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Glizzy Gladiator

Joey Chestnut is out of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, but has a big money showdown with Kobayashi on Netflix! A server lost her job for filming a man on a strange date, a political candidate in Texas got caught being racist towards himself, and a California woman was killed by a black bear with a grudge. Lilly Gaddis got rejected by the left and the right, there's another dumb TikTok challenge, and we have a follow up on the creepy Oregon dad that drugged his daughter's friends at a sleepover! We also sent out 40th birthday wishes to everyone's favorite moderator, Marty!


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Great Chefs & Bondage Bunnies

Ron & Brian give a recap of the charity event they attended over the weekend, a PA crossing guard was arrested for giving drugs to middle schoolers, and a NJ trooper was fired for a problematic neck tattoo. A remote tribe in the Amazon did exactly what you thought they might do when they got the internet, an NFL player is being sued for revenge porn, and some Texas professors are trying to be the worst people in the state! An MLB player was banned for betting (poorly) on baseball, a NJ high school yearbook had a potentially anti-Semitic omission, and an Orlando hotel had inflatable bondage animals! We follow up on the story of the Michigan man with license problems, and a Mississippi trooper lost her job for sharing sex videos.


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Whitey McIvoryTower

Brian gets a new nickname, Trump is officially a felon, and we discuss what we're watching! Nicki Minaj live-streamed her arrest, a man went viral for driving with a suspended license, and another billionaire wants to recreate the Titanic. A Kentucky family shared their vacation info on Facebook, and you can guess what happened next! North Korea made use of trash balloons, a drag queen won a defamation suit against a blogger, and a San Diego cop made some bad decisions with a woman he had detained. We follow up on the Robert Pickton story, a man failed a steakhouse challenge, and so much more!


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It's Here...Hot Podcaster Summer

We celebrate the start of another Hot Podcaster Summer with a red-hot episode! We discuss disappointing pizza, poor air quality, and what we're watching. We've got a couple of stories from Ohio where a mother killed her child with Mountain Dew and a sex worker exposed hundreds of clients to HIV! A serial killer was attacked in prison, our testicles have so much plastic in them, a teen burned a family to death looking for a stolen iPhone, and a poultry farm was caught using child labor for the second time. But The Drag Queens Are The Problem brings stories of three teachers and a former Red Sox player being inappropriate with children.


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Domestic Beefs & Current Events

Our Beef of the Week segment leads to a discussion about the home dynamics of both Ron and Brian! Sex workers have a new bill of rights in Belgium, The Mirage will soon be...well, a mirage, and the KC Chiefs kicker was all people were talking about this week. The Duck Sauce Killer's wife went on trial, two men decided to have a machete fight, and Ron takes on the NY Times Current Events Quiz!


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BBL Drizzy

We try to understand the beef between Drake and Kendrick while listening to the earworm known as BBL Drizzy. Howard U. graduation got shut down, people want pickles in their Dr. Pepper, and we give you an NHL parlay that can't be beat! The livestream portal between NYC and Dublin is going exactly how you thought it might, a bodega worker stabbing a man to death and Brian is here for it, and two California students won a lawsuit after they were accused of wearing blackface. A NJ school board president faces a civil sex abuse lawsuit, a new member of the Asplundh family was shamed for bullying a woman for her Instagram handle, and we have the latest installment of But The Drag Queens Are The Problem!


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The Roast of The Roast of Tom Brady

We go deep into what we've been watching, including The Roast of Tom Brady, Unfrosted, Katt Williams, and more! Ron discusses his trip to the Finger Lakes, Brian argues for population control via bounce house, and a teacher made out with a 5th grader. A second Boeing whistleblower died, a grandfather killed himself with his own car during a fight over a parking spot, and an aspiring doctor suffered brain damage thanks to his friends. All this along with drinks, beefs, and Kristi Noem!


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Ron's Cup Runneth Over

Ron's quest for hydration has Brian filled with rage for most of the episode! We talk about how to get arrested in Turks & Caicos, a NYC man with inconsiderate friends, and a Texas kid who killed a man and almost got away with it. We discuss the new book "The White Bonus", the recent college campus protests, and Tennessee allowed gun in their classroom! A tattooed job applicant got torn apart on TikTok, Spirit Airlines was dirtier than usual, and can we get a friggin' robot dog with a flamethrower on it's head?


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The Tortured Podcasters Department

We celebrate our 300th episode and receive accolades from The Brooklyn Brawler and Eddie Deezen! Taylor Swift dropped a double album and we give you our review, we break down Caitlin Clark's salary, and we discuss Phish and the Las Vegas Sphere. A man set himself on fire outside the Trump trial, a woman tried to get a dead man to co-sign a loan, and we have stories of a couple of teachers being inappropriate with students. All of this and we also tell you what we're watching!


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Sponsored by Donghua Jinlong Food Grade Glycine

A man sued 50 women for being called a bad date on Facebook, NYC restaurants and replacing employees with Zoom, and a WFH employee was fired for, well, not working. It's almost tax day and we review where your taxes or going, we play Lawrence O'Donnell's takedown of Donald Trump, and Ethan Crumbley's parents were sentenced! John Wayne Bobbitt lost more body parts, the eclipse caused some irrational behavior, and The Vessel at Hudson Yards is re-opening. We also review Celebrity Obits for the week, which results in a way-too-long conversation about OJ!


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WrestleMania Recap

Brian is back in the States and it's time for a new episode! We survived the Great Earthquake of 2024, but will we survive the bird flu? A Florida man f'd around and found out, a PA man had a vasectomy at a very inconvenient time, and we have a horrible story about an Iowa man and stolen identity. Brian tells us about his overseas trip, we talk about what we're watching, and we vent about people making national news for missing a boat!


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St. Patrick's Day Special

It's St. Patrick's Day and the boys are bringing the appropriate beverages for Drink of the Week! Japan is on the lookout for a chemical cat, a Detroit man really enjoyed the new Kristen Stewart movie, and we get an uncomfortable amount of details about Brian's recent colonoscopy. Kate Middleton is missing, Ron shares a local Facebook post, and where is the world is Brian heading to?!?


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Crotch Scorpions & Troubled Teens

We review the new Netflix docuseries, The Program, discuss the State of the Union, and talk about a man who had an unfortunate encounter with a scorpion in a Las Vegas Hotel! A man got in trouble for sharing national secrets on a dating site, a Florida sheriff accidentally posted pics of a dead girl to Instagram, and Donald Trump AI photos were so hot this week. We talk about the Rust shooting verdict, two former GOP candidates charged with murder, and Chiefs fans having fingers and toes removed from going to a football game! A Florida man made a bomb joke at an airport as a way of flirting and we bring you more stories showing you that drag queens really aren't the problem.


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The Octopus Murders

Ron & Brian go down the rabbit hole that is American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders on Netflix. A mom lost her disability payment for throwing a tree, a man set himself on fire, and we discuss what we've been watching! A GOP candidate in Massachusetts is a Nazi, while a GOP candidate in Missouri wants you to know that he's only a casual KKK member. Wendy's announced surge pricing, the CEO of Kellogg's thinks your budget problems can be solved by having breakfast for dinner, and But The Drag Queens reveals more non-drag queens doing horrible things to children! All this and Celebrity Obits as well!


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Gamblers Unanonymous

Alabama feels that embryos are people, cops treated another citizen like their personal shooting gallery, and a trans muslim inmate is suing her prison chaplain. Mr. Pillow has to pay a multi-million dollar judgement, a man found out why owning an illegal exotic pet was a bad idea, and we discuss the new MLB uniforms! In But The Drag Queens are the problem, we have priests, first responders, a YouTuber, and a bowler that assaulted children, but still no drag queens! A couple moved from Canada to Russia and found out that was a bad idea, an AirBnB host played dirty and got sued, and Brian might have a slight gambling addiction.


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The Champ Is Dead; Long Live The Champ

Ron addresses his adoring followers in his first show after getting back the coveted 51% Ownership Championship Belt. Diseases are so hot right now - we've got stories about bubonic plague, Alaskapox, and Disease X! An Aussie mom tried a unique method of potty training, a Kansas City woman made a fatal mistake when putting her infant down for a nap, and a couple involved in a tragic gender reveal gets sentenced. A woman was catfished into killing her friend, Rachel Dolezal is back in the news, and we've got deputies in Florida and Tennessee that did some dumb things! We've got a follow up on a professor who loves the outdoors way too much, and we talk about what we're watching!


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The Super Bowl Bet

A man who spent years building an Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks might not have a world record, a Texas attorney gets sentenced for giving his wife abortion pills, and we have a follow up on the trans woman suing her ex for throwing away her testicles! The World Cup comes to New Jersey in 2026, Ron talks about the one time he went to the Meadowlands, and this week's Celebrity Obits have shaken up the standings in our Death Pool. In sports, the Waste Management Open got out of control, but all anyone cares about is the Super Bowl! Brian makes the all-important pick to determine who will be champion of the podcast in the coming year!


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The Great Debate

The long awaited championship debate is here! Moderated by friend of the podcast, Marty, the boys go head-to-head as to why they should have 51% ownership of the podcast. Who won the debate? Listen and decide!


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Frozen Chiefs and Debate Beefs

We're just one week away from our great debate, and tempers are flaring! A couple created a crypto con for Jesus, Zyn is so hot right now, and people want to have sex with a popcorn bucket. Some KC Chiefs fans froze to death in a backyard, Ben Shapiro dropped some bars, and Samantha Fox got arrested on a plane! We discuss what temperature a burger should be cooked to, read some celebrity obits, and talk football in preparation for the Super Bowl.


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Everyone Poops (Except Brian)

Ron DeSantis dropped out of the presidential race, the trials and tribulations of Trump continue, and someone tried to trade drugs for some B-Dub friend pickles. Three Washington cops got paid to leave their jobs, a man ran away from an accident that killed his daughter, and Ron faces a current events quiz! We talk about what we're watching and somehow spend an uncomfortable amount of time talking about Brian's colon.