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An irreverent discussion on current topics

An irreverent discussion on current topics
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An irreverent discussion on current topics






Marvel Less

As disappointed as you were with the sound quality of last week's episode is how disappointed Brian was with Captain Marvel. We discuss that and the rest of the MCU to get you ready for Avengers: End Game. We've got a tie for Drink of the Week and a close win in This Week In Racism. Roseanne released another crazy video, Sri Lanka was bombed, and Game of Thrones set things up to break out hearts with next week's episode. We talk about the Mueller Report and marvel at Jeopardy! James. Make...


GoT Picks

The audio gods were frowning upon us again, so excuse some of the crackles as we go through this tequila-fueled episode! Game of Thrones was everywhere this past week, and you won't escape it here either. We give you our predictions on who will survive this season and who's getting the final cut. There were horrible news story all over this week, from Columbine to Notre Dame to Mall of America, and we discuss them all. We've got celebrity obituaries and people dying for the Gram. Listen and...


All Charged Up

Law enforcement was handing out charges this week like they were Oprah. Julian Assange - you get some charges! Michael Avenatti - you get some charges! Lori Loughlin - you get some charges! Everyone gets charges! We discuss them, the shakeup in the DHS, and try and figure out that black hole picture. Ron exposes Brian to some German entertainment (that isn't porn), and all of your weekly faves as well!



Due to the measles outbreak near NYC, Brian is quarantined in his hyperbolic chamber, but the show must go on! Joe Biden doesn't understand why he can't touch everyone, Ways & Means is going after Trump's taxes, and we discuss the loss of Nipsey Hussle. It's Ladies' Night in This Week in Racism, and another Gimlet Showdown in Drink of the Week! We hate April Fool's Day, the Royal Baby is on its way, and neither of us really understand Brexit. Listen and enjoy!


Muellering It Over

Our drink this week is the No Collusion Cocktail, which leaves as bad a taste in your mouth at the Mueller Report. What's in the report? We don't know either, but just like everyone else, we're talking about it. Jussie Smollett is cleared, Michael Avenatti is arrested, and Apple rolled out a bunch of new services to throw your money at. Your weekly favorites are here, and back by popular demand, it's the Lightning Round!


Drinking & Dropping Bombs

We're dropping truth bombs while enjoying our Drink of the Week, the Irish Car Bomb! John McCain is living rent-free in Trump's head, we revisit the College Bribery Scandal, and Brian runs the gauntlet of the Lightning Round. This Week In Racism has a truly horrible contender, so make sure to listen and vote! Brian also gives a proper eulogy for Dick Dale.


$chool Day$

The bonds of our friendship are tested as we have a lengthy discussion on The Edge College Bribery Scandal. We complete our application for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival and talk about Tucker Carlson, Paul Manafort, and Jan-Michael Vincent. Did we mention the Meth-Fueled Death Party? We've got that and all your weekly favorites too!


I Believe I Can Lie

Sexual abusers (allegedly) are on the agenda again, as we review Leaving Neverland and R Kelly's insane interview with Gayle King. We lost a number of celebrities this week, and Brian says goodbye to Luke Perry the only way he knows how. We talk Trebek, smash some whiskeys, air some beefs, and flash back to 2018 in This Week In Racism!


Trump's Cohen To Jail

Everything's coming up Cohen, as we discuss his testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee. R. Kelly and Robert Kraft brought the sexual assault this past week, and there's another dumb online challenge to keep your kids safe from. Racism continues to abound, beefs are served with a side salad and a slice of Oscar, the vodka gimlet finally rises to the challenge, and we say goodbye to Brody Stevens.


No Jussie, No Relief

We discuss two crazy stories this week - the Jussie Smollett saga and the Abducted in Plain Sight documentary. Speaking of crazy, Roseanne is back with a new video, Roger Stone was back in court, and North Carolina preps for a new election. Our drinks are sour, our beefs are aired, and we need your help in deciding This Week In Racism!


The Chosen Podcast

All roads lead back to Virginia, as we discuss This Week In Racism, blackface in entertainment, and sexual assault. Rep. Omar got into hot water for her tweet about AIPAC, Paul Manafort's plea deal got tossed, and student debt is crippling our economy. We lost a perennial Presidential contender, beefs are aired, and Drink of the Week is BYO again - listen and enjoy!


Who's Afraid Of Virginia Blackface?

Virginia is for lovers, and (for some reason) people who like to wear blackface. We settle up our Super Bowl prop bets, review the State of the Union, and celebrate our first blocking on Twitter! Inmates at the MDC Brooklyn were left out in the cold, beefs are aired, and we freestyle the Drink of the Week.


Fyre & Ice

The polar vortex can't stop us from enjoying our Drink of the Week, the White Russian! The government shutdown is over (but the damage still lingers), while the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary is! We'll be live tweeting the Super Bowl, but first we have to handle the prop bets! We've got two new competitors in This Week In Racism, and two new Beefs as well!


Enter Sandmann

We've got news, weather, and sports this week! The government shutdown slogs on, while Trump and Pelosi battle over SOTU. Ron's got Glass in his beef, This Week In Racism goes back to high school, and we see which Gimlet is best! Baseball revealed its newest Hall of Fame members, and we discuss our Super Bowl picks.


You Want Fries With That?

Trump put out a buffet of fast food, and we're serving up a buffet of entertainment! Clemson got a super-sized visit to the White House, Steve King is still a racist, and Gillette put out a commercial encouraging us to be nice, which managed to bring out more hate. We've got more celebrity obituaries, a discussion of border security and the walls, and all of your weekly favorites!


Mentally Challenged

It was a rough week in the celebrity world, with the passing of Mean Gene Okerlund, Bob Epstein, and the Captain, Daryl Dragon. Drink of the Week is on hiatus while Brian's on the road, but we still have Beef of the Week and This Week In Racism! We discuss the Bird Box Challenge and the No Lackin' Challenge, Kevin Spacey is arraigned (and still creepy AF), and a foot fetishist rescues AOC. If you think that's weird, wait until you hear Trump's breathing from his Oval Office address!


Live From Times Square

We're live in Times Square to ring in the New Year! Learn the history of the ball drop and check out the new challenger in This Week In Racism. We review Bird Box and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and discuss the latest news about Louis CK and Kevin Spacey. PornHub releases its Year in Review, and Brian tries to mend his relationship with Ryan Seacrest!


One Hate-Filled Moment

We end the year on a high note with the winner of Racist of the Year and the debut of our tournament anthem, One Hate-Filled Moment! Brian slow jams Laverne, while Kevin Spacey posts a creepy video. We review our 2018 predictions and look into the future to see what 2019 has in store for us. We drink, we beef, we bring two new competitors to the table for This Week In Racism, and Brian apologizes for his take on "Baby, It's Cold Outside"!


Two Piece & A Biscuit

Christmas is almost here and Brian wanted to share one of his favorite holiday tunes! We're down to the finals of Racist of the Year - listen and find out how your vote can help fight racism! A North Philly KFC is serving up beatdowns to go with the herbs and spices, Steve Bannon and Sex Robots go together (good luck getting that image out of your head), we update the Homeless GoFundMe case, and Russians were caught meddling with American masturbation. Spiked egg nog is on the menu, which...


Hot Buttered Shutdown

Our drink of the week butters us up while we talk about the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer Shutdown Summit. CEO talk is on tap, as we discuss Elon Musk, Les Moonves, and Sundar Pichai. The NYPD showed how not to handle a baby, and a California teacher takes a little too much off the top. We have the results from the 2nd round of the Racist of the Year tournament, as well as Beef of the Week!