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Opposite Attractions: A Theme Park Design Show


A former Universal Studios Florida employee and a former Walt Disney World cast member challenge each other to imagineer their own theme parks, one attraction at a time, while also discussing the current state of the theme park industry. Hosted by Scottye Moore and Jim Murphy.


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A former Universal Studios Florida employee and a former Walt Disney World cast member challenge each other to imagineer their own theme parks, one attraction at a time, while also discussing the current state of the theme park industry. Hosted by Scottye Moore and Jim Murphy.





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The End

We finally wrap up season 10 and say goodbye, for now(?), to Opposite Attractions by taking a rather long quiz and adding up all the finishing touches to Party Town and JimCity 2.000. We also discuss a little bit of theme park news from the past two weeks, and remind everyone that we will still be doing FAQueue monthly for our Patreon family. After 175 total episodes, it's been a hell of a run. Please watch your hands, arms, feet, and legs as you exit and have a magical day.


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Bonus: FAQueue - Disney Springs

Jim really wanted to end with a feed of exactly 175 episodes, so we're adding in this Patreon FAQueue about Disney Springs to square everything up. Learn about some of the history of the Marketplace/Island/West Side/Springs and some goofy stories of our experiences hanging out and, in Scottye's case, working there.


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Fight Boyz vs Fun Fiction

This week, on our penultimate episode, we look back not at ten seasons of this podcast, but at what we could do to make attractions based on all of Scottye's other podcasts. Isn't it just a shame Universal already beat us to most of them? Next week we will be sharing another old episode from our Patreon show FAQueue, which we will still be trying to do monthly even after OppAtt goes on its much needed hiatus. We will then come back the following week with our big ole finale.


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The Rock vs Roman Mars

This week, we start things off by discussing Universal's new Velocicoaster, featuring five inversions and not much theming, before moving on to building some attractions with a lil help from celebrities. First up, Scottye invites guests to experience the, well, experience that is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Presents Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw Presents Dueling Dragons Sponsored By Various Forms Of Alcohol: The Movie: The Ride or whatever. Choose your action star and strap in for this wild coaster also featuring Idris Elba! Meanwhile, Jim has looked at the world a little differently and implores his guests to ride an omnimover around the edge of an indoor coaster for Roman Mars's Most Interesting Coaster Ever attraction, which might also be a TED Talk. Can you tell we are getting close to wrapping this up, people?


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Parks And Recs vs Drugs and Rex

This week, it's all about those ding-dang dinosaurs once again as we add them into Party Town and JimCity...just where they belong! Up first, Jim holds a meeting over the issues that plagued the original dino themed entertainment complex as he brings to the world Jurassic Parks And Recreation Town Hall Meeting, featuring a strange meat-eating stegosaurus. Then, Scottye wants everyone who visits Party Town to know what is and is NOT a good drug, and has hired Theodore Rex to help him showcase just what will happen if you go down the bad path of illicit substances. We then spend way too long discussing what exactly the title character of that 1996 buddy cop adventure actually looks like.


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Nick vs Sick

This week, Scottye faces the existensial crisis that is learning about the Disney Parks reservation system in real time for your enjoyment, we do some quizzes about the past, and then get nostalgic for our attractions. First up, Scottye uses a bit of his Tower of Power to rebuild the old Nickelodeon Hotel from just off Route 536, complete with all the horrors it was known for. Then, Jim sends guests on a trip through time (and little hard drive space) as they tackle The Oregon Trail (sponsored without asking by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium) by fording rivers, shooting wildlife, and hopefully not dying of dysentery. It's fun for the whole family.


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Wits And Points vs Hits And Pints

This week, we discuss the New Disney Look guidelines and take a quiz about Disney sports movies because we are giving Party Town and JimCity some attractions based on sports we think our guests would excel at. First up, Jim brings his guests into a theater for a little Battle Improv, a game so made up he's not entirely sure on all the rules. Meanwhile, Scottye brings his guests into an arena and pits them against each other in a little duel he calls Drink Monsters, which might end up being a real game eventually, knowing how his mind works. Not sure if YuGiOh wants the sponsoring partnership with Coors or whatever though. It's a work-in-progress. Give him time.


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Perfect vs Perfect

This week, we discuss tons of Disney parks news about money, disease, and racism....yeah, sounds about right...then we give our theme parks some absolutely PERFECT attractions. First up, Scottye buys up the theme park rights to 90s film and then disregards the plot entirely just so he can build something known as The Mothman Prophecies, a strange hybrid of about forty-three different popular and not-so-popular attractions. Then, Jim lets the vaccine get to his head, apparently, as he goes on a tangent explaining something he refers to as Neighborhood Watch. He apologizes in advance.


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Field vs Sobriety

This week, we discuss the news about Disneyland expansions, take a silly international quiz, and then give our city-themed parks some outdoorsy attractions. First up, Jim builds a fake mountain with some rides in and around it. Never seen that before, huh? Then, Scottye gives his guests a nice calm place to clean themselves up after a long, hard day in Party Town. Apologies for the lateness of the episode and any potential audio bugs that may be present in this episode. Everything will be perfect next week. That may or may not be a spoiler alert.


