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Episode 43 | Kingdom Come & Go

After a whole year of banter and beef, Sumit and Chris finally address the elephant in the room and in their relationship - the ‘Kingdom Come’ album by Jay-Z. They retrospectively break down the beats, rhymes and life behind this divisive album. It got heated. Is their friendship over? Press only to find out.


Episode 42 | Blood On The Small Screen

Murder. Death. Kill. Just another day around the way... This week, Sumit and Chris talk about some of the most memorable character deaths from their favourite TV shows. Sumit and Chris will relive the gruesome details on your behalf, so hopefully you won't have to go through that.


Episode 41 | Love Thy Neighbour

This week’s episode is all about neighbours. Chris shares stories about his recent woes and nearly coming to blows with his new neighbours. Sumit attempts to keep the peace and save lives.


Episode 40 | For The Public Speaker In You featuring Julia Haythorn

This week, Sumit and Chris are joined by Public Speaking Expert, Julia Haythorn, who drops more gems than a clumsy thief about how to body a speech, presentation or State Of The Union address. Whether you're a MD or MC, peep game.


Episode 39 | Mini Hiatus

The boys are back after their self imposed mini hiatus. They shoot the proverbial shit about everything from to doing the jail pose in holiday photos to Michael Jackson's alleged antics at Neverland.


Episode 38 | Lying About Your Best Life

Living your best life? Whatever man © Redman Believe it or not, this episode is inspired by the Harvard Business Review and their deep dive into civility at work. Sumit and Chris began to share notes on how life in the workplace has changed. Things got very peak when they donned their analytical hats and examined all the work that some of us put into carefully constructing our public and private personas at work. We've all been guilty of faking the funk in the office, but we also realised...


Episode 37 | Unedited Thoughts featuring Cass Denton

Cue up the Stevie Wonder version of 'Happy Birthday' because The Breaking Atoms Podcast is officially 1 year old! Fire bun cake and festivities though. To commemorate their first 365 days, Sumit and Chris invited The Puffy of Podcasting™️, Cass Denton, (Senior Audio Producer) from Unedited to come and break bread with us about podcast production, creating content, diversity and why she doesn't like fried plantain. Let's break it down.


Episode 36 | All Flights Matter

The thought of flying alone strikes the fear of God into some people. For us black and brown folks, there’s a whole bag of stress that we have to deal with before we even set foot on a plane. This week, Sumit and Chris aka The Frequent Flyer Gang, discuss their experiences of dealing with anxiety when going to the airport including going through customs getting the side eye and having to dress like they come from respectable households to try beg an upgrade. Let’s break it down.


Episode 35 | Email Gangsters

Straight out the gate y'all, they drop hits. For their first episode of 2019, Sumit and Chris call out all the fake email gangsters who try to shoot up their inboxes with passive-aggressive bullet points. From the home to the office, our hosts are battle tested in the world of email warfare and have claimed many lives with swift and decisive CC’s and read receipts. But, they also play nice by offering - you, the listener - their world-weary tips on how to write a polite email that still hits...


Episode 34 | Bad Mon Nuh Wear Santa Hat

Merry Christmas and that. Safe.


Episode 33 | Mobile Phone Memories

From brick to slick is the theme of this week's episode. Sumit and Chris relive some of their fondest cellular memories and share stories of their days working in phone shops during the UK mobile phone boom of the early to mid 2000s. If you remember the days when calling a number on a different mobile network was not an option, then this episode is for you. Let's break it down.


Episode 32 | Managers Vs Leaders

It’s no secret that Sumit and Chris have day jobs. Careers, actually. Over the years, our hosts have soaked up much game working in the corporate fields. Therefore, this week’s main focus is managers, leaders and the differences between both. Press play and allow us to save you from a lot of headaches and meetings in HR. Let’s break it down.


Episode 31 | Strategic Friendships

Don’t get it twisted. This isn’t about networking and brown nosing. There’s too much of that going on already. For Episode 30, Sumit and Chris explore some of the needs and requirements of mutually beneficial relationships. From the giving to the getting, what’s the strategy behind who you choose to kick it with or kick out of your circle? Let’s break it down.


Episode 30 | Contrarian

Check this podcast's description. It clearly states that Sumit and Chris always come with “left field perspectives”. That's just a fancy way of saying that your hosts are career contrarians. It only makes sense that this week's episode is a review of D.L. Hughley's Netflix special 'Contrarian'. The boys have an in-depth talk about the show highlighting their favourite jokes, observations, stories, one-liners and all the other inappropriate banter that flies in the face of political...


Episode 29 | Sumit's New Beard

This week’s episode is a catch up between Sumit and Chris who haven’t seen each other in over 6 weeks. They missed each other. That’s a whole UK Summer holiday after all. They discuss everything from what they’ve been up to from new music, holidays, Hip Hop historians, facial hair and much more foolishness. It’s not that serious, obviously.


Bonus Episode | Emergency Therapy Session

Chris was feeling some kind of way and wrote a Facebook post about feeling unappreciated and underrated. Sumit caught wind of this and quickly transformed into a makeshift therapist of Optimistic Prime proportions. Chris gets a few things off his moob like chest and Sumit drops more jewels than a clumsy thief. Let's break it down.


Episode 28 | Remembering Roc-A-Fella

This week's discussion is a retrospective look at Roc-A-Fella Records. Sumit and Chris chop it up about their favourite albums and artists, classic and underrated albums, the label's history, impact, influence and so much more... Let's break it down.


Episode 27 | S.O.U.L. Control featuring Mazzi

For episode 2, the man dem dug deep into their black book of connects and pulled a power move. While in the UK promoting End Of The Week, Sumit's good friend, Mazzi, came through to talk about his adventures in the birthplace of Hip Hop. He diddy bops all the way down memory lane and shares stories about working at Def Jam Records, six-hour cyphers with Canibus and how he's managed to thrive in the music industry in spite of rule number 4080. Let's break it down.


Episode 26 | The Psychology of Change

We're back. The first episode of Season 2 is out now! This week's topic is all about change. Personal changes, professional changes and just going through life changes in general. Let's break it down... Facebook: @breaktheatoms Instagram: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Soundcloud: @breaktheatoms Twitter: @breaktheatoms / @hiphopchronicle / @iamkinetik Recorded, mixed and mastered by Amy McKnight at The Qube London


Episode 25 | Under Pressure

All good things must come to an end. Bad things 'should' end too but life isn't fair. For the final episode in season one of 'Breaking Atoms', Sumit and Chris let off the last bit of steam in their respective bodies and have yet another moan about the pressure of the social calendar. Think of this as a pseudo sequel to 'The 30+ Effect' episode but with a little extra pepper in the bants. Our hosts shoot from the hips around FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), clout chasing, being tagged in photos...