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#25: Season 1 Finale - Under Pressure

All good things must come to an end. Bad things 'should' end too but life isn't fair. For the final episode in season one of 'Breaking Atoms', Sumit and Chris let off the last bit of steam in their respective bodies and have yet another moan about the pressure of the social calendar. Think of this as a pseudo sequel to 'The 30+ Effect' episode but with a little extra pepper in the bants. Our hosts shoot from the hips around FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), clout chasing, being tagged in photos...


Bonus: That Ping Ping Ping Mentality with Jazz Rose

A few months ago, Sumit and Chris had the pleasure of sitting down with serial entrepreneur, Jazz Rose of J & C Education to talk about productivity, managing workloads, prioritising tasks and much more. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the sound quality of this episode isn't up to their usual standards. But Jazz dropped so many gems and the hosts felt like they'd cheating you out of some potentially life-changing content by keeping this episode in the vaults. Just like that,...


#24: Jesus In The 21st Century with Ben Clube

This week, Sumit and Chris are clapping back at all spiritual vampires. They are joined by special guest, Ben Clube, to talk about Jesus in the 21st century. Relax though. There's no offering bowl in sight. It's just some real talk about how Jesus and religion as a whole are seen in 2018. Your man Ben is a vicar in training so he turns the podcast into a pulpit with some insightful commentary about how the Bible influences literature, politics and popular culture as a whole. Leave your...


Bonus: The Price Is Right

Way back in episode 11, your hosts discussed the cost of living and how hard it was hitting their calendars and pockets. They vowed never to let the pressure of keeping up appearances get to them. Well, in a classic case of not keeping the same energy, the boys went out and splurged on two respective nights out. Sumit hit the town to see Jay Z and Beyonce and Chris was ringside at The Royal Albert Hall for WWE NXT. Both give their reviews and feedback on the events with their usual wit and...


#23: No Porno Allowed with Darnell Swallow

Family reunions can be fun. You have to deal with the annoying Aunt and the drunk Uncle but for the most part they’re cool. Oh yeah, there’s always a fight but we family baby. Kiss yo cousin. This week’s episode isn’t just another podcast, but it’s another kind of reunion. Sumit and Chris reconnected with the Dr. Claw of podcasts, Darnell Swallow, to catch up on what’s been going on since they last bumped heads way back in episode 10. Darnell also shares his story about ending up in...


#22: My World Cup Runneth Over with Soccer Sanchez

People are sick. World Cup fever has hit the masses and folks have been laid out. They've been fiending for their four-year fix. Then again, the World Cup is one of the few events that bring people together. For one month at least, we link up, drink up and act like decent human beings. This week, we welcome Bryan Sanchez aka Soccer Sanchez to the show. This man is a football tactician, statistician and more. He's a true footie know-it-all and he’s studied the beautiful game inside out....


#21: Englishman In New York with Jamieson

Get your 30-day free trial with Audible: In life, it's good to celebrate milestones. Episode 21 is a big one fam. Not only did Breaking Atoms recently hit 20,000 plays in 5 months, but this episode features the show's first ever guest. Sumit and Chris' chemistry is definitely Havoc and Prodigy levels but every once in a while you need a Big Noyd. The boys are joined by Jamieson, who is not only the 'common thread' in Sumit and Chris' relationship but also a...


#20: A Duppy Called Adidon

Some people like their beef slow cooked. They like it to simmer and broil until it’s tender. The beef between Drake and Pusha T is no different. Shots have been thrown over the years in a plethora of album cuts and mixtape freestyles but the gloves came off last week and it’s been bare-knuckle bangers ever since. Aubrey and Terrence are on it and the disrespect is on Biblical levels. It feels like 2003 all over again. Sumit and Chris love detail but they love conflict too. It’s been a busy...


#19: Everybody Knows A Know-It-All

Some mothers do have 'em. Have what exactly? Know-it-all children who grow up into know-it-all adults. We all spar with at least six and a half people who think they know everything. They talk but never listen. Yes, it’s irritating. One mustn’t front though, you’re probably a know-it-all yourself. Take it personal like Gang Starr. There’s a whole city full of walls you can post complaints at. In the 19th episode of Breaking Atoms, Sumit and Chris, try to dissect the inner workings of the...


#18 Heavy Mental

Crush. Kill. Destroy. Stress. In this world of organised confusion, many of us are being buried under the weight of stress. The extinction agenda is in full motion. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 and the facts and figures aren't looking good. Stress really is the silent killer. Stress is out here moving like one of the Colombian cartels and seeking whom it may devour. If Mr Stress knocks on your door? Do not answer. In this 18th episode, Sumit and Chris reconvene to explore...


#16: Kanye West Doesn't Care About Black People

We like to work to a tight schedule and unleash the dragon on Friday mornings. But the past week has been a madness so we have to switch things up with an early drop. Kanye West is on one. We’re not sure what the ‘one’ actually is but it’s crazy. In the last 24 hours, your man Mr. West said “slavery was a choice”. Fam. What part of the game is this? Harriet Tubman must be turning in her grave like remind my soul. We recorded this episode before the slavery comment but we can no longer...


#15: The Power Of A Name

You know the name! The Breaking Atoms Podcast ain’t a damn thing changed! This week, Sumit and Chris, wax lyrical about the power of names and how they contribute to our personalities, perspective and overall steez. From government names to family names to surnames to rap names - the boys analyse meaning, impact and history of a range of epithets Supposedly, this is called onomastics. Whatever though. Things get kinda political when the word ‘nigger’* is discussed. Not only is it still the...


#14: Invasion of the Influencers

A couple of weeks ago, Sumit and Chris had a bit of an impromptu moan on the train. What was grinding their gears on this occasion was the influx of influencers online, off-line and in real life. First world problems but problems nonetheless. This week, the Breaking Atoms Boys stop, drop, shut 'em down and open up shop in a new studio to talk about influence in all its good and bad incarnations. They politic over the heroes and legends that influenced them, the rise of influence marketing...


#13: The Dos and Don'ts of Office Life

Supposedly, thirteen is an unlucky number. Well, we snack on danger and we dine on death. Episode 13 on Friday 13th is here! This week, Sumit and Chris compare notes on the dos and don’ts of office life. From gossiping to punctuality to effectively communicating with colleagues - the fellas explore the nuances of workplace politics in a bid to keep their listeners out of the unemployment line. Listen up youngsters, in the world of work, you can't be out here making moves any type of way....


#12: Trust The Process

Let's talk about trust baby, let's talk about you and me... Inspired by 'Brain Games' on Netflix, this bite-sized episode 12 finds Sumit and Chris exploring the concept of trust in its many forms. They look at how familiarity and routine play a role in getting us to drop our guards and let people in. It wouldn't be 'Breaking Atoms' if they didn't flip the coin and talk about the other side of the equation including reasons that they themselves don't trust certain things and people. Why is...


#11: The Price of Everything

Up from the 36 Chambers! Nah, not really... but Sumit and Chris are here with episode 11 of the best podcast on road. In this week's episode, the fellas have a natter about the cost of living. As two born and bred Londoners, they've seen their fair share of overdraft charges and they've just about had enough of how much it is costing them to breathe. They have a good moan about the cost of going to concerts, ringside wrestling tickets, technology, priorities and the going price for one's...


#9: The 30+ Effect

The big 3-0. Not episode thirty but the actual age. There is something about reaching the age of thirty that has people shook. Cowardly heart type shook. Just thinking about the end of the third decade on Earth has some of us running for cover like Putin just pressed that button. Once again, Sumit and Chris gather around the imaginary campfire and discuss some of the ways that life changes when you reach thirty. From career aspirations to all the weddings, christenings, baby showers and...


#8: Anti-Social Media

It's all about momentum. They say time flies when you're having fun and Sumit and Chris have officially lost track of time. Life is good. In episode eight, the boys discuss all things social media related. The good, the bad, the ugly and the annoying get picked apart like meat off the bone. From the lengths some of us go to for likes and shares to the pursuit of the perfect life - Sumit and Chris cast an analytical eye at your favourite social media platform whilst watching Mark...


#7: The Art of Peer Pressure

When God created the Earth, he rested on the seventh day. That’s God though. There’s no rest for Sumit and Chris because they were in the lab creating the seventh episode of ‘Breaking Atoms’. The two anonymous nerds have a chin wag about peer pressure and the many forms in which it raises its ugly head. They reminisce on their young, hard headed days when they were told to say no to drugs and not to play with firearms. They also have a grown folk natter about peer pressure on social media...


#6: Wakanda Forever

For this week’s episode, Sumit and Chris head straight from the cinema to the studio to share their thoughts about the new Black Panther movie. As per usual, they get down to the nitty gritty of all things Wakanda. Tough subjects like racism, colonialism and slavery get the collar and elbow treatment with no remorse. Word on these Wakandan streets is that Sumit got teary eyed when watching the film. On the other hand, Chris is considering growing an Afro and getting a DNA test to find out...