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Music vs Philosophy

This week, we discuss the Disney CM fired for water-tasting shenanigans, then do some Show And Tell for Party Town and JimCity attractions. First up, Scottye brings out various music-making devices for his attraction YouDJ/UDJ (maybe there's a copyright situation or something???) and tasks you the guest into making your own sweet, sweet sounds. Then, Jim waves a book around like a lunatic as guests find themselves in the audience of one rather chatty telepathic gorilla. One can only assume the queue features the song "Do The Evolution" by Pearl Jam.


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Feud vs Food

After some real life messes pushed us far from the Ides of March, we come to you a single week later with Shakespeare-based attractions! First up, Jim has some corralled Richard Karn (and/or Steve Harvey) to aid guests as they remember Hamlet as well as they can on Hamily Feud. Then, Scottye brings his Party Town patrons into the kitchen of Titus Adronicus for a feast, that goes about as well as one should expect if they happen to be familiar with this particular tragedy. Next week... Show And Tell!!


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Fraternal Orders vs Drink Orders

Apologies for episode lateness and any potential audio snafus. It's been that kind of week. This week, we get creative and interactive as we create some new attractions for JimCity and Party Town. First up, Scottye sets the bar and then steps up to it to allow his guests to create their own fanciful cocktails. Let's just hope the judges find them as tasty as they are full of that good, good booze. Then, Jim invites guests into an indiscrete location to form their own fanatical brotherhoods, or at least their iconography. If things get too out of control, I'm sure security will be there with tasers. Also, Jim started up a new website called TOON CANOE, where he reviews streaming animation. Check it out in the links for this episode below.


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Scene Change vs Gear Change

This week, we celebrate (????) Zach Synder's birthday by creating attractions with a sort of Director's Cut. First up, JimCity takes the remnants of the Great Movie Ride and challenges guests to improve it, which isn't all that hard if you think about it. Then, Scottye shares the deleted scenes of Journey Into Imagination, and it might shock you to find out who was cut out of the attraction. Then again, if you've listened before, you will not be shocked at all.


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Fruits of Juice vs Fruits of Labor

This week, we discuss Cruella, magic band mishaps, and take a quiz before giving our theme parks some superhero attitude. Scottye brings back an early champion of OppAtt as he invites guests to dine at MargaPeachaVille, a lovely peach and beach combination. Then, Jim asks DIWhy and makes guests the sidekicks of Etsy, a rather crafty superhero (with bills to pay and rather decent shipping pricing for the most part).


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Coaster vs Bender

This week, we discuss all the news we missed on our accidental week off (power surges and scheduling conflicts hooray!), have a quick chat about our "favorite" Disney Villains, and then set about giving JimCity and Party Town some seasonal festival style events. First up, Jim gives amateurs a chance to build and test their own thrill rides as he presents Coast-To-Boast, a roller coaster design festival for all ages! Meanwhile, Scottye has opened Party Town to Amish adolescense for his take on the tradition of Rumspringa. Who needs a few years away from the community when Party Town can show you the entire world in a scant three-day weekend??


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Dark Order vs Stunt Granny

This week, we give our theme parks some WRASSLIN' attractions. First up, hop aboard Party Town's Dark Order Carousel and feel the words of the late Brodie Lee flow through you as you ride piggy back on Colt Cabana, a fantasy so many of us wish for. Then, Jim gives JimCity yet another series of theater shows as he tries to find the best new wrestlers out of his daily guests, and puts them in the ring with his own roster of goons (ahem, hired goons). It's safer than it looks, but it's still real to me.


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Vote vs Vault

This week, we take the control away from the guests on the ride and give them to...anyone else! First up, Jim throws his guests into a funnel of thrills voted on by the people still waiting in the queue. Then, Scottye splits his guests into teams tasked with raiding a casino. Fail, and set the record for longest coaster ride ever. I wouldn't eat before attempting this one, unlike Brad Pitt.


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Fight vs Flight

This week, we give Party Town and JimCity some exciting robot based attractions after having a goof around a quiz about audio-animatronics. Who knew a sax-playing fish was part of the American Adventure? Anyway, first up, Scottye brings guests on board some jaegers to do some battle Pacific Rim-style. Oh, and you might also be drunk...'cause guess who else is a sponsor? Then, Jim shows his true colors as he forces(???) guests to undergo some ed-jim-ucation, only for them to predictably go on the run from robots. It's just like community college, except slightly better funded.


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BONUS: Scottye goes Beyond The Lens

We are back from our holiday vacations and instead of diving back into Party Town and JimCity we take a detour to Pigeon Forge as Scottye weaves a tale of woe featuring his journey to a strange interactive museum featuring everything from kids dancing to the 45th President to Bigfoot to kids dancing to aliens to the 35th President to kids dancing! Jim, much like you the listener, straps in for the ride. Note that Scottye does refer to this establishment as THROUGH THE LENS at every opportunity. I'm sure they'd actually love his endorsement.


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Flat vs Perpendicular

This week, we roll out to create attractions that transform (or transition) from one type of ride to another! First up, Jim sends his guests into the metaphorical attic of JimCity to experience a tour of some long-term carnival ride storage. Then, Scottye invites his patrons to take the blue line tour of Party Town, or the yellow line tour of the Tower Of Power. Maybe bring your brown and/or yellow pants for that one. Also, lambos, trucks, and hey, not so free real estate! See you in two weeks as we break for the holidaze...