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An irreverent discussion on current topics


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An irreverent discussion on current topics






Soccer, Shooters & Sex Crimes

In addition to our Thanksgiving stories, we discuss the Walmart and Colorado shooters, World Cup action, and a follow-up story about the priest that had a threesome on his church alter. San Francisco is considering letting their cops use robots to kill people, a former Texas teacher marries the student he was accused of having sex with, and a paramedic unknowingly treated her daughter after a car accident. We said goodbye to some celebrities this week, there's a new Brian coffee mug for you...


Thankful for Toe Sucking

As we gear up for Turkey Day, we discuss the shootings in Virginia and Colorado, Gavin Newsome's wife testifies against Harvey Weinstein, and there is an epic edition of Ron Answers The Internet! The man who wanted to crash a plane into a Walmart died in federal custody, sheep are circling in China, and we talk about the Darrell Brooks trial. There was a problematic clue on Jeopardy, Taylor Swift fans aren't fans of Ticketmaster, and we tell you what we're watching!


Ron & Brian: King Makers

Election Day was last week, and we're here to take credit for the results of the PA Senate Race! We discuss the fallout from the Red Trickle and prepare to work our magic on the Georgia run-off election next month. We've got a kidnapper wearing a superhero costume, an employee who found that a vat of molten iron is nothing to mess with, and a British kid got a USB cable stuck in the worst place possible! We talk about what we're watching, a nurse cuts off a patient's foot without asking, and...


Election Day Armageddon

Election Day is just around the corner, and we've taken some of that sweet, sweet PAC money to run ads for the Fetterman-Oz Senate Race! We've got a South Dakota GOP candidate charged with assaulting a family member, an AOC opponent who admits to being against COVID restrictions while almost dying of COVID, and a Georgia Pastor performing a brutal takedown of Herschel Walker. In addition to discussing the doom & gloom that is the US political system, we also discuss the doom & gloom that is...


Halloween Spooktacular

We celebrate Mischief Night with some scary, weird stories! A 95-year-old woman died in a nursing home fight, a lawyer who fought for the right to not wear a motorcycle helmet had an ironic death, and a doctor was forced to pay damages for an oral sex overdose. Virgin Airlines lost some important ashes, Mattress Mack bet it all on the Astros, and Uber Eats doesn't like it when you order too much alcohol! Brian also talks about his time at the Chiller Theatre Convention in Parsippany, while...


Keep Your Genitals Out Of My Water Bottle

It shouldn't have to be said, but don't put your penis in a co-workers water bottle. It also shouldn't have to be said to not masturbate outside of a pre-school if you're running for public office (or, you, just in general). A skydiving granddad made an unforgettable entrance at a high school football game, a women unleashed bees on sheriffs trying to do an eviction, and a Naples cemetery has hanging coffins after a building collapse. A Florida sheriff had sex with an underage cadet, a...


Incel, She Wrote

We've got a follow up to the fishing cheating scandal from last week, Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrats, and Alex Jones owes Sandy Hook families almost $1 billion dollars. Gen Z gives thumbs down the thumbs down, Alaska Snow Crab season was canceled, and a NYC congressional candidate made his own sex tape public! An Australian criminal has a very unique tattoo, two Florida dads shoot each other's daughters during a road rage fight, and we discuss what we're watching. Ohio is the home of a...


Bucket Bunnies

Lineman working to restore power to Florida are being targeted by Bucket Bunnies, and we're here for the TikTok drama! Kayne was back on Twitter (and then right back off), remote work might cost Americans their jobs in the next decade, and a dog ordered $70 worth of TV porn. Kevin Spacey's sexual assault trial began, a man offed himself with wet toilet paper, and we tell you what we're watching!


The Amazing Kreskin

This week, we're honored to be joined by The Amazing Kreskin! Listen to great stories from his five decades in show business! We also discuss the Pro Fishing Scandal, a Florida man who tried to ride a jet ski to the Bahamas, and a missing girl that ended up being shot and killed by the cops. We also talk about what we're watching and mourn the passing of Coolio!

Nude Photos & Vagina Chips

A company is putting out vagina-flavored potato chips - betcha can't eat just one! Nude photos continue to be a bad idea for some people - a Kentucky prosector got suspended for asking for them and a NYC meteorologist got fired for making them. The CEO for Pfizer got COVID (again), Khosta-2 might be the next hot pandemic, and some cops let their police car get hit be a train. Oh yeah, and the suspect they left in the back seat. The Celtics head coach is suspended for the season, we give you...


An American Podcaster in London

Brian is back from across the pond, and he's here to tell us about his trip to London! We also take about Congress and Stock Trades, a tractor-trailer that spilled dildos and lube on the highway, and the COO of Beyond Meat bit off someone's nose. The FDA says not to cook your chicken in NyQuil, a woman is suing San Francisco for misusing her DNA, and Mike Lindell had his phone taken by the FBI at a Hardee's drive-thru! We also discuss what we're watching, migrants being flown from red states...


9/11: Now More Than Ever

The day wouldn't be complete without remembrances from Ron & Brian about 9/11. We said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth, check on our NFL Locks of the Week, and Ron Answers The Internet! A man stole a baseball from a girl, an amusement park ride broke in the most horrific way, and NYC declares the pandemic over. We've got a weird murder story from Las Vegas, a mass shooting in Memphis, and we tell you what we're watching!


Basic White Boy Fall

Ron & Brian celebrate the end of Hot Podcaster Summer with some fall-themed beers! We also feature a Lightning Round with Brian, What Would Ron Do?, and our Locks of the Week for the new NFL season. We have a follow up on the couple that had sex at the A's game, a different couple had sex at a Blue Jays game, and Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are accused of being groomers. An airport baggage handler died at work, a 93-year-old woman died when she was given dishwasher soap to drink, and...


Suck Our Hot Dog

As if the Yankee fan that turned a hot dog into a straw wasn't bad enough, Oscar Meyer announced a hot dog-flavored popsicle. A Texas man went on a crazy rant at a school board meeting, a GOP candidate is ok with stoning the gays, and a couple wants you to know they're not racist, despite their racist Twitter account and problematic Juneteenth party. A couple may or may not have had sex at an A's game, a Missouri school district brought back corporal punishment, and a South Carolina...


Manti & Mullets

It's been another wild week in the world of Ron & Brian - Ron had his opportunity to attend the I Love The 90s concert, and we've got his review! The new Manti Te'o documentary dropped on Netflix, and it's a must see! We also review the new Woodstock '99 documentary, Five Nights in Memorial, and Invasion. Not enough for you? Don't worry - we also have Ron scoring the competitors in the National Mullet Championships!


Brian Loves The 90s

Brian attended the I Love The 90s tour this week, and we've got his review! Trump got raided, Ron got COVID, and Salman Rushdie got attacked. We find out its not healthy to take on the FBI, drive into a Capital barricade or drive into a neighbor's house (RIP Anne Heche). A boy was killed by a wood chipper, a woman was killed by a beach umbrella, and Eddie Deezen is mentally unfit! We also discuss what we're watching, and find out that Brian was a big Xanadu fan!


Alex Jones Is Sh*t

We give you a breakdown of the Alex Jones lawsuit, along with discussing the most recent mass shooter, Stephen Marlow. Lason Butler was killed while in police custody, porridge is more lethal than we ever thought, and Chicken Testicle Pizza is all the rage! We've got a baby doing shots of vodka, a Chuck E. Cheese who may be racist, and everyone's favorite, a Lightning Round! We also talk about how much the MegaMillions winner will actually get, a Georgia professor who killed and incoming...


Children of the Candy Corn

Ron tried the new Brach's Tailgate Candy Corn so you don't have to! A chess robot went Skynet on a 7-year-old, Alex Jones went on another rant, and gas companies are making more money than ever. A GOP lawmaker voted against his son, West Virginia loves coal more than money and jobs, and we had way too many Celebrity Obituaries this week!


Vegas & Velveeta Cocktails

We're back from celebrating Brian's birthday in Las Vegas, and we've got stories! We've also got video of Donald Trump from Jan. 7th and of a Sesame Place character using the letter R for racism. A restaurant got in trouble for using an Anne Frank meme, a military scientist got a government job for a prostitute, and Ricky Martin may or may not have committed incest. A Taco Bell manager used something other than their food to hurt a guest, Velveeta created a martini made of nightmares, and we...


The Ron & Brian Cringetrospective

It's a special night, as we celebrate Brian's 50th birthday and 30 years of Ron & Brian! We head back to 1992 and the original Ron & Brian Show, despite how bad our voices were and how cringe-worthy our material was. This retrospective includes interviews with Dr. Bob Schwartz, author of the One-Hour Orgasm, and Charles Adams, author of For Good & Evil: The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization. We finish off with an all-time classic, our Best & Worst of 1992!