm tm) attraction known as _The Shame Egg, located in the Hangover section of Party Town. You're just going to have to listen to understand its vast intricacies. Then, Jim once again returns to Jiminy Studios for a potentially educational experience known as **Mind Control**_, brought to you by MasterClass. Inside, join one of their amazing masters and step into the mind...


Abstract vs Impressionist

This week, we discuss an unfortunate incident involving bugs and an unnannounced bunch of dinosaurs before getting down to business with making some, well, multiple choice additions to our theme parks. First up, Jim invites guests to step into Jiminy Studios and don some VR goggles as they strap into Absttraction, a ride all about creating your own art that you can take home (for a price, of course). Then, we take a mild detour into the world of Mountain Dew. It only very tangentially makes...


Party vs Arty

This week, we disperse with pleasantries and quizes and get right to the meat of the season as we discuss the themes and layouts of our theme parks. First up, Scottye razes Scotland and has taken up residence in Party Town, a rather adult themed park featuring the sights, sounds, and booze of all the best party cities in America. Then, Jim leaves behind the burning husk of JimCity 2000 and embarks on christening JimCity 2.000 (you see, the period there is important), a creative and artist...


A Whole New-ish World

Okay, the title might be a bit of a spoiler, but as it is our big ONE-OH we decided to do things a wee bit differently this season. Granted, we do start off with a quiz, but it's somewhat poignant, so whatever. So check out the episode to see what each of us pitched for this season and where we decide to go, or just wait until next week's episode... no, scratch that, listen to this one. Heck, go back to episode 1. Rewatch parties are all the rage now anyway.


A Song Of Thames And Men

This week, it's our season finale, and what better way to finish off our music theme park than by taking a seventy-four hour quiz and creating attractions based on the Greatest Band In The World, The Thamesmen...I mean Spinal Tap. First up, Jim takes guests on a BPM Backstage Tour hosted by the band and all the trials and tribulations that entails. Then, Scottye decides to fix a problem in the only way a theme park can, by having you the guest design a new drummer for the band and put it (it...


A Song Of Cheeseburgers and Paradise.

This week, we continue to waste away the season as we create Jimmy Buffett attractions for our music-based theme park, BPM. First up, Jim throws guests into a river of colorful liquids and douses them with a selection of fine Boat Drinks. Caution: You May Get Drunk. Speaking of, Scottye decided that even though Margaritaville already has its own full fledged resort in the Orlando area that what Jimmy would rather be singing about is Drinking Around The World at Epcot. If you'd like to hear